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How you can get started with Facebook Ads without any experience Ft. Tim Burd, Nick Shackelford, and Scott Krammer [Experts who have spent generated millions in ROAS] [Episode 004]

An episode of Before the Clouds (Business, entrepreneurship, hustle, influencers, career advice, marketing, jobs

By Thomas Ma
Before the Clouds features top business leaders, entrepreneurs, creators, and innovators. In our episode, we dive deep into how people got to where they are today. The purpose is for listeners to take actionable advice that they can apply to their own endeavors.

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Capturing moments from top celebrities such as Tyga, Usher, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, and many more Ft. Armen Keleshian [Episode 008]
Armen is a Complex top 30 music photographer He has taken photos for the biggest name in the music industry such as Drake, Tyga, Wiz, Usher, and many more. You can see his full portfolio on his website --> His work has landed on Complex, New York Times, Billboard, and many more.  On our podcast, Armen shares what it took for him to dive into the industry and how he was able to get himself in the right spot at the right time. This podcast is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to take determination to the next level in pursuit of your dreams. Follow Armen --> @armenkeleshian
June 28, 2019
How to EXECUTE in the Real Estate space Ft. Antonio Edwards [Episode 007]
A former truck driver turned Real Estate Expert, Antonio Edwards has flipped and consulted on more than 400 properties. Antonio remains an extremely active Real Estate Investor who buys, sells, and rents properties. Antonio is also an international speaker, educator and mentor. Antonio is the CEO and founder of REI Rich and Famous. On this episode, we interview Antonio and learned how he was able to start his career in the real estate space and build up his reputation. Nuggets dropped: 1. How college students can venture into this space without capital 2. How you can network your way to gain mentors to help you in the space To connect with Antonio, follow him -->
June 7, 2019
How I turned @nbamemes (Top Facebook Page) into a top NBA sports network with Clutchpoints Ft. NISH PATEL, CEO [EPISODE 006)
This podcast was recorded at a Stacking Growth event in LA, California. Nish Patel is the creator of @nbamemes, a popular Facebook NBA fan page. Today, he leads a top sports network with his company Clutchpoints. His company is backed by Baron Davis and other top investors.  On this podcast, you can learn how Nish started his Facebook page and eventually leveraged it into a top media network.  If you'd like to reach out to Nish, here is his Linkedin: To contact me, reach out to me on Instagram @itsthomasma
May 30, 2019
[Episode 005] Reaching your customers directly with Facebook Messenger Bot with Arri Bagah, CEO of Conversmart
On this episode, you will learn how Arri started his own agency out of Los Angeles. What is impressive is how he picked up a skill with the Facebook Messenger Bot and built a business out of it. Arri has worked with large brands like GUESS and crushed it for them.  Arri believes that the way consumers communicate has changed. So, the way we market has to also change. He created Conversmart to help DTC brands reach their customers directly using messaging. Arri Bagah became an expert in the conversational commerce space and is invited to speak at large conferences including Conversations Conference, and Traffic and Conversions Summit, the biggest marketing event in North America. Arri also served in the United States Army. To stay in touch with Arri, follow him on Instagram @arribagah
May 23, 2019
How you can get started with Facebook Ads without any experience Ft. Tim Burd, Nick Shackelford, and Scott Krammer [Experts who have spent generated millions in ROAS] [Episode 004]
This episode was recorded at a Stacking Growth event at AdQuadrant in February 2019. The purpose of this episode was to bring in top Facebook advertisers to share what's working in Facebook Ads in 2019 and how people can get started. Facebook ads has been a proven tool to have internet brands scale what they do. Anyone can start, and all it takes to start is to create a Facebook Business Manager account.  Collectively these guys have managed millions of dollars on Facebook.  To connect with them, you can follow them on Instagram: Tim Burd - @timburd Nick Shackelford - @iamnickshackelford Scott Kramer - @skitestscott
May 6, 2019
Becoming a top 10 USA social media app with Allen Loh, Co-Founder of HOLLA and Monkey | Episode 003
Allen Loh is the Co-Founder of HOLLA and Monkey. Both are Top 30 USA social media apps. Allen and his team has been able to make major strides this past year. His team has taken what chat roulette was in the past, and has turn it into a trendy app in the US App Store.  If you’re looking to hear how apps are created, tune in and hear how Allen got started in the app space.  NOTE: This was recorded outdoors!! 
April 29, 2019
Going from 10k+ followers to over 100k followers on Instagram with Kendra Zager (Episode 002)
Kendra Zager is a social media influencer on instagram. She has accumulated over 150,000 followers.  On our podcast, she shares what it takes to build up your following. How one can leverage their following to work with top brands and earn opportunities. To connect with Kendra, follow her @kendrazager
April 24, 2019
From zero to 7 figures + in less than one year via drop shipping as a teenager with Vince Wang
Vince Wang is a 20 year old entrepreneur from California. He built a 7 figure drop shipping brand in less than one year.  On the podcast, Vince shares tactics that he used to elevate his brand and some of the mistakes that he learned. He discusses what it takes to sell a product.   This is a 100% tactics talk, if you're looking to dive deep into this space, take notes and execute. If you have any questions, feel free to dm me @itsthomasma or Vince @vince_wang_ceo
April 9, 2019
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