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Behind The Boss Lady Podcast

Behind The Boss Lady Podcast

By Shelby St.clair
Join me each week as we go Behind The Boss Lady to learn the ins and outs of running a soul led business.
Hear the good, the bad and the ugly.
Be inspired by female soulpreneurs around the globe who have stepped into their power and let their light shine.
The world is yours for the taking, it's time to go...Behind The Boss!
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Episode 22: Becoming An Expert In Your Field with Sandra Weber
MEET THE GUEST Sandra Weber is a wellness mentor empowering her clients to rebuild a mind/body connection. Sandra has over a decade of experience in hands-on clinical bodywork and is now using that experience to assist her clients in reducing or preventing chronic pain through mind/body awareness. Sandra owns and operates Integrative Bodywork in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not working with clients in the treatment room, she hosts trainings for corporate and private groups providing ACTIONABLE steps to rebuild the mind body connection. Elevating clients physical, mental and emotional well-being is the foundation of the #RELENTLESS mindset. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Sandra’s entrepreneurial journey: Having been a very sick child with severe asthma Sandra wanted to be in the medical field at a very young age leading her to be a candy striper in her teen years. In 2008 when the market crashed as a realtor she knew she was wanting a way to spend more time with people to truly help them heal and get a sick body well leading her to massage school. With two children she wanted to be able to create her own schedule and help people in the way that felt good to her continuing her education into anatomy. Sandra can now do what she loves, how she loves to with her own practice in Charlotte. Important Moments with Sandra [5:17 - 21:23]: What led Sandra to answering her calling and how she has become the expert in her field, and you can too [22:34 - 28:00]: The healing power of touch, how your body holds onto trauma [30:43 - 50:14]: How having unhealed trauma affects your business as the expert and why you want to continue working on yourself LINKS Contact Sandra for her 1 Hour Smart Anatomy class at: Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @thesandraweber
October 9, 2021
Episode 21: The Power of Decision When It Comes To Showing Up Powerfully In All You Do with Katti Power
MEET THE GUEST Katti Power is a performance coach, speaker, and international bestselling author who helps leaders take charge of high-stress environments so they can lead with authority. She got a 20-year start in the entertainment industry helping performers book roles, win competitions, and overcome stage fright, all without ever experiencing voice loss.  In 2020, she opened up her performance skills programs to the coaching and public speaking world, and in 2021, she opened them up to the world of corporate executives. When she’s not powering up performers, she can be found in her favorite place on earth: her kitchen, cooking up authentic Italian dishes from scratch and pairing them with the most perfect wine. She dreams one day of spending a season in Italy studying authentic Italian cooking with nonnas and exploring the vineyards. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Katti’s entrepreneurial journey: Katti started in the entertainment industry as a performer which led to 20 years of helping others in the industry before she took the skills she learned and stepped into entrepreneurship to help leaders own their power. Important Moments with Katti [3:05 - 13:33]: The confirmation, life changes and healing that led to Katti stepping into her true power and owning her life [14:47 - 17:48]: Katti shares just how impactful your energy can be when it comes to how people see you [18:08 - 31:24]: How to step into the decision making process with confidence LINKS Take Katti’s power quiz & find your archetype HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @singwithoutlimits
August 27, 2021
Episode 20: Recognizing and Moving Through Mom Guilt with Alysia Lyons
MEET THE GUEST Alysia Lyons is a mom first, a business owner, life coach and author second. She is passionate about helping women live their lives with more joy, from the inside out. She has her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and is a certified Neuro-Transformational Life Coach. Alysia guides her clients through long-lasting neurological shifts to help ease their guilt and increase their emotional freedom. She is the author of the blog, the Mom Support Coach, which focuses on relationships, mom guilt, communication and lessons she has learned throughout her daily life. EPISODE HIGHLIGHT Alysia’s entrepreneurial journey: As a leader in a direct sales company Alysia became a mom going through divorce, stepping down from her position in the company, returning her paid for car and becoming a single mom she discovered her son had experienced sexual abuse while at a babysitters leading to her experience with mom guilt. It wasn’t until Alysia joined a coaching program and hired her own coach that she fell in love with the world of coaching and started her own personal development journey. Along the way she noticed how she had lost her own connection to self while trying to be the best mom which led to her release of guilt and turning the page as she became a support coach for moms dealing with guilt. Important Moments with Alysia [8:30 - 16:47]: The depths of mom guilt and how it’s different for everyone as we create our own versions of being the “perfect mom” [17:02 - 20:22]: Alysia shares her experience with moving through her own mom guilt that helped her transform, heal and discover her purpose [24:47 - 32:10]: How hiding a piece of yourself and holding in grief blocks out the opportunity to truly help other people with our businesses & what that transformation looks like LINKS Reach out to Alysia for your free consultation call HERE Access chapter one of Alysias book “Good Moms Don’t” HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @momsupportcoach
August 25, 2021
Episode 19: Healing Through Self Love From Abuse, Trauma & Suicidal Depression with Lorrine Patterson
MEET THE GUEST Lorrine has overcome suicidal depression, survived three turbulent marriages and numerous relationships, but she never stopped trying to improve herself. Every experience in her life has pointed her down roads she didn’t understand at the time. But maybe she wasn’t meant to. Left to discover her unique truth, Lorrine has overcome the odds and continues finding success. She is living proof that the human heart can withstand many hardships. She met and married the love of her life in 2017, is the proud mother of seven and a grandmother of three. Her first book, Freeing Your Heart For Love will be released in April 2021 and is available for preorder. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Lorrine’s entrepreneurial journey: Moving through trauma to purpose Lorrine has endured a great deal of what would set most back but instead she continued on pursuing her desires, working through her past experiences and in the end finding her light as she met the love of her life and went on to write her story to share as inspiration for the world and anyone else who has gone through many of the things she has. Now an author and hoping to help others step into their own bravery she is living happy, healthy and thriving. Important Moments with Lorrine [2:13 - 10:50]: Lorrine shares with us her story of courage through trauma, abuse and suicide what led to her personal transformation [15:45 - 22:59]: How self love can help you heal and find your purpose in life [23:26 - 35:14]: The journey of stepping into her purpose, reliving the trauma and becoming an author LINKS Learn more about Lorrines story and grab her FREE e-book: 5 Simple Ways To Love Yourself HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @writingismykismet
June 28, 2021
Episode 18: How To Find A Nutrition Program That Works For You with Adrianne Delgado
MEET THE GUEST Adrianne Delgado is a registered, licensed dietitian and has almost 20 years of experience in out-patient nutrition care. Adrianne’s passion includes helping her patients have a positive relationship with food, improving energy levels, and empowering her clients to live their best life.  As a working mother of five children, she understands firsthand the challenges of balancing health and responsibilities. Adrianne’s specialty involves teaching clients how to create new habits which include mindful eating tips and techniques, and “root work”, a unique program designed to figure out why we over desire food and how to create healthier habits. In 2019, Adrianne became an author to her first book Nourish, Eat, Repeat: A busy woman’s guide to a healthier mind, body and life. Adrianne is also a public speaker and is the host of the podcast Nourish, Eat, Repeat. Adrianne resides in Philadelphia with her husband and children. She enjoys running, cooking, gardening, and spending time with family. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Adrianne’s entrepreneurial journey: From majoring in pre-med to being a clinical nutrition and working in a couple hospitals until she made the choice to spend more time at home with her 5 kiddos. This choice led to her opening her own outpatient practice with her husband as a dynamic duo leading a dietitian + massage therapy outpatient practice where they now get to help people hands on and are growing a team along the way. Important Moments with Adrianne [5:33 - 10:29]: The one question that guided Adrianne to finding her purpose and answering her calling [10:47 - 12:48]: Finding the balance between family life, raising kids and running a business [14:05 - 17:56]: Adrianne shares her most current challenge of moving through the “noise” [18:13 - 22:33]: The practice that keeps her aligned with herself and her biz [23:00 - 41:04]: The 3 tips for finding the right nutrition program for you LINKS Sign up with code ‘podcast’ to get 10% off of Adrienne's program - Diet Rehab: The 30 day mindset challenge HERE Listen to the podcast Nourish, Eat, Repeat HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @bodymetrixhealth
June 24, 2021
Episode 17: 5 Tips Small Businesses Can Use To Grow On Social Media with Nicole Hamzeloo
MEET THE GUEST Nicole is the founder and CEO of Thrive Collective Co. Nicole and her team help startups and small businesses to grow and convert customers on social media. She helps people improve their social media strategy, stand out among competitors, market effectively and sell strategically so they can grow and increase profit from social media. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Nicole’s entrepreneurial journey: In March 2020 Nicole got laid off from her job due to Covid, though she had thought about launching a business she hadn’t done much about it. She noticed the lack of security in her current career and took it as a sign to take control of her life. Nicole started with coaching and from there pivoted into the strategy side of business that allowed her to take a deeper look into other businesses and help them grow their biz by way of social media with her own agency. Important Moments with Nicole [7:12 - 11:47]: How Nicole led with confidence as she pivoted through business growth to find her purpose and establish her presence on social media [12:13 - 17:20]: The connection between psychology & marketing and the insecurities Nicole experienced + moved through [17:36 - 33:17]: 5 Tips for how to grow your business on social media [33:44 - 37:00]: Nicole shares how she build her social following with community and relationship building LINKS Grab your copy of The 5 Secrets to Grow Your Audience Freebie HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @thrivecollectiveco
June 11, 2021
Episode 16: How Having Faith and A Listening Ear Led To Purpose with Tonia Tyler
MEET THE GUEST Tonia Tyler is a video podcast host, public speaker and lifestyle coach/facilitator.  She is known for her high energy and positive disposition.  Tonia pulls from her vast experience as a military retiree of the US Army and a former social media maven.  She loves to educate and empower individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs. As the founder of Confident Strides, Tonia’s mission is to strengthen the core of an individual that leads to other domains to include relationships and vocation to flourish as a natural byproduct of that empowerment. “Coffee with T" is a 20-minute conversational interview on different topics ranging from personal development, business strategy and entertainment with an aim to foster empowerment in others. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Tonia's entrepreneurial journey: From being in the military serving our country to retiring and finding her passion in learning the stories of others. Tonia now hosts her own podcast where she shares the stories of others on their journey as well as facilitating discussions in group settings. Important Moments with Tonia Tyler [3:40 - 11:54]: The moment that a walk with a dog led Tonia to deciding “let’s do a podcast!” and how she has been able to let her personality shine while using her military skills to keep her in line [12:11 - 20:55]: How a car accident, foreclosure and financial loss led to her spiritual journey, healing and finding her purpose in life [22:31 - 25:10]: The vision that brought Tonia and her family closer together [25:55 - 28:06]: A story on having faith and envisioning your dreams into reality LINKS Learn more about the work Tonia does and check out her podcast HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency
May 16, 2021
Episode 15: Relocating and Relaunching Your Biz in A New State with Gabby Pinkerton
MEET THE GUEST Gabby Pinkerton is the CEO of  'Cause We Can Events, an event planning company that specializes in destination adventurous weddings and wildly creative social and non profit events. She started her company as a solopreneur in 2012 in the hopes of producing events for causes (see where the name came from?) but quickly fell in love with adventurous weddings. Today, she has a team of 3 associate planners and and a part-time office manager. Gabby and her team produce events all over the US, Canada, Europe and South Africa! Most recently, Gabby launched a YouTube Channel to help fellow wedding professionals grow their wedding businesses by answering tough business questions! Fun fact: Gabby, her husband and their 2 dogs lived on a boat in Los Angeles for many years and just recently relocated to Nashville. TN. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Gabby's entrepreneurial journey: After years in the nonprofit world as an event planner she answered her calling to step into entrepreneurship as it fed her heart from an early age with dog walking and her first lemonade stand. Now she helps adventurous couples plan their destination weddings to create an experience for their guests and memories that will last a lifetime. Important Moments with Gabby Pinkerton [9:05 - 15:30]: The shift that occurred when Gabby realized she was ready to launch her own business and how she defined her niche [24:26 - 27:49]: The impact that moving to a new state and simultaneously launching a new business has had [28:30 - 37:02]: Choosing to let fear empower her rather than crush her and building relationships in your industry [37:42 - 39:24]: Gabby shares her experience of business “pivots” and how those tries and lessons moved her forward LINKS Learn more about the destination weddings Gabby create and how she can help you HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @causewecanevents
April 17, 2021
Episode 14: From Toxic to Soulmate Love with Monica Braun
MEET THE GUEST Monica Braun is a dating coach helping singles who are tired of dating the wrong people find healthy, loving relationships. She is the author of the book "From Toxic to Soulmate Love" which helps women transform their dating experiences in order to help them discover soulmate love. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Monica's entrepreneurial journey: After 17 years of being single Monica found her soulmate love with her husband which led to her writing the book From Toxic To Soulmate Love so she could use her own experience as a teaching point. She now helps both men and women find love through her dating coaching Soul to Soul Coaching as she helps them find the right dating platform. Important Moments with Monica Braun [06:36 - 09:30]: How being honest with yourself can help you see clearly between a healthy relationship or a toxic one [09:56 - 14:31]: Monica shares what expectations really are [15:35 - 18:47]: Changing your belief system around past relationships and how they can transform you [19:27 - 24:17]: What authenticity in a relationship means and how to embody it [24:45 - 26:00]: How starting your own business is like entering the dating world [26:55 - 32:59]: The process & transformation Monica offers her clients as they begin dating for their soulmate love [33:18 - ]: *BONUS* a tip on what TO do and what NOT to do in your dating profile LINKS Learn more about the work Monica does and how she can help you on your dating journey HERE And follow Monica on Facebook: Soulful Dating Coach Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency
March 29, 2021
Episode 13: Nonprofit vs For Profit with Melinda Jackson
MEET THE GUEST Melinda Jackson, is a social impact design strategist, speaker, thought leader, educator, and overall do-gooder who is on a mission to provide exceptional tools and resources that help empower people from all backgrounds to create the change our world needs. She has a breadth of experience working in various capacities for local and national nonprofit organizations and social enterprises, as well as in global supply chain operations for two multi-billion dollar corporations. Melinda has had the unique opportunity to connect with, and learn from charitable organizations all over the world, and continues to be aligned with high profile social impact projects locally, nationally, and internationally as a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers community. She has taken her passion and creativity to new heights as a digital course creator where she continues to develop innovative offerings to support aspiring changemakers from all over the globe at various stages in their journeys. Melinda is also the inspirational creator of the Philanth-Rebellion ™ program that helps high net-worth individuals create disruptive philanthropy, which she hopes will revolutionize the way we think of and engage in philanthropy as a collective. Her work has led to her being recognized as one of the Top 25 Under 35 Movers and Shakers in her city as well as a YWCA Woman of Distinction. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Melinda's entrepreneurial journey: Raised by her mom she learned to follow her heart very early on volunteering with the Ronald Mcdonald house in only 3rd grade and continued on her pursuit to help others from that point on. Important Moments with Melinda Jackson [4:30 - 11:17]: Melinda shares how rejection set her on the path towards living out her purpose in life [14:48 - 23:04]: The real difference between Nonprofit and For Profit and how they are set up to make money [23:36 - 31:10]: How to make the best choice when it comes to your own purpose driven mission [31:36 - 33:35]: The way Melinda can help you start your own mission For Profit based business and begin generating an income for yourself LINKS Learn more about Melindas Social Impact Summer Camp HERE and email Melinda for your $200 off today: Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @melindamakeschange Catch up on Facebook @thesocialimpactqueen
March 19, 2021
Episode 12: Grit, Stamina, Vulnerability and Not Settling with Chris Boone
MEET THE GUEST EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Chris’ entrepreneurial journey: Serial entrepreneur to podcast host. Chris has done it all on his way to creating a life he has dreamed of from becoming a licensed manicurist, makeup artist, spray tanner, doing hair extension shows, wedding photography and more he knows what it takes to make it happen. Now he helps men understand women with his podcast Men Don't Know that dives deep into questions men need answers for. Important Moments with Chris Boone [1:38 - 4:15]: How Chris got the idea to create the Men don’t Know Podcast [5:46 - 10:40]: From YouTube university to overcoming doubts through self discovery and what it means to bridge the gap [12:47 - 20:00]: The difference in mindset between men and women and what is needed to succeed [20:26 - 29:19]: Chris shares the power of all he has learned from holding space for the conversations and learning to listen to understand [29:48 - 36:40]: How reflecting on your past and having the conversations can help you become the best version of yourself and how we tend to settle [36:57 - 43:29]: Creating multiple streams of income for wealth and the work ethic you need to embody [44:50 - 48:51]: Start rising up today, know your value and worth to create your dream life LINKS Learn more about Men Don’t Know Podcast and shop the merch HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @mendontknow
February 15, 2021
Episode 11: Creating Copy That Converts with Laneic Lavalle
MEET THE GUEST Laneic Lavalle is a copywriter for ambitious female entrepreneurs, teaching them how to use their unique voice and personality to attract leads and stand out in the online crowd, without using scare tactics. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Laneics entrepreneurial journey: As a single working mom Lanic was looking for time freedom as she stepped into the entrepreneurial world wanting to play a more active role in her son's schooling and daily life. Being an early childhood educator and doing freelance copywriting on the side she saw the value of spending more one on one time with her son and claiming her time for herself by doing her own thing. Important Moments with Laneic Lavalle [3:00 - 6:15]: The deciding factors that led Laneic to launching her business in helping other female entrepreneurs with copywriting and the shifts that came with it [6:55 - 9:20]: The mindset work she had to do to let the limiting self beliefs go and step into her power of knowing and understanding her value and worth [11:13 -.14:50]: Laneic shares the most important aspects of copy that converts and how you can get clear on your brand voice [15:36 - 17:56]: How to create engage worthy captions on your social media [18:25 - 20:26]: Socially selling without being pushy or sounding “salesy” [20:55 - 23:47]: The biggest thing that Laneic can share to help when it comes to writing your own copy LINKS Join Laneic in her Facebook Group: That Content Life HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @thatcontentlife
February 11, 2021
Episode 10: Standing For Something Different and Managing Your Fear of Speaking Out with Vikki Louise
MEET THE GUEST Vikki helps ambitious overachievers manage their anxiety & procrastination. She has a no BS approach blending neuroscience, evolutionary biology, life coaching tools and tough love that teach people to understand their brain, rewire their thinking - and feel empowered to get things done. Vikki graduated from the London School of Economics and hosts the F*CK Anxiety & Get Sh*t Done podcast. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Vikkis entrepreneurial journey: Living overseas, understanding anxiety and getting out of her own F*cking way Vikki shares her journey into finding her purpose & how it has helped not only her but her clients. Important Moments with Vikki Louise [1:55 - 4:03]: What realization brought Vikki to finding her purpose and calling in the world through life experiences and challenges [4:42 - 10:35]: Living overseas, in three countries as an entrepreneur & the experiences that come with both [11:00 - 15:06]: How you can become a leader and begin saying the right things when it might feel wrong and uncomfortable [17:32 - 26:24]: The work Vikki does with her clients to help them make an internal shift for themselves to step out boldly and confidently while living with anxiety [27:25 - 31:00]: Tools you can use when you begin speaking your truth & receive backlash [31:57 - 35:54]: Our choice to hold space (or not hold space) for different emotions and feelings within us while on our journey in life [36:01 - 37:05]: The FREE F*CK Anxiety Guide that gives you the high level information that everyone deserves to know LINKS Snag your FREE F*CK Anxiety Guide HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @vikkilouise___
February 8, 2021
Episode 09: Transitioning From Side Gig to Full-Time with Stela Leu
MEET THE GUEST Stela spent over two decades in sales executive roles with Fortune 500 companies. She worked on two continents covering wide geography. And she experienced first-hand the side effects of living under high-stress and pressure. For the past 6 years, she’s also been teaching mindfulness practices, leading people to a more balanced life. At the begging of this year, she decided to quit her six-figure role and turn her passion for health and wellness into a business. Stela is now a full-time health & wellness coach on a mission to help people feel and look amazing. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Stelas entrepreneurial journey: From working in the corporate world of technology to finding herself through yoga and her spiritual practice Important Moments with Stela leu [2:37 - 10:17]: The internal challenges and struggles that Stela faced while trying to find her purpose in life and what changed when she said yes to living in that purpose [11:35 - 17:42]: How yoga, meditation and visualization with mindset work can help your body, mind and spirit and how it helped Stela in her transition [19:17 - 20:41]: The importance of working on your money mindset [21:15 - 22:32]: The AHA moment that comes when her clients understand the emotional connection and eating [23:00 - 26:00]: Learning to not react emotionally when being triggered and standing in your power through awareness [26:50 - 31:38]: From 6 years in the corporate world to 6 months as an entrepreneur and the one thing to be aware of in your own transition + the three things that have helped Stela with growing her business [33:55 - 36:15]: The most important thing to have in mind when deciding to start your own business [37:41 - 41:10]: Using Stelas free meditation to get better sleep and a good night's rest so you can show up as your best every single day LINKS Access your FREE sleep meditation made just for you by Stela HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @8_glasses_of_water
August 26, 2020
Episode 08: How To Reprogram Your Mind For Success with Suzie Flynn
MEET THE GUEST Suzie Flynn is an award-winning motivational speaker, international mindset coach, business mentor and founder of Suzie Flynn Coaching. She is an entrepreneur by heart and is a huge advocate for making an impact in women’s lives by inspiring them to believe in themselves and follow their passion and purpose. She does this by helping them re-frame their beliefs and getting clarity on the action steps they need to take to create more freedom in their life by becoming their own boss. Having overcome many difficulties in her life Suzie is able to connect deeply with women who have been through similar and are ready to make a change. She is resilient, driven and determined and has adopted the approach of never giving up and in doing so inspires many others to follow their dreams. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Suzies entrepreneurial journey: After many years in the corporate world to finding her purpose in life and stepping into her power as “coach” Techniques and tips for helping your reprogram your mind for success How negative beliefs and thoughts can create disease within our bodies Helping you flip the switch from negative to positive mental mindsets Important Moments with Suzie Flynn [1:45 - 2:27]: The ultimatum that Suzie was given that was the catalyst into coaching [2:36 - 5:33]: The defining moment in her life [8:03 - 9:48]: How to shift your mindset for success [10:32 - 12:37]: Recognizing your negative thought patterns and where they come from [12:38 - 14:12]: Breaking through the upper limit despite our programming [14:51 - 16:15]: Tools you can use to move through negative thoughts and rewire those into a positive belief system [17:05 - 15:53]: Routines that can help you start your day off on the right track [19:40 - 24:12]: What it means to live a positive life and how it’s not all about just being happy-go-lucky [25:33 - 27:38]: How our emotions affect us on a physical level [28:50 -31:01]: Suzies experience in helping people shift from employee to entrepreneur and the mindset work that is necessary [31:41 - 33:38]: The message you send to your mind with your thoughts vs your actions [34:35 - 36:11]: A key tip for thinking rich LINKS Interested in working with Suzie? Learn more HERE Find Suzie on FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency
July 29, 2020
Episode 07: How To Time-Block To Create Consistency In Your Business with Veronica Romney
MEET THE GUEST Veronica Romney is a 12-year branding and marketing veteran who believes our aspirations drive our actions and if we want to help our customers make the best decision for them, we have to align our business efforts with their aspirations. In the past, she has worked with some of the world’s most respected brands including Sprint, Marriott, IMAX, Dr. Weil Vitamin Advisor, and more. But now she's dedicated her work to helping entrepreneurs and small business owners learn how to connect with the customers. She is the Founder of MyModernBrand, a branding and marketing education company that helps great people and great companies clarify their brand message, find their unique brand voice, and market themselves authentically. When she isn’t busy wrangling a business and two kids, she is an in-demand international Tony Robbins/Dean Graziosi speaker with topics including branding, marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, self-education, knowledge business, and more. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Veronicas entrepreneurial journey: From the corporate world to starting her own business When and why she chose to pivot into entrepreneurship while raising babies The truth behind sales and how to do it authentically Important Moments with Veronica Romney [2:55 - 3:44]: Most important thing Veronica has to share with you from the start [4:10 - 7:17]: How labels and definitions can hold you back & how to define your own brand [7:30 - 9:30]: The moment she experienced burnout in her life and business and the pressure that came from it [10:30 - 13:12]: How Veronica found balance between life & business [13:39 - 15:07]: Teaching people how to brand themselves and sell in a way that's not sleazy [15:25 - 18:12]: The biggest thing that women particularly struggle with way more than men and why we need to give ourselves more credit [19:11- 24:35]: Showing up as your authentic self on social media and giving yourself permission to feel [24:52 - 33:27]: Creating balance and consistency between life and business [33:27 - 34:14]: How business burnout can feel like postpartum depression [34:31 - 36:34]: The coaching program that brings the  orange theory vibes and business together + your FREE invite LINKS Join Veronica for 30 days of Core Connection Coaching for FREE! Click HERE to join  Want to discover, create, and build a digital product with the easiest softwares in the world for only $37? Join HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @vromney @mymodernbrand
July 22, 2020
Episode 06: Finding Your Way Through Self Discovery with Georgina Juarez
MEET THE GUEST My name is Georgina Juarez, I'm a certified Womens’ Rebel Coach. I help clients Release blocked potential, Rebel against self-doubt and Rise unapologetically as the learn to self discover without shame or guilt. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Georginas entrepreneurial journey: From partner, to mom, to homemaker and the moment she decided it was time for HER to live life What led to her going full time in her business How she helps women give themselves permission just like she gave herself Her favorite moments as a coach's seeing the AHA moments women have Important Moments with Georgina Juarez [2:12 - 6:50]: When, why and how Georgina answered her calling [7:45 - 11:00]: What happens when you begin to focus and prioritize yourself [13:21 - 15:27]:  What it means to be a rebel coach and how she provides her clients with a transformation [16:29 - 19:29]: The biggest challenge for us as women [21:25 - 24:00]: The power women have to show up as their true selves [25:34 - 28:43]: What happens when you acknowledge your feelings [28:57 - 32:00]: Silver Fox Coaching discovery calls [33:33 - 37:01]: Being vulnerable and asking for help LINKS Sign up for a FREE 30 minute discovery call with Georgina today!  CLICK HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @curlysilverfox
July 16, 2020
Episode 05: Transitioning from Behavioral Health to Interior Design & How to Build Your Niched Business
MEET THE GUEST My name is Brittanie. I reside in Central Oregon with my two awesome little kiddos, sweet husband, 2 dogs, and a cat. I have been serving interior designers as a virtual assistant since the beginning of 2017 when I started My Design Assistant after leaving my career in behavioral health. Now, we have expanded to a team of three with a growing course catalog and VDA coaching services. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Brittanie’s entrepreneurial journey: from banking to behavioral therapy to interior design How she took a chance and reached out to start her new journey into interior design What running a business from home with two small children is really like The moment she realized she needed to hire help for My Design Assistant How she niched down her business and built it with clarity Important Moments with Brittanie Elm: [3:00 – 5:47]: Brittanies understanding of perfectionism and where it fits/doesn't fit [11:34 – 13:05]: Pivoting from employee to entrepreneur and what led to that decision [16:25 – 27:04]: How Brittanie helps other build their niched businesses and how she built My Design Assistant [27:26 – 30:17]: The moment her husband helped her realize a big disconnect & the struggles of having a spouse making the call outs [31:18 – 35:26]: The driving force for hiring a virtual assistant [36:11 - 40:41]: The importance of market research and authenticity [42:22 - 45:14]: *FREE GIFT* Brand Identity Worksheet LINKS Download your FREE Brand Identity Worksheet and start building your niched business today - Get it HERE Follow on Instagram @btblpodcasts @thebossladyagency @mydesignassistantbusiness
July 10, 2020
Episode 04: Motherhood, Female Empowerment and Rewriting The Story with Ivorene Artz
In today's episode I sit down and chat with Ivorene a badass wife, mom and entrepreneur who is helping other women and mothers step into their power through radical self transformation. Through her own personal journey battling depression, anorexia and more she empowers women to rewrite their story by way of hypnotherapy and deep perspective shifts. Find out more about Ivorene, her journey and how she can help you here:
February 4, 2020
Episode 03: Creating an Impact Through Authenticity
In this solocast with Shelby Geluz we talk all about authenticity, what it means and why it is important when it comes to creating a legacy and leaving an impact. As business owners it is up to us to inspire but inspiration is more than numbers. People need our stories, they need to learn who we are, what we've gone through and why they can trust us to understand them and where they are right now!
February 4, 2020
Episode 02: 2020 Vision - A Decade in Review
In todays solocast episode I dive into the past decade of my life from college, marriage, the start of my entrepreneurial journey a big glimpse into the most transformational year of my life and a whole lot of motivation for whats to come and how to take control of this new decade. Ready to start your own business? Join me and your future soul sisters today:
January 21, 2020
Episode 01: Who Is Shelby & How Boss Lady Agency Came To Be
In todays solocast episode Shelby shares about her life, what she has gone through, who she is and how she got to where she is today. Life isn't always easy but in the end she shows you just how to find your light in the darkness.
September 26, 2019
Episode 00: Coming Soon - Behind The Boss Lady Podcast
Join Shelby Geluz, a soulpreneur and business coach for female entrepreneurs at The Boss Lady Agency each week as your host of Behind The Boss Lady Podcast. Journey Behind The Boss while she shares with you a look into what it really takes to run a soul led business in todays modern world by giving you a look behind the boss lady with solocasts from her and interviews from guest experts.  Sharing a whole lot of wisdom, strength, a little woo and lots of love as we go all in on business coaching and personal mastery. Helping you develop the highest version of yourself and step into your power to let your light shine. There is nothing that is too much, there is no truth too real and there is never a topic that we won’t touch when teaching you how to stay in alignment when things get messy.
May 10, 2019