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The Eileen Dover and Gail Thacker! Show!

The Eileen Dover and Gail Thacker! Show!

By Eileen Dover
This podcast contains but is not limited to, opinion, interviews, reviews, comedy, tragedy, the latest in the New York City and worldwide world of art and howling from the underground! Brought to you by Eileen Dover ; The Gene Frankel Theatre; and 24 Bond Arts Center
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Kevin Aviance serves wit, genius, while spilling tee on his latest and upcoming projects!

The Eileen Dover and Gail Thacker! Show!

Kevin Aviance serves wit, genius, while spilling tee on his latest and upcoming projects!

The Eileen Dover and Gail Thacker! Show!

Kevin Aviance serves wit, genius, while spilling tee on his latest and upcoming projects!
"Work. Fierce. Over. Aviance!" Coming to The Gene Frankel Theatre! Kevin Aviance has been ruling the dance floor and shaping the music scene for decades. His performances address social and political issues. Kevin’s music and performance finds a sociopolitical power for the LBGTQ+ community. Ruling the crowd with magical 10-inch heels; movement and the creation of top-hit dance music confirm Kevin’s place historically. No doubt about it: Kevin and the House of Aviance are Hollywood-story material. The “non-traditional” House of Aviance has birthed incredible talent. Papa Joe and Mother Juan foster and support the House of Aviance family talents—a continued uprising of fierce, black queer culture. Note: The talented Eileen (Dover) Aviance, our incredible host is also in the House of Aviance. ❤️ Favorite songs: “Mary (The Lamb)” feat. SAMURI DJs, 2021 “Cunty”, 1999 A highlight among Kevin’s videos is “Cunty (The Feeling)”, directed by Ralph Modica, 2006. You may find Kevin Aviance performing and spinning records 24 Bond St NYC 10012 Drinks & Food available Dance floor is cobblestone so wear your flats. “Let’s Dance the Night Away” June 18th - 7pm
June 10, 2021
ARCHIVE Penny Arcade in July of 2015
Penny Arcade sits down with Eileen Dover and we discuss raising money and awareness to the struggle of a then ill and dying icon, Holly Woodlawn. RIP Holly!
June 04, 2021
The Guy Furrow AKA Miss Guy Interview
Miss Guy, lead singer of the band The Toilet Boys, photographer, artist, and glam rock icon, sits down with Gail Thacker and Eileen Dover to chat about art in the time of COVID. Guy talks about his inspirations, and collaborations with folks like Debbie Harry, Boy George, and his band. In this episode we also get to hear samples of The Toilet Boys’ music and delve into Guy’s visual artistry. Please visit Instagram @missguynyc The Toilet Boys can be heard on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming platforms. To find out more about Gail Thacker Check her out @patroid on Instagram or For information on Eileen Dover check out or all social media platforms @theeileendover #rockandroll #missguy #gailthacker #24bondartscenter #eileendover #boygeorge #debbieharry #blondie #cbgb #toiletboys #art #NYC #performance
June 04, 2021
Penny Arcade talks about her upcoming memoir and so much more
Penny Arcade aka Susana Ventura is an artist of many mediums most notably a writer and performance artist. Her work spans decades and can be seen on patreon and soon, hopefully back on stage where she has performs. internationally in sold out shows across the world! She is always straightforward and speaks her mind and she has been a champion of marginalized people and always adds an important voice to the narrative of not only the LGBTQ community but the world at large. Arcade holds up a mirror to society, asking many of the questions that need asking.
May 05, 2021
Alex Sepassi & Erin Ko Rock and Innovation!
Our guests tonight are two NYC artists. Alex Sepassi (@silverrelics) & Erin Ko (@erinkostudios). They tell us about the creation of an interactive, mixed reality music video for the newest single from Silver Relics, Tails. They share with us their individual experiences. Yet the core of this interview is the meeting of two incredible artists and their approach from different mediums. How they find a common ground to emerge the physical actuality of Alex performing with the digital magical reality of Erin’s work. Alex Sepassi is the founder & frontperson of rock group-Silver Relics. Beginning at age 10, Sepassi actively honed a raw talent as a vocalist, performer at an early age and by his late teens, a prolific songwriter. The influence of the iconic British songwriters of the 1960s and 1970s, along with the technicolor experiments of the psychedelics and brooding ’80s indie rock. He deftly incorporates the best of these influences while adhering to a classical “songs first” philosophy. New York producer Howie Beno cut Silver Relics first album! . Following a successful tour of Ireland and the UK in the summer of 2019, the band enlisted the refined talents of English-born bassist and composer, Mark Crozer (The Jesus and Mary Chain). After working together for some time, Crozer brought his JAMC rhythm counterpart, Brian Young in on drums. The band is currently in the studio recording their sophomore album set to release in 2021. Erin Ko is a mixed media artist based in New York. Ko’s interactive art plays with Mediated Reality, Collective Consciousness and Layered Experiences. She combines analog art-making methods with new media tools to address our complicated love/hate relationship with technology. Her experiential work often includes video projection, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more. She has worked in digital media for 20+ years.Central to Ko’s art-making philosophy is the tenet that voyeurs must be able to engage with the work in an analog sense; that people be allowed to curate their own experience based on how much technology they invite into the moment. Ko’s work has been exhibited internationally, including in London, Mexico City, Beijing, New York and Berlin.
April 12, 2021
Michael Musto, Legendary Journalist and Personality talks post pandemic with Eileen and Gail
Michael Musto has been a constant in New York Cities’ underground scene. He brings the night right in to the day and is never one to mince words. He is kind, compassionate, and still manages to make the tea sizzle! Musto was one of the first television personalities to be openly gay when ne’er the word was spoken! He’s here to talk about what he’s been doing, post pandemic predictions, and the return of the Village Voice. Follow him on Twitter at @mikeymusto Instagram at @musto184 and check out his work in the Village Voice, soon with an all new online presence!
April 04, 2021
Dave Navarro breaks bread with Eileen Dover and Gail Thacker
Our guest the amazing Dave Navarro is not just a lead guitarist - note: a kiss ass lead guitarist - but also a visual artist. He uses his art as a tool against social injustice. He has been on this journey since his since his mother was murdered some years ago. He understands the pain and the injustices he finds and explains his new sociopolitical art that touches a core in all of us. Ok, yes he is the one and only legendary Dave Navarro, we all know him from the Ink Master, Jane’s Addiction and The Red Hot Chili Peppers (sixth album, One Hot Minute (1995). He is a-rock star. Yet when my friend Jane introduced us, he was easily approachable Dave was curious like an artist is. I hope you enjoy this podcast created out of love; an in-depth conversation with Dave about his thoughts on art, life, mental health and social justice. Dave has created a limited edition art print entitled More Government Care? under his nom-de-art lifeafterdeath. The powerful piece touches on both the U.S. treatment of immigrant children as well as the COVID-19 crisis in our homeless communities. You may check out & follow Dave on @lifeafterdeathstreet @dueldiagnosis
March 29, 2021
The Katherine Cheairs Interview!
Eileen Dover and Gail Thacker engage in incisive conversation with activist, curator, and filmmaker Katherine Cheairs, touching on her work as an activist, and on her examination of the AIDS epidemic’s effect on the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) community. The podcast also touches on Cheairs’ documentary, Ending Silence, Shame & Stigma: HIV/AIDS in the African American Family, which takes the audience on a historical journey by listening closely to the voices of women of color during the AIDS epidemic. Links: Metanoia: Transformation Through AIDS Archives and Activism Ending Silence Click Link here Password: Sun76
March 22, 2021
The Eileen Dover Interview! Host Gail Thacker flips the script and interviews co-host Eileen Dover!
Our podcast this week is an interview with our host, Eileen Dover. Eileen and I spotlight artists and activists in NYC every week—questioning who we are and how we got there, who influenced and helped create the LGBTQ+ art scene we are now a part of. Activism has played a big part in art-making, as compared to art about art. That said, we thought it would be important for you to know more about our host, Eileen. Dover arrived from Boston, already-known and successful as a performer and night-club personality. Today she is also a visual artist, and writer and creates her own clothing line that highlights the personalities she meets along the way. I hope you enjoy our podcast as we discuss life and art with Eileen Dover. Shop Eileen Dover on Instagram @theeileendover for photos of art and clothing. Find Gail’s art at or on social media @patroid Please support living artists! Gail Thacker’s Venmo @gail-thacker-1 Eileen Dover Venmo @mwf76 all donations go to support this podcast as well as the 24 Bond Art Center. We also like to pay our artists and guests on the show so any contribution is most appreciated!
March 01, 2021
Sur Rodney Sur and Jack Waters Presented by Eileen Dover and Gail Thacker
As we focus on our movers and shakers, those that keep the ball rolling in our New York City art scene, our guests this week, Sur Rodney (Sur) and Jack Waters, are the first that come to mind. Their friendship is a tapestry of survival, art, and activism. Their ever-present importance and work in our queer creative communities is historic. On our podcast we take a journey with them from the turbulent 1980s to the present, where numberousprojects on AIDS and activism have unfolded. Presently, Jack Waters is launching his new book and other publications with Allied Productions Inc./Le Petit Versailles/Peter Cramer, and Sur Rodney (Sur) is archiving the work and history of Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks, and Lorraine O’Grady. About us: Eileen Dover, and The 24 Bond Arts Center, Venmo @mwf76 or @gail-thacker-1 • For more information on Gail Thacker’s Polaroid art go to and for theatre info see • For information about Eileen Dover go to or social media @theeileendover • To purchase Eileen’s art or clothing see Depop @officialeileendoverThank you for tuning in. ALLIED PRODUCTIONS, INC./LE PETIT VERSAILLES Returns to the Friendly Fire section of Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair February 24–28, 2021 OUR VIRTUAL TABLE: (goes LIVE February 24th) PHOTO CREDITS Photo of Jack Waters by Lynn Sachs Photo of Sur Rodney (Sur) by Phillip Ward .
February 21, 2021
Helixx C Armageddon!!! Presented by Scalleywaggers the Eileen Dover and Gail Thacker Show
Helixx C Armageddon reads a Valentines poem about heartbreak and discusses her journey to the art world Helixx C Armageddon takes us on a journey revealing a sensibility of our collaborative spiritual, psychological, and lyrical love. Helixx C Armageddon for more information on Helixx go to @helixxwashere on Instagram or To donate to Helixx, Gail Thacker, Eileen Dover, and The 24 Bond Arts Center Venmo @mwf76 or @gail-thacker-1 For more on Gail’s art go to and for further information about Eileen Dover go to Or social media @theeileendover or to purchase Eileen’s art or clothing head to Depop @officialeileendover Thank you for tuning in.. This episode is dedicated to the memory of many people we’ve lost this year including Michael Endora Schiner.. We keep them in our hearts as we trudge the road to happy destiny! Xx
February 15, 2021
Artists Hapi Phace and Jorge Clar
For more information on Gail Thacker and her art go to or to @patroid on social media. For information on I Eileen Dover go to or@the Eileen Dover on social media. For more information on Hapi Phace go to for information on Jorge Clar go to and don’t forget to subscribe and tune in every Sunday night for Scallawagers with Eileen Dover and Gail Thacker! This show is free so feel free to donate at Venmo @mwf76 or @Gail-Thacker-1 and please specify who you’re donating to. You’re welcome to donate to any of our artists, or to Eileen Dover or Gail Thacker. Please just indicate who the donation is for in the notes section of Venmo. We thank you so much for tuning in and staying safe! To contact us directly please email us at
February 08, 2021
The Nora Burns Interview! Streamed live from the Gene Frankel Theatre
Eileen Dover and Gail Thacker sit down with Nora Burns, Comedienne, writer, Actor and LGBTQ Icon! This episode was live streamed from The Gene Frankel Theater and is brought to you by The 24 Bond Arts Center and Bend Over backwards productions. For information on Gail Thacker go to or social media @patroid For information on Eileen Dover go to or social media @theeileendover For information about Nora Burns go too or on social media @noraburns
January 24, 2021
2020; A Year in Review! Episode 102
2020 was a rollercoaster for the whole world. We lost, we grieved, we loved and supported each other albeit from afar....Gail Thacker and Eileen Dover touch upon some of the issues we faced in 2020 and how the artistic community found ways to keep theater and art alive for our beloved audiences, New York City is not over, and we will rise from all of the adversity stronger and more united. As we move into the twenties, may we all have health, happiness, and most of all, Love! #BLM #NYC #Gailthacker #eileendover #love #genefrankeltheater #blacklivesmatter #24bondarts #NewYorkCity LINKS Nerve by Jodie Harsh Paul Alexander For fashionable masks check out SuzeGX on Facebook. Dietmar Busse Ethan Shoshan - Visual AIDS- Katherine Cheairs Eileen Dover HOWL Gallery Susan Martin-Some Serious Business www.some serious Gene Frankel Theater
January 08, 2021
Heklina, Goddess of San Francisco!
One on one with the fabulous and controversial “tell it like it is” diva, Heklina!
January 07, 2021
Welcome To My World! Episode 101
A brief episode about some of what’s to come and what Bend Over Backwards Productions and Eileen Dover offer including BUT not limited to -tutorials both makeup and looks- coaching, how to become the best version of whatever your medium is artistically- Information about what’s going on in NYC’s underground- and a welcome message to take part. Let me know if you want to hear from someone specifically so that I can reach out and interview them. Let me know if there’s something that you feel deserves attention! Let me know if you want me to react or review a show, an album or an artist. This is a podcast for the people! No censorship, no line too wide to cross. For everyone’s sake and to make this enjoyable! UPDATE Gail Thacker joins Eileen as co-host!
December 26, 2020
December 25, 2020
December 25, 2020