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Ben C Schwartz - Empire's Comics & Continuum Press

Ben C Schwartz - Empire's Comics & Continuum Press

By Ben C Schwartz
Let's talk comics, food, beer, small press publishing, and anything else that pertains to the Sacramento creative scene.
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Ep5 - Kyrun Silva Gives Us His Insight Into Starting A Lasting Small Press Line
Talking small press "getting started" in the Sacramento scene, I had to sit down with Kyrun Silva of Taurus comics. 2 publishing companies, 8 issues, and more on the way, he had some valuable insight for those just getting started.
April 25, 2020
Ep4 - Dan Bethel Talks Getting Started In Small Press
I sat down with Sacramento Creative Dan Bethel, writer/artist of Long John,  to talk about his experience in self publishing and what he thought would be important steps for anyone just getting started in the small press world. 
December 6, 2019
Ep3 - Small Press Publishing
One of the most important aspects of the Sacramento creative scene is small press publishing. Find out what it is, who is doing it, how to support it, and why you should care. 
October 18, 2019
Ep2 - Creative Women Mini-Con 2019
September 28th 2019 Empire's Comics Vault in Sacramento, Ca, celebrates its 7th annual Creative Women Mini-Con. Writers artists, painters, crafters, sculptors, novelists, game creators, and more will be down for the day. Find out more about this year's guests, origins of con, past guests, and how you or someone you know can be involved.
September 12, 2019
Ep1 - Intro
Meet Ben Schwartz of Sacramento, CA. 12 years ago, he opened Empire’s Comics Vault and has continued to grow the business and promote the local community ever since. From food drives to collecting toys for kids, from Free Comic Book Day Festivals to Creative Women Mini-Cons, and from brewery board game nights to supporting the Sacramento Roller Derby, Empire’s Comics Vault has hands in every pie around town. In addition, Ben writes, edits, and publishes for Continuum Press, which has 6 titles and 22 issues available. He is married to Continuum Press Editor-In-Chief, Jennifer Schwartz, and has an unhealthy affection for his two pugs.
July 19, 2019