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Being Devops

Being Devops

By Gourav Shah
What started as just a discussion between community of practitioner 2009, Devops has evolved into a mainstream technology practice today. Taken over by the analysts, vendors and the thought leaders, I feel the real message of devops is lost somewhere. This podcast is my attempt to bring the focus back to the real, ground level Devops Engineers and SREs, the people who actually implement it. And the approach I take is by bringing the stories behind the people and technologies behind Devops.
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Episode #5 - Murtaja's Journey from a QA/Test Engineer to Azure Devops Engineer
"Seek and you will Receive" is been the key  philosophy that has helped Murtaja to overcome the challenges and transform his career from QA to Azure Devops Engineer today.  What inspires me from his story is he is been a self initiator, he does not hesitate to ask questions, seek help, and he has been investing in his learning, some of the traits that has helped him be better personally and professionally.  If you are a QA, and not sure whether Devops Engineer is a good career options you could take, this story is for you. 
May 17, 2020
Episode #4 - Story of Networking in Kubernetes
Do you know Kubernetes does not provide networking, but rather relies on third party plugins for networking the pods ? When Kubernetes is so sophisticated, is not capable of networking pods by itself ? Why is it done this way ? How  Kubernetes networking evolved ? How does the networking really work with Kubernetes ? Why it picked up CNI vs CNM as networking standard. And yeah, how I ended up contributing to the Kubernetes eco system  and one of its CNI plugins rather unknowingly ?  Tune in to this episode of Being Devops to get the whole story of Kubernetes Networking. 
May 10, 2020
Episode #3 - Story of Docker
If you are into tech, you don't have to be told what docker is. Docker,  along with kubernetes, has revolutionised the way we build, package and deploy software. It has impacted the entire Software Delivery process. But did you know how Docker came into being ?  Did you know the company behind docker was on the verge of bankruptcy at one point of time ?  Well, tune in to this episode of Being Devops to know the full story. 
May 03, 2020
Episode #2 - The Kubernetes Story
Kubernetes........ just the word is enough to pique anyone's interest. If you are a techie, and if you have not heard of kubernetes,  yeah you are missing out.  Kubernetes  is already the gold standard in the world of Container Orchestration.  But have you ever wondered how Kubernetes came into being ? What the story behind it ?  How it went on to become the world's favourite Container Orchestration Engine ?  Well, tune in to this episode to hear the Kubernetes Story. 
April 19, 2020
Episode #1 - The Devops Story
Who created devops ? Who coined this term and when ? When did devops originate ?  Why was it even created ? Who owns it ?  If you want to find answers to all these questions, do tune to this first episode of Being Devops, where, I, Gourav Shah, the founder at School of Devops, would narrate the story of devops as I saw it unfold. 
April 18, 2020