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Being The Balance

Being The Balance

By Callie and Shari
Welcome to Being the Balance Podcast, where we share life lessons and new adventures through open-minded, honest conversations. We honor the journey to self-discovery. And we welcome multidimensional growth.
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"Heeyyy Auntie!!" 👋🏾
In the spirit of @_lyneezy and all of her dopeness, "...I'ma keep it brief." You know we're here for the people, so consider the first segment a PSA. Stay safe out there, dope friends. And then... we know why you're here. LOL pull out your 🍿 and get into part deux of our girls trip convo. Rich aunties, where you at?! We're here for all of the goods the girls are giving!! 🍵 
October 6, 2021
What about yo frieennnddzz??!!
Would you believe this season we're sharing EVEN more of our lives and journeys with our dope friends?! Seriously. Peeling back more layers. 🧅 We took a girls' trip to #Savannah in June, and we brought a unique souvenir back for you: a 2-part convo with our girlfriends. Hello #BarabaraWalters specials and anyone old enough to remember those. It felt like we were catching up and digging deep into our crew's perspectives and growth and you can hear the love and #R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the room. [Insert mushy emoji] Tune in for the news you can use about the latest #COVID chronicles and then sit back and enjoy part 1 of our discussion with our girls! Pour yourself a drink and answer along with us! *Clank 🥂
September 22, 2021
Back like we never left
Dope friends, we're coming in hot! 🔥 The #summer break is over and - let's be honest - we missed you!! 🤗 *Cue 1 thug tear but NO hugs* LOL Let's get to it! Episode 1 is an ode to all of the incredible #educators. And we're giving you our take on current events, summarizing our mild - yep, mild not hot - summer activities and getting hype about what's coming up this season. Good people, tell a friend to tell a friend. Your girls are baaaaacccccckkkkk!!
September 8, 2021
Happy 25th (episode)!! 🎉
This is end of season 1 and spoiler alert... j/k there are no cliffhangers. We covered soooo much: Mother's Day celebrations, that viral post about the lame bf who didn't want to get his gf a Mother's Day gift 🙄, the latest #RHOA drama, and #summertime plans. "A new normal" surrounding #mammograms was also on the docket. Ladies, make a mental note about #3D vs 2D when it's time to get the girls checked. Last but not least, we shared what being the #balance means to us and what our dope friends and listeners meant this past year. To sum it up, you are loved. Be well and tune in in late August for more laughs, new insights from more dope friends and our POV on the news you can - or can't - use. We're here for it and we know you are too. ❤
May 15, 2021
Taking stock AND investing in it
Tune in to hear about #vacationing in "Trump Country", a fitting review of #Amazon Prime Video's "Them", and how we are feeling about the Chauvin trial verdict. Whew. And... for the balance part of Being the Balance, we chatted it up with Rick Pace, a dope friend (of course) about #investing. Hint: Listen out for the gems he's dropping about life! Rick is breaking down the business of investing, #bitcoin, and he shares his biggest wins and losses. Only a dope friend would share alla that. We learned some things; we hope you do as well. Maybe this investing thing isn't so convoluted after all. Now, if you become millionaires, don't forget us over here at BTBP!!
April 21, 2021
Cheers to protecting our peace + responsibility in content
April is #Stress Awareness Month. We’re checking on our stress levels during the national trial coverage. You know whose. We don’t need to say that guy’s name. But we will never forget #GeorgeFloyd. Please check your stress levels and remember to protect your peace by logging off of social media sometimes. But… during your breaks, download new and old episodes of BTBP.😊 We’ve also got time to discuss Lil Nas X, his new music video, and his not-so Nike kicks. “We ain’t gone hold you long” on that one. Drop us a line and let us know which side of the spectrum you’re on. And just in case you missed our BIG announcement: We’ve joined the Great Convo Media fam!! So we’re introducing our listeners to our dope friend, Renaissance Man, and the co-founder of this innovative collective for creatives, Lo Matthews. Get into the convo we had with him about #legacy, serial #entrepreneurship, and his insights on maximizing your time “in the dash.” Come on this journey with us and our new fam as we continue to “tell our stories on our terms!” That's A WHOLE WORD!
April 8, 2021
Sorry, not sorry
Listen... There are legit times to apologize. By now, you've definitely seen the memes of a current, awkward #apology that includes #infidelity admissions and a black #beanie. So let's get into why women are trusting certain sources for the keys to relationships. Do these influencers on Al Gore's internet really know the secrets to #relationships or have they created personas that 1) appeal to the masses but 2) are not reflected in their own lives? Hmmm... And then there are moments that the professionals agree we shouldn't apologize. We can all take this advice, rephrase that apology, and adjust accordingly to the audience. Basically, you're "sorry, not sorry". You can thank us later.
March 24, 2021
Saluting women + honoring their truths (and ours)
It's Women's History Month, and we're here for it. We honor women of the past who forged a path for us to stand in and own our space. Among an infinite list of women creating new paths forward, Cardi B, Amanda Gorman, Megan Markle and Oprah are all doing impactful work to ensure women of tomorrow can stand tall, tell their unabashed truth and own it. And... who else would combine Bodak Yellow, #royalreality, and #selflove in one episode?! Admit it, you're here for it too. Our interview with Confidence & Self Love Coach, Natasha Marie, was right on time. She's empowering her clients, and she's offering our listeners a free 30-minute consultation to help you find your balance. "You deserve to thrive, sis. We all do." - @mspackyetti
March 10, 2021
Show ❤ & give them their 💐
We're closing out February with more love for black-owned businesses, black movies and a black woman in Atlanta who can pivot with the best of them. We're always here for #blacklove (in its many facets) and black history, so we took a moment to get our Siskel and Ebert on. To our Gen Z crowd, Google it. And per usual, a dope friend is sharing insights on the beauty nestled in change. Follow her, support a black business long after BHM ends and spread some kindness in your sphere of the world. Cheers (in Callie's "British" voice)!
February 24, 2021
BHM: Black biz, #blacklove and learning about adoption
It's February and you already know... Black History Month, #blacklove and black businesses get love over here (every month). To commemorate all things heartfelt and mushy, we're highlighting love and relationships of all kinds, all month long. For starters, do you prioritize your spouse above your kids? We don't want smoke, fam. Just asking. lol Back to business, we also had a heartwarming convo with our dope friend about his family's experience with adoption. Their story and his #girldad perspective is powerful. Friendly reminder: Did you buy your boo a gift for Valentine's? We got you! Tune in for a few gift ideas. You're welcome.
February 10, 2021
Growth, calling out bigotry, learning to hold our space and welcoming in wellness
We're well into the first month of 2021, and we're digging in. What's growth look like in your life? Hard stop. What about bigotry? Put it and it's staunch believers in their place, it feels good. Just ask Callie. We're also tackling our feelings about the woman who was violently attacked while on a wine run. Wtf, man. Whew. That first half was heavy. Luckily, we talked to a dope friend about holistic wellness so we can recenter, focus on the positive, and look for different types of therapy and #selfcare. And after the episode - and not a second before - drop us a line about a topic you'd like to hear on the podcast.
January 27, 2021
Dear 2021, We don't want no smoke. - BTBP
Happy new year, good people. We're back from the holiday break, and we're recapping our quaint celebrations. We're also shouting out all of the amazing people near and far who helped GA flip the U.S. Senate. And... then "if entitlement was an extremist group of 45 supporters breaking laws and getting away with it after taking selfies and videos as evidence" tried to steal our joy. Luckily, we're staying on track with #goals for the year. After goals, why not discuss an article on COVID cufffing season?! Of course, we will get into that just for you.
January 13, 2021
👋🏽 Goodbye, 2020!! Lessons learned & looking ahead to 2021
We're happily bidding 2020 adieu as we share Christmas plans, memories of Santa, lessons learned and an inspiring interview with a dope friend. Donnie Curtis, Founder of Soul Programs, and his team are mentoring the youth and providing safe spaces for them on two coasts. Btw, happy holidays and cheers to 2021! We'll be back in January with more BTBP fun, laughter, our perspectives, and fresh interviews with dope friends.
December 16, 2020
Post-holiday check-in, a lesson in patience + transparency on social media
We're back from the holiday break, well rested and reminiscing on pies, plates and palettes. Aside from the food coma memories, Callie gives us an update from the Mommy Corner. And we delve into some of the - brace yourselves - positives on social media. We revisit several uber transparent posts from Humans of NY, Chrissy Teigan and Laverne Cox and how their multi-tiered vulnerabilities are schooling the people on compassion, inclusion and equality in an era of change.
December 2, 2020
Win, whine or draw & socially distant holidays
You know why we're here... to give you the scoop on our experiences and perspectives. In this episode, we look back at an anxiety-inducing election week, the results, and the memorable reactions. Callie explains her experience helping to cure GA ballots, and she shares important tips to know and share for the upcoming runoff elections. And after a crazy year and rollercoaster election season, we're looking forward to some much-needed R&R next week. Thanksgiving is around the corner and we're mapping out our socially distant holiday plans.
November 18, 2020
Election night realness, flu szn and all of the emotions
Tune in as we share all the feels on election night (with strong cocktails in hand). We're sharing ways to break away from all of the turmoil. And our dope friend, Dr. Marcia is dropping gems on trusting the science during flu + COVID szn. We're all in this together - drop us a line and let us know how you're feeling about all of the things in this episode.
November 4, 2020
Vacations, voting plans and election season
In this episode, we caught up with our dope friend and political campaign guru, Rob West. Tune in to hear our conversation about the presidential candidates, what undecided voters want to hear, voting down the ballot, and how to stay engaged and involved when election season ends. 
October 21, 2020
Emotional Wellness, Breast Cancer (conspiracies), voting plan, Lie to me!
This week, we talk about emotional Wellness, Callie and her conspiracy theories, do we ever change, and damn it vote!
October 7, 2020
We are celebrating our 10th episode with lessons learned, over 500 downloads, and Lovecraft Country.
Shari and Callie give us their top 10 lessons learned. The passing of RBG, Auntie Verzuz, and just an appreciation to all our dope friends and listeners.
September 23, 2020
Verzuz recap, the loss of Chadwick Boseman & back-to-school insights
If you listened to episode 8, you know how EXCITED we were for the Brandy vs. Monica battle. So we're giving you our recap of the epic battle that brought millions of people together. We also talk about the loss of an iconic hero, checking on your strong friends and the power of your village. And for the main entrée, we discussed this unconventional back-to-school season. Two dope friends dropped by to discuss education, change, reflecting on narratives and how we can better prepare the youth for online or hybrid learning. Tune in and drop us a line on how the changing landscape of education is impacting you and your family.  
September 9, 2020
Glamping, Verzuz dreams come true + new biz perspective
We're closing out National Black Business Month with our dope friend, Dr. Ralph Herold. He shares his career journey, an inspiring story of what led him to optometry, and business advice for fellow entrepreneurs. We're also sharing our uncontained excitement for a few events coming up. Tune in to hear what we're looking forward to... Remember, you heard the prediction here first! 
August 26, 2020
Politics, National Black Business Month & #Blackgirlmagic
August is National Black Business Month and we're celebrating some of our dope friends who are also inspiring entrepreneurs. In the first episode of this 2-part series, Marty McDonald is dropping gems about her leap from corporate life, breaking norms, and her 2-day Black Girl Magic Digital Summit.
August 12, 2020
Counseling, Crystals and Christianity. Energy.
Eric Capehart joins us as we discuss black men being vulnerable. Can crystals and Christianity co-exist? Going to concerts during Covid and black cats opening doors.
July 29, 2020
Unpacking "entanglement" and #relationshipgoals
In this episode, we're diving into the now somewhat famous entanglement situationship, the authenticity of relationships and modeling healthy relationships for children to see and understand.
July 15, 2020
Our first guest, recap Juneteenth, and #blackout
Our very first recorded guest (dope friend) Tai Baker, Public Health Professional, discussion about Juneteenth, July 7th, and why the hell Shari hasn't seen School Daze until a couple of weeks ago.
July 1, 2020
BLM & SCOTUS, Insecure recap + healthy lifestyle narratives
Tune in to episode 3 to hear updates on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, SCOTUS wins, Callie's recap of the Insecure season finale and the first installment of the New Narrative segment. 
June 17, 2020
Racism, activism and tough convos
In this episode of Being The Balance Podcast, we candidly discuss the grief we're feeling after George Floyd's murder and how the inhumane treatment of black people has impacted aspects of our lives. We spoke to an African American police officer about how he nagivates in what could be considered 2 clashing worlds. Tune in for ideas on how to become a change agent and how to protect your peace. #vote #signpetitions #donate #supportBLM #joinboards #engage #havetoughconvos #getactive #enough
June 3, 2020
It's official - Welcome to Being The Balance Podcast
Welcome to episode one of Being The Balance Podcast. We invite you on our journey to growth, honesty and self discovery. In this episode, we discuss the latest Verzuz battles and Mental Health Awareness Month. Subscribe, follow, like, listen, drop us a line... all of the things to stay connected with us and be among the first to learn about new episodes. 
May 27, 2020
Welcome to Being The Balance Podcast Episode 0
We've started our podcast venture and want your input about how we can improve the future episodes. Please listen and complete the short survey that will follow in a few days. Thanks so much for your honesty and support.
May 14, 2020