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Being Minority in America

Being Minority in America

By Terri Wada & Rochelle Asberry
Have you ever felt different? Like you didn’t fit in? Or perhaps you felt unwelcome? - Being Minority in America is a podcast that seeks to build commonality and community around those feelings of being unique... a person in minority. Listen in to share in the all too human experiences and stories of feeling like we don’t belong and how we can overcome them. Hope you come on the journey!
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How can we be better allies for each other?
Together, we are always stronger. In this episode let’s dive into the topic of ally-ship and the three simple things you can do to show up for your friends in need.
December 1, 2020
Civil Liberties - Do minorities feel like civil liberties are equitable for all?
Have you ever felt treated differently under the law? In this episode, Rochelle and Terri tackle the big question around civil liberties—are they equal and equitable for everyone? Listen in to hear two stories that begin to question what equal treatment looks like.
November 3, 2020
What does it feel like when you're not part of something?
Let's tackle an insightful question originally posed by Rochelle which gets more to the feelings of difference. In this episode, Terri and Rochelle share their stories about, "what it feels like when you're not part of something, when you feel isolated, or even rejected." We hope these stories resonate with you and your own experiences of feeling different. As, it's through these connections that we become closer. 
October 6, 2020
What’s one time that stands out for you, when you felt different?
As the first episode of Being Minority in America, we cover a topic that likely resonates with most people. The question that we tackle today is, “what’s one time that stands out for you when you felt different?“ In this episode Rochelle and Terri reflect and share their stories about times when they felt like they didn’t belong. Listen in and consider this question for yourself.
September 1, 2020