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Behind The Business

Behind The Business

By Tawney Allen
Behind The Business Podcast explores the real journey to business success and all the twists and turns.

Tawney Allen, host and Founder of Ventura County Business Women, connects with the human behind the business. Exploring who they are and the real challenges they face in business.
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Behind The Business

Denise Bean-White of Consortium Media
Some would say discovering your passion is about finding the things you’re good at and sticking with them. But is that enough when one could be excel at something they’re not really passionate about? We think there’s more to it than that. This week, Denise Bean-White, owner of Consortium Media, confirms there’s power in exploring our passions by learning to listen. She encourages us to reflect and ask ourselves what brings us the most joy and how it creates light in our lives. According to her, uncovering our passion is about figuring out what feels good and choosing to lean more into it. Denise and host Tawney Allen’s conversation helps us discover that there’s a difference between doing what we have to do to survive and doing what we choose to live a life of creation. Many times, it’s hard to know what we want when we feel stuck in things we’re convinced we need to be doing. Get committed to having a personal relationship with yourself. Read new things and expand your research to make informed decisions led by what brings you the most fulfillment. Share your passions with the world by figuring out how to contribute. These are just some pieces of wisdom shared in this week’s episode. There’s plenty more for you to tune in to.
July 6, 2021
Diane Knudsen of The Alternative Board in Ventura County
Imagine a room full of entrepreneurs working collaboratively to assist in the expansion of each other’s businesses. The copywriter helps the financial advisor, who supports the marketer, and so on. Through the collective, there is an opportunity to generate new conversations and strategic planning with various perspectives to help grow your business. These are the connections that drive Diane Knudsen, owner of The Alternative Board of Ventura County. Diane’s professional purpose is to create a space for entrepreneurs to think for themselves in ways they hadn’t imagined for their business. She works to bring together diverse business owners who can create vast energies and communication styles to broaden the lens of innovative development. In this week’s conversation with Tawney Allen, the two touch on the concept of awareness and choice in business and how much of that involves getting honest about the personal too. Diane believes there is power in paying attention to your core values and personal vision before creating a sustainable business model. When you determine a vision that aligns with your truth and purpose, your business falls in line with those same notions.  Listen in as Tawney and Diane discuss how forming a creative, connective business space allows you to embody the role as a front-runner in your field while making all the magic you desire for your life. Connect with Diane Here Connect with Tawney Here
June 22, 2021
Teena Broumand of Mortgage Broker 24/7
We’re all in the business of making money, even when we founded our career pursuit on the passions that drive us to make a difference in the world. But have you ever considered what your relationship with money looks like? Have you considered that you need to have a “relationship” with money at all? Well, this week we’ve got a treat for you because Teena Broumand, a local California mortgage broker, is here to give us the low-down on all things finance in the realm of loans, house-buying, and more. In her field, she says there’s a lot of shame and comparison around money and debt, but her wisdom reminds us that debt doesn’t have to be bad. Debt can be leverage for future purchases. It’s about knowing the right questions you ask and being willing to seek help from someone you trust. One of the most rewarding aspects of this podcast is when Teena opens up to host Tawney Allen by telling us that money is emotional and evaluating the emotions you have towards money. She encourages us to reassess the way we handle our money and the way in which we view the money we make. Get real about your finances and make a plan that feels right for you. With Teena’s guidance, you can be sure to come out on top with more knowledge and confidence in the next steps to take. Connect with Teena Here Connect with Tawney Here
June 15, 2021
Rosanne MacDonald of HypnoVitality
There’s a lot of talk in entrepreneurial conversations about the importance of self-care. But is self-care just about bubble baths and proper exercise, and spending enough time with family? Or does it go deeper than that? After talking to Rosanne MacDonald, Hypnotherapist, and owner of HypnoVitality, we experienced some game-changing revelations about what it means to “self-care.” Full of knowledge regarding mindfulness practices, Rosanne spills the hard fact that 88% of our minds comprise the subconscious, meaning that most of what makes up our brain is not at the forefront of our awareness. How does that apply to you, the business owner? Well, self-care means committing to levels of self-development, rewiring the programming of habits that generate most of your thoughts.  As host Tawney Allen often says, “business is personal,” and if you want to sustain in growing your business, you’ve got to maintain the transformation of your mind. It’s about the willingness to pull back layers you’ve been adding for years far beyond the scope of your business. Listen in as Rosanne and Tawney make the path clearer by extending the experiences of their personal development journey to us. If you want to show up for your clients, learn to seek the emotional freedom you deserve to show up for yourself. Connect with Tawney Here Connect with Rosanne Here
June 8, 2021
Toni Caruso
“What am I good at?” This question surges through our minds when considering what career path to take. But there are only so many attributes and skills we’ll compile on a list before fear attempts to convince us it’s all unattainable. Then we ask ourselves, “What if I fail?” Well, Toni Caruso is with us this week to invite us to ask an additional question: “What if I give it my all, anyway?” As a Speaker, Trainer, and Event Producer, Toni knows the power of clear communication to her clients and audience as a means of connectivity. As a businesswoman, she also knows the strength of strategy, and that involves clear communication with herself. Toni’s authentic intuition allows her to establish unwavering boundaries in her business. She credits that to her willingness to being honest with herself about what works and what doesn’t. Toni and Tawney’s conversation expands our perspective as Toni says that being an entrepreneur is not about navigation but introspection instead. Don’t assess your business based on position, time, and place. Analyze the genuine emotions and thoughts that come to the surface when evaluating your progress. Do you feel joy or dread? Listen in as these two women in business shed light on aligning with your connection to self to align success for your business. Connect with Toni Here Connect with Tawney Here
June 1, 2021
Matthew Powers
On this week’s episode of Behind the Business Podcast, an expansive question comes to light regarding the pressures business owners put on themselves when they’re doing all of their prepping, planning, goal-setting, and time-bending. Do we get too hung up on the ‘why’? Hear us out. Matthew Powers, owner of Calioh Coffee Roasters, weighs in with an interesting perspective on this. Matthew is a detail-oriented entrepreneur. He sets specific money goals, and he puts in the work to achieve those goals. But he doesn’t do it because he feels compelled to make a dollar. To him, that’s where we get caught up. Matthew says he commits in the way he does because he’s secure in the lifestyle he desires for his family. He’s measuring his financial goals by the experiences he gets to have, not by how much money he generates. We don’t want to allow our work to take precedent over the joy of life. We don’t want to “just earn a living.” Host Tawney Allen encourages the idea of leaning into what feels good as opposed to waiting until we can justify ‘why’ we feel that way. Gain the resources you need to warrant the life you desire and then watch your business grow. Not the other way around. Connect with Matt Here Connect with Tawney Here
May 25, 2021
Nicole Oden
When designing the career path that works best for us, many experience a longing for control over their lifestyle structured by their accord. While there are vast challenges when choosing to go forth on a business venture full-force on our own, the balance we seek for a self-made career path is attainable. Meet Nicole Oden, owner of Nicole Cheri Oden Law. After deciding to practice law for herself in an online space, she instantly learned the challenges of being strict on establishing the proper boundaries between being your own boss and taking steps to be your own person too. As a mother, Nicole always knew she wanted to have a career and be active for her family, knowing she could have both. She says it's about knowing that sometimes work is going to win, and sometimes the family will. Being accepting of both ends of the spectrum has allowed her to be a badass mother while showing up for her business consciously directed. As host Tawney Allen weighs in, the stigma of telling ourselves that if we go all-in on one thing we can’t be all-in on another is broken. We can, and these ladies are doing it. One of the most rewarding parts of this chat is the open discussion around resisting unrealistic expectations and knowing that there’s room for everyone to find their place. Community over competition reigns heavy in this episode. Surround yourself with people who will help you level-up! Connect with Nicole Here!  Connect with Tawney Here!
May 18, 2021
Ari Kirk
As business owners, it’s natural to feel like we must constantly work to build our brand actively. We get lost in the hustle and grind we think we need to keep at the forefront because we perceive it as the only way to expand. But how much of that is perfectionism disguised as motivation? Are we working smarter or harder when we’re in a rat-race mindset, assuming that the one who works the most wins? What’s the prize worth – if there’s a prize at all? This week we meet Ari Kirk, owner of Visionari Media, whose transcending views on building a conscious-based business remind us just how important it is to slow down and reflect on what our true purpose is as entrepreneurs. We want to make money, but at what cost to our spirit? Business is personal, and host Tawney Allen and Ari engage in a deepened conversation about personal alignment as it reflects on how we show up in our professional work. Sustainability in business requires regiment just as much as self-care does. If we prioritized ourselves the way we prioritized our work, we’d expand to greater heights. As Ari so insightfully adds to this week’s discussion, our clients and colleagues will feed off our emotional energy. If we allow ourselves to be the primary focus, we create abundance through the heightened creativity and positive attraction that self-care brings. Connect with Ari Here Connect with Tawney Here
May 11, 2021
Camisca Fontes
Behind the Business Podcast focuses on opening conversation with entrepreneurs about what goes on underneath the surface of their businesses. These discussions provide an opportunity to take unique, and sometimes stunning, experiences of business owners and apply them to the guts-and-grit that goes on behind-the-scenes. This week, we meet Camisca Fontes, owner of Ms.Dianes Salon, who connects her personal journey and moral ground with the success of her long-time entrepreneurship in a way you’ve got to listen in on to believe. Despite the tragic loss of her parents in her early twenties, Camisca never lost sight of the southern family roots they implanted within her. She cared for her younger siblings while continuing to expand her academic and professional ventures, moving on to become a woman-owned business. According to Camisca, everything she has worked for is to show her children and other youth that what they desire is possible for them. While she always had a passion for hair care, it’s clear to us that Camisca’s true purpose is to show the reward of remaining resilient and always persevering- especially to younger generations. As a black woman in business, she knows upholding her integrity is essential to her authenticity, but not as important as her family. Making money does not equate to a happy life- only family can do that. Connect with Camisca on Instagram: Follow HERE Connect with Tawney on Instagram: Follow Here
May 4, 2021
Brandy Nightingale
In a surface-level conversation, one would say to start a business that will make you money. While that is true, in a soul conversation, one would say to start a business that will award you a life of integrity. Could simply leaning into what feels most honorable to you be the first step toward discovering your business values? What about personal trauma and distress? How does one establish freedom in business while working through inner wounds? Listen in on Brandy Nightingale’s candid perception of creating a business through discovering what aligns most to your boundaries and aspirations. Brandy openly discusses the mental and emotional burn-out she experienced after years working various careers in the film industry, where she tried to remain compassionate in consistently toxic environments. Intuition compelled her to stand up for the notion that sometimes the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is walk away from negative situations. So, after asking herself where she wanted to be most, she followed her answer to establishing The Peaceful Pup, a Dog Walking & Pet Care Service. Brandy set boundaries that felt best to her, rebirthing her purpose through what she loves most- caring for her animals. But make no mistake, the journey required profound self-development. Both Brandy and host Tawney Allen weigh in on how deep the layers run to reach the core of one’s innate ambitions and most authentic selves. Sensitive topics of childhood sexual abuse are discussed with dignity as the two remain honest to create a positive impact. Connect with Brandy: 
April 27, 2021
Elisa Ellis
.Fashion is self-expression you get to depict on your body. But how much does your sense of style correlate to who you are as a person? Or better yet, as a professional? If you dress with intent, what is the message you want your flair to send? This week, Wardrobe Stylist, Elisa Ellis, validates that fashion should act as a companion to help you feel confident as you walk into a room with your head held high. Applying purposeful value to your wardrobe choices is more about mindset than one would think. Elisa charmingly reminds you that clearing out the old is how you allow newness into your ever-changing personality- fashion included. Ellis’s stylish expertise explores the emotional attachment one establishes with clothing, conjuring mementos and personal pinpoints to where you’ve been. But Elisa will prompt you to consider it’s also about where you’re going.  Plus, you will love Elisa and host Tawney Allen’s conversation on how your fashion style reflects your personal brand. Do you think the way you dress reflects your authenticity? Listen in and tell us what you think. Connect with Elisa on Instagram: Connect with Tawney on Instagram: @themindsethealer | @tealwingmarketing
April 20, 2021
Dr. Michelle Hubbard
What does success through authenticity mean to you? Are you committed to what is true for you and allowing that to lead your professional pursuits? What if someone told you that carrying forth your unique voice is all you need to uncover the abundance that’s waiting for you? Well, it is enough! Why? Because YOU are enough. Law Admissions Consultant Dr. Michelle Hubbard is Tawney Allen’s guest this week, and she is overflowing with insight toward all this business. Her willingness to share her experiences as an entrepreneur and as a human will catapult the concepts of following your life’s path with action. Michelle reminds you you are needed in the world and that you have the power to design your dream life without feeling like you’ll fall through the cracks. Listen in as Tawney Allen leads a conversation centered on ending the fight with yourself so you may accept yourself to be as you are. Michelle reassures us to follow our intuition’s direction without the knowing ahead of time. Through this episode, you’ll explore the importance of sitting with yourself and getting comfortable knowing that you are in a constant state of change that has a great opening to establish who you are so you can step into something greater. Connect with Michelle: Dr. Michelle Hubbard | Law School Admissions Consultant  Connect with Tawney on Instagram: @themindsethealer | @tealwingmarketing
April 13, 2021
Shannon Celia
Why does it seem that there’s still such stigma around pursuing a creative lifestyle as a career? Is it we’re afraid our talent won’t pan out? Or is it we worry there’s no place for us? If you’re seeking creative validation, this week’s episode of Behind the Business Podcast is for you. Shannon Celia is in the business of Fine Arts, making her living as an artist. Shannon’s personality is magnetic, and we believe that’s because of the innate passion attached to the art she pursues. Host Tawney Allen asks incredibly expansive questions about the Arts's challenges and achievements as a career path. Shannon’s light enthusiasm ensures us that giving our creative ideas a chance is worth the exploration. Shannon reassures us we live in a world full of abundance with plenty of pie for everyone to get a piece. The focus should be to create what feels good instead of making what may feel suitable for others. Our creative expansion is essential to the world, and Shannon’s eagerness to understand people and their connections to nature through her art encourages this notion. Listen in as the two promote creative conversation about finding gratitude in continually learning and evolving your craft and what it means to discover new pieces of yourself along the way.
March 30, 2021
Kate O'Conner
We’re back for another week of Behind the Business Podcast, and we’re talking all things health and passion! Listen in as Tawney Allen interviews Nutrition and Fitness Coach Kate O’Conner, as they lunge into what it means to be an entrepreneur in the realm of the health and fitness world. Do you have a hobby that you wish would grow into a professional pursuit?  In this episode, Kate expresses to us how turning her passion into a business was the most gracious thing she’s ever done for herself. She acclaims her success as an entrepreneur to the notion that creating sustainable health is not about sacrificing the things you love but establishing a viable, encouraging commitment to your mind and body. Through Tawney’s engaging questions towards the emotional side to health and fitness, Kate provides us with a sense of relief in knowing that our stress, trauma, and personal experiences play a significant role in our journey to sustainable health. Find out more of their thoughts, and Kate’s expertise, as they discuss making modern connections, seeking guidance through mentorship, and of course- memories over calories!
March 9, 2021
Esta McIntyre
When it comes to our health, what does it take to make the changes we desire? Whether it’s a personal or professional journey, remaining consistently aligned to our body and its workings is crucial to the process of success and longevity. We all have fears about moving through new phases of our lives, especially as it applies to a healthy lifestyle, but maybe it’s just about moving forward despite the fear. Esta McIntyre, owner of My Health Studio, and host Tawney Allen talk deeply about how much our health starts- and ends- with us. And this doesn’t just apply to fitness. Though Esta works to help her clients achieve fitness in their lives, listen as she talks about her views on the perspective that taking control of our health is not just about our physical bodies but also about how strong our minds are. Esta and Tawney encourage the notion that it’s okay to be a work in progress but remember that what you want for your health is here now. We don’t focus on “someday” futures in this episode, as they discuss the importance of not waiting for “tomorrow” to get started. But powerfully, this week is all about opening our hearts to things beyond our senses that drive hope and faith to us. Just because it’s non-tangible doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. Connect with Esta:  Connect with Tawney on Instagram: @themindsethealer & @tealwingmarketing
March 2, 2021
Nina Sloan Rubin
There are always going to be circumstances we could allow to work against us while reaching our goals. Things like age, mental illness, family life, and the vast stigmas placed on our passions could stop us from pursuing the business ventures we desire. But will we allow them to stop us? Does it all boil down to the powers of our mindset? Well, Tawney Allen’s next guest, Nina Sloan Rubin, is an entrepreneur who could have had all of the above against her. Still, through her expanded openness to grow her personal development, she has proved that the life we create is based on the life we work to design for ourselves. After 45 years as a stay-at-home mother and wife, Nina leaped into owning her own business with a multi-level marketing company called Modere in her late 60s. Despite her journey with Bipolar disorder, she believes her devotion to evolving her alignment to self and understanding her mind and body have been pivotal to the success she has attained. When Tawney candidly asks Nina’s views on the branding often pinned onto MLM businesses, she boldly speaks her mind in a way that positively shifts the perspective for what it means to own a business in this industry. Listen along as Tawney and Nina talk business, beauty, and being authentic on your business path to bring about your true purpose. Connect with Nina on Facebook: Connect with Tawney on Instagram: @tealwingmarketing | @themindsethealer
February 23, 2021
Randy Chapman
It all starts with a simple idea. While growing as professionals, we learn more about our strengths and how we can apply them to our passions. Our job experiences allow us to discover what works- and what doesn’t- so we can expand our skills’ reach. But once we feel we’ve done that, what’s next? For Randy Chapman of CCE Designs, the desire to start a business was innate despite its challenges. Listen as Tawney Allen asks the right questions to earn insight from Randy about using the tools that are available to you to pursue your passions confidently. He brings comfort to all of us who feel that our visions for business pursuit are not unique enough for success. Randy says it’s not about the whether your ideas have been done before, but about building the right teams and establishing the right intent to set yourself apart. Perspective is key this week, and Tawney and Randy remind us that burning out doesn’t equate to failure; it just means it’s time to shift the view. But more importantly, it’s about understanding that our fears of not doing well in our ventures never go away; business owners and corporate workers alike. However, there’s comfort in knowledge, as Randy says. Tune in as we discuss how possible it is for us to give up the ghost on all the things we’re scared to pursue and recognize that you have the freedom to do as you please. Connect with Randy: IG @ cce_design_associates | Connect with Tawney: IG @themindsethealer | @tealwingmarketing
February 16, 2021
Shenee Randolph with Ms_NaeStyles
When stepping out into a business venture with boundless determination, we forget the most important thing; we’re only human. And as humans, we need boundaries. But how do we distinguish what it means to remain steadfast on our journey to professional success and what it means to surrender to understanding that not everything is within the confines of our control? Join host Tawney Allen as she opens a conversation with Shenee Randolph, owner of Ms_NaeStyles and creator of Ms. Naestyle’s Growth and Beard Oils. They dive deep into the importance of balancing the grit and grind of being a business owner with the grounding and gratitude essential to making it work. Though our roads are paved with good intent, circumstances beyond our power will always appear on our route. But if our thoughts become our reality, how can we continue to embody our purpose despite the hurdles that may deter us? Listen as these two fruitfully honest entrepreneurs share the truth in accepting that though chaos may ensue, its mess does not define us. It’s an essential part of the process to grow. Connect with Shenee: Connect with Tawney:
February 9, 2021
Julie Kraschinsky
As business owners, we want to be taken seriously. But what does ‘being taken seriously’ mean for a successful entrepreneurial mindset? What are we trying to prove? When passion and resilience align to our purpose, have we already achieved success? For women in these leadership roles, it’s hard not to question if unwavering faith in their intent is enough. This week, host Tawney Allen creates a safe space for an in-depth discussion with 20+ year business leader Julie Kraschinsky about the hurdles we climb to create financial abundance while staying rooted in the integrity of who we are. Julie's firm ambition breaks generational barriers for women in her industry, and she leaves no holds barred as she shares the roller coaster of experiences that led her to the fulfilling road she’s cruising on now. Get inspired as you hear Julie and Tawney challenge our perspectives as we ask ourselves if staying complacent in fear is the bigger risk than taking actionable steps to impact our potential success. We’re not looking at our lives through the rear-view mirror in this episode; we’re showing just how important it is to grip that steering wheel and continue to drive that Pink Cadillac to the sky with trust that the path ahead will not seize to open for us. Connect with Julie on Instagram: @juliemkraschinsky Connect with Tawney on Instagram: @tealwingmarketing @themindsethealer
February 2, 2021