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bel's shifting subliminals

bel's shifting subliminals

By Bel Aurelio
these calming subliminals are from youtube, I'm always letting their link in the description of every podccast.
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The No Method (Long Version) | Reality Shifting Subliminal
Creator: Prehokage Subliminals Video: The No method is a highly powerful reality shifting subliminal. This is a reality shifting subliminal based on the No Method. The No Method has proven to be a highly effective reality shifting subliminal for a lot of people. This subliminal uses the no method to shift to your desired reality. This shifting subliminal audio has been especially helpful in shifting realities, as well as in quantum jump using the no method/ no shifting method. Put your mind to the desired reality shifting scenario with this no method shifting audio playing in the background. There are hidden affirmations in the video that you will not be able to listen to, however, they work extremely effectively in whatever you want to manifest. You can also use this audio for quantum jumping meditation and quantum focus, using the same method. It can be used anywhere, you can even shift realities right now. Just focus, meditate, manifest. This no method guided mediation will definitely help you. You will shift tonight. I believe in you. You can shift. You can shift realities easily. You will shift successfully. You will get to your desired reality. You will shift to your dr. Shifting is easy. Reality shifting subliminal will help you shift realities.
March 30, 2021
Guided Meditation for Shifting Realities
March 29, 2021
raven method | guided medition | reality shifting
creator: front ( *the cover isn't mine, all the credits to its creator (*
March 29, 2021
alice in wonderland method | guided medition | reality shifting
Creator: syd pearlman (
March 29, 2021
Shifting Motivation Subliminal ~ Extended Version SONGS:  welcome home, son - radical face  o children - nick cave and the bad seeds  runaway - aurora  mrs magic - strawberry guy   AFFIRMATIONS / BENEFITS;  - i am motivated to shift  - i am stronger than any doubts i have  - I am an excellent shifter - shifting is as easy as breathing - i am confident in my shifting ability
March 24, 2021
Shift Reality Subliminal ~ highly effective
March 24, 2021
Remove Blockages And Shift To Your Dream Reality | Reality Shifting Subliminal
March 24, 2021
Isle Esme - Twilight Subliminal
March 17, 2021
Bella and Edward's Cottage - Twilight Subliminal
March 17, 2021
Bella Swan's Room Twilight Subliminal
March 17, 2021
The Cullen House - Twilight Subliminal
March 17, 2021
Bella Swan's House - Twilight Subliminals
March 17, 2021
Edward Cullen's Meadow - Twilight Subliminals
March 17, 2021
Edward Cullen's Volvo - Twilight Subliminals
March 17, 2021
Bella and Edward Wedding - Twilight Subliminal
March 17, 2021
Edward Cullen's Room - Twilight Subliminal
March 17, 2021