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Behind the Roar

Behind the Roar

By SLHS Lions' Roar Student Newspaper
The student newspaper staff at South Lyon High School in South Lyon, MI, the Lions' Roar, wants to start the conversation.

Listen to the podcast to hear from our SL student body on a variety of topics, and be sure to check out web articles at
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Coming of Age: Some of the most influential albums to check out
Senior and Sports Editor Brandon Marinkovich and senior and Editor-in-Chief Owen McCarthy discuss some of the most influential albums of their young lives. 
December 17, 2021
A Call for Equity: Discrimination on the Basis of Sex Must End
In the wake of Women's History Month in March and the alarming statistics available regarding the amount of women who have experienced sexual assault and/or gender discrimination throughout their lifetime, senior Aly Furstenau talks with senior Ashleigh Kilgore and English teacher Mrs. Colleen Crowell about the gender inequity that still exists in 2021. 
May 03, 2021
A Message to Our Seniors in the Time of COVID
Lions' Roar student newspaper seniors discuss their senior year, learning in the time of COVID, and their message to the rest of their fellow senior class at South Lyon High School. 
March 15, 2021
We hear you, we see you, you're not alone: Strengthening our Mental Health in 2021
SLHS senior and Lions' Roar photo editor Aly Furstenau is joined by Editor-in-Chief and senior Kenzie Pagels to discuss the importance of both maintaining and working to improve one's mental health especially during a trying time in all of our lives. 
March 01, 2021
Looking Forward: Transitioning into the Next Chapter of our Lives
Senior Lions' Roar Photo Editor Aly Furstenau hosts alongside senior co-host and Editor-in-Chief Mackenzie Pagels two former South Lyon High School alumni, Evelyn Arnold and Abigail Martin. Arnold attends the University of Kentucky and Martin goes to Hope College. They discuss college in general, the challenges of growing up, of being away from home, and the difficulties presented by COVID.
February 07, 2021
Trust the Process: Keep Moving Forward
SLHS Behind the Roar host, senior and Lions' Roar Newspaper Staff Photo Editor Alyson Furstenau discusses with English teacher Mr. Jeffrey Prueter and senior Max Honiss starting the year of 2021 off with a positive mindset despite the global pandemic and the associated challenges it has presented. In this podcast, we seek to look at both our past in 2020 and our immediate future in 2021 with a fresh perspective. We cannot and should not see 2020 as only wholly negative. There are lessons to be learned, and we can take these lessons and apply them to this new year and beyond. Thanks for listening!
January 12, 2021
The COVID reality: Telling it like it is
SLHS student newspaper Lions' Roar photo editor and senior Aly Furstenau discusses the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic and some of the harsh truths with SLHS teachers, science teacher Ms. Olivia McKinney, ELA teacher Mr. Michael Murphy, and his wife, ER Nurse Lauren Murphy. Thanks for listening!
December 05, 2020
From the Other Side of the Screen: Keep climbin' the mountain, baby!
Behind the Roar host, senior and Lions' Roar photo editor Aly Furstenau is joined by senior and Lions' Roar Editor-in-Chief Ava Mac to discuss the challenges faced on the other side of the screen in a virtual and hybrid learning environment when they are joined by social studies teachers Ms. Alicia Colley and Mr. Christopher Schroudt. 
November 18, 2020
Stress in the Age of 2020 Virtual Learning
South Lyon High School senior and Lions' Roar student newspaper photo editor Aly Furstenau interviews senior Brendan Krause on our inaugural podcast of Behind the Roar. 
November 11, 2020