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Behind The Scrubs: The Travel Nurse Experience

Behind The Scrubs: The Travel Nurse Experience

By Justin Allison
Welcome to BEHIND THE SCRUBS: The Travel Nurse experience.

We are excited that you are listening and the purpose of this show is to provide a disproportionate amount of value to the travel nurse community. We believe that sharing stories is the key to providing value; stories that are educating, entertaining, inspiring, and motivating. Our guests will primarily be the heroes of the patient care story - traveling clinicians. But we will also feature healthcare industry experts from recruiters to CEO’s.

Our gratitude is unlimited that you decided to press play!
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#20 The TravCon Experience!

Behind The Scrubs: The Travel Nurse Experience

#22 The Travel Nurse Concierge: Nurses Need More!
Did we just become best friends? We did and you will too! Join Justin as he sits down with CEO and founder of NurseRX, Chriss Diltz. Chriss is a verified travel nurse guru, a travel nursing fairy godmother, if you will. She’s sharp, she’s direct, and she’s ready with witty responses at every turn willing to push the conversation into new, guilty pleasure territory! After spending years in the business, Chriss realized a need in the nursing community around her. In response to this, NurseRX was made, offering services such as: Travel Nurse Crash Course, Interview Prep, and Contract Review. She’s thought of it all so the next generations of travel nurses won;t have to -  It’s everything you could have wished for ;). So pop in those headphones, press play, and be ready to be inspired by this hilarious gem of a human! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
November 12, 2021
#21 CEO Fireside Chat: The little staffing company that could!
Pull up a chair, get a cozy blanket, and settle in for this fireside chat with Lead CEO, Laban Pattanaik, and CGO, Justin Allison. In this episode we get insight into the rapid growth of the little staffing company that could, Lead Healthstaff. Since its inception creating a culture has been a key value that has permeated every hiring decision. Lead has always wanted to be authentic while practicing radical generosity and everyday kindness. This has been no easy feat, but it starts at the top and once you hear from CEO Laban you’ll have no doubt about why it seems to be working! So heat up the kettle, press play, and join us on this journey. Cheers! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
October 29, 2021
#20 The TravCon Experience!
We hit the strip for our first ever trip to TravCon and connected with our community of nurses and clinicians in a BIG way. Jackpot! There is clearly no better place than this for real time, face to face interactions with the true heroes of the patient care story. We were absolutely blown away by the positivity exuding from so many we met in the travel nurse community. Especially at a time when we know contracts are stressful and need is at an all time high! These same nurses and clinicians who keep showing up to work each day in spite of it all really showed up in Vegas and we were lucky enough to get some of them in front of our cameras. The result? Fast paced, casual and overall FUN interviews with some of our very favorite people! Some are return guests to our show and others are brand new connections we made on the spot. If you missed out and didn’t come, we think at the very least you should get to be a fly on the convention room wall so enjoy this glimpse into one of the best events in our community! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
October 15, 2021
#19 Emily & Ryan: The MedVenture Pro’s
Meet Emily & Ryan, two of the most truly authentic and exceptional human beings we’ve ever encountered! Their overwhelming care for their patients and their entire community is palpable. Harnessing that positive energy spawned the birth of their phenomenal app, MedVenture App in which they provide tools for successful travel journeys. The app features the ability to seamlessly connect with other travelers in your area using Geolocation, find local meetups and events hosted by travelers, a robust discussion board and insider facility reviews. The best part? It’s FREE! Two words...Game Changer!! Get out there and download the app today. Better yet, reach out and connect with these two amazing people! We did and they left an indelible impression as a genuinely caring, community focused duo that has set the stage to change the world! Connect with Emily & Ryan: IG: @medventureapp YouTube: #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
October 8, 2021
Matt Solarczyk: The Mindset Warrior
Welcome our guy Matt to the BTS fold! His values align so seamlessly with ours it’s borderline doppelganger. Positive, Mindful, Aware and Gracious are just a few of the above average character traits this ICU Travel Nurse exemplifies. When he’s not hitting the mats training in Jiu-Jitsu he’s taking full advantage of his nomadic lifestyle and crushing EPIC 8 month trips up and down the west coast and elsewhere! Let’s face it, he’s a busy guy but keeps his finger on the pulse of travel nursing by co-hosting a successful podcast and vlog series, Cup Of Nurses as well as his own mindfulness inspired content (@mattsmindset). If that wasn’t enough, he recently launched a movement called, Frontline Warriors to help bring positivity and consciousness to the masses. Please join us, hit that play button and prepare your mind for a transformation!
August 13, 2021
Mike Linares: the RN educator entrepreneur!
Mic check! Mic check 1, 2! Episode 17 of the Behind The Scrubs podcast featuring Mike Linares is LIVE. Nurse Mike is a bonafide jack of all trades. Rapper, nurse, educator, entrepreneur, fitness YouTuber, and CEO to name a few. In this episode, Mike recounts his rags to riches journey to success, and the lessons he learned along the way. His business, Simple Nursing, an online nurse education platform was created out of countless failures, trials, and tribulations. Listen as Mike shares his tips for success, how to navigate new media successfully, and even reverse aging?? You don't want to miss this one.
June 25, 2021
FabFitFun - Meet the Friendly Travelers!
Meet the Friendly Travelers! ...and let me tell you, they truly are so friendly. If you're a traveler looking for inspiration to travel, date, work, or workout, then this is the episode for you. In this episode, you'll begin to believe in love and fate again; yes, that’s dramatic, but they really are a modern-day Beauty and the Beast (you decide who is who, have you seen Kristina's muscles?!) Tune in to learn about Kristina and Anthony's meet-cute, first travel assignments, becoming a travel pair, co-insta-ing, and finding their motivation for travel nursing! FabFitFun, we have found new ambassadors for you, your move! Thanks for tuning in and be sure to follow the Friendly Travelers on Instagram @friendly_travelers! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
June 11, 2021
Q The Nurse and The Human!
Q is pure light in human form. From the #Everydayhero podcast comes host Swardiq Mayanja, or Q for short(est) telling us who he is behind his scrubs! A seasoned travel nurse, Q talks and swears his way through stories about moving ALOT, states with different patient ratios, and how nurses don’t get snow days in rough winters. Laugh your way through this episode learning how Q tackles his nursing schedule, making content to share with the world, and talking a little bit of trash on Connecticut. Can you blame him? He’s a proud Boston, Massachusetts man who screams at the temperature of lukewarm water :). Connect with Q: IG: @qthenurse YouTube: #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
May 28, 2021
Burning questions from past BTS guests answered!
We’ve had our share of popular and experienced travel nurses come through our show, peppering them with questions and pushing for details. This week, the tables have turned. We had ReyAnn, Nurse Brennan, Amber Kendra, and The Wanderers submit their burning questions putting host, Justin Allison, recruiter turned CPO in the hot seat.
May 12, 2021
Will Travel Nursing be the same? Chief Client Officer, Kyle Morey-Leber on Behind The Scrubs.
#13 is the first in our #ExecutiveEdition series on Behind the Scrubs. I sit down with my guy Kyle Morey-Leber, Chief Client Officer, at Lead Healthstaff and discuss the pulse of travel nursing in the wake of the pandemic bubble bursting. Kyle is crushing the patient care game and humbly boasts 15 years of experience in healthcare staffing.    Bringing in a new perspective, we look at the pandemic through the eyes of a staffing executive trying relentlessly to get placements done as quickly as the hospitals needed them while also balancing a WFH lifestyle that is atypical within the staffing world. A delicate balance in a regular year, the speed of change, and the pressure of the crisis rates has likely indelibly changed the landscape of healthcare staffing moving forward.    Tune in to find out and enjoy the show!   #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience #ExecutiveEdition
April 21, 2021
Battle dancing your way into nursing. Daniel Liga, RN on Behind The Scrubs
Inspiration, humor, and dancing are just the warm-up for getting to know Daniel Liga, RN aka Murse Liga D. We dive into the events that shaped his passion for saving lives and the ultimate endgame being happiness. We also chat about his social media content game on IG and TikTok, his role with the newly launched NurseCon online platform, the toxic culture of nurses eating their young, and his plan to start his travel nursing career later this year. Tune in and enjoy the show, much gratitude! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience Connect with Dan Instagram: @murse_liga.d Tik Tok: @murse_liga.d
April 2, 2021
Van dwellers and a Travel Nurse pair. Meg & Ty on Behind The Scrubs.
Meg & Ty aka We The Wanderers are two of the most genuine and authentic adventurers and travel nurses that have been traversing the country in their souped-up van since 2019! Get to know them through this episode and their blog where we discuss everything from their recent marriage to two years on the road living in their van. If you’re a nurse considering joining the movement, tune in for tips, advice, pluses and minus of working as a travel pair, and some of their favorite places to travel the country! Be ready to be inspired, thanks for tuning in, and much gratitude! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience #VanLife Connect with Meg & Ty Instagram: @We.The.Wanderers Blog:
March 9, 2021
Navy Seals to Travel Nursing. Joel Kirouac, RN on the purpose of life and finding your happiness.
Joel joined the Navy in 97’, worked in Emergency Trauma in the hospital and out in the field, he was with the Navy Seals in the mid-2000s before retiring in 2018 from the Navy to pursue travel nursing. He surfs, is a musician, a proud father, is fluent in Japanese and drifting, and is building a Clinical Education business (Nursing 123) on the side to fuel his passion for teaching others and giving back to his community. He is unstoppable and absolutely crushing life! Tune in to the show, it’s a must-listen! Gratitude. #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience #Happiness Connect with Joel: Instagram: @Nursing123 @joel.kirouac_rn Facebook:
February 23, 2021
COVID Travel Nurse reveals how to prevent burnout. - Tobe Ezimora, RN on Behind The Scrubs
Live. Capture. Explore. Those are wise words from Tobe Ezimora, Travel RN aka Murse Tobe. He is living life to the fullest while bringing a positive vibe everywhere he explores. He credits his time as a student-athlete for helping propel him forward in life and his nursing career. Two huge lessons it taught him was the power of discipline and how to respond to failure. In this episode we explore his passion for hiking, staying in shape, preventing burnout, creating travel nurse content, and leaving a legacy. We also discuss his 3 truths of nursing, the biggest lie of nursing, and the side effects he experienced from the COVID-19 vaccine.  Tune in and I cannot express enough gratitude for your support of the show - thank you! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience Connect with Tobe: Instagram: @MurseTobe YouTube:
February 9, 2021
Episode 8 Claudea Dixon, RN
From a Teacher to a Travel Nurse, Claudea is crushing life and patient care. She currently works staff at an amazing community hospital in Northern California but traveling again is not out of the question. We dig into her journey of becoming a Registered Nurse, what it was like coming out of nursing school and getting hired, the interview process, a super inspiring patient care story, and a little bit of what the future might hold for nursing post the COVID-19 pandemic. My gratitude is unlimited that you pressed play! Please don’t forget to hit subscribe too :) #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
January 27, 2021
Episode 7 Amber Kendra, COVID Travel Nurse
Amber wasn’t always a Travel Nurse but she is absolutely crushing it and patient care. This is a direct reflection of the amazing and compassionate person that she is along with her great supporting cast while on assignment (3 Bernese Mountain Dogs). We had a blast discussing her love for nature, recent engagement, challenges working the crisis, the vaccine, self-care & adventure, and how to maintain a positive work-life balance. Thank you for tuning into the show! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
January 12, 2021
Episode 6 ReyAnn Moya, RN
ReyAnn is an amazing human being and it was an absolute pleasure digging into the nurse behind the scrubs on this episode. We talk about living life so true to yourself that it inspires others to do the same. Her passion for international travel, whether or not it was the right decision for her to work as a travel nurse, advice for nurses stuck on travel nursing, pandemic rates and nurses chasing the shiny object, a common misconception in the travel nursing world, and her excitement on what she is looking forward to in 2021! We are fired up to share Episode 6 with you and our gratitude is unlimited that you hit play. Please hit that subscribe button too! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
December 29, 2020
Episode 5 Dylan Heym, RN
Dylan is an ICU / Critical Care RN that is currently battling the virus in the trenches on the frontlines. He has worked at some of the largest healthcare organizations in California, battled some serious career adversity (Camp Fire and the pandemic) as of late, and he has some travel experience too. Also, Dylan is our first guest that has a family at home (Wife and two daughters) so his perspective is exceptional. We talk about what it’s like coming home after every shift and keeping his family safe, the second wave of the pandemic, how to leverage courage right now, working five nights in a row, the support nurses need more than ever, a prediction about the future of nursing, and a tip for recruiters when reaching out to nurses about traveling during the pandemic. Enjoy the new episode and it would mean the world to us if you subscribed to the show! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
December 11, 2020
Episode 4 Shannon Beattie, RN
Shannon Beattie, RN joins us on the show to share her Travel Nurse journey. It kicks off with her first assignment in Kentucky, and how that set her up for success to land her next assignment in California. She has leveraged Social Media and Facebook travel nursing groups specifically, to help her find contracts and recruiters to work with. We discuss her experience working during the pandemic and how her mission was just to keep her patients alive. Her number one piece of advice to other nurses considering traveling is to ask questions, lots of them. Press play and hit that subscribe button too. Our gratitude is unlimited! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
November 20, 2020
Episode 3 Brennan Belliveau, RN
Get acquainted with Brennan Belliveau, RN on this Episode of Behind The Scrubs podcast. Brennan is a Pediatrics Registered Nurse originally from Edmonton, Canada but now works as a Travel Nurse here in California. It all started after a wild, action-packed trip to California which inspired him to double down on his courage and take the big leap. In his own words, becoming a Travel Nurse was the best decision he has ever made in his life. And he’s made a lot of good decisions :) We dig into his nursing blog which he started to support the travel nursing community. A blog that is dedicated to helping you find success in both work and life. He shares his experience making the transition to California as a Canadian nurse, the difference between working in public and private healthcare, and what it’s like working in a Magnet hospital. He wants to have a positive impact and leave a legacy. We dive into the digital revolution happening in our space right now and whether or not tech will eventually replace the recruiter. Robots v.s. The Human Touch. Pay transparency online and how it is impacting travel nursing. We talk about how nurses are exhausted (mentally, physically, and emotionally) from working the pandemic and how they are staying motivated. And a whole lot more! Follow him on Instagram: @Nurse.Brennan Visit his blog: It means the world to us that you pressed play :) #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
November 6, 2020
Episode 2 Richard Jones, RN
Richard Jones is an Emergency Room RN here in California and he has been traveling since 2011. He has also worked in some of the busiest Level I Trauma Centers in the state. In addition to his passion for patient care, he loves spinning vinyl records and DJing. His vinyl collection is quite impressive! From being born in England to a career as a travel nurse in California, his origin story is exceptional. He comes from a family of clinicians where family dinners are crazy nurse talk. We discuss why he likes making a difference in patients’ lives, why he chose travel nursing, one thing he wished he knew prior to his first assignment, a super inspiring patient care story, working the pandemic in the ER and beating the virus, his practical advice for nurses considering travel nursing, and his passion for music. Thank you for tuning in and we are excited for you to listen to our conversation! #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
October 23, 2020
Episode 1 Lindsay Gamache, RN
Lindsay Gamache is a Registered Nurse and former Travel Nurse who has worked in Level IV NICU’s and some of the nation’s top Children’s Hospitals. She absolutely loves traveling the country and world. In this episode she shares with us her nursing origin story, her journey coming from Canada to California, making a difference in the lives of her patients one 12hr shift at a time, the most challenging part of being a travel nurse, battling adversity and her mindset during the pandemic, mental health, gratitude, traveling the world and providing patient care, and her definition of a successful 13-week travel assignment. You can connect with Lindsay on: Linkedin Instagram @lindsaygamache. #BehindTheScrubs #TheTravelNurseExperience
October 8, 2020
Behind The Scrubs Intro Epidsode
Welcome to BEHIND THE SCRUBS: The Travel Nurse experience.  We are excited that you have landed here on our new podcast and I will get to the punchline; the purpose of this show is to provide a disproportionate amount of value to the travel nurse community. We believe that sharing stories is the key to providing value - stories that are educating, entertaining, inspiring, and motivating. Our guests will primarily be the heroes of the patient care story - traveling clinicians. But we will also feature many industry experts too. I will be your host and my name is Justin Allison, I am the Chief People Offer at Lead Healthstaff and I’ve been in the Healthcare Staffing industry for going on 20 years now. I am humbled to be here and to be able to share the stories of our real-life heroes. This podcast will serve the travel nurse community with the simple intent to provide value and make a positive impact. I’m filled with gratitude that you decided to press play.
September 26, 2020