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Behaviorbabe (aka Dr. Amanda Kelly) is an ethical advocate for the accurate dissemination and application of behavior analysis. Dr. Kelly is a PhD-level, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D); the first to be licensed in the state of Hawai’i. This podcast features conversations, discussions, and brief presentations by Dr. Kelly related to behavior analysis, education, sustainability, public policy, and more. For more great info, visit
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Behaviorbabe (aka Dr. Amanda Kelly) is an ethical advocate for the accurate dissemination and application of behavior analysis. Dr. Kelly is a PhD-level, Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D); the first to be licensed in the state of Hawai’i. This podcast features conversations, discussions, and brief presentations by Dr. Kelly related to behavior analysis, education, sustainability, public policy, and more. For more great info, visit

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Bearded Behaviorist on Behavior Analysis
On this episode, Brian (Bearded Behaviorist) shares the journey of his autism diagnosis and how he came to find behavior analysis. Brian shares with Dr. Kelly his experiences and his mission to break down misconceptions of ABA for the autism community. To learn more about Brian, check out his page on Facebook:
December 10, 2019
Is the RBT Right for You or Your Agency?
In this episode Dr. Kelly discusses the RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) credential and whether it is right for you or your agency. Dr. Kelly reviews the barriers and benefits to credentialing direct support workers as RBTs, including increased consumer protection and eligibility for school-based claiming. Learn more at
December 9, 2019
Jay Cage on Personal Change
In this episode, Dr. Kelly is joined by Jay Cage, who describes her journey on the path to personal, sustainable behavior change. Jay emphasizes the role behavior analysis has played in helping her achieve personal change; offering examples and ideas for others along the way. Learn more at
December 6, 2019
Martha Gabler on TAGteach
In this episode, Martha Gabler discusses her experiences as an autism mom, detailing her difficulties and discoveries along the way. Martha shares her first experiences with ABA, delving into VB, DI, and PT before discovering TAGteach (Teaching with Acoustical Guidance). To learn more Martha and her journey, visit
December 4, 2019
Who knew science could be this exciting?
All things ABA, including discussions on Supervision, Ethics, Public Schools, Adult Services, Military life, OBM, Sustainability, and more!!
December 1, 2019
Dr. Megan Miller on Motherhood
In this episode, Dr. Megan Miller talks with Dr. Kelly about managing motherhood while maintaining a career as a successful behavior analyst. Hear from Dr. Miller: her experiences, lessons she has learned along the way, and advice for others out there. To learn more about Dr. Miller and her #dobetter movement, visit
November 30, 2019
Josh Cobbs on Advocacy, Parenting, and Putting Joy into Life
In this episode, Josh Cobbs joins Dr. Kelly and shares his journey in the world of advocacy and parenting. Josh shares his self-care strategies as well as his no nonsense “nothing will stop me” attitude, which led to the creation of his company, Joyency. Let joy be your currency! Learn more at
November 29, 2019
Dr. Tomaino on Crisis Prevention (Part 2)
In the second part of this two part series, Dr. Tomaino joins us to discuss crisis prevention. In discussions with Dr. Tomaino, listeners will learn the importance of prevention and the role of interdisciplinary collaboration. For more info, check out
November 27, 2019
Dr. Miguel on Crisis Prevention (Part 1)
In the first part of this two part podcast, Dr. Edward Miguel talks about crisis prevention, specifically on shifting the mindset on physical intervention. Dr. Miguel noted that must first start with the belief that every individual has the right to a therapeutic learning environment. For more information, check out
November 26, 2019
Jessica Minahan on Treating Anxiety & Trauma in Public Schools
In this episode, Jessica Minahan talks with Dr. Kelly about treating anxiety and trauma in public school settings. Jessica discusses the challenges teachers face and how traditional strategies may not succeed. She also provides an explanation of these phenomena as well as some strategies for intervening, particularly for students on public school campuses. To learn more, visit
November 22, 2019
Kim Wolff on Consultation
In this episode, Dr. Kelly sits down with Kim Wolff, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has experience working in Boston, Korea, Kentucky, Hawai’i, and Ohio. Kim and Dr. Kelly discuss the basics of beginning the consultative process with families. For more information visit
November 21, 2019
Bethany Patterson on Being a BCBA and a Military Spouse
In this episode, Bethany Patterson joins Dr. Kelly to discuss life as a BCBA and a military spouse. Bethany shares with listeners her journey and highlights some difficulties for behavior analysts who are often moving with their military spouse. Bethany provides information and access to robust resources for those who may find themselves in a similar situation. Stay tuned for more information on this topic COMING SOON, visit
November 19, 2019
Shari Adler on Trauma Informed Treatment
In this episode, Dr. Kelly discusses trauma informed treatment with Shari Adler. Shari provides listeners with definitions, descriptions, and an in-depth discussion on the topic of trauma informed care.
November 17, 2019
Dr. Nicole Davis on Using ABA in Online Instruction
In this episode, Dr. Kelly talks with Nicole Davis talks about her role as a professor of online instruction in behavior analysis. Nicole details ways in which behavior analysis can be incorporated into how we teach in an online world, as well as what to teach in an ABA program. To learn more, visit
November 16, 2019
Lara Bollinger’s back: Updates from Law School
We welcome back guest speaker, Lara Bollinger for a second episode and an update on law school. Lara is Licensed as a Behavior Analyst in Hawai’i and Virginia and is currently enrolled in law school. Lara shares with listeners her trials and tribulations and explains how being a behavior analyst has both helped and hindered her on this journey. To learn more visit
November 14, 2019
Christine Almeida on ABA and Public Preschools
In this episode, Christine Almeida discusses ABA and Public Preschools. Christine describes the supports and services she oversees in public school in Newton, Massachusetts. In addition, Christine spends some time discussing how to assess and teach social skills in early learners. To learn more, check out this book “Socially Savvy”, which Christine co-authored.
November 12, 2019
Shannon Biagi on OBM
In this episode, Shannon Biagi joins Dr. Kelly to discuss Organizational Behavior Management (OBM): what it is and what it is not. Shannon describes for listeners some parallels between clinical practice and OBM endeavors: such as the focus on behaviors of social significance and the use of single subject designs. To learn more about OBM, visit
November 10, 2019
Carter Keegan on Life on the Spectrum
This episode features a very special guest, Carter Keegan. Carter is a young adult with autism who shares with us his journey: from diagnosis to driving, to dating, going to college, and everything in between.
November 6, 2019
Dr. Antonio Harrison on Turning On the Lights
In this episode, Dr. Antonio Harrison discusses with Dr. Kelly difficult topics; such as diversity, discrimination, and debating divorce with ones own dream. Dr. Harrison discusses his open letter to behavior analysis, including his ideas on how we can effectively evolve and expand our reach as behavior scientists. To read Dr. Harrison’s “Open Letter to Behavior Analysis” visit To learn more about applied behavior analysis, visit
November 6, 2019
Dr. Tyra Sellers on Supervision & Stopping to Smell the Roses
In this episode, Dr. Tyra Sellers joins Dr. Kelly to discuss supervision in behavior analysis. Dr. Sellers addresses topics such as what we mean by supervision and who needs a supervisor, as well as, what a supervisor needs to know how to do, which includes approaching the relationship with compassion and competence. Dr. Sellers also shares her personal passion for nature and the benefits to stopping to smell the roses (or any flower for that matter). To learn more about behavior analysis, supervision, and related topics, visit
November 3, 2019
Science or Pseudoscience?
Dr. Kelly describes some clear indicators, which are cause for concern when evaluating treatment options. Whether we are talking about autism interventions, weight loss approaches, or ways to decrease baldness, there are many imposters out there! Dr. Kelly offers listeners some keys ways to detect the difference between science and pseudoscientific approaches. For more information, visit
November 3, 2019
Reinforcement or Punishment
In this episode, Dr. Kelly describes the differences between reinforcement and punishment. She provides examples of both positive and negative reinforcement as well as positive and negative punishment. To learn more visit
November 2, 2019
Dr. Mary Barbera on Turning Autism Around
In this episode, Dr. Mary Barbera joins Dr. Kelly and discusses her mission to “Turn Autism Around”. Dr. Barbera shares her personal journey as a mom to a (now adult) son on the autism spectrum. She also shares with listeners her mission to help 2 MILLION families by 2020. With experience in schools, hospitals and home settings, Dr. Barbera is well equipped to help parents and professionals do just that. To learn more, visit
November 1, 2019
Dr. Rob Pennington on Part Time Lovers
Dr. Rob Pennington joins Dr. Kelly to discuss important trends in teacher education. On this episode, Dr. Pennington shares common barriers that ail our public school systems. He shares lessons learned while drawing from personal experience to offer listeners strategies for success when consulting in these settings. Dr. Pennington urges behavior analysts not to be “part-time lovers”, meaning he wants us to use the principles to help ourselves through all challenges, not just challenges we face when working with children with autism. We never blame the learner, only the environment. Dr. Pennington reminds us to stay true to this in everything we do. To learn more about ABA, please visit
October 30, 2019
ABA and the Earth
In this episode, Dr. Kelly looks at science and sustainability. Inspiring us to take what we know about behavior change to make the world a better place. Learn more at
October 29, 2019
Importance of Advocacy and Dissemination Efforts
Hear Dr. Kelly's thoughts on the importance of being involved in advocacy and the dissemination of behavior analysis. Being involved in the discussions will ensure behavior analysts are defining the practice and not others. Uphold the ethics and rigor of the field and do your part to protect the public, as well as the profession.
October 28, 2019
Molly Benson on Sustainability and Public Policy
In this episode, Dr. Kelly discusses the topics of sustainability and public policy with guest, Molly Benson. Molly chronicles her “competency-based adventures” and shares highlights from her journey. Interested in branching out and applying behavioral principles to other areas of need? Then this episode is for you. For more information, visit
October 28, 2019
Dr. Rick Kubina on the Power of Precision Teaching
In this episode, Dr. Rick Kubina joins Dr. Kelly to discuss precision teaching; why it’s useful and what makes him so passionate about the science. Together, they review the barriers and benefits to dissemination, the value of standardizing measurement, and the future of our science. To learn more, check out To access a list of Dr. Kubina’s publications, visit To contact Dr. Kubina, you can email him at
October 23, 2019
Elizabeth Drago on ABA in New York
Elizabeth joins Dr. Kelly to discuss the current restrictions for behavior analysts practicing in New York. Without a revision to current legislation, behavior analysts will continue to be limited to working exclusively with those on the autism spectrum, which is not what the law intended. Learn more at
October 23, 2019
Quality Indicators of an ABA Program
In this episode, Dr. Kelly reviews 30 Quality Indicators of an ABA program. To access additional resources on this topic, visit
October 22, 2019
Presession Pairing
In this episode, Dr. Kelly discusses her dissertation research and details her investigation on the effects of presession pairing. To learn more visit:
October 18, 2019
Janice Chan on Classroom PRT (CPRT)
In this episode Janice Chan sits down with Dr. Kelly to discuss classroom Pivotal Response Training. In this episode, Janice shares similarities and differences between a DTT and PRT approach to instruction. Janice also describes some strategies for teachers who are looking to implement CPRT in their classrooms. To learn more visit
October 15, 2019
Translating Technical ABA into Everyday
In this episode, Dr. Kelly talks about the challenges behavior analysts face when switching between a technical and conversational description of ABA. Learn more at
October 12, 2019
Lara Bollinger on Life as a BCBA In Law School
This episode features a guest speaker, Lara Bollinger. Lara is a BCBA with experience working in Massachusetts, Hawai’i, and Virginia. She is currently Licensed as a Behavior Analyst in Hawai’i and Virginia. She is also currently enrolled in law school. Lara shares with listeners why she decided to go to law school and what she hopes to do with her additional degree. To learn more visit
October 10, 2019
Dr. Calkin on Inner Behavior
In this episode, Dr. Abigail Calkin shares with Dr. Kelly her journey with behavior analysis studying inner behavior. Having been a student and colleague of Dr. Ogden Lindsley, Abigail learned first hand the value of the standard celeration chart and precision teaching on shifting one’s own covert verbal behavior. To learn more visit
October 6, 2019
Functions of Behavior
Dr. Kelly discusses briefly the ABCs of ABA and explains the four functions of behavior. To learn more visit
October 4, 2019
Ashley Rose on Teaching Social Skills
In this episode, Ashley Rose joins Dr. Kelly to talk about teaching social skills and not taking ourselves too seriously. Ashley offers listeners a definition of social skills, some suggestions for effective facilitation, and how to play, pair, and condition ourselves as fun! To learn more about Ashley and the work she does, check out
October 1, 2019
Top 10 Tips for Teachers
Behavior management in the classroom is a skill that takes years to develop. In this episode, Dr. Kelly will review her top 10 tips for Teachers, based on her experiences as a teacher and behavior analyst. For more information visit
September 29, 2019
Science According to Skinner
In this episode, Dr. Kelly brings us back to our roots and reads us some Skinner quotes, specifically related to science and our roles as scientists from his text “Science and Human Behavior”. For more information about B.F. Skinner check out the B.F. Skinner Foundation at For more information about ABA visit
September 25, 2019
ADHD and Anxiety
While medications are often prescribed for children with ADHD or anxiety, the first line of treatment recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is behavioral therapy. To learn more visit
September 24, 2019
Being both a mentor and mentee
Dr. Kelly sends an extra special congrats to our most recently certified analysts, specifically Jennifer Lonardo, BCBA! She also shares her experiences, and describes how one can be both a (lifelong) mentor and mentee!
September 21, 2019
Becoming a Behavior Analyst - My Story
In this episode, Dr. Kelly shares her journey to becoming a behavior analyst. To learn more about applied behavior analysis, visit
September 20, 2019
Dr. Bobby Newman on The Ethics of Popularizing our Profession
In this episode, Dr. Bobby Newman speaks with Dr. Kelly about the ethics of using testimonials to promote our profession. Dr. Newman outlines times when behavior analysts should and should not use testimonials as a way to popularize our profession. Dr. Newman urges behavior analysts to distinguish between scientific and non-scientific settings/audiences. When speaking to colleagues and other professionals, we must be be precise. When speaking to the general public about our science, we must be compelling. Join Drs. Newman and Kelly as they discuss the ins and outs of effective and ethical dissemination and the art of storytelling. To learn more, please visit
September 18, 2019
Kate Disney on Accessing ABA for Military Families
In this episode Kate Disney, a mother, veteran, nurse, and military spouse offers her unique perspective on accessing ABA as a military family. Kate speaks with Dr. Kelly on the unavoidable and avoidable aspects associated with transitions, moves, and deployments and what can be done to mitigate the effects. For more information, visit
September 17, 2019
Dr. Jonathan Tarbox on ACT & Creating Kindness
In this episode, Dr. Jonathan Tarbox joins Dr. Kelly to discuss Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), as well as how to empirically evaluate kindness when working with clients. Jonathan provides an overview of ACT, offers suggestions for readings, and encourages analysts to get started by trying strategies on themselves. Dr. Tarbox further discusses his interests in evaluating how we can improve the perception of our behavior analytic interventions. Listen to this episode if you want to learn more about ACT, creating kindness, and maintaining a healthy dose of philosophic doubt while doing it all. For other information related to ABA, please check out
September 9, 2019
Behaviorbabe on Accruing Continuing Education Units (CEU)
In this episode Dr. Kelly describes the seven different qualifying categories continuing education for behavior analysts. Dr. Kelly shares her total number of CEUs from her latest 2 year certification cycle, as well a breakdown on the number of CEUs accrued per category. For more information please visit This episode is not affiliated or endorsed by the BACB.
September 8, 2019
ABA in Schools
In this episode, Dr. Kelly provides an overview of applied behavior analysis in the school setting. Dr. Kelly provides resources related to successful integration of ABA in schools and provides examples of how ABA can be embedded in classroom settings.
September 7, 2019
Leanne Page on Parenting with ABA
In this episode, Leanne Page from “Parenting with ABA” sits down with Dr. Kelly. Leanne talks about parenting advice and how much of it relies on punishment and is often based on our own experiences. Through her dissemination and education efforts, Leanne helps parents save their sanity by embedding positive practices based on the science of behavior analysis into their everyday interactions. Learn more at
September 6, 2019
Dr. Crone-Todd on Gaslighting
In this episode Dr. Darlene Crone-Todd speaks on gaslighting from a behavior analytic lens. Dr. Crone-Todd and Dr. Kelly discuss the ethics of behavior change and gaslighting within organizational systems. Other topics also discussed include the research to practice gap, Pop culture, and the power of philosophizing. To learn more about applied behavior analysis, visit
September 4, 2019
Sasha Long - The Autism Helper
In this episode, Sasha Long joins Dr. Kelly to discuss how to best support teachers and students in our public schools. Sasha’s background as an educator led to her career as a behavior analyst. Sasha details her journey, where she struggled, and how she found success in the classroom setting. Sasha shares strategies for how to be an effective consultant and how to translate technical lingo to the layperson. To learn more about Sasha Long, The Autism Helper, visit
August 27, 2019
Feda Almaliti on Creating Sub-Specialties in ABA and on the Treatment of Severe Behavior
In this episode, Feda Almaliti joins Dr. Kelly to speak on the need for specialization within the field of behavior analysis. Feda shares from her own experiences as an autism mother, insurance champion, and legislative advocate the need for further developing existing treatment and supports for adolescents and adults with severe challenging behavior.
August 22, 2019
Developing a Philosophy of Education
In this episode, Dr. Kelly discusses the process of developing a philosophy of education. She describes how this process will be shaped by your own educational experiences and will evolve over time. In this episode, Dr. Kelly shares her personal educational philosophy statement. For more information on education and ABA, visit
August 22, 2019
Lorri Unumb on Autism Insurance and Adult Services
In this episode, Lorri Unumb, Vice President of Governmental Affairs from Autism Speaks, talks with Dr. Kelly about Autism Insurance and creating vocational options for adults. Lorri offers perspective and insight into past legislative efforts as well as a look ahead to what’s next on the horizon. To learn more about ABA, please visit
August 19, 2019
Dr. Becca Tagg on Being Dually Certified
In this episode, Dr. Becca Tagg discusses her journey as a scientist, dually-licensed as a psychologist and behavior analyst. Dr. Kelly and Dr. Tagg discuss the value of creating a verbal community and the importance of self care. To learn more, visit Please excuse our minor technical glitches in this episode.
August 17, 2019
Dr. Ellie Kazemi on the Function of Supervision
In this episode, Dr. Ellie Kazemi returns as a guest to discuss the topic of supervision in-depth with Dr. Kelly. Discussions include empowering students, connecting with them, helping them highlight their strengths and become aware of their weaknesses. Dr. Kazemi discusses key areas of supervision: feedback and conflict resolution. To learn more about applied behavior analysis and topics related to supervision, visit
August 13, 2019
Inclusion with Chrissy Kelly
In this episode, Dr. Kelly interviews Chrissy Kelly, creator of “Life with Greyson and Parker” about inclusion. What is inclusion? What is needed to make inclusion a success? Where do you begin? For more information, check out Chrissy on Facebook at
August 11, 2019
Dr. Kelly on Delving Deeper into Public Policy
In this special edition, Dr. Ellie Kazemi interviews Dr. Amanda Kelly (Behaviorbabe) on her advocacy efforts. Dr. Kelly speaks to her journey and how she developed expertise in influencing public policy as a behavior analyst. Dr. Kazemi and Dr. Kelly discuss advocacy efforts specific to Hawaii, emphasizing some unique aspects to the licensure law. Discussions focus on how we got to where we are today and who helped pave the way, as well as what others can do if they too wish to become involved. To learn more about advocacy and the timeline of efforts in Hawai’i, please visit
August 9, 2019
Behaviorbabe on What Students Should Read
In this episode, Dr. Kelly offers some suggestions for students studying behavior analysis. From the 7 Dimensions (1968, 1987) to The Rights to Effective Behavioral Treatment (1988), Dr. Kelly suggests articles. In addition, Dr. Kelly offers suggestions for quick references (Behavior Speak) and books related to specific concepts (VB Approach, The Behavior Code). Of course, we all need The White Book and access to the writings of BF Skinner. Learn more at
August 7, 2019
Kristen and Erin on Being Honest, Humble, Human
In this episode, Kristen Lancaster (she/her) and Erin Donovan (they/them) join Dr. Kelly (she/her) to discuss taking a values-based approach to everything we do. In this episode, Kristen and Erin share their thoughts and experiences with creating connectivity and living their lives with compassion. Both Kristen and Erin encourage listeners to be kind to themselves and to remember we are all human. Please join us for this discussion on being honest, humble, human. For more information related to ABA, visit
July 29, 2019
Teaching Vocational Skills
Dr. Kelly reviews some tips and techniques for preparing learners (and ourselves) for vocational settings. To learn more, visit
July 24, 2019
Brandon Franklin on Reducing Suspensions in School Settings
In this episode, Brandon discusses with Dr. Kelly the role his team plays in Louisville Public Schools. Brandon explains how “everything is legit behavior” and how he has found success as a district-wide public school consultant. Brandon shares with listeners data from his district, demonstrating the positive effects he and his team have had on reducing overall suspension rates. Brandon compassionately shares his journey and the lessons learned along the way.
July 9, 2019
Dr. Markovits on Making the Most of Online Instruction
In this episode, Dr. Becky Markovits talks with Dr. Kelly about how students can make the most of online instruction. Dr. Markovits identifies some barriers (e.g., decreased contact with professor) and benefits (e.g., flexibility), as well as some suggestions for ways to enhance your overall online learning experience. For more information, visit
July 9, 2019
How to Get ABA on Your IEP
In this episode, Dr. Kelly discusses some federal laws and protections afforded for students with behavioral needs. Dr. Kelly provides information and insights based on her experiences as a licensed behavior analyst and licensed elementary educator. Please note nothing in this podcast should be viewed as legal advice. Dr. Kelly is a kickass behavior analyst, but definitely not a lawyer. We repeat, Dr. Kelly is not a lawyer. To learn more visit
July 7, 2019
Ethics and ABA
In this episode Dr. Kelly explains how a formula is needed when confronting ethical dilemmas as they are rarely ever black or white. What do you do when one code element appears to conflict with another? Join us for a quick, yet deep discussion on ethics and ABA.
July 6, 2019
Why Don’t We Participate in Public Policy
In this episode, Dr. Kelly seeks to answer the question, “Why don’t behavior analyst participate in public policy more than we do”. Dr. Kelly details problems with participation and offers a behavior analytic approach to addressing these barriers. To learn more, visit
July 4, 2019
Tori Sims on Supervision
In this episode, Dr. Kelly interviews Tori Sims about the role of a newly certified supervisor. Tori shares with us the difficulties, differences, and strategies for success when supervising others; whether they are seeking ABA certification or are working as a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). For more information, visit
July 3, 2019
What is ABA | 7 Dimensions
In this podcast, Dr. Amanda Kelly reviews the basic characteristics of ABA [applied behavior analysis]. To learn more visit
July 2, 2019
Ethics of Staying Up to Date
In this episode, Dr. Kelly reviews some of the changes put forth by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). Changes were announced December 2018 and most are effective November 2019. For more information visit For more information related to ABA visit
June 27, 2019
Dr. Cruz-Torres on RBTs: Ethics and Advice
In this episode, Dr. Elisa Cruz-Torres speaks with Dr. Kelly about the Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) credential. Dr. Cruz-Torres discusses the process of becoming an RBT, constraints when trying to obtain competencies in ABA, and responsibilities and restrictions of supervisors. Lastly, Dr. Cruz-Torres offers some suggestions for overcoming barriers that may exist. To learn more visit
June 25, 2019
Anxiety & Airplanes: A Personal Account
When one of your favorite places becomes a place of panic, what do you do? In this episode, Dr. Kelly shares what she has learned since having panic attacks on airplanes. Dr. Kelly shares information from experts, as well as what has been helpful for her along the way. ABA terms & concepts: matching law, PIC/NIC analysis, pairing, conditioning, behavioral repertoires.
June 20, 2019
Rose Griffin on Being an SLP & BCBA
In this episode, Rose Griffin details her journey of becoming a speech language pathologist (SLP) AND board certified behavior analyst (BCBA). Rose describes her experiences and how she finds the two fields as complimentary to one another. Rose shares advice and resources for anyone else who may be interested in a similar path. Learn more at and
June 18, 2019
Common Misconceptions of ABA
In this episode, Dr. Kelly (Behaviorbabe) reviews some common concerns and misconceptions about the practice of applied behavior analysis (ABA). To learn more, visit
June 18, 2019
Applications of ABA | Applied Behavior Analysis
Applied behavior Analysis (ABA) is the problem-solving, scientific approach to challenges that are relevant to individuals, communities, and society. Likely the most well-known application of applied behavior analysis is its use with individuals with autism. However the umbrella of this behavioral science extends much broader. Since the 20th century ABA has been pivotal in helping us to identify and achieve socially significant change. The past has been powerful and the future is still unwritten.
June 16, 2019
Jenn Lonardo on Advocating For Appropriate Treatment Recommendations
In this episode, our guest Jennifer Lonardo, BCaBA who lives in Kona on the island of Hawai’i discusses how she effectively and ethically advocates for access to ABA services across settings for her clients. To learn more about ABA, visit
June 15, 2019
Ethics of Effective Collaboration
In this episode, Dr. Kelly shares some quick tips on how to work with others who don’t want to work with you. To learn more visit
June 15, 2019
Dr. Rachel Taylor on Defining the Magic
In this episode, Dr. Rachel Taylor talks about “Defining the Magic” of behavior change. This includes translating our science for others, staying focused on improved independence and quality of life, practicing within our scope, and extending our scope to new populations, and across age groups. Dr. Taylor provides insight and advice for newly minted analysts as well as for veterans in the field. To learn more about Dr. Taylor and her work, visit
June 14, 2019
Shane Spiker on Self Care and Saying No
In this episode, Shane Spiker joins Dr. Kelly for a discussion on self care and learning how to say no. Shane discusses the benefits to creating a verbal community as well as some strategies for starting on the path to improved self care. Learn more at
June 12, 2019
Rebecca Womack on Adults, Advocacy, and Systems Change
In this episode, Rebecca Womack joins Dr. Kelly for a discussion on serving adults, efforts related to advocacy, and some suggestions for achieving meaningful, systems change. For more information, visit
June 11, 2019
Dr. Judah Axe on Creating Connections
In this episode, Dr. Judah Axe meets with Dr. Kelly and discusses his research on problem solving, as well as recent and upcoming conference presentations, and ongoing collegial collaborations. To learn more about many of the topics mentioned in this podcast related to applied behavior analysis, visit
June 8, 2019
Dr. Kazemi on Performance Feedback and Artificial Intelligence
In this episode, Dr. Kelly speaks with Dr. Ellie Kazemi about starting a university program and publishing THE book on supervision. In addition, Dr. Kazemi also shares her interests in engineering and artificial intelligence. Visit to learn more about Dr. Kazemi.
June 8, 2019
Dr. Laprime On Building Capacity in Public Schools
In this episode, Dr. Amanda Laprime joins us to share her thoughts, strategies and suggestions for building capacity in public school settings. Dr. Laprime pulls from her experiences consulting to school teams, always focusing on the principles of behavior analysis. For more information, visit
June 2, 2019
Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA)
Functional behavior assessments are generally considered to be a problem solving process for addressing behaviors of concern. Behavior plans based on an FBA will be more effective and efficient, and will produce broader change in the lifestyle of the individual with challenging behavior (O’Neill, et al., 1997). Learn more at
June 1, 2019
Dr. Kelly Testifies at the Hawai’i State Capitol (2015)
In this episode, we take listeners back to 2015 when Dr. Kelly was asked to explain applied behavior analysis (ABA) to legislators at the State Capitol. What do you notice? What would you do differently if given the chance? Do you have your elevator speech ready? To learn more visit
May 23, 2019
SAFMEDS vs Flashcards
In this episode, Dr. Kelly reviews the similarities and differences between SAFMEDS and flashcards as study tools. To learn more, visit
May 21, 2019
New Year, New You ...just kidding
In this New Years episode, Dr. Kelly encourages us to find ways to bring ABA a bit more into our everyday in 2019. What good is having the ability to help others if we can’t also use the science to help ourselves? For more information visit
May 20, 2019
Antecedent Interventions
In this episode, Dr. Kelly discusses antecedent Interventions. Antecedent Interventions are those strategies, which are aimed at preventing challenging behavior from occurring. The focus is on strengthening deficient repertoires, while systematically increasing task demands and difficulty. For more information, visit
May 12, 2019
Dr. Dixon on Cockroaches, Casinos, & Curricula
In this episode, Dr. Mark Dixon joins Dr. Kelly and discusses broad applications of behavior analysis. Dr. Dixon conducts research in 3 very distinct areas: cockroaches, casinos, and curricula. ABA principles embedded in the conversation include: stimulus equivalence & relational frame theory, which are embodied in Dr. Dixon’s PEAK curricula. To learn more about PEAK, visit
May 9, 2019
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