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Being Motherhustler

Being Motherhustler

By Kareen Mills
This is a space, the same space I have always wanted to hold for my own mother when I was a 6-year old little girl watching her go through domestic violence. Now, I get to pay it forward and hold space for Moms all across the globe to get their stories told.

It started as a need to gather data and learn from other Motherhustlers for a course I was working on to help Mom Entrepreneurs except it began to heal me from my childhood trauma. I began to dig deeper into my childhood and started remembering a lot of details that's been buried deep down in my subconscious cemetery.

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81: Lindsay Willocks - Deciding To Transform For You Will Inspire
Taking life for granted was the name of the game! Finding every shortcut in life in order to take the easy way out! Lindsay Willocks is a Motherhustler, a Mom-trepreneur, Stay at Home Mama of 2 Beautiful Girls, wife to her Best Friend & above all, a Believer! Over the last 20 months she has experienced shifts in her life that have taken her somewhere she’s never dreamed possible...A Healthier Body & a Healthier Mind! She wasn't always physically unhealthy. She played collegiate volleyball at the University of Hawaii at Hilo and was in peak physical condition!  She was living a lifestyle of mindless indulgences but having the metabolism and the work ethic to stay 'Healthy'.  Unfortunately, it was only physical health and not spiritual or emotional health. Just under 2 years ago, she looked at her 2 girls and realized that she was missing out on the most important years of their lives! She decided that enough was enough! Thankfully, she was introduced to a community of people who have guided her in shifting her mindset and subsequently her priorities! She lost a whopping 53 pounds that eventually led her to find her purpose in helping others achieve youthful mental and physical wellness! Along this journey, she has also accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord & Savior! She has become a believer, been saved and baptized all within the last 6 months! She now knows her purpose is to share the light with those lost in the dark! Helping others drives her days and she wouldn't change a second of it!  She had to walk through the dark to appreciate the light! Motherhustlers...please help me in welcoming THE Motherhustler mothering the world this week...Health and Fitness Coach… Lindsay Willocks! Learn about Lindsay Willocks on her super-engaged Facebook page at @Mrs.Willocks! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
March 09, 2020
80: Linh Podetti - No One Can Rescue You Apart From Yourself
Linh Podetti is an outsourcing expert, wife, mother, and owner of the internationally recognized outsourcing business called Outsourcing Angel. Linh Podetti was born in Vietnam and moved to Australia when she was nine years old. It was a tough childhood growing up as Linh struggled to get along with her strict parents, which led her to run away from home multiple times, becoming pregnant at the age of 19, and raising her baby alone as a single mum for many years. However Linh did not let adversity get in the way, she fought through her struggles and was able to eventually achieve success in all areas of life from the relationship, finance, health, and business. Linh Podetti now has a team of over 80 around the world. She also manages several other online businesses including an animation video production business called Monkey Video Production and a digital agency called Red & Black Solutions. The success and freedom provided by her businesses have also enabled Linh to focus on her passion for philanthropy. What sets her businesses apart is their commitment to reinvest profits to provide food supplies and job opportunities for people in developing countries – starting with the Philippines. Linh Podetti now lives in Sydney with her three kids and husband Phillip, who is also another successful entrepreneur. Learn about Linh Podetti and her venture on Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
March 01, 2020
79: Tony Whatley - Curating A Strong Yet Positive Response To Your Haters
Tony Whatley is an entrepreneur, business mentor, best-selling author, podcast host, and speaker. He is best known as Co-Founder of LS1Tech, an online automotive community that grew into the largest of its kind. This website grew to over 300,000 registered members and was later sold for multiple 7-figures, in only 5 years. Amazingly… it was just his part-time side-business! Tony shares his mindset and business strategies within his book, Sidehustle Millionaire. He also teaches entrepreneurs how to start, scale, and sell their business within his podcast and consulting brand 365 Driven. Learn more about Tony all over social media @365Driven or! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
February 23, 2020
78: Buck Wise - Dad Guilt Also Exist
In a career that spans across media, content, distribution, and marketing, Buck Wise found his calling in crafting stories and building relationships. As the SVP, Global Marketing & Partnerships at Wunderman Thompson, Buck leads the global team that drives innovation, education, and connection for both Wunderman Thompson and POSSIBLE’s marketing initiatives. He was responsible for creative experiences and programs that highlight the agency’s work in areas such as commerce, CX, AI, data, and technology consulting, as well as developing strategic partnerships with Salesforce, Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Sitecore, and more. Today he is the CMO of CardoneVentures helping businesses across the world see their company from a 360-degree perspective. Before joining Wunderman Thompson, Buck grew alliances and innovation for Swift, a strategic WPP creative agency, including Google, Adidas, Carter's, Starbucks, PayPal, Pandora, and Lyft. He was also co-founder and president of Trending New Media, a full-service digital agency whose clients included Chevrolet, Valvoline, Emagine Entertainment, Major League Baseball, and the North American International Auto Show. Buck grew up in the sunshine state with stops around the country that included Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Detroit, but now calls Portland, Oregon home. You can find Buck on Instagram @AboutBuck. Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast  Learn more about The Women's Incubator. Download and subscribe to the podcast here
February 09, 2020
77: Zack Peter - Mourning The Loss of a Mom That Was Never Going To Show Up
Zack Peter isn't your average green-juice drinking millennial. As a writer, he has published a total of four books, with work featured on Yahoo!, Men’s Health, Bustle, POPSUGAR, People, and more. In between collagen-martinis, you can catch his signature wit and gift-of-gab as host and producer of the hit weekly podcasts, #NoFilter with Zack Peter and #Adulting: Life Hacks to Get Your Sh*t Together. His work extends far beyond entertainment, spending the past decade raising awareness and funds for autism, even serving as the Executive Director for Jenny McCarthy’s foundation, in honor of his brother, Ethan. He also helped launch several successful events and wellness conferences around the country, including The Autism Education Summit (a three-day conference of over 700 guests, held annually in Dallas); An Evening with Donnie Wahlberg (a benefit concert held in St. Charles, IL in 2016 and 2017; raising a total of $1.4M in funds for charity); and The Elevated Summit (a wellness event series hosting some of the country’s top health experts). He often works as a regular event host/moderator at various wellness and culture events throughout the country and covers an array of topics from buzzy health trends to pop-culture/celebrity news and gossip. Learn more at or visit his social @justplainzack Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills or her website Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
January 05, 2020
76: John Murphy - You Can Live To 100 Years
John Murphy is the founder of Make 100 Healthy, an organization that celebrates Living a Balanced Life.  His e-book, "Yes You Can Live to 100 Years or More!" was recently published, and he hosts the Make 100 Healthy podcast. John also leads a Free, 7 day “Achieve Life Balance” Challenge that explores the “The 7 Key areas of Living a Balanced Life."  He also offers a 30-day transformation project “Get Back Up for Good” to be Fit, Fine & Fun! And a 6-week boot camp “Journey to Health, Wealth & Happiness” - which gives his clients the opportunity to dig deep to create the habits that help ensure long-lasting sustainable change.  John truly loves what he does and never gets tired of hearing his clients say things like, “Your energy inspires me to explore new and exciting challenges, ”and he loves getting feedback like, "Thank you for motivating me to get out of my comfort zone and pushing me to enjoy new experiences! ”John's work has been featured on CBS Morning News and in the NY Times.  His impressive business portfolio was also profiled on The American Entrepreneur Series.  You may have seen him recently on Shop on TV Networks including QVC, and the Home Shopping Network, as he appears on-air with his incredibly successful product line, It's Exciting Lighting! Murphy's path to becoming an innovator and expert motivator started as CEO and principal entertainer at “The World - Famous Star DJ’s ”, the largest live DJ entertainment company in the country.  Star DJ’s hosted over 5000 successful events each year with over 150 live entertainers on its roster.  To learn more about John Murphy find him on social @make100healthy.  Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
December 30, 2019
75: Michelle Judson - Be That Soft Place To Land For People
Michelle Judson started Changewear after experiencing a disconnect in her mind, body, and soul.  After stage 3 breast cancer took so much from her, she created personalized intimate apparel that gave her back the connection to her body that she was missing. Changewear is a community and place of belonging features products that connect us to our bodies, experiences and each other. After a devastating divorce left Michelle as a single mother of three children she decided to look at starting over again as an opportunity by amplifying the idea that “It takes a village to surviving and thriving”. Michelle welcomed her sister and her three nieces and one nephew into her home four years ago after her sister fled an abusive relationship leaving her and the children homeless. Michelle is proud to say her sister Samantha and her co-raised 7 children between them as they navigate new business ventures, going back to school, writing a book, raising children and laughing as they redefine all that a family can be. Michelle has spent the past four years creating Changewear, learning about our bodies, how color affects 85% of our buying decisions and how giving back creates impact for all. Professionally she speaks on three different topics.  Some of the titles are: Touched By The Scars - it’s about her tale of being diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer and then being upgraded stage 3A cancer after surgery. Another is titled 1x1 - She talks about her journey as an entrepreneur that has bootstrapped her company into reality. And last but not least.. Slingshot - her powerful talk about connecting as a community to amplify our voices.  Michelle loves to unite women, create impact and inspire us to go farther and touch so many lives.  In short, she’s my kind of motherhustler!! Learn more about Changewear and Michille on or follow her page on instagram @changewear. Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
December 01, 2019
74: Abbey McKenna - If You're Stuck, Just Look At Your Kids
Abbey McKenna is a Co-founder and Chief Editor at Ready Set Mom.  She’s also a Joint Director of a reduced impact Mining and Rehabilitation Company....totally an industry that belongs way on the other side of the spectrum. She was born and raised in Australia and currently living in Bali, Indonesia, a kick-ass mum of 2 amazing daughters, addicted to 80’s rock, creating real content and impacting the world (in no particular order). She has been a partnered mom, a single mom, a stay at home mom, a couch hoping mom, a stepmom, an entrepreneurial mom, and a business mom.  She spent many years trying to be the perfect person, friend, and employee. Until one day, the BS of mediocre and normal became too much for her and she reached her ‘explosion’ moment. She refused to hand over an earth that was being broken and not do anything about it. She couldn’t sit back and show her kids the way to live a miserable and average life.. she realized that if she wanted her kids to be awesome... she had to make herself awesome first. Spending many months, money and moments exploring what she wanted to do; Learning and working with some of the best professionals in the online and personal development industry; Building a coaching system to transform the brains of other women to also break out of the ‘way life just is’ and create the life they want... she is now off on a new venture. She is on a mission to impact the world by helping restore it to the way nature intended and by providing moms from all over the world with real and valuable resources to be the best moms they can be. Learn more about Abbey McKenna at or on her Instagram @abundant.abbey Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
October 20, 2019
73: Dawn Jensen-Beaudoin - Chase Your Dream To The End of The Earth
Dawn Jensen-Beaudoin’s most important role in life is a single mother of three amazing children. Through so much adversity and struggles Dawn chooses to live life, not out of pain and victimhood, instead chooses to learn and thrive out of those life experiences. You can find Dawn often sharing her story as she believes testimony is powerful and if we grow through adversity and share those experiences it can give others the strength to do the same. Dawn started in Sales and customer service over 30 years ago and has turned that passion for serving and blessing others into multiple businesses including sales and marketing, contracting and a cleaning business that employed single mothers. Her most recent endeavor into Real Estate has allowed her to help the first time home buyers realize their dream of homeownership when they did not think it was possible. When Dawn is not hard at work she enjoys workouts at the gym and spending time with her children ages 21, 20 and 18. She is also an advocate of the second amendment and loves the outdoors. Learn more about Dawn at Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
October 13, 2019
72: BJ Stromme - Be In The River of Life
BJ Stromme is a Northwest Native with a deep love of the woods and water, so any chance she gets, you will find her hiking or kayaking! She has been an independent entrepreneur for over 38 years, so she knows the bumps and hurdles you need to get over to be successful.  She has started and run two businesses successfully, earning her top company recognition for years!  In her business POP Mindset (Power of Personal Mindset), she coaches Entrepreneurs how to read and communicate with prospects and co-workers better that will then result to networking effectively to maximize their efforts, therefore, increasing confidence in business, life and beyond. BJ loves personal coaching, creating amazing retreats in beautiful places like Costa Rica and Cabo San Lucas.  She helps teams big or small create new ideas, provide them with tools and techniques so they can communicate better internally.  Some of these techniques will cut months - even YEARS off their learning curve!! She created the personality profiling system called Are You My Flock.  It’s a very Fun and Effective Personality Profiling System that builds Success for entrepreneurs, mothers, and parents or any leaders and sales professionals. Are You My Flock has brought many benefits to me personally and professionally and I know it’s brought so much value to some of the professionals I network.  And my all-time favorite become a better mother. Learn more about BJ Stromme and POP Mindset on her Facebook @POPMindset where you may find more information about her work! Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
September 01, 2019
71: Cynthia Thurlow - Own Your Age at Any Age With Intermittent Fasting
Cynthia Thurlow is a Western medicine trained nurse practitioner, 2-time TedX speaker with her latest talk about Intermittent Fasting going viral.  She’s an entrepreneur, nutritionist, author and co-host of Everyday Wellness Podcast.  She lives in Washington DC with her husband and her boys and their 2 crazy doodles.  She’s passionate about intermittent fasting and spreading the word that food is as important, if not more important than any other lifestyle choice.  She empowers her clients to see the inherent power of food and nutrition as their greatest assets to their health and wellness journeys.  She works 1:1 with female clients and in a group setting through her signature program, Wholistic Blueprint.   Her niche is female hormonal health and healthy aging. Learn more about Cynthia Thurlow and grab her free FAQ/intermittent fasting guide at! Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
July 21, 2019
70: Solo with Kareen Mills - It All Began With The Wallpaper
Sharing to the world my journey about our transition from one house to another and the solution that we have in the interim because of the gap between selling the previous one to buying the next one. We are currently hotel living and have been here for 4 weeks during the recording of this episode.  It's been challenging but never tough.  I grew up sleeping on floors growing up in the Philippines so hotel living for me is a luxury. I also just turned 40 and on this episode I share what winning and truly winning means. I hope you have fun listening to this journey! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
June 23, 2019
69: Sara Coleman - Inspiring Moms To Get Fit With CrossFit
Sara Coleman is a mother to 6 beautiful children and has dedicated her life to helping people of all shapes and sizes lose weight, get fit, and obtain the tools and data they need for optimal health and wellness. She brings over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry and is a CrossFit level 1 & 2 certified coach, personal trainer, and group coach. Sara is obsessed with making health obtainable for all. Inspired by her two younger sisters with Down Syndrome, Sara created and developed Inclusive Fitness, a program that celebrates all abilities with group class formats for adults with physical and mental disabilities. Sara went through a divorce After 13 years of her primary role in life being a wife and mother in 2011. In 2012, Sara opened 3-46 Grit CrossFit, that she now co-owns with her best friend Chausse a facility dedicated to promoting functional fitness where people could learn how to train their entire body in a community that celebrated struggle and supported everyone's efforts to reclaim health. Through the chaos of owning and operating a business and navigating raising her kiddos, she's found fulfillment, humor, and the love of her life. Sara remarried in 2014 on national TV (Hotel Impossible, stormy wedding) To the love of her life Jesse Coleman. And in 2018 gave birth (19 years to the day apart from Sara's oldest son Cameron) To their son Maverick. Her children are her greatest joys in life, Cameron is 20, Tyler is 18 Riley is 15 her daughter Isabella is 11 her stepson is 7 and welcoming another son (Maverick) has been an unexpected savior in what was one of the most trying times of her life, her fathers passing. Sara believes unhealthy food and fitness habits have created a disease and obesity epidemic in this country. Through her one-on-one work with clients, Sara observed the endless struggle involved with quick fixes, misinformation, and treating the symptom rather than disease. After her own father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Sara decided to make a change on a massive scale. She decided to create Grit Uprising to establish a movement of like-minded people who want to break free and harness their indomitable spirit. She has made it her mission to educate and empower people to reset the scales and reclaim their own right to health and wellness. Learn more about Sara Coleman at or check her out on or check out Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
June 16, 2019
68: Amanda Eck - Push Past Your Fear and Insecurities
Amanda Eck is on her 2nd career, Interior Design.  She was in the Oil & Gas Industry but had a passion for design ever since she was a child.  Ten years ago she stepped out and launched Amanda Carol Interior, without a clue what she was doing but had the passion to do it. Three years ago is where it got interesting.  Her husband and she hit the reset button on their lives after a life & marriage altering vacation to Canada.  It was an awakening moment for both of them. Her husband quit his well paying corporate job in Houston to pursue his passion in Real Estate,  while Amanda shut down her design business in Houston.  They packed up their 3 kiddos to move to the most expensive city in the US, the Bay Area in California Leaving ALL of her family behind.    They took a leap and moved to SF knowing NO ONE, but a dream and vision of building an extraordinary life.  She had to start her business from scratch after building a great client base in Houston.  Her husband had to build his business from the ground up.  So they are now both entrepreneurs learning to have a successful sexy marriage, raise their 3 amazing children (who are watching them go for their dreams), take care of their bodies, and work on their personal growth (through reading, listening to podcasts, online courses and conferences-that they do together as a couple.   It’s been the hardest thing they have ever done, yet the most rewarding.  Learn about Amanda Eck and her venture on or on! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
June 09, 2019
67: Renee Honrada - Healing Through Yoga
Renee Honrada is the mother of 3 children ages 21, 17 and 10. She is also a yoga teacher and Wellness Advocate with doTERRA essential oils, disguised as a retail manager.  Her journey through an abusive marriage led her to seek alternative methods of healing which is how she came to fall in love with essential oils. Soon after the practice of yoga became a way for her to reclaim her body and she then decided to become a yoga teacher. Renee is on a mission to help women who are struggling to reclaim their power after leaving their abusers. She is the founder of the BE serve ROCK podcast where she talks with people who are trying to be their best selves and serving others while rocking out. Renee is striving to be a leader and example in her community of how women can overcome abuse and reclaim their own power.  Learn about Renee Honrada on! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
May 26, 2019
66: Lisa Waknin Murphy: The Mother of Recovery, Saving Her Daughter From Drug Addiction
Lisa Waknin Murphy is a fierce woman who has overcome adversity her entire life. She’s taken these life challenges and turned them into something that is making a real difference. Her personal journey and her neverending hard work advocating for her own daughter’s recovery led her to create Silver Sands Recovery, a substance abuse treatment facility that is turning around the lives of addicts and their families by helping them in their fight against the Opioid Emergency in America. She has helped many people and their families get through the pain and hopelessness of addiction. She is known as “Mother of Recovery” because of how she looks out for everyone in her program. Lisa hailed from New York City where she started her fashion career at a very young age working for top fashion designers.  She personally sold over $250 million dollars of dresses in her fashion career.  She was at the peak of her career, doing multi-million dollar deals with all the top fashion retailers. But as Forest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates –and you never know what you’re going to get.”  She discovered her daughter was an addict, and her world was turned upside down. The best years of her life professionally were the absolute worst years of her life personally.  That’s when the Brooklyn born mother took over. Through sleepless nights, to working all day, she saw her daughter slipping before her eyes and searched endlessly for help to get her daughter back. Her experience in recovery treatment is steeped from the perspective of a parent that wants to save her kids live. That's the difference in her approach to treating addiction... It’s what she calls “The Reality Model”.  And it’s working! Lisa's founding principle is to provide a superior foundation for Long Term Sobriety. As the parent of an addict, Lisa knows firsthand the devastation addiction. She works side by side families, helping them bring the bottom up to the addict thereby getting them into treatment. Her many years of trying to help her own daughter (who’s been sober since 2015) have led Lisa to immerse herself in the field of recovery.  She’s teamed up with medical and clinical experts and adding in her own true experiences from running a successful $60M company to being the parent of an addict has given this program a unique perspective. Parents from clients are quoted, "Finally I have someone I can speak with that knows what I went through and knows what these kids need. She's a voice of reason, has compassion and cares." Lisa always makes herself available to families in need. Learn about Lisa Waknin Murphy’s Silver Sands Recovery on or!  Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
May 19, 2019
65: Being Motherhustler Podcast First Year Anniversary with Elena Cardone
Elena Cardone started her career in Hollywood and soon became a successful actress and model of TV and film fame.  She’s a lifelong competitive sport shooter, now an author, businesswoman, empire builder and visionary.  Elena currently hosts the Women in Power Show and co-hosts “The G&E Show” with her husband, the Grant Cardone, bestselling author, entrepreneur and real estate investor.  Together this dynamite duo has created an impressive real estate portfolio of almost one-billion dollars. Elena was born in Spain and raised in New Orleans.  This 2004 Maxim Magazine’s Hottest 100 Beauty now spends her time serving as Chief Family Officer, public speaker and personal development coach teaching others the strategies and techniques on how to create, build and expand their personal empires everywhere. She’s an avid human rights activist, a fierce supporter of the second amendment and busy philanthropist, Elena campaigns cross-country tirelessly. Elena has been happily married since 2004 (July 4th to be exact – and the fireworks have never stopped) and lives with her husband Grant and their two daughters, Sabrina and Scarlett in Miami Beach.  Motherhustlers, ladies and gentlemen...please help me in welcoming THE Motherhustler mothering the world this week on our first year anniversary...10x First Lady, Bestselling Author, Host of the G & E Show, Host of Women in Power Mrs. Elena Cardone! Learn about Elena Cardone on or on her Instagram @elenacardone Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
May 13, 2019
64: A Compilation of All The Greatness From Season 2 with Kareen Mills
Happy Cinco de Mayo amigos!!! Today marks 19 years of me being an immigrant in the USA. Although it's been an amazing journey and yes, I still wouldn't trade it for's also been full of trials and tribulation.  Nothing killed me so it just made me become the badass that I am now. When you are faced with adversity dance with it, acknowledge the struggle but don't allow it to anchor you down to nothing.  Move.  Get in motion.  Write your goal even when they seem impossible because what I know now is that nothing is really impossible in this world.  Everything in this world we're created to match our abilities and potential as a human being. It was all designed by something higher to make it all work and sync.  So sync with it and go get it! I wish you well on this blessed Sunday and don't forget to write a review. Love you all, KM Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
May 05, 2019
63: A Compilation of All The Nuggets on Season 1 with Kareen Mills
OMGEEEEE!!!! Our one year anniversary is almost here on Mother's Day and Elena Cardone will open the season! Before we get there here's some of the most amazing nuggets from Season 1! If there's any nuggets here that you'd like to grab more on, go back to Season 1 and listen to all the episodes because they are amazeballs! Thank you for your support and I love you all to the moon and back!!! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
April 28, 2019
62: Your Rock Bottom is Your Rock Solid Foundation to Rise with Lance W. Essihos
Everyone has that make or break moment. That moment you either rise up or let life's choices and experiences consume you. Lance Essihos chose to rise and there was no ceiling.  Experiencing lows is a normal part of life just as living through the highs.  Lance began his life in a loving home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with loving parents and family who worked hard who gave him everything he needed and then more.  Life was good until it wasn't. Lance had a passion for hockey.  He had been a star player who stood out with great talent; ahead of the other kids his age.  He played in all the top teams in world-class tournaments.  Slowly the competition caught up with him.  By the age of 20, the pressure led him to look for ways to stay competitive.  Steroids immediately ended his career and the devastation began.  That followed with dead-end jobs, drinking, drugs and partying into a state of depression and anxiety.  Lance continued the party across Europe and into Australia bar-tending in some of the best hotels and restaurants.  He discovered his love of people.  Socializing and taking care of them were part of his passion.  He was working hard all day, partying all night and still in a very dark place. Life was a blur and he was spiraling out of control.  That's when he got the call.  The call that his younger brother had taken his own life and he was the one who had to tell his dad.  This was rock bottom with a destructive cycle continuing at a new low.  It's in these rock bottom moments that the choice occurs and Lance chose to rise.  He made some positive choices and get clean and sober.  This allowed him to be sharp and clear-headed perpetuating the positives.  He met Tamara who supported him in every way possible.  Encouraging him to live his best life.  He pulled himself up and started living the life he had dreamed of, the life he was meant to live. Now, he's a positive influence on those who see adversity as a roadblock.  He started the University of Adversity Podcast to share, not only his story but stories just like his.  His hope is that when you are faced with a rock bottom choice you choose to rise as well. Learn more about Lance W. Essihos by listening to his podcast or visiting his website at or catch any episodes on iTunes or Spotify! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
April 21, 2019
61: Living with Cerebral Palsy as a Motherhustler with Linda Baptista Hall
Happy Birthday Linda!!!!!!  You, my friend, deserve to have a day for yourself and today is a tribute to you and only for you!  I love you with all my heart! First and foremost, Linda is the mom of four beautiful children and wife to actor, Pooch Hall.  Throughout her 20 years of raising a daughter with Cerebral Palsy, Linda has had many careers and gained valuable experience in many different aspects of life. As a Counselor in College settings, she learned a lot about the goals and aspirations of our young adults. As a Personal Trainer, she gained lots of physical hands on experience helping clients attain their health, fitness and rehabilitation goals.  As a Realtor, she learned about the housing market and how to help families achieve their dreams of home ownership. As a Stay at Home Mom, she realized the importance of parent involvement and the need to Advocate for our children.  As Founder & CEO of Djanai’s Angels & inClusion ClubHouse, she started Angel Awareness Projects for community outreach to teach children how to interact with those with special needs. She also created the Special Needs Family Prom as a community event to promote inclusion and give those who are differently abled the ability to be a part of social events they would normally be excluded from. She hopes to continue to connect families with special needs and create a support system where we can help each other succeed in society and give our children with special needs every opportunity to live their best life. Her vision is to open inClusion ClubHouse a recreational center for families affected by a child(ren) with special needs, a space where there truly is something for everyone.  Motherhustlers...please help me in welcoming THE Motherhustler mothering the world this week...a Special Needs Mama and Founder of Inclusion Clubhouse, Linda Baptista Hall! Learn more about LInda and her mission on or or Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
April 14, 2019
60: Failures Are Just Different Versions of Good with Yoana Nin
Yoana came to the US with her husband in 2015 all the way from Romania, after winning the Green card lottery. She earned a BFA in Theater and Film from a very prestigious art school in Europe. She won the Green card Lottery, and it was not intentional! It happened after her husband Mihai showed his uncle how to apply for the Lottery using all of Yoana's information to practice on, as his uncle was not tech savvy.  The lottery was submitted and validated and shortly after they had the lottery winning docs on their kitchen table right as they were returning from their Honeymoon one beautiful summer day in 2004.  They immediately decided to take the crazy ride towards something that they never experienced before, with no fears or looking back, even though they had a brand new business in place and their married life was just starting. Also, Yoana was an already recognized actress, but the American dream won and they started preparing for the next move. In 2005, they landed straight to LA as her husband got a job offer from one of his dad's Romanian friends. LA was right on her alley as an actress, and she started working multiple gigs right away. She was Madonna's personal stand-in, worked with De Niro, Pacino, Christina Aquilera, Kumi Koda and many others. Being in LA was super cool at the time and her husband was doing really well in his job, and in 2007, she woke up one morning in their small 1 bedroom apt and told her hubby that her spirit wanted a baby. Anais was born on 2008- January 24th and pregnancy was complicated. But she is 11 years old today, healthy and amazing! Long story short, they ended up opening their own company in 2008 as brokers in transportation, their own firm that would become very successful, and Yoana stopped working as an actress as now she was a mom and the baby girl was her joy. All things were going well with the company and Anais growing beautifully but in 2010 and 2011  Yoana had 2 miscarriages- one at 3 months and other at 5 months. They were devastated and decided they wanted to go away for one year, thus renting their newly purchased home, packing their car and leaving to unknown grounds in their car, with some clothes and nothing else. It was the only way she was going to be able to go through the emotional challenges that they were facing. After 2 months, they ended up settling in the Raleigh area. Their brokerage company started losing money as the recession was just hitting their business as well and her husband decided to sell it. Being left with barely anything in their savings after purchasing a home in NC as well, she started studying real estate. Why real estate? Because as they were house hunting, she was so passionate that her agent gave her Gary Keller's "The Millionaire real estate agent" book and in 2012 Dec- I started working as a realtor and never moved back to LA.  Yoana ended up becoming one of the Top brokers in the Raleigh area and years later in 2014 had her baby boy- Phoenix. Now she is building her business and growing as we speak. Learn more about Yoana on her Instagram at or her real estate firm at! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
April 07, 2019
59: From Lupus to Building a Multi-Million Dollar Company with Amy Lacey
Amy Lacey is the incredible woman behind the explosive start-up company, Cali’flour Foods. Following a Lupus diagnosis, Amy was forced to give up a lot of her favorite foods and completely revamped her diet. Missing pizza – Amy hit the DIY online recipe scene and began perfecting what is now- her famous recipe for the cauliflower pizza crust. While heading up a massively growing start-up hasn’t always been easy – it’s nothing Amy can’t handle.  She has an entrepreneurial determination and strong gratitude practice that has built a multi-million dollar business out of a need to improve her diagnosis. She recently became a best-selling author with her most recent cookbook Cali’flour Kitchen!  I can’t wait to get my copy that Amy is sending me!  In the meantime, let me tell you...It has 125 cauliflower based recipes and some of Amy’s top secret recipes revealed in the cookbook! Amy believes in giving back and I’ve seen her give, give, give and pour pour pour to the community that raised her to become who she is.  In the recent wild-fire in Paradise, Northern California, she and her team fed members of her community using her own pizza crust.  Who knew a DIY recipe could turn into something even greater than just a business venture but a tool to feed those who need it the most! Amy’s heart is bigger than BIG and she continues to give back to 501(c)3, non profit organization including my Woman of the Year Campaign benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  This motherhustler is something else and I can’t wait for you to hear her story! But sisters, that’s not it!  She is giving away 3 of her cali’flour gift packs to 3 lucky listeners and audience so keep a wide open eye out on my instagram @kareenmills or Amy’s @heyamylacey for details! Learn more about Amy Lacey on her Instagram @heyamylacey or visit Cali'flour Foods website at! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
March 31, 2019
58: Owning Your Identity Back After Codependency with Barbie Haven
Begin. Inspire. Grow.  These are the three words that guide the work done by Desired Lives personal wellness expert and lifestyle coach, Barbie Haven.   Her mission is to help women create personal and financial freedom through fitness and entrepreneurship.  In addition to her online fitness coaching, she teaches lifestyle workshops that help women with boundary setting, overcoming perceived obstacles and shifting thoughts into empowered thinking. Born out of her personal path in life, Barbie is passionate about helping women see themselves as the powerful, confident courageous women they were born to be.  She recently shared some of her story on stage at the ROAR Female Fierce Storytelling series event JOY.  Her talk can be viewed at  In 2014, Barbie received her coach training through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (also known as iPEC).  She founded her company Desired Lives that same year. She currently serves as Vice President on the Board for Impactful People NW, a local nonprofit organization aimed at helping connect and grow people in business and in life.  In her down time, she enjoys running, listening to podcasts and thought leadership books, spending time with her family and being a dog mom to her pup, Toby. You can learn more about her by visiting her website or by following her social media pages on Instagram @desired_lives and Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
March 24, 2019
57: The Lag Effect of Networking and The Lag Effect of Not Networking with Kareen Mills
Local networking is one of my favorite topics to discuss.  I've been doing it for the last 15 years. The first 4 years of my local networking journey was very sloppy.  But the last 4 have been fulfilling, meaningful and productive.  I've learned a thing or two about how to effectively network.  I tracked ratios and measure lag effects.  I've also measure the average time of when someone comes running to me for the solution I have educated them with when they didn't actually need the service. Because networking is effective I want to share some of my own secret sauce when it comes to local networking. Enjoy this episode and YES, local networking works magic!! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
March 23, 2019
56: Flow, Not Force with Kareen Mills
Over the weekend I spoke about Leadership and something tripped me up during my speech. Listen to the most amazing outcome and how some of the greatest nuggets come out during adversity. I told myself to be calm.  Take a deep breath and keep connected to my core and keep connecting to the audience. It wasn't easy.  It was one of the toughest speech I ever had to do because most of it became impromptu. But it came out beautifully and it was an amazing experience. Listen how I transitioned the trip up into some of the most amazing content I have ever put out. Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
March 22, 2019
55: Your Calling Will Never Leave You, It Will Find You with Hillarie Kay
Hillarie is a wife and mother of 2 boys, bonus mom to 3 boys, and is the owner of Hillarie Kay Marketing, a full-service marketing agency specializing in small business. Hillarie is also a member and speaker for the More Than Me Movement. Hillarie was raised in Central California in a family of small business owners and had the itch for entrepreneurship at a young age. She moved to Cape Girardeau, Missouri for college and graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a degree in Public Relations and Marketing. After 5 years of working in marketing agencies and corporate America, she realized she would never be able to service small businesses like she felt they deserved. In August 2017 she took the plunge into her calling and opened Hillarie Kay Marketing. Since then, she has worked with several small businesses on developing their marketing strategy and streamlining their operations. Hillarie’s favorite thing about her job is getting to connect with so many inspiring business owners, and help turn their dreams into a reality. Learn more about Hillarie Kay at Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
March 17, 2019
54: From Welfare To The Whitehouse with Cosette "Coco" Leary
From poverty to a life of hope, from a life of hope to a life of service and prosperity!  That is Coco's anthem! Cosette “CoCo” Leary loves to live out loud! She is a jubilant Motivational Speaker, Professional Coach, Author, and Educator who has overcome a childhood of poverty, abuse, growing up in orphanages, group homes, and foster homes since the tender age of 12, and finding herself pregnant with her first child at 14 years old. She has raised four children through hard work and painful decisions and has gone from years of surviving off welfare benefits to earning her University Degree in, Public Administration graduating with the highest honor of, Summa Cum Laude while serving as a staff member in both a Senatorial and Congressional office. Ms. Leary pulled herself out of poverty in order to show others how to do the same. She exists in order to breathe life back into impoverished communities, rekindle relationships across economic class lines and empower women. Learn more about Cosette "Coco" Leary at Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
March 10, 2019
53: The 4 As of Execution with Kareen Mills
Listen to this amazing episode where Kareen talks about the 4 different As to make sure you execute your idea. She has proven this method in her own life and recently with her own podcast journey. In this episode she also shares exactly how these 4 As have made such a huge difference for her in her entrepreneurship journey so buckle up and listen up! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG: @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society.
March 09, 2019
52: Being A Victim of Sexual Abuse Does Not Make You Less Human with Melodie Thurman
Melodie Thurman is a native Portland resident.  Born and raised on a farm outside of Portland, Melodie was a tough girl who could keep up with the boys, and bucked her share fair of hay, chased cows, and assisted in all manner of farm chores. Melodie’s life changed between the ages of four and five when she became the victim of sexual abuse that lasted for six long years. Once free, Melodie has fought to change the conversation.  She knew from her own experience that there is no point in trying to understand or move past sexual abuse.  It isn’t something she ever wants to understand. The abuse that she lived through is something she will keep front and center, as a constant reminder to never stop fighting for those who can’t, speaking for the voiceless, and encouraging those who have been affected by sexual abuse to accept who they are in spite of it.   Melodie just finished her first book on changing the conversation around sexual abuse and has dedicated her life to continuing to change the conversation around the world.  Melodie believes that if we are ever going to see things change, the survivors have to stand up and speak out. Melodie’s book title was born from all her experiences. “All the things I wish you never said. ~ a survivor's guide to talking about sexual abuse.” Melodie found that the more she talked about sexual abuse the more she realized how large the gap is between survivors and those who have not experienced it personally.  She realized how much the survivors need those on the other side and how, with a little guidance, those very people can actually help to bring about healing and acceptance. Learn more about Melodie at Her first ever speaking gig is taking place and you can purchase tickets if you're local to Portland, Oregon at Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here Support Kareen Mills' 10-week campaign to cure cancer at to benefit the Leukemia + Lymphoma Society
March 03, 2019
51: My Mid-Life Crisis At 35 Years Old - My Motherhustler Story Part 6 with Kareen Mills
Welcome to the last part of my own Motherhustler story!  It has been fun sharing my journey to all of you and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm amazed by all your response and feedback about my life story.  I'm glad it's inspiring you and giving you permission to take massive action regardless of what it is you've been aspiring to do. Let's talk about part 6 of my story.  So far, the last part of my lifetime, for now.  I will not stop writing my own story and making it happen.  I made a post today about the kind of work I am doing now is work that will live on beyond my lifetime.  It's the kind of work that will only get started when I'm gone.  A work that's barely scratching the surface when I die.  My lifetime will merely be the foundation of this work because this work is larger than life itself! Let's talk about my mid-life crisis at 35 years old.  Most of my friends are at least 10 years older than me as I became a professional.  I knew that if I wanted wisdom, I couldn't get it from the people my age or the people younger than me.  I gravitated towards them because they I was attracted to their maturity and wisdom.  One day some of them we're reading the book Half Time by Bob Buford.  They never suggested it but I was like I want to read it.  They said it's for people who are going through mid-life crisis. Regardless, I grabbed the book anyways and what I learned was astounding.  Listen to this episode because on this episode, I share what I learned from that book. I love you Motherhustler Nation! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
March 02, 2019
50: Our Past Gives Us Strength with Michele Joy
Michele Joy is the founder of Miracle Mindset where she helps people tap into the power of the Universe through the Law of Attraction and become Master Manifestors. She is also a Certified Soul Coach, Certified Happiness Coach, Licensed Heal Your Life Teacher and Law of Attraction expert and facilitator.  Her Podcast, "Law of Attraction in Action" has been heard by thousands and her video vlog, "365 Days of Joy" has helped inspire many on the importance of taping into your Joy every day. She is the author of "Thrive and Shine! How to Find Happiness When Life Falls Apart" and has inspired thousands through her speaking, coaching and online presence.  Site: Podcast: Meetup: Youtube Channel: Book: Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
February 24, 2019
49: The Soul Searching Trip That Changed My Life - My Motherhustler Story Part 5 with Kareen Mills
Welcome to my 4th decade friends! I am slicing my 4th decade into 2 parts just like I did the 3rd decade.  The stories I have to tell during this 4th decade is rich in details and I want to be sure to tell it all for you. I promise, I was able to hold down my emotions and didn't cry like I have in the past solo episodes telling my story.  It feels great to cry though because as you know it's not a sad one, it's a healing one. On this episode I share my journey from giving birth to an amazing boy, Taylor Mills who was 3 months preemie and going through a traumatic experience with birthing both of my boys. Both my boys are amazing humans but gosh darn they are tough cookies when they both came out with a big bang into this planet! On this episode as well, I share the most amazing trip I have ever taken to this day, my soul searching trip to Southeast Asia in the summer of 2013 where I literally got to know me, who I am and who I wanted to become.  I fell in love with myself again during this soul searching trip. Enjoy this episode Mamasitas! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
February 24, 2019
48: How To Build Credibility With Your Commitment with Michelle Welch
Michelle Welch aka The Queen of Clean is no stranger to entrepreneurship. Growing up in a household where both parents strive to build businesses from the ground up, she quickly learned the importance of strong work ethic with a balanced blend of unending determination. Michelle found herself working for several businesses both small and large in size, to help them increase their bottom line. She has assisted in over a dozen startups. It wasn't long before she decided she should put her entrepreneurial bloodline to use. At just 25 years old, Michelle founded Queen Cleaning Concepts and Co-founded Golden Spoon For The Culture. QCC,  A commercial and residential cleaning company that quickly gained success due to her stellar marketing efforts. GS, a catering and meal prep service with a cultural spin.  Michelle is a certified life coach who specializes in confidence and empowerment coaching.  She is also a keynote speaker. Her passion spreads widely into the community. She is the Founder of a non-profit called "The Momtrepreneur Network", An interactive hub for entrepreneurial women and mothers looking to start or build their own business, create connections, find inspiration & support. But the Queen of Clean's most important job and the one that keeps her going every day is her role as a single mother for her two boys, Landon and Trevor. Learn more about The Queen of Clean Michelle Welch below: Site: IG: FB: Twitter: Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
February 17, 2019
47: I Finally Understood Why My Mother Did Everything She Did - My Motherhustler Story: Part 4 with Kareen Mills
Welcome to the 2nd portion of the 3rd decade of my life. Warning:  A whole lot of crying and vulnerability from me! I couldn't help it but truly weep like a baby on this episode while telling this portion of my 3rd decade because it is during this time that I finally understood my own mother and why she put herself through a tough life. I'm so glad this space is available for us Motherhustlers! Enjoy this episode Mamas! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
February 16, 2019
46: Your Most Effective Ministry Comes Out Of Your Deepest Hurts with Rukshana Triem
Rukshana Triem came to the United States as a former refugee and immigrant from Mozambique in the 1990s. She overcame sexual abuse and became an advocate for parents and child care providers to support them on their healing journey.  She is now the Founder and  C.E.O of Women's Lifestyle coaching, where she helps women overcome their rough past and create their desired beautiful life through her coaching business whether it’s public speaking coaching, 1 on 1 coaching, Nature Retreats, online programs and building communities.   Rukshana is also the founder of the Firmina Foundation a 501(3)C non-profit which helps build schools in Mozambique and later expand to Malawi, and Zambia Africa.  Rukshana holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Human Development and worked as Early Childhood Teacher, Trainer, and Mentor.  When she's not working she's spending time with her kids and husband.  She also volunteers taking women on outdoor adventures, hiking, and backpacking. Learn more about Rukshana (sign up for a FREE  one hour "listening to your body” coaching here as well!  Anyone can sign up for it on her website) Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
February 10, 2019
45: Coming To America - My Motherhustler Story Part 3 with Kareen Mills
So I didn't realize that I was going to release very detailed account of my 3rd decade. I think I am able to define every detail of this part of my life because it's still so fresh in my mind as if it just happened but the third decade is going to be 2 part because it's just so long. This is where the rubber meets the road ladies.  The tale during this decade is amazing and I enjoyed sharing it with you a lot! I can't wait to read your reviews! Live + Love, KM Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
February 09, 2019
44: Live Vicariously Through Your Own Life Instead with Mollie Macarthy - Openshaw
The journey of Mood Swing Wines has been about poking fun at menopause through delightfully tasting wines while providing a platform to inspire and encourage women to embrace this time in their lives. Mood Swing Wines has given Mollie the opportunity to travel globally and provide comedic relief on stage to thousands of women all the while with a glass of Memory Lapse Merlot in hand. Mood Swing Wines has become the exclusive wine at Harrah’s Las Vegas show, Menopause the Musical, partnered her brand with a country music sensation in Nashville. In addition, Mood Swing Wines has taken Mollie to Barcelona, Spain, for Life Matters, a reality show that aired on the FYI channel in July 2016. Because of Molly’s journey with her brand Mood Swing Wines, this journey allowed her to become a Keynote Speaker and a Coach for Women going through what is usually called midlife transition. Learn more about Mollie and Mood Swing Wines at or you may connect with Mollie at or Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
February 03, 2019
43: Resenting My Mother In My Teenage Years - My Motherhustler Story: Part 2 with Kareen Mills
Welcome to the 2nd decade of my life. Growing up with domestic violence as a young little girl I wanted to fix everything for my Mother but I was powerless. When I became a teenager, I began to have a voice and I used it to try and fix everything my Mother was going through.  I was still powerless but I've never ever felt even less power when I realized I couldn't convince my mother to leave my Dad. That was when I began to resent my Mom.  I couldn't quite get it why she was putting up with him after all these years.  I was heartbroken that my own Mother wouldn't listen to my voice. I hope you enjoy this episode about my 2nd decade because I think this was when I truly began building my own strength enhance by my first decade and every decade it stacked up. Thank you for being here with me every step of the way. Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
February 02, 2019
42: Pursue Your Own Passion And Dreams For Your Children with Michelle Waterson aka Karate Hottie
Martial Arts has been apart of Michelle Waterson aka Karate Hottie’s life for as long as she can remember.  She has an older brother who she always desperately wanted to be like so when he joined the local Karate School, she naturally followed in his footsteps. The minute she got a taste of competition she was hooked.  Her passion for Martial Arts followed her through her High School years and gave her the foundation to push off in times of self-doubt and sabotage.  After graduating High School she went off to College and took a break from training.  She wasn’t happy and slowly started to lose herself.  On a trip to Thailand, she decided to train at a local Muay Thai Gym.  It felt as if the Universe smacked her in the face, and told her to wake up.  She realized then, that she had strayed from what she was destined to do.  Martial Arts were her life.  It ran through her veins and set her soul on fire.  Martial Arts were going to be her career, and Jackson Wink MMA became her new University.  She fought in the amateur circuit for a couple of years and then decided to jump into the Pro world when she was 21.  She has been fighting professional ever since then!  She met her husband, Joshua Gomez, during her career.  He is her other half and she truly doesn’t know where she would be without him.  At what she thought was the height of her career, she found out that she was pregnant.  Her career was put on hold and she had no idea what was going to happen to it.  Luckily because of the belief her husband and coaches had in her, she was able to continue my fighting journey.   Her beautiful daughter Araya was born and 10 months later, she took her first fight back as a mother!!! (Hells to Yeah!!!)  She went on to become the Atom weight champion for Invicta FC, received a performance of the night headlining for the UFC, made the cover of ESPN’s body issue, and have fought some of the baddest women on the planet.  In-between all the highs are of course the inevitable lows: breaking her hand three times within a year and a half span, going on a two-fight losing streak and struggling with family issues that were far more important than her fighting career.   She fights because she loves it!  She wouldn’t change it for the world.  It has made her who she is today.  It has taught her so much... both in and outside of the Octagon.  Martial Arts has allowed her to forever be a student and she will forever be grateful for the lessons she’s learned along the way.  She looks forward to the lessons the future holds and she’s excited to continue her journey in the pursuit of greatness. One of her biggest goals is to be the first mom who wins a UFC title belt. Her next fight is on March 30, 2019 in Philadelphia! Follow her on or visit her website at Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
January 27, 2019
41: Growing Up Around Domestic Violence - My Motherhustler Story - Part 1 with Kareen Mills
It's time for all of you to hear the details of my story.  This should be fun, emotional and roller coaster but I'm super excited for all of you to hear my story. This first part of my story is all about my childhood, my first decade.  Growing up watching my mom and dad wrestle and fight (domestic violence) was crazy to watch as a 6-year old child. As a 6-year old little girl I wanted to fix everything for my Mama but I knew I couldn't.  I only hoped I could one day.  As we got older, we got immuned to the crazy life we live and we learned how to tune out. I remember as a 9-year old girl dreaming about America and coming over here.  Dreaming about America was my escape.  Imagining Disneyland, the wide American coast and beaches, the high rises, the amazing freeways. America was something so unreachable for me as a child but that thought never stopped me from dreaming about it because it was always my escape. I hope you enjoy my journey.   This is 1 of 4 parts. Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
January 25, 2019
40: If You’re Not Happy In Your Life, You’re Not Serving Enough with Evan Carmichael
Evan Carmichael believes in entrepreneurs. At 19, he built a biotech software company that he then sold. At 22, he was a venture capitalist helping to raise $500,000 to $15 million. He now runs, a website for entrepreneurs made popular by how he shows up on YouTube channel with over 1.7 million subscribers.   He breathes and bleeds entrepreneurship. He's obsessed, aiming to help one billion entrepreneurs and change the world. He has set two world records, uses a stand-up desk, rides a Vespa, raises funds for Kiva, wears five-toe shoes and created Entrepreneur trading cards. He speaks globally, but Toronto is his home.   Evan is a lover!  Amongst the top thing he loves is being married to Nina, he adores his son, enjoys salsa dancing, DJing, League of Legends and the Toronto Blue Jays. Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
January 20, 2019
39: Transforming Frustrations Into A Coaching Opportunity With Your Kids with Kareen Mills
I am really enjoying this solo episodes.  I hope you're enjoying it as much as I do! Often I am in the car between 15-20 minutes with my kids on the way to school and often mornings are stressful for Motherhustlers and frustrations can easily creep into the family unit and it becomes a lose-lose-lose situation when Mom is on the lose with frustrations. It takes practice to switch from frustrations to coaching with your kids.  Our kids truly want to be treated like adults.  Not like small people.  I remembered when people treated me like a child when I was a child it didn't sit well with me.  When I have a dialogue with my kids every single one of us wins. Find a win-win-win strategy when teaching or coaching your kids.  Frustrations lead to a bad environment for them.   Trust me I've been there as a child and I've done it to my kids as a Mom.  As mothers we are doing our best, I know.  With practice, we can always do better. Stay positive Mamas and enlighten your kids and brighten their days with your great wisdom!  I know you have it in you! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
January 16, 2019
38: Your Kids Love You Exactly The Way You Are Right Now with Darina Neyret
Darina Neyret is a professional photographer. With her award winning portraiture, she strives to give women (and men) the ultimate, customized experience.  Tailoring each session to the client and their needs and dreams, she provides not only a safe space, but one that allows the client to feel as though they are able to step into their best self to create portraiture that will outlive them.  She will not only make you feel comfortable during your shoot, she will make you feel truly beautiful. Her artistic eye will highlight your best features. Her deep knowledge of her craft will allow her to arrange you in poses that are interesting but utilize the light in just the right way. Whether you need professional head shots, something a little more fun, family shots for holiday cards, or wedding portraits, she will surprise and delight you with her work and with her personality. Darina has lived all over the world, speaks three languages and now resides in Vancouver, WA with her soulmate and two dogs. She has just launched a newsletter that you can subscribe to on her website Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
January 13, 2019
37: Grow Whole Not Old with Kareen Mills
This year I turn 40 and as you all know we think 40 is old when you're 20 but once you hit 40 you look at 80 and you freak out because when 20 was half of 40 it wasn't such a big deal but when you turn 40 and realize that's half of 80 it freaks you out, just for a minute and then I just went LOL and said I'm ready! I'm really excited to turn 40 this year and one of the things I'm changing in my life is to be more present than I already am including the practices I do at airports while traveling. Recently I visited my Mom and Sister in Los Angeles and I read a lot.  I unplugged a lot off electronics and just dove deep into reading. The airport can be very boring when you're traveling so I want to share some of the tips I have just in this most recent travel to Los Angeles. Of course there is no one way of doing this.  I think in this travel as short as it was, I learned so much by making a firm decision to just unplug and be very intentional about it this time. Enjoy this episode Motherhustlers! Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
January 12, 2019
36: Money Is Just The Applause That We Get In The End of Serving Others with Suzy Morrison
Suzy Lee Morrison has been a top producing Real Estate Broker in the State of Washington for 15 years.  She prides herself on developing long-term relationships with her clients.  Dedication, integrity, and trust are the three pillars that Suzy puts first in her business.  Her experience and knowledge in this industry are unmatchable.  Her straightforward approach with no fluff is where Suzy stands above her competition.  She provides accurate information and her honest professional opinion to her clients that allows them to make informed decisions on their real estate investments. Suzy has lived in Washington for 30+ years.  She knows this market like the back of her hand.  She has a true love for this area and the community-oriented people who live here.   Suzy’s pride and joy are her two sons, Grant 22 and Blake 19.  One just finished and one is attending Western Washington University.  And well, she has her princess, her 10 yr old Dachshund Roxie! Suzy’s long-time love, Lyle has been in the industry for 31 years and heads up her team’s Commercial Investment Division.  Together they are able to help their clients on both sides of the river, Oregon and Washington.  They spend their free time traveling and riding their Harley in the sunshine.   Suzy’s right hand licensed assistant, Amy Hoffman is an incredible detail-oriented person that any real estate team would be proud to have on board.  Her energy and knowledge keep the Suzy Morrison Team running smoothly and proficiently. Suzy loves spending time with her girlfriends and sharing inspiration and love with them all. Suzy spends a lot of time educating herself in her industry.  She feels that “knowledge is power” for her clients and puts them in prime position to achieve their goals. Lastly, Suzy loves real estate sales and the opportunity to work with so many quality people who desire the best experience possible.  Give Suzy a call for an experience you will thoroughly enjoy.  Learn more about Suzy Morrison at or her official website at Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @kareenmills. Podcast IG:  @beingmotherhustlerpodcast Download and subscribe to the podcast here
January 06, 2019
35: You Can Have It All But You Can't Do It Alone with Kareen Mills
Last year, 2018 I committed to all of you one episode per week and it was tough!  There's so much work behind the scene that needs to be done to make just one episode happen. I know I could do it but there were times where I didn't feel like doing it.  It was when I knew I had to do because this podcast isn't about me.  It's about holding space for you, my tribe, Motherhustler Nation. I am committing to 2 episodes for 2019!! Yep, you heard it right, 2!  As if one wasn't tough enough I am committing to two!  Your feedback and messages has inspired me and it's because of you that I'm here.  To serve more, be more and do more! Enjoy my solo episodes and I hope I say something that makes you take inspired action! Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
January 02, 2019
34: We Live In A Spiritual World with AmberJane Arquette
Amber Jane has the ability to do big work in the most gentle ways. She encourages old, unwanted energies to be released from your body and soul so that nothing stands in your way.  What's most unique is this grace-given ability to talk to the loving spirits of the plants and the unseen forces of light in the world. They tell her exactly what you need in order to thrive. She listens intently. They speak wisely. This wisdom and energy flow swiftly and easily through here so that you feel nurtured back into energetic health.  Amber Jane lives with her husband and daughter in SE Portland Oregon. Here home healing space is in the backyard, right next to huge Redwood trees. She loves to host gatherings in their 1/4 acre space and care for her clucking chickens. Amber Jane hosts a monthly New Moon Circle to provide people easy access to energy medicine and provides a group clearing, as well as creating heartfelt community and a unique plant oil blend. It is a great intro to working with her. In January she is offering a program for those who want to work with the plants and own their worthiness. She also provides a 90-day program for people who want essential oils or have essential oils; In this program people receive personal protocols and energy sessions, working with Amber Jane 1:1.   Learn More: New Book: IG: Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
December 30, 2018
33: How To Infinitely Receive with Maru Iabichela
Maru Iabichela is a mother, speaker and transformational coach who works with youth and adults in 5 continents to facilitate habit, mindset and behavioral transformation. In 2013, Maru left a 10-year corporate career to pursue her entrepreneurial dream of helping people worldwide. Since then, she's realized that dream and built multiple six-figure businesses. Maru is passionate about teaching success mindset on stages around the world and coaching people from all walks of life- from Olympic athletes to CEOs, celebrities, single moms, aspiring artists and entrepreneurs. She’s known for making difficult concepts simple and manageable in her entertaining and down to earth style. Maru now has a platform of over 15,000 followers and members of her programs. But she’s most proud of the woman she's become through the process of starting and growing a business as a single mother.  Maru has been featured in Telemundo, The Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, and SHIFT Magazine. She holds a Bachelors from TCU and a Masters Degree from UT Arlington.  She's about to embark on her next adventure: a week-long trip to Europe to speak to a group of entrepreneurs in January 2019. At heart, Maru is a fun-loving jokester who enjoys traveling, dancing, watching Below Deck, UFC, Super Soul Sundays and other inspiring spiritual podcasts. if she could have fried plantains and Frappuccinos every day of her life she would. Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
December 23, 2018
32: Step Into The Fullness of Your Personality and Who You’ve Been Created To Be with Kim Ludeman
Kim Ludeman is a Confidence Consultant who helps women overcome Confidence Blockers so they can embrace their true self and show up confidently in their life. She is the voice behind the Captivatingly Confident Podcast, runs the Captivatingly Confident Facebook Group and hosts quarterly Small Group Experiences to get women on the path to feeling confident! She loves helping women step into their power so they can show up confidently in their life and business. She is also the Portland Chapter Leader for the MOB (Mom Owned Business networking group). Kim has been in the health/fitness industry for over ten years working as a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach.  She lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband, Tim, and 4 year old son, Louis. You can usually find her hiking in the Gorge, cooking in the kitchen or thrift store shopping.  You can connect with Kim: Email: Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
December 16, 2018
31: There is Joy of Being in Pursuit with Kristi Tauti
Kristi Tauti is an IFBB Professional Figure Athlete in the Bodybuilding world, an Elite Spartan Athlete, and has Coached many athletes at the National and Professional levels. Kristi and her husband Pati together with their two amazing children have run their business together for 11 years. Together they owned and operated their iPhysique Gym in Oregon where they coached bodybuilding, figure and bikini athletes as well as powerlifters and Spartan Athletes. They now live in Utah and run their iPhysique Training and Nutrition Coaching company online. Kristi has many certifications in both Nutrition and Personal Training as well as a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Sport Science from BYU-Hawaii. She is the middle child of 5 girls and was born and raised in the small town of Dayton, Oregon, which allowed her to be involved in many activities. Having success at a young age was the fuel that propelled her into the pursuit of success through her adult life. Learn more about Kristi and her husband Pati's program on or follow her on Instagram @KristiTauti! Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler What is she up to? Click this link to find out Prefer to listen on YouTube? Here's the link to Episode 31 on YouTube
December 09, 2018
30: The Bad Stuff and All Our Battle Scars Will Give People Hope with Erika Cramer
Erika Ivette Cramer (formerly Sepulveda) from America is a wifey to a sexy ass Sri Lankan, mami of two cheeky boys, soul sistah to many and a confidence coach with a thick ass history. Yes, she swears a lot and she doesn’t care what you think. I flippin’ love that about her! She’s an Oprah loving, spicy food eating, Bold Stand for confidence Puerto Rican living in Melbourne, Australia. She said she’s pretty sure she’s the only Puerto Rican living in Australia. She moved to Australia for a series of romantic relationships that didn’t work out. Here some of Erika’s Life Highlights that helped shaped her to be the woman, wife, mother, and coach that she is: Raised by a single mother battling Bi-polar. Dad left when she was 2. The only child (but dad has 7 other children). In and out of foster care from 2 - 16 years old. Physically and sexually abused throughout childhood. Mom and she had a terrible near-death car accident when I was 7. Right after that, she was kidnapped by her estranged father. Finally reunited with her mom at 8. Churned through a bunch of different foster homes and attended almost every school in her town. Barely graduated high school. At 17 she joined the Army (served for 10 years both active duty and Reserve.) Moved across the country to California. Married her high school sweetheart at 19. Became a bikini & music video model (google Erika Ivette, she dares you). Went to school to become a Hairdresser. Broke her back in a drunk driving accident at 23. Learned how to walk on her own again. Widowed by 23 as well, losing my husband to drunk driving. After overcoming a life full of trauma, physical and sexual abuse, near-death experiences, loss, massive confidence-lacking, and more hard life shit, she decided it was time to get out of her pain and change her life dramatically. That took her on a deep path to personal growth, lots of healing and dealing with her stuff to become the woman she is today. Her past was cray-cray but she's so grateful that all of that happened to her because now she's obsessed with helping women own who they are, stand in their fully expressed confident selves. Learn more about Erika Cramer here: Https:// Https:// Https:// Https:// Https:// YouTube - The Confidence Chronicles - YouTube - The Confident Mumma - Podcast - The Confidence Chronicles - Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler What is she up to? Click this link to find out Prefer to listen on YouTube? Here's the link to Episode 30 on YouTube
December 02, 2018
29: We Only Know What We Know Until We Know Better with Michele Laine
Michele Laine is a best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and Habit Transformational Coach, who helps high achieving women quiet their inner critic, ditch sabotaging perfectionism, and step through fear so they can live without limits, become the bliss of their life, and brighten their inner strength and beauty. Co-owner of two additional businesses; Prescott Logistics, LLC and Laine Consulting Services, Michele is no stranger to the entrepreneurial world. Yet, she felt a bigger calling to help others transform their lives after suffering and surviving a huge period of loss from 2008-2013. She began re-inventing herself, leaving behind her previous world of accounting/finance management to follow her passions within the health & wellness space. She became a certified strength & conditioning coach as well as a neuro-transformation results coach, to better serve her clients in their mental and physical transformations. Michele believes mindset matters in everything we do. It helps us transform our inner and outer world to get unstuck from what's holding us back in life. When we take the time to expand our awareness and up-level areas of our lives where we're shrinking backward, our lives become limitless! She also believes in prioritizing and taking care of mental and physical health as we age; mind, body, & spirit! Empowering ourselves with inspired action taking encourages us to stretch beyond comfort zones, conquer fears, shift behaviors, and breakthrough limiting beliefs and patterns that keep us stuck. Michele is a wife of 27years and a mother of two amazing, beautiful, smart and talented daughters, ages 13 and 20. She is the author of her best-selling book ”Stronger Than The Storm: Proven Strategies, to Conquer Fear, Discover Strength, and Overcome the Unexpected” and founder of Inner Strength & Beauty. Learn more about Michele Laine at or her website at Michele shared these links so we can help the fire victims in NorCal by sharing your blessings and collectively we can make a huge impact so let's do it, ladies! Thank you in advance for your collaborative support! Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler What is she up to? Click this link to find out
November 25, 2018
28: Motherhood and Deciding to Leave Toxic Relationships with Dr. Karin Luise
Dr. Karin Luise is an award-winning author, Transformational Life Coach and Speaker, and host of “The Dr. Karin Show”. Her passion is helping others discover how to ‘Live for Real’ through awakening their authentic life and letting go of the old beliefs that are holding them back. Her expertise is helping people understand the importance of living in alignment with their true selves so that they lead freer, happier lives. By blending clinical wisdom, intuitive insight, irreverent humor, and real-life experience, Dr. Karin stands out as the reformed therapist who now looks at situations from a powerfully unique, leading-edge perspective. Dr. Karin is the creator of the course, Living for Real, and is currently writing her second ground-breaking book, with the working title, Gravity: Rediscovering Balance After Life Falls Apart. Dr. Karin co-authored the top-selling book The Fatherless Daughter Project: Understanding Our Losses and Reclaiming Our Lives (2016; Avery Press: Penguin Random House). She writes a regular column, “Ask Dr. Karin” in Southern Seasons Magazine and is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post. She shares inspiration, products, and coursework to light the fire within each of us at Dr. Karin has appeared on a wide range of media outlets, including Forbes, Redbook, FoxNews, NBC, Bustle, The Hallmark Channel, The Jenny McCarthy Show, HuffPost Live, CNN, The Washington Post, ABC, CBS, The Examiner, Fox & Friends, Coffee with America, ABC, Sharecare Radio, the Atlanta Journal & Constitution, SoulFeed, and many others. Karin resides in Atlanta, GA with her three children and two rescue dogs. She finds her bliss doing Pilates, being in nature, taking spontaneous trips, and dancing in the living to whatever song moves her. Learn more about here on, or Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
November 18, 2018
27: How To Make Your One Life Count with Annabel Fisher
Annabel Fisher is a No-Fluff Intuitive Breakthrough Coach, Self Care Crusader, and Authentic Speaker. She helps soul-driven change makers and light workers conquer overwhelm, comparisons, perfectionism and exhaustion, so they can force less, flow more, and make their one precious life count - every day. She is author of 'The Healing Game: Transforming Chronic Illness Using EFT' and has worked with thousands of chronically ill clients from around the world since 2004. In August 2015, Annabel was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. She wasn't expected to live and her oncologist and surgeon have called her a 'miracle'. Thriving through a diagnosis of recurrent cancer, Annabel has become skilled at surrendering to the unknown, living in the present, and mastering the art of doing nothing. She offers BRAVE, a group programme empowering women to listen to, & follow, their soul's calling while nurturing themselves, and making their one life count every single day. Learn more about Annabel by finding her hashtags #MakingMyOneLifeCount and #GrabbingLifeWithBothHands.  You may also check her out with her updates on her YouTube Channel at Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
November 11, 2018
26: How I Went From Deep Depression To Being American Ninja Warrior with Dan Holguin
Dan Holguin is the Founder of High Performance Health Academy, an online school designed to help high achievers master their body so they can create their biggest impact in the world within 90 days. He’s led students in the Academy to lose a ton of weight; literally, over 2,000 lbs in just 4 years and is a 4x Fitness Coach of the Year in Montana. He has spoken at workshops & conferences around the globe about the mindset shifts behind transformation and hosts the iTunes podcast, High Performance Health. He has been featured on several major media outlets including NBC, MTV & The Discovery Channel. He is a current competitor on the hit NBC show, American Ninja Warrior and enjoys long-distance mountain running in Montana’s Glacier National Park and if you don’t want to take my word for it, just check out his Instagram story where he features the beautiful terrain of this area and sometimes literally takes over the Glacier National Park’s Instagram account! Catch Dan on social where he hangs out the most is on and on or visit his website at! Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
November 04, 2018
25: You Are on Borrowed Time With That Body with Sonya Weisshappel
Sonya grew up moving consistently on account of her father's employment with the US Air Force. She moved nine times before landing in New York City, where her family lived in temporary housing while her new apartment underwent renovation. Shortly after the move into her renovated home on the Upper West Side, her father became terminally ill and passed away. She was only 13 years old. These events served as the catalyst for the eventual creation of Seriatim, Inc which she founded in 1999 on the belief that no one should ever have to face a difficult life transition alone. Seriatim, which is Latin for “in a series,” is a New York-based company that provides organization and inventory management solutions for businesses and individuals in transition. They specialize in creating detailed processes and workflows that create harmony and help prioritize your needs in a simple and productive manner. She understands how people relate to spaces and have the staff and resources to bring harmony into peoples homes and the workplace. Whether you live in a one-bedroom apartment, or a mansion, whether you work in a corporate office or manufacturing warehouse, Seriatim, Inc. can step in and create harmony for you. Learn more about Sonya Weisshappel on her website at or Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
October 28, 2018
24: Reclaim Who You Are with Irina Negrean
Irina Negrean is a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Vancouver, WA. Born in Eastern Europe, in a small country called Romania, Irina immigrated to the United States when her parents won the Visa Lottery in 2001. Irina graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Sociology and moved back to Vancouver to start her own photography company, specializing in weddings and fine art portraits. When her daughter was born, Irina felt a strong pull towards working with fellow mothers, young girls and women, in an effort to empower and uplift others. She focuses on changing the entire experience of being photographed for women everywhere, believing wholeheartedly that EVERY woman deserves to be photographed, deserves to feel empowered and to feel beautiful, important and brave. Irina's photography business has grown into a successful and highly rewarding dream come true, allowing her to photograph women from all walks of life, from every background and experiences. Her hope is to allow all women she photographs to see themselves in a new light, to appreciate all the things that make them unique, special and amazing. In her spare time, Irina loves to spend time with the love of her life, her five-year-old daughter, Daniela; Irina is an avid reader, loves to hike, cook, travel and laugh as often as possible - especially with her hilarious family of weirdos. Learn more about Irina Negrean at or on her website at Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
October 21, 2018
23: Breaking Down The Super Mom Myth with Dr. Raquel Muller
There’s never been a more challenging time to be a working mom. As a professional, a wife, and a mother of two, Dr. Raquel Muller knows first hand how self-criticism, comparisons, and unrealistic expectations fueled by the “supermom” myth can cause moms to experience a disproportionate amount of stress, overwhelm, and guilt. After struggling with these issues herself, she used the skills she has learned as a psychologist, a mother, and a business owner to become a more patient, effective, and loving mother. Dr. Raquel now uses these same techniques to empower moms and teach them ways to relieve the pressure while still being great moms, maintaining happy marriages, and becoming happier, more fulfilled women in the process. Dr. Raquel Muller is originally from Panama City, Panama and came to the U.S. almost 30 years ago. She completed two Master’s degrees and earned her doctorate in Family Psychology in 2004 from Seton Hall University. She worked as a licensed psychologist for over 12 years across three states. She has now transitioned from the therapy realm to being a coach and speaker, inspiring and supporting mothers to be the best moms they can be by developing themselves as human beings. Dr. Raquel believes that happy, confident moms provide a great role model to their kids of how to create a successful and fulfilling life. In addition to speaking to local groups of moms, Dr. Raquel has been featured on the The Emerging Pearl TV show, the Chicks Connect Radio podcast, and the Red Tricycle online magazine. She also offers inspirational and educational content in her Facebook Fan page, Joyful Imperfection Counseling, as well as her Facebook group “Recovering Supermoms,” and she writes a blog dedicated to moms. In her spare time Dr. Raquel enjoys spending time with her girlfriends, reading, watching TV, traveling, cooking, being the designated kitchen taste tester when her husband cooks, and spending time with her family.  Learn more about Dr. Raquel Muller at or keep in touch with her and visit her page. Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
October 14, 2018
22: Your Financial Girlfriend with Lisa Brumm
Lisa Brumm’s career, or as many people refer to her “My Financial Girlfriend,” began in the banking industry and transformed into financial planning with a passion for educating women on financial literacy and empowerment. Lisa Brumm has been recognized by US News and Money for the 3rd year in a row in 2017, as one of Portland’s Top 100 Advisors. She attended Portland State University with the desire to become a CPA yet, destiny was preparing her for something greater by starting her career in the banking industry. After eight years in banking, Lisa applies her experience and knowledge to the financial planning industry and has been doing so for the last nineteen years. Here she discovered a deeper passion for the educational elements of her work. After the economic crash in 2008, Lisa’s work became even more passion-driven, specifically focusing on educating women on financial literacy and empowerment. Positioning herself on the strategy side of her industry, Lisa believes in creating a “safety zone” for her clients that is also a “shame-free zone.” She is the “go-to girlfriend” for your monetary confidence and the hope needed to change any limiting monetary beliefs. While advisors typically charge for the consultation, Lisa does not. She believes fee-based consultation creates a barrier to what should be considered a basic right and resource for all. Learn more about Lisa Brumm at! DISCLOSURE:  Lisa Brumm is an investment advisor representative of Woodbury Financial Services, Inc. Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
October 07, 2018
21: Impactful People Are My People with Erika Laws
Erika Laws have been in consultative sales and management for over 22 years. She has rounded out her sales experience to every facet of consultative environments. From retail, direct to consumer phone sales, to outside business development. She specializes in helping people learn or improve their overall sales process by personalized one on one coaching. She loves helping people by positively holding them accountable and uncovering the areas of opportunity for targeted development plans. She enjoys being the mirror for agents to see what their strengths are and where they can use some new skills, motivation, and encouragement. Learn more about Erika Laws at and she's also on Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
September 30, 2018
20: Healing is Possible with Chronic Pain with Conde Bartlett
As the founder of Cocoon Wellness Center, Conde Bartlett specializes in helping women with Fibromyalgia. She is also the founder and moderator of the Women with Fibromyalgia Self-healing Facebook support group, with over nine thousand members. Conde’s story is one of recovery, healing, and hope. Conde suffered for over 20 years with chronic illness until it nearly cost her life. After spending a night in the ICU and week in the hospital recovering, Conde decided like so many other people with chronic illness that the medical model wasn’t working for her. She then returned home to raise her two young children and begin the most challenging journey of her life; naturally healing her body, mind, and spirit. Learn more about Conde at Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
September 23, 2018
19: Claim Your Throne with Lani Grass
As a confidence coach, Lani Grass spends her time working with clients on identifying their blocks and helping them drop their limiting beliefs about themselves. Lani helps clients recognize what it is that is holding them back, reframes past experiences and then teaches them to re-pattern their reactions to life. Being a natural born introvert in a challenging childhood has gifted Lani with the ability to read between the lines and subsequently is now a master communicator. She teaches clients this skillset so they can stop getting in their own way and communicate what they need to. Her company, BackStage, is a metaphor for working backstage to put her clients up in front of the world while launching their inner rock star. Learn more about Lani Grass at Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
September 17, 2018
18: Put Yourself on Your To-Do List with Michelle Den Boer
Michelle Den Boer is a Wellness and Mindset Mentor for women who are ready to take their lives back. She gives them permission to no longer be everything to everyone and she’s an advocate putting yourself on your to-do list. Her background as a Personal Trainer and motivator to help others become healthy provided the opportunity to lead her local community in a yearlong challenge to become healthier. Throughout her own life experience and helping others on their journey, she has come to the realization that being healthy is more than just a workout and a diet, it is a way of life. Michelle is on a mission to give moms permission to make themselves a priority because when they do everyone else benefits in their circle of influence. To do this she supports them in determining priorities, setting boundaries, as well as making time for self-care. Learn more about Michelle at! Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
September 09, 2018
17: Money is Not The Answer to Happiness with Amanda Hartz
Amanda Hartz is a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. After leaving a successful career in insurance sales, she left to pursue her own passions as a manicurist and shortly after, opened her own nail salon. Next came the Zip Line Company near Glacier National Park in Montana. She successfully manages her clients and her employees in order to create an amazing experience for locals and tourists who visit North West Montana. She does this all while spending as much time as possible raising her two children and being present in the moment. She loves life, people, and the challenges that arise from being a mom and a business owner. Her favorite thing about being a mom is seeing life through her children’s eyes and hearing them laugh. Learn about Amanda at FB @simplypolished406 Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
September 02, 2018
16: Slow Down To Connect More with Yourself with Ullenka Kash
Ullenka Kash is the creator of a revolutionary Eczema Healing Program. She is an author, an artist and entrepreneur mother of three. While being able to help her own kids and then hundreds of others, she has become an eczema expert and mentor. Her methods are very simple and follow the laws of nature. Over the last 5 years, she has helped a number of kids and adults: individuals, mothers, and families to change their lives and achieve the vibrant health they have always dreamed of. She’s on this crazy idea of taking eczema problem to another level and bringing to the world so needed relief. Her goal is to crush the myth: “there is no real cure” and keep helping people until the last eczema is gone! Learn more about Ullenka on IG @Ullenka_ or her site at Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
August 26, 2018
15: Listen To That Little Voice Inside You with Teresa Rodden
In 2010, with seven years of struggle-free sobriety, Teresa knew that the traditional path of getting and living sober was not helping enough people. She auditioned for the Oprah Winfrey Network to create a show traveling the country to learn and share how others got and lived in recovery without twelve steps and alcoholics anonymous. Oprah didn’t call, but that didn’t stop her. Teresa had hopped on her pink cloud and rode out of the rooms of alcoholics anonymous to save her sobriety and knew there had to be something she could do to help others. In 2012, she founded Pink Cloud Coaching and started promoting, advocating, and coaching women to break free from the need to misuse alcohol without identifying as an alcoholic and become inspired to go after life-soberinstead. Learn more about Teresa on FB @PinkCloudCoaching or her site at Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
August 19, 2018
14: Wrong Decisions Revolve Around Money with Rachel O'Rourke
"How many times in our life we make decisions based off of money? If I look back on a lot of my decisions, wrong decisions always revolve around money." Rachel O’Rourke is a self-proclaimed “multi-passionate” entrepreneur. She’s a branding and marketing expert, a transformational speaker, creator of the wildly popular “SPARK” events for women on the rise, she’s the founder of “The Flawed Female” movement, a mom of four, and a bit of a thrill seeker. In January of 2017 Rachel began her own “intuition” experiment - a new way of living that has completely transformed nearly every aspect of her life - bringing more experiences, happiness, income, and opportunity than she has ever had...ever... in her 36 years. Learn more about Rachel and SPARK events at or come join us at! Follow Founder + Host Kareen Mills on IG, Twitter, FB, LinkedIn @KareenMills and her podcast IG @BeingMotherhustler Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
August 12, 2018
13: Khmer Rouge Eradicated My Faith in Humanity with Kilong Ung
Before being an American, Kilong Ung was a Cambodian refugee who was primarily identifiable by his serial number “3/3 T.31817”. Can you even imagine being identified with a serial number like you would a car? "He was a leaf at the mercy of the wind. The wind carried him from one remote part of the world to another. It blew him through turbulence and catastrophic weather.  It took him to a Khmer Rouge labor camp and lingered for an eternity. It dehydrated him and nearly starved him to death. He helplessly watched the most devilish mother of all winds ruthlessly crush his tree into lifeless pulp.  Like an almighty Olympian god, when the wind wanted to toy with him, it blew him through minefields, rockets, and bullets. While two million leaves disintegrated, he persevered. Through an extraordinary journey, he discovered himself. He’s fortunate, and don’t easily perish." Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
August 05, 2018
12: So Much You’re Not In Control Of with Melissa Jaffe
"There is so much you’re not in control of, but you are in control of how you react." - Melissa Jaffe After years of working in corporate law with companies like Genentech, adidas, LucasArts, and others, Melissa started her own practice in order to bring her knowledge and expertise of the law to smaller businesses and individual entrepreneurs. She’s guided creatives, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs through rough legal terrain for over two decades and here's what she learned: far too many weren't ready to work with a lawyer because they didn't understand the basics. She didn't find this satisfying, and she knew she could do more. This marked the beginning of Blissness® School -- friendly, accessible, affordable, and opportunities to master the basics with a community of like-minded, diverse, and supportive individuals. Learn more about Melissa at Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
July 29, 2018
11: When We Stop to Realize with Rosa Alejandra
"When we stop to realize that everything that happens to us is because we allow It, we reclaim so much power." Rosa Alejandra is the Owner of Rosa Alejandra Consulting. The journey to grow into who she is today was bumpy, dark, and very uncertain. She ALWAYS knew she was born for greatness, but how does a child with such discernment become? The lack of support and the constant negativity in her immediate environment threw her into a loop of sadness and loneliness. Finally, she becomes a mother and realized she was pushing forth the generational curse of abuse and negativity. She had to make a change, She had to break the chain! She embarked on a self-healing journey 17 years ago and have never looked back. This healing journey healed her relationship with her son and taught her self-worth! Self-healing is such a hard path, especially when you are traveling it alone. Learn more at Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
July 22, 2018
10: Motherhood is an Advantage in Business with Demee Koch
Demee is an excellent networker with key business connections around the world and a true passionpreneur with philanthropic heart. Demee has 19 years of international experience in the luxury and beauty industry and currently owns a few brands in fashion and beauty, and grooming concepts; U’nique-Personal Grooming by Demee in Zurich, U’nique Lashes and More in Zurich, Tally Beauty Lausanne, U’nique Beauty of Switzerland, U’nique Curves and DEMEE (an eyelash brand that will be launched soon, hopefully by the end of 2018 or early next year). She is working on her first funding round and aim to do an ICO to fund the global launch of the brand. The DEMEE brand is Demee’s ultimate venture so far as this is motivated by her passion to make a difference in the world by helping the underprivileged. Learn more about Demee at IG @unique.zurich. Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
July 15, 2018
09: There's A Little Girl Inside All of Us with Melina Simone
Melina Simone of San Antonio, Texas is the CEO of Melina Simone Media & Co-Owner of Sunrise Restoration. Situated within Sunrise Restoration is San Antonio Restoration and Design Build Remodeling. From interior design to client relations to Company Branding and Advertising, Melina is the driving force behind their boutique, high end, niche specific service company. Melina, a long time Real Estate Investor- Entrepreneur, and Life Coach has been featured in Inc. magazine, A&E TV Network, Yahoo Finance, FOX affiliates in her local San Antonio market and other media sources for her expertise in Real Estate and philanthropic endeavors. Inspiring and connecting with other vision-driven people is her life's passion. Melina hangs out often on FB @melinamontelongo.  Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
July 08, 2018
08: You Just Know in Your Heart with Aria Leighty
Aria Leighty is the Founder and President of the MOB Nation, a national alliance of mom-owned businesses who come together to network, support, and learn from each other. It was established in 2012. The MOB Nation now has chapters everywhere! Aria is also the proud owner of Art a la Carte mobile, a children’s art program. Aria’s biggest focus is her family: husband Keno, daughter Keilani and stepson Jaiden. Aria's quote on her site: "At first, I wanted to blend in and be more like the business people I was seeing in the community. But I saw so many other women that were hiding their truth. I want to redefine the way women in business are viewed. Especially moms in business - rock your purple hair, tattoos, whatever. You can still be good and professional. FB: @nicole.chittenden.5  Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
July 01, 2018
07: It's Really Easy To Feel Like with Jen Loftin
"It's really easy to feel like you're present when you're with them but not actually be there so they're talking to me but I can't really hear what they're saying." JL Giving back to her community has always been very important to her. As a young adult, she volunteered her time at a local veterinarian and organized blood drives. She currently volunteers at her local church as the Sunday school teacher. In 2012, Jen and her husband Rob decided to form a business service organization based in Vancouver, Washington which is for those of you listeners who aren’t from our area, is just right across the river from Portland, OR. Jen is a mother of 4 beautiful children and an awesome wife to a great man! Her clients often benefit from this nurturing woman... Connect with Jen at or their FB @RJLBusinessServices  Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
June 24, 2018
06: I'm Not Afraid with Dodie Glover
"I'm not afraid. I'm not afraid to admit my failures. I'm not afraid to take a selfie in the morning in my pajamas, with my crazy wild hair on my way out the door." I met Dodie in CrossFit in 2013. She's a Professional Network Marketer and has spent 4 years in this industry for 4 years. She had become divorce at a very young age of 17. She raised her daughter her oldest daughter for 18 years in the beauty industry. She was introduced to her current company by her good friend Traci Palo in 2003. She was absolutely clueless about network marketing. She had no idea what a compensation plan mean in network marketing. Fast forward to 2014, she fell in love with a product that she saw everyone was posting on social media and was approached... Connect with Dodie on her FB @dodieglover. Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here
June 17, 2018
05: Failing Beautifully Forward with Dionna Hickox
"Failing isn't a bad thing. I think people need to associate failing with it being positive because you can't grow if you're not failing." - Dionna Hickox She is an online health influencer who since 2014 has helped hundreds of women reach their health and fitness goals with workout and eating plans that cater to the busy Mom. She started her journey unhappy, unhealthy and unfulfilled. She wanted something different and knew it had to start with her. She started working on her own health and fitness goals began sharing it authentically online and invited other women to join her through online accountability groups. That’s when her passion for supporting other women grew. Her goal is to help women find their confidence by helping them learn to give themselves grace. Connect with Dionna on IG or FB @dionnahickox.  Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
June 10, 2018
04: You Only Have Control With That One Step with Ramona Locken
"Sometimes you only have control with that one step in front of you. You don't really know what happens after that." -Ramona Ramona is a trusted sales professional and certified executive coach who brings a wealth of experience, passion, and knowledge into her real estate career. This helps her in her role as Designated Broker for Realty ONE Group Cascadia. Through all her experience, she learned how important effective communication is to achieving success. Ramona graduated Sigma Beta Delta in 2014 from Marylhurst University earning a double major in Business & Leadership and Organizational Communication. She moved on to her real estate focused MBA program, and has earned national certification as a Professional Coach and Energy Leadership MP, and is a certified mediator. Learn more about Ramona on FB @ramona.locken.kauhi or Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
June 03, 2018
03: When I Feel Like Quitting with Brittani Nelson
"When I feel like quitting I ask myself, "What would I tell my kids if this was them?", and I tell myself that." - Brittani As an established networking expert and business strategist, she matches entrepreneurs with the people and opportunities that move their businesses forward.  Brittani is intensely passionate about connecting her clients and everyone she meets with the skills, knowledge, and resources they need to thrive. A perfect match between business and client or business and timely resources creates mutually beneficial relationships and, ultimately, builds a stronger community. Learn more about Brittani at  Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
May 27, 2018
02: Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, JD, PhD - Money And Prestige
Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, JD, Ph.D., FFSM, CIC is an insightful innovator who helps women embrace their significance and showcase their brilliance to the world. With over 25 years as an attorney, management consultant, executive, professor, and dean, Carol ran a 6-figure organizational consulting practice and won national awards for building a 100+ sales force & developing leaders. A best selling author, international speaker, and global thought leader, Carol is a Premier Success Coach with the eWomen Network, Editor-in-Chief of the AICI Global Magazine, and Vice President of Global Branding & Marketing with Association of Image Consultants International. She's a regular contributor to the Vancouver Business Journal, and appears monthly on ABC affiliate KATU’s AM... Learn more about Dr. Carol at, FB @DrCarolParkerWalsh.  Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
May 20, 2018
01: It Doesn't Have to Be All or Nothing with Jennifer Gelman
Her mission is "Finding the athlete in every parent", Jennifer Gelman is a certified American Council on Education trainer with specialties in Pre and Post Natal fitness, TRX, Yoga, and Nutrition. She is a mother of 4 boys and created BWMC Fitness with the mission of Finding the Athlete in Every Parent. She also co-founded UFit, a YouTube Channel with 6 fitness experts from around the world to inspire all levels of fitness that getting active can happen anywhere, anytime. Jennifer is from California and has lived in Prague, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and now Hong Kong. Jennifer hangs out a lot on her IG @BWMCfitness or visit her site at!  Follow Host + Founder all across Social Media @KareenMills. Podcast IG:  @BeingMotherhustlerPodcast Listen on iTunes, Spotify or YouTube here.
May 13, 2018