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Taste For Tenacity

Taste For Tenacity

By Ben Trela
Following your pull and doing work you love is one pathway to happiness. Frugality is the entry fee. Join Ben as he interviews entrepreneurs, marketers, executives, and everyone in between and learns what it takes to build a successful (and happy) career.
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037. Pushing Through the End of the World with Brittany Rhodes

Taste For Tenacity

039. Sparking Creativity with Gerald Collins.
In this week's show (the final show of Taste For Tenacity), we talk with artist and designer Gerald Collins. 
January 23, 2020
038. Humanizing Humans with Minito Reasor
In this week's episode of Taste For Tenacity, we hear from Girlfriends Glasshouse Empowerment Minito Reasor. Minito walks us through building community through vulnerability, humanizing the humans in your life, and knowing your values.
January 16, 2020
037. Pushing Through the End of the World with Brittany Rhodes
In Taste For Tenacity, Show 037, we hear from Black Girl MATHgic founder Brittany Rhodes. Brittany opens up about entering the job market in the height of the recession, data-driven storytelling, and the role of serendipity in business.
January 09, 2020
036. Obsessed with Being Better with Mic G: At the Moment
In Taste For Tenacity, Show 036, we hear from producer and fashion magnate Mic G: At the Moment. Mic walks us through his growth as an artist and how he encourages people to expand their fashion lineup.
January 02, 2020
035. From Blow Pops to a Printer Empire with Rob Dube
This week on Taste For Tenacity, Rob Dube walks us through his transition from Blow Pop plug to building one of the best small companies in the US. Rob explains the benefits of meditation and mindfulness while explaining the importance of putting the customer first.
December 26, 2019
034. Understanding the Context and Being Brave with Seema Gururaj
This week on Taste For Tenacity, we hear from the CEO and Co-founder of Square Circle, Seema Gururaj. Seema is a social entrepreneur that focuses on gender equity, urbanization, and education. She shares the value of being proactive and asking questions; being brave in new opportunities; and the differences between belonging, inclusivity, and representation.
December 19, 2019
033. Walking into Your Life with Steven Kuhn
This week on Taste For Tenacity, we hear from decorated Army veteran, speaker, and consultant Steven Kuhn. Steven opens up about his time readjusting to civilian life, his mental health struggles, and HIT (honesty, integrity, and transparency). Steven walks us through trusting your intuition and walking into our lives.
December 12, 2019
032. Consistency, Intention, and Serving and Listening with Robin Kinnie
In Taste For Tenacity, Show 032, we hear from the President and CEO of Motor City Woman, Robin Kinnie. Robin shares the importance of setting your intention early, listening to those that you're serving, and not knowing until you try.
December 05, 2019
031. Having a "No Matter What" with Michael Brennan
This week on Taste For Tenacity, we hear from Michael Brennan, CEO and cofounder of Civilla. Michael shows us why you should always have a "no matter what", and he dissects the mentor-mentee relationship.
November 28, 2019
030. Storytelling and Creating Communities with Amanda Lewan
This week on Taste For Tenacity, we hear from Amanda Lewan. Amanda is a storyteller, writer, and the co-founder of Bamboo, a Detroit-based coworking community. Amanda walks us through her transition into entrepreneurship, and even shares some pointers for the storytellers out there.
November 21, 2019
029. Building a Social Enterprise with Scot Tatelman
On this week's episode of Taste For Tenacity, we hear from Scot Tatelman. Scot is the founder of State Bags, a social enterprise that focuses on helping American families in ways they actually need. He started the #WhatDoWeTellTheKids campaign to build empathy around challenging social issues. Scot shares what it's like to build a social enterprise and how important it is to provide assistance in ways that actually help. 
November 14, 2019
028. From $2.26 to Millennial Millionaire with Grant Sabatier
This week on Taste For Tenacity, we hear from personal finance legend Grant Sabatier. Grant walks us through his story from philosophy major to millionaire. He shares some practical tips on how to build your financial future.
November 07, 2019
027. Let's Talk Money, Honey with Rachel Richards
In Taste For Tenacity - Show 027, we hear from Rachel Richards, the author of Money Honey. Rachel talks through her pursuit of financial independence, her motivation, and some practical steps to taking control of our financial lives.
October 31, 2019
026. Check Your Ego, Persistence, and Whatever it Takes with Amy Peterson
This week on the show I chat with Amy Peterson in 2013, Amy and her business partner, Diana Rogensen, cofounded rebel. Now it's a Detroit social enterprise that exists to employee educate, empower women with barriers to employment. Now prior to taking over as CEO at rebel Nell, she served as the vice president of special projects and general counsel for the Ross initiative in sports for equality arise and rise, worked as the associate counsel for the Detroit Tigers.
October 24, 2019
025. Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship and Rebuilding Reefs with Gator Halpern.
This week on Taste For Tenacity, we chat with Gator Halpern. Gator Halpern is the Co-founder and President of Coral Vita, a mission-driven company working to restore our world's dying coral reefs.  We talk about the importance of doing work that has an impact and solving big problems.
October 17, 2019
024. Application, the Learning Cycle, Work-Life Balance, Interview Prep, and Tracking Your Spending with Ben Trela.
This week on the show, we get tactical. Ben shares his insights on theory vs. application, work-life balance, job interview prep, and much more. 
October 10, 2019
023. Shorten Your Learning Cycle and Obey Your DNA with Bill Hamway
On this week's episode of Taste For Tenacity, I chat with Bill Hamway. Bill has been both an intrapreneur and an entrepreneur, and he emphasizes the importance of putting your people first. He struggled with reforming a founder's vision, and he would ultimately launch his own photo booth company.
October 03, 2019
022. Bringing It All Together with Ben Trela.
On this week's episode of Taste For Tenacity, I outline the two major premises of the show: Doing work you love is a pathway to happiness. Frugality is the entry fee.
September 26, 2019
021. Quit Like A Millionaire with Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung
This week on the show I am joined by Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung. They are bloggers, and the founders of Millennial Revolution and the authors of Quit Like a Millionaire. We chat about financial independence and how to follow your passion while still paying your bills.
September 19, 2019
020. Do Well & Do Good with Dorothy Illson.
This week on the show I’m joined by Dorothy Illson. After discovering personal development and diving in, she shifted from a career path as an accountant, which is traditionally a stable career path. And instead became the third employee at an early stage startup, which is not at all a stable path. So after helping scale the business to 6 million in revenue in three and a half years, Dorothy actually left and founded a full-service digital marketing agency called Needles Media. She is now the premier media buying partner for large personal brands and other digital product businesses. She’s also the host of “Do Well & Do Good.”
September 12, 2019
019. Wisdom Over Experience and Building Yourself First with Daniel Kwak
This week on the show I chat with Daniel Kwok. Daniel is a real estate investor. He started at the age of 20 with a whopping negative $187 and 65 cents in his bank account. Within three years, he controlled over $5 million of real estate. He's currently 25 and has 82 rental doors across the country. He owns a real estate investing education company and his YouTube channel has taken off with 50,000 subscribers.
September 05, 2019
018. Above and Beyond with Paul Riser, Jr.
In this week's episode of Taste For Tenacity, I talk to Paul Riser, Jr. from TechTown Detroit. Paul's story highlights the importance of finding the balance between passion and expertise. He shares that who knows you is more important than who you know. Paul talks about preparation, intentionality, and finding a job where compensation isn't the only reason you're there.
August 29, 2019
017. Asking the Question with Jasmine & Joseph Mims.
On this week's episode of Taste For Tenacity, I chat with Jasmine and Joseph Mims - cofounders of Abundant Culture, Inc. Jasmine and Joseph highlight the importance of watching who you follow, asking for opportunity, and the power of partnerships. They share their experience in the military and the challenges of returning to civilian life.  Resources: Transfer Credit Websites (Transferology).  Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.  7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.  MONEY Master the Game by Tony Robbins.  Principles by Ray Dalio. 
August 22, 2019
016. Quit Quickly with Alan Donegan.
In Taste For Tenacity, Show 016, I chat with Alan Donegan. Alan's an entrepreneur, blogger, and the co-founder of the PopUp Business School. We chat about the importance of quitting quickly, investing in your education, and what people actually remember about you. This is an action packed show, and Alan does a great job of sharing his experiences.  Resources: PopUp Business School. Alan's Website. Notes from a Friend by Tony Robbins. Toastmasters.
August 15, 2019
015. Compete with the Best with Nicholas Bayerle.
This week, I'm joined by Nicholas Bayerle. Nicholas is a podcaster, entrepreneur, and coach.  We talk about the downsides of hating to lose, the two types of people, and creating your own school. He discusses why we should focus on actions over outcomes and the differences between mentors and coaches.  Resources: The Modern Day Businessman: Success without Sacrifice. Russel Brunson
August 08, 2019
014. SURVIVE with Jay Adams.
Taste For Tenacity - Show 014. In this week's show, I chat with Jay Adams. Jay is an artist turned creative director. We cover his transition from audio engineer to artist, his move into branding, and how he SURVIVEd.  Resources: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron Write a Pain Letter Shut Up and Do the Work by Stephanie Synclair Jessica Kobeissi
August 01, 2019
013. Trust the Process and Trust Yourself with Luke Burrows.
This week on the show, I'm joined by Luke Burrows (@reallukeburrows). Luke is the creator of Grow2Gether, Co-Host of the Motivational Mentors podcast, and a entrepreneur. In this week's show, we go in depth on how to align with your end goal, leading with value, and trusting the process. Resources: Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck Gary Vaynerchuk The Secret to Success with CJ, Karl, and Eric Thomas
July 25, 2019
012. Build Your Network with Travis Chappell.
In this week's episode of Taste For Tenacity, I sit down with Travis Chappell. Travis is the host of the Build Your Network podcast and a self-taught expert in networking. We dive deep on what networking is, how to bring value to others, and how to create explosive growth in your career. This is an action packed show! Resources: Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast with John Lee Dumas Do Well & Do Good podcast with Dorothy Illson BiggerPockets podcast and last (but certainly not least) Build Your Network with Travis Chappell
July 18, 2019
011R. Philmont Recap with Ben Trela.
This week's show is a follow up to last week where I first introduced myself. I share some of the things I learned while on the trail at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM.  Our regular interviews kick back off next week, and we have an action-packed show waiting for you!
July 11, 2019
011. Q&A with Ben Trela.
This week, we're changing things up a little. Rather than a traditional interview (where I interview myself), I wanted to share more about my background using a Q&A format. We hear questions from those close to me (family, friends, former coworkers). 
July 04, 2019
010R. What We've Heard So Far.
In this week's show, we took a step back to listen to some of the key themes that have emerged so far. First is the fact that we're all chasing happiness in one form or another. Next is listening to your pull. Third, we touch on the different ways to balance regular employment with your passion, and we wrap up by discussing the fact that we can all win.  Oh, and, for the first time, I'm a guest on someone's show! Check out the Do It For Yourself podcast (Instagram: doing_it_for_yourself), where Ian interviews people from a variety of backgrounds. Ian does a great job with the show and I'm super grateful for the opportunity to guest!
June 27, 2019
010. Litigation, Venture Capital, and the WWE with Gabe Karp.
This week on the show, I chat with Gabe Karp. Gabe started his career as a trial lawyer before eventually stepping into an operational role with a startup. He stayed with that company throughout its growth and exited when it was acquired by a private equity firm. He and a few other players in the Detroit area then launched Detroit Venture Partners, where Gabe is currently a partner. In this show, we chat about his experience as a lawyer and how it translated throughout his career. Gabe emphasizes the importance of knowing how to deal with people and emotions. Key takeaways: Learn how to develop relationships and interact with people. Leverage your flexibility and time when you're just starting your career. Being responsibly aggressive in entrepreneurship.
June 20, 2019
009. Listening to Your Pull with Lisa Barbour, CPA.
This week on the show, I'm joined by Lisa Barbour, CPA. Lisa is an accountant that has cycled through a number of different roles. While with PwC, she worked in audit and eventually spent time building training curricula within the firm. She eventually moved to Rock Ventures, where she worked to build transparency through financial reporting. Lisa left Rock Ventures and is building her own consulting practice. Lisa discusses entering the workforce during the financial crisis, her experience in accounting, and the importance of listening to your pull.  Contact Lisa:
June 13, 2019
008. Commitment, Syndication, and Building a Scalable Business with Gino Barbaro.
This week on the show, I'm joined by Gino Barbaro from Gino is a real estate investor, a certified life coach, and a co-host of the Wheelbarrow Profits podcast. In this show, we talk through what it means to build a scalable business and the importance of commitment. Gino also mentions how important it is to communicate with partners, investors, and other people in the trenches.  Resources: Wheelbarrow Profits Wheelbarrow Profits, Movers and Shakers, Multifamily Zone
June 06, 2019
007. Ambition, Financial FREEDOM, and House Hacking with Scott Trench.
This week on the show, I'm thrilled to welcome Scott Trench. Scott is the author of Set for Life, host of the BiggerPockets Money podcast, and the CEO of BiggerPockets. We talk about ambition, the Four Pillars of Personal Finance, and the power of house hacking. Scott was my first introduction into the world of personal finance, and his method has stuck with me. He doesn't focus on trimming the smaller expenses that we get the most joy out of. Instead, he uses house hacking to wipe out the largest expense we have: housing.  Four Pillars of Personal Finance: 1 - Minimize your spending 2 - Maximize your income 3 - Invest your savings 4 - Build assets/businesses Resources: How to Hack Your Housing and Get Paid to Life for Free  Set for Life Mr. Money Mustache BiggerPockets
May 30, 2019
006. Building an Audience and Balancing Your Side Hustle with Lauren Brady
In this week's show, I'm joined by Lauren Brady. Lauren is a marketer for a large commercial real estate firm based in Chicago and does marketing for influencers and companies in her free time. Our conversation goes in depth on what's important while building an audience and offers some specific tactical advice.  Resources: Gary Vaynerchuk  Shortcut Your Startup
May 23, 2019
005. A Coffee Shop Conversation with Jonathan Warner
Taste For Tenacity - Show 005. In this show, I share a conversation that I had with Jonathan Warner. Jonathan is a former DJ and a strength coach in Atlanta. We talk about the mindset of entrepreneurship and aligning your actions in pursuit of your goals.  Books:  The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy Music:  She Ready by Chris Porter
May 16, 2019
004. From Intern to Director of Accounting with Matthew Roling
TFT Show 004. In this show, I'm joined by Matthew Roling, who is the director of the accounting program at Wayne State University. We discuss entrepreneurship, tips for young professionals, and surrounding yourself with the right people. Music: She Ready by Chris Porter Resources: Gary Vaynerchuk  Sapiens: A Brief History of Human Kind Contact Matt:
May 09, 2019
003. Screen Printing, Real Estate, and Processes with Mike Taravella
TFT Show 003. In this show, I'm joined by Mike Taravella from Next Level Investing. We discuss his move from screen printing to real estate, the importance of processes, and surrounding yourself with the right people. Books:  Cash Flow Quadrant; Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book - Joe Fairless and Theo Hicks Connect with Mike: Social Media - @nlinvesting Email - Music by Dj Quads
May 02, 2019
002. Failure and Opportunity with Gus Alivizatos.
In this week's episode, Gus and I discuss failure, how to rebuild, and the benefits of changing your mindset.  Music by Dj Quads. 
April 25, 2019
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April 18, 2019