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Believe In Boston Sports Podcast

Believe In Boston Sports Podcast

Not your normal podcast.
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BSE Podcast Episode 40 Celtics Edition
Travis rides solo on this installment of the Boston Sports Extra Podcast Celtics edition! In this short and sweet pod, Travis dissects the come from behind victory against OKC, and touches on some of the positives he saw from the blowout in Detroit. As usual, there will be a juicy Hot Take towards the end!
October 30, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 38 Celtics Edition
Travis and John are back at it again in the latest installment of the Boston Sports Extra Podcast Celtics Edition! In this pod, we sit down to review the Toronto game, as well as the Knicks matchup. We preview what is to come this week, and, as always, finish strong with a few more HOT TAKES!
October 22, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 37 Celtics Edition
Travis Babcock and John Vogel host this installment of the Boston Celtics Podcast In this episode we review Boston's opening night 105-87 trouncing of the Philadelphia 76ers We look ahead to the Toronto Raptors, and, as always, finish it out with a few tasty hot takes!
October 19, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 35 Celtics Edition
Hosted by Travis Babcock and John Vogel Topic List Is it Time to Panic after a rough pre-season? John and Travis give their takeaways from the pre-season Anthony Davis Rumors! Celtics Team News and Injury Report HOT TAKE TIME!!
October 19, 2018
BSE Episode 36 Patriots Edition
BostonSportsExtra Podcast with Patriots Talk. Steve Atkinson and Andy Lykins is joined by Evan Lazar as they Preview the Chiefs ahead of SNF - Patriots Game Plan to stop Mahomes. -Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman -Predictions
October 12, 2018
BSE Podcast 34 @RedSox Edition
In this spontaneous and unscripted episode, Justin Gonzalez and Gabrielle Starr do a recap for this exhilarating ALDS between the Red Sox and the Yankees, providing a brief projection of the ALCS with Houston.
October 11, 2018
BSE Podcast 33 @Celtics Edition
Latest episode of Boston Sports Extra Podcast
October 8, 2018
BSE Podcast 32 @RedSox Edition
Hosted By: Justin Gonzalez and Gabrielle Topics Include: 1. ALDS preview of the Yankees and Red Sox
October 5, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 31 Patriots Edition
Miami Dolphins Review and Colts Preview!! Anthony Crisante, Steve Atkinson and Andy Lykins. Edelman returns, injury news, how the Patriots can win, and much, much more!
October 4, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 30 Patriots Edition
A writer Round Table!! Andy Lykins is joined by Steve Atkinson and Mike Quilty. - Biggest takeaways from the Lions game. - Patriot injury news and notes - Gordon and Edelman impact - Miami Dolphins preview on offense and defense - Game Ball and Predictions!!
September 29, 2018
Episode 28 Patriots Edition
Episode 28 Patriots Edition
September 22, 2018
BSE Podcast 27 @Celtics Edition
Hosted By: Travis, John V, and Porchie Episode Topics: 1. Jabari Bird Incident 2. Jamal Crawford and the Celtics have mutual interest 3. Gordon Hayward Presser 4. How will the Eastern and Western Conferences shake out 5. Buy or Sell 6. Hot Take Time
September 19, 2018
BSE Podcast 26 @RedSox Edition
Hosted By: Justin Gonzalez with Special Guest Joey McFly Episode Topics: They dive into the Red Sox / Yankees series and beyond. Plus, they give their takes on who will be NL / AL MVP and Cy Young and much more!
September 18, 2018
BSE Podcast 25 @Patriots Edition
Hosted By: Andy Lykins and Anthony Crisante w/ special guest Chris Blackley and Steve Thompson from Steve Hood presents Boston Sports Podcast. Episode Topics: 1. What to look for from the Patriots offense when they the ball 2. What to look for from the Patriots defense when the Jaguars have the ball 3. We discuss the injury report. Who will be out and who will get there first looks this season 4. We try and guess inactives and everything went sideways 5. We give our score predictions for the game (We all picked the Patriots :)) 6. Find out why Steve messages Chris so many times during the game
September 15, 2018
BSE Podcast 24 @Patriots Edition
Hosted By: Andy Lykins and Anthony Crisante Episode Topics: 1. Texans Review with Special Guest Matt Chatham We break down a few key positions on both sides of the ball. 2. We discuss the recent signings. 3. Should the Patriots sign some guy Dez Bryant?
September 12, 2018
BSE Podcast 23 @RedSox Edition
Hosted By: Justin, Gabrielle and Kyle Episode Topics: 1. Recap the Astros series 2. Buy or Sale: Chris Sale, David Price and Craig Kimbrel 3. Preview the upcoming series between the Jays and Mets 4. J.D. Martinez comments 5. The crew gives there rants
September 11, 2018
BSE Podcast 22 @Patriots Edition
Hosted By: Andy Lykins, Anthony Crisante w/ special guest Michael DeBate Episode Topics: 1. What do you want to see from the Patriots offense? 2. What do you want to see from the Patriots defense?. 3. What to look for when the Texans have the ball 4. What to look for when the Patriots have the ball 5. What roll do you see special teams playing this season 6. Hot button questions 7. Is Bill O'Brien on the hot seat if he loses this game at Gillette?
September 8, 2018
BSE Podcast 21 @RedSox Edition
Hosted By: Justin, Gabrielle, Kyle and Anthony Episode Topics: 1. Review of the Braves series 2. The J.D. Martinez instagram incident. Gabrielle gives you a history lesson of why this should offend people 3. David Ortiz did he bet on baseball or is the author of the next book just a douchebag. 4. Previewing the Astros series. How important is this series 5. Gabrielle nearly goes into tears talking about the Red Sox
September 6, 2018
BSE Podcast 20 @Celtics Edition
Hosted By: Travis, Jack, Kyle and Anthony Episode Topics: 1. Ray Allen conflict, why is it still going after 10 years 2. Terry Rozier trade rumors 3. Key Improvements from the bench players in 2019 4. Danny Ainge having "zero hesitation" from the front office on the Kyrie Irving trade. 5. What to expect out of Robert Williams
September 6, 2018
BSE Podcast 19 @RedSox Edition
Hosted By: Justin, Kyle and Anthony Episode Topics: 1. Should we hold off on sending Drew Pomeranz to the sun 2. Recap the White Sox series 3. Who is the MVP for the Month of August? 4. Who is the Cy Young for the Month Of August?
September 5, 2018
BSE Podcast 18 @RedSox Edition
Hosted By: Anthony, Justin, Gabrielle from and Porchie Episode Topics: 1. Review The Rays series 2. Preview the White Sox series 3. Are we worried about the Yankees catching the Red Sox 4. Who is close to coming back from the DL. 5. Finally RANT TIME!!!
August 30, 2018
BSE Podcast 17 Celtics Edition
Hosted By: Anthony, Travis, Jack and Porchie Episode Topics: 1. What did Terry Rozier say at his Pro Camps about this coming season? 2. Find out the latest Jayson Tatum news 3. We go over our Starting 5 going into training camp 4. Key area of improvements for this years starters
August 30, 2018
BSE Podcast 16 Patriots Edition
1. Who is making the roster and who is getting cut 2. Can we just let the whole Alex Guerrero / Tom Brady go 3. Who should the Patriots target when roster cuts happen? 4. We finally let Porchie talk and it doesn't turn out well
August 28, 2018
BSE Podcast 15 Red Sox Edition
The "Dirty Water Crew" is back. In this episode we... 1. Look back at the Indians series 2. We look forward to the Rays series 3. How are injuries effecting this Red Sox team? 4. The "Dirty White Boys" each go off on rant that you don't want to miss
August 26, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 14 Red Sox Edition
The Dirty Water Crew touch a ton of Red Sox updates. 1. We look back at the series against the Rays. 2. We preview the series against the Indians. 3. We discuss our feelings on the Chris Sale injury. 4. We take a look at the injury report. Who is coming and who is going. And much much more....Oh and dont forget to listen to our crazy predictions especially Anthonys
August 21, 2018
BSE Podcast 13 Celtics Edition
Does Kyrie Irving stay after this upcoming season? Who is next to shine on this team Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum? What is expected out of Robert Williams this coming season Paul Pierce talks about expectations for this years Celtics What are expectations of Gordon Hayward return
August 18, 2018
BSE Podcast 12 Red Sox Edition
On this edition the guys review the Philly series. They then look forward towards their attention towards to the Rays series and the pitching matchups. They then turn their attention to the bullpen. Is it in shambles? We then debate why is Sandy Leon is good for this pitching staff. Plus much more about this team. Are they better or just as good as the 2013 Red Sox?
August 17, 2018
BSE Podcast 11 Patriots Edition
On this episode of the BSE Podcast we bring you the latest with the Patriots at training camp. Who is shining and who is on the verge of getting cut.
August 15, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 10 Red Sox Edition
On this episode look back on the Orioles series. We go over the highs and lows of the series with injury updates. We preview the two game series against the Phillies coming up. We then round out the show talking the upcoming weekend of nicknames that they players have chosen for themselves that they will be wearing.
August 13, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 9
On this episode of the BSE Podcast we finally get into Celtics basketball now the camp is just a few weeks away. We dive into what to look for in the first preseason game of the year for the Patriots. Finally we finish up with some Red Sox talk. Just how good is this team and can they break the all time wins record in a season by the Seattle Mariners.
August 10, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 4
On this episode look at how the Red Sox are doing. We check in at Patriots training camp, Who is hot and who is not?
August 10, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 6 Patriots 53 Man Roster Predictions
We try and predict the Patriots 53 man roster ahead of preseason #1
August 10, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 7
In this episode we take a look at how the Red Sox have done against the Yankees in the first two games of the series. We also talk a little Patriots training camp as well.
August 10, 2018
BSE Podcast Episode 8 Red Sox Edition Hosted By: Anthony, Justin and Porchie
We break down the latest on the Red Sox. We look at the sweep of the New York Yankees and go over how this team continues to win with the injuries they have and a not so-called good bullpen.
August 10, 2018