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Be More Wild Podcast

Be More Wild Podcast

By Donny
Be more wild is more then just a brand it is a lifestyle. We love getting outdoors and connecting closer to nature. We realise that we humans are still a part of nature and the more we detach from the natural world the more unhealthy we become be it mental and physical. Topics we will cover on the be more wild podcast are; nutrition, exercise, primitive living, alternative health, longevity, Hunter gather lifestyle in the modern day, mental health and his connecting to nature could be a key ingredient. We will be connecting to great minds around the world and sharing their stories with you.
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December 13, 2019

Be More Wild Podcast

Be More Wild - Intro and Breakdown #1
Within be more Wild we will Speak about BODY - Fire Exercise - Primal Movement, Walking, Running, Climbing, Canoeing, Swimming. Nutrition - Primal, Paleo, Wild, Ancestral Eating. Recovery - Sleep, Yoga, Stretching, Walking. MIND AND SOUL - Water and Air Soul - Meditation, Shamanism, Great Spirit, Spirituality, Love, Kindness. Nature - Barefoot walking, returning to nature, Earthing. Mind - Meditation, Self Development, Skill Building, Mental Challenges, Trauma, Havening, Fulfilling life. Creativity - Wellbeing - LIFESTYLE - Earth Nomadic Living - Getting Off The Grid, Camper Vans, Mobile Homes. Adventure - Discovery, Travel, Get Outdoors, Trekking, Trails. Bushcraft - Hunting, Shooting, Tracking, Fishing, Cooking, Primitive Skills. Health and Lifestyle - Camping, Technology, Survival and Prepping. Re-Wilding - Returning To Nature For Health and Longevity and Happiness. 4 Types of Be More Wild Diet Plans The way we eat has changed dramatically, Be More Wild will make eating, fun, tasty and healthy. We stick to four key food sources ; - Animals, Ruminant Meat, Offal, Marrow, Insects, Fish, Game. - Plants , Fruit, Seeds, Nuts, Veggies, Leafy Greens, Root Vegetables, Herbs and Spices - Fungi, - Bacteria - Fermented Foods, Kimchi, Probiotics, Prebiotics, Kombocha, Kefir, - ( 5 if we count water ) 1. Modern Primal / Paleo Diet - Mixing all modern health teachings into a paleo / primal diet, including blue zones, bulletproof, wild diet and raw diets etc 2. Traditional Primal / Paleo Diet - No Supplements , Primitive cooking and eating local, seasonal foods. 3. Fully Raw Primal / Paleo Diet - no cooked foods, including meats and all plants. 4. High Raw Primal Paleo Diet - 70-80% of diet comes from raw plants and animals the rest is cooked food.
December 13, 2019
December 13, 2019
December 13, 2019