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Holistic Business with Belinda Leskiw

Holistic Business with Belinda Leskiw

By Belinda Leskiw
Conversations on Business, Body and Burnout
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Episode 4: Burnout, Brick Walls and Being Kind to Yourself with Hormone Expert Kylie Pinwill
In this episode I chat with Kylie Pinwill, an accredited nutritionist and hormone expert. Kylie’s passion is working with women in their 40s and beyond who are feeling lethargic, struggling with weight gain, bloating and hot flushes, to balance their hormones and reset their metabolism so they can feel happier and more confident in their own skin. We cover working your schedule to your cycle, hitting the burnout brick wall and the dance that follows, plus what this all means if you’re peri-menopausal or menopausal. This episode is packed full of insights, tips and also warning signs to look out for when it comes to edging closer towards that burnt out business owner.
December 06, 2021
Episode 3: Why sleep is your superpower if you're a business owner
Let's dive head first into why sleep is the holy grail for business owners. We talk circadian rhythm, sleep hygiene, productivity, plus a number of sleep hacks that you can employ to really generate a good sleep habit.
November 22, 2021
Episode 2 - Is your business growth stuck at the beginner level?
In this episode I unpack common ways your business growth could be stuck at the beginner level EVEN if you are experiencing good profit margins and your books are full. Profiling two different types of 'stuck' business owners, I wonder if you can see yourself in either one of these?
November 08, 2021
Episode 1 - The why, the mission, the ethos
This is a short solo episode explaining why I do what I do, the mission I have set out to achieve and the ethos of my brand. I riff on self, systems and sustainability, and why I am so bloody passionate about small business.
October 31, 2021