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The Gerrymandered State

The Gerrymandered State

By Benjamin DePasquale
This is a mini-series on gerrymandering in Wisconsin. In three brief episodes, I will interview experts to learn more about gerrymandering history, its ramifications, and what citizens can do to end it.
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What Citizens can Do

The Gerrymandered State

What Citizens can Do

The Gerrymandered State

What Citizens can Do
In this episode, we learn about what residents and voters in Wisconsin can do to help fight gerrymandering. I speak with Penny Bernard-Schaber, a former legislator from Wisconsin's 57th Assembly District, and Carlene Bechen, the Organizing Director for the Fair Maps Coalition.
July 2, 2021
The Ramifications of Gerrymandering in Wisconsin
In this episode, we learn about how policies at the county- and state-level are affected by gerrymandering and legislative decisions. We’ll also dive into the statewide electoral concerns that arise in gerrymandered legislative voting districts. I talk with Jerry Iverson, a supervisor on the Outagamie County Board of Supervisors, and Jeff Nooyen, Chair of the Supervisor Board.
May 27, 2021
The History of Gerrymandering in Wisconsin
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In today's episode of The Gerrymandered State, we'll learn more about the history of gerrymandering in Wisconsin. I talk with Matthew Rothschild, Executive Director of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.
May 6, 2021