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The Benchracing Network

The Benchracing Network

By Jared Gant
Step into the shop with host Jared Gant and his gearhead friends. We'll talk about vintage cars, motorcycles, airplanes, boats, steam power, and pretty much anything else with gears that moves.
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"You don't take the wheels off of a train, you take the train off of the wheels" with Keith Rucker
TBRN takes a field trip to South Georgia to talk to Keith Rucker of about his shop, restoring vintage metalworking machines, and his volunteer work at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture. The episode beings with the sounds of the 1917 Vulcan narrow-gauge steam locomotive that Keith helps keep on the rails at the museum. Be sure to check out Keith's Youtube Channel to see what projects he's working on in the shop this week.
November 20, 2019
"The last pull on that cigar was a little spicy" with Derrick Wooten
After a long hiatus, TBRN is back! In this episode, my longtime friend Derrick Wooten joins the show. We chat about our journey in the car world together, our various projects, and the binder for all of it, Turbobricks, THE Volvo performance community. Derrick is a Charlotte-based Volvo service technician, photographer, blogger, and one hell of a driver. Check out his website at for more of what's going on in his world. Stay tuned for a couple of great upcoming TBRN episodes!
November 08, 2019
Murphy to Manteo on Old 64
I join my good friend Josh Luckadoo to discuss our recent motorcycle trip from the extreme western point of North Carolina to the extreme eastern tip along the original route of US-64 as it ran in 1932. The trip took us through dozens of small towns that the highway bypasses have forgotten,  Beginning at the tripoint of TN, GA, and NC, we wound our way though towns like Clay's Corner, Valdese, Conetoe, Williamston, and so many more, meeting some really interesting people along the way and making a memory we'll never forget.
June 21, 2019
Jeff Herold and the Greenhouse Moto Cafe
The Greenhouse Moto Cafe in Mills River, NC, is a lot of things...a vintage motorcycle collection, a live music venue, a craft beer lover's paradise, but owner Jeff Herold sums it up as a "dive bar, and a damn good one". Now entering their fourth season The Greenhouse has become a destination for beer drinkers and motorcycle riders, and all manner of people that overlap those interests. Join TBRN as we talk with Jeff about his motorcycle collection and how The Greenhouse came to be. Also, be sure and stop in to check them out any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evening from Spring to Fall. For more info, check out their Facebook page at  
June 21, 2019
"I'm not the kind of guy to have a five-year plan, I'm pretty much just winging it all the time" with Killboy
This week, TBRN takes a trip to the Tail of the Dragon, US-129, Deal's Gap, or to locals, simply "The Mountain" to talk with Darryl 'Killboy' Cannon, the original Tail of the Dragon photographer. We'll talk about big wheel racing, naked hitchhiking, and his journey to becoming the fixture on the mountain that he is today.  Be sure to check him out at, @killboydotcom on Instagram, and on Facebook. As always, thank you to Porch 40 for providing the music for the TBRN podcast. Check out their sophomore album "Radio Edit" on Spotify or your favorite music streaming platform.
May 20, 2019
"I have a vehicle that should never do this, so let's be systematic about blowing it up" with Eric Ziegler
After a brief break due to scheduling conflicts and broken cars, TBRN is back! This week, we're talking with Eric Ziegler about his turbocharged Buell motorcycles, SPG Saabs, his next-level Audi RS4 forced induction build, and the wizardry of electric superchargers! For more info on the turbo Buell XB12, check out his website and be sure to follow along with the Audi project at 
May 02, 2019
Mid-Week Update 4/17/19
Quick snapshot of what's new with TBRN and the guest we have coming up this week!
April 17, 2019
"He said he hit a little pothole, but he was OBVIOUSLY sending it" with Nick Bragg
Nick Bragg and his Audi CQ Quattro rally car join us to discuss rally addiction, vegan pizza, and me beating on vehicles I don't own.  Be sure and follow @s2_cq_rally on Instagram to keep up with Nick and his car as they prepare for the Southern Ohio Forest Rally here in just a few weeks! 
April 15, 2019
"I Found This Wagon, and it's $300...and I've got $300" with Kyle Long and Travis McBride
Kyle Long and Travis McBride join the show to talk about their cross-country misadventuresin their vintage wagons. Kyle drove his '66 Volvo 122 Amazon with a 2.5 Volvo Whiteblock 5 cylinder with ITBs, a Ford T5 transmission, and air suspension, and Travis took his 1970 Toyota Corona Mk.2, with a Megasquirted 22RE and W56 (W58? We don't know) trans. 
April 08, 2019
What's Coming Next
This is getting real! I've got three amazing guests I'll be talking to in the near future. Play the episode to find out who they are!
March 29, 2019
What is the Benchracing Network?
In the first episode, you'll get an overview for what the podcast is going to be about, an introduction to your host, and more!
March 28, 2019