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Being Human Experience™

Being Human Experience™

By Imani Clough
Being Human Experience™ is a podcast series, hosted by Imani Clough, Founder of Align don’t hustle coaching and Director of Imani Academy™. Imani is an Education Consultant, Facilitator and Coach.

The Being Human Experience Podcast explores various subjects. Sharing stories from individuals being human at work, at home, at school and more...sharing their experiences of navigating the world, breaking down barriers and inspiring others to do the same!

Connect with Imani:
Instagram and Twitter: imaniclough_

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Season 01 - Episode 06: HR is not your friend! Reproductive health at work
In this episode Imani is joined by Saschan, consultant, trainer, researcher and reproductive wellbeing content creator and Founder of The Womb Room! Instagram: @thewombroom Twitter: @thewombroom Website: What does ‘being human’ feel like for you Saschan? Being human to me feels like peace. Peace in every area of my life and that doesn't mean living stress free it just means being at a place of peace with myself and the things in my life that I know that sudden changes, fluctuating emotions or unfavourable circumstances are never more than I'm capable of working my way through. It's accepting my body, my life, my circumstance and myself at every turn, acknowledging that I don't need to be all things to all people.
September 06, 2020
Season 01 - Episode 05: Political Literacy! Young people’s ticket to freedom.
In this episode Imani is joined by Alivia, Student & Youth Combined Authority Board Member! Instagram: @agbeolivia Twitter: @agbeolivia What does ‘being human’ feel like for you Olivia? Being human to me feels like accepting that I shouldn't have to change my identity to fit the stereotypes around me. It's about accepting oneself, flaws and all, and being proud of who you are.
August 30, 2020
Season 01 - Episode 04: Unmasking the Cbeebies glow of the Early Years: Anti Racist Practice.
In this episode Imani is joined by Liz, The Black Nursery Manager! Instagram: @theblacknurserymanager Twitter: @lizbettypem What does ‘being human’ feel like for you Liz? "Being human to me feels like knowing that there is great power and impact as I step into my purpose in this chapter of my life"
August 23, 2020
Season 01 - Episode 03: Dreaming about what could be & asking why not!
In this episode Imani is joined by Remaya, Founder of A Product of my Environment! Instagram: a_productofmyenvironment Twitter: AProductOfMyEn1 What does ‘being human’ feel like for you Remaya? Being human to me is allowing yourself to make mistakes without it affecting your self-worth. This means that yes you may mess up and do something you shouldn’t have but you except that you are human. Therefore, instead of dwelling upon the mistake you move on and better yourself. Being human also means looking out for others around me and trying to better everyone else and not just being focussed on myself.
August 16, 2020
Season 01 - Episode 02: Be the REAL you, to unlock your purpose in the world!
In this episode Imani is joined by Nicole, founder and director of Her Path to purpose! Twitter and Instagram: @herpath2purpose What does ‘being human’ feel like for you Nicole? Being human to me means, going through the ups and downs of life and learning the lessons along the way. This ultimately helps you to be a better and stronger person. Being honest about the fact that we all go through challenges is so important, as it empowers others to be honest about their experiences too. No one has got everything all together (no matter how good ones Instagram profile looks), but we are all learning which is something we should embrace, as we strive to be the very best version of ourselves!
August 08, 2020
Season 01 - Episode 01: Filter FREE in mind, body and soul!
In this episode Imani is joined by Alivia, Founder and Director of Without the filter and co-host on The Rebound Pod! Instagram(s): @WithoutTheFilter @TheReboundPod What does ‘being human’ feel like for you Alivia? Being human feels unrestrictive and freeing. It allows me to accept that I may not always get things right the first time and sometimes may even fail, but that doesn’t mean I should give up altogether. Acknowledging that I am only human has given me permission to be authentically myself in my relationships, creative projects and life in general. 
July 30, 2020