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Life Coach 180

Life Coach 180

By Dj Lopez
Discover your purpose by developing tools that help you navigate through life's challenges. Receive inspiration through dynamic speakers, testimonies and Bible application to help you succeed.
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What is your parenting style?
In this podcast we will be able to develop and equip you in the best practices of parenting in a Biblical context by examining God’s Word as well as scientific research .  So that we can identify your parenting style as well as the past influences that developed it. Resources: 4 Parenting Styles Life Coach 180 Blog with resources
February 20, 2022
Steps to Prepare for the Blizzard of Anxiety
In life we can’t prevent a blizzard or a winter storm from being encountered. They both bring freezing and dreary weather and we must adjust and prepare for both.  One comes quickly to over power and consume while the latter has a longer duration intended to beat us down. Anxiety is similar which can approach us in either form but though we can’t control the nature of the storm or season we can predict the outcome.  Anxieties job is to beat you down day  after day with thoughts that give rise to feelings of despair and hopelessness.  But embracing the winter moments can actually be your ticket to freedom.  In this podcast discover the tools to help you navigate through the winter months of anxiety.  Discover more resources at 
December 24, 2021
Fear Less Tomorrow (Max Lucado)
Notes taken from Trade Your Cares for Calm.  Fear less tomorrow as I share 8 "Worry Busters" by Max Lucado.  Learn to weigh your worries as temporary limps in life and not chains that hold you back.
September 15, 2021
Achieving True Success (Les Brown and Tom Billyeu) Impact Theory
"You don't get in life what you want.  You get in life who you are." To achieve success in life you must develop a pure hunger from a heart that it centered in transforming others as you develop.  In the podcast I pulled out quick notes in 8 minutes to help you dive into success.
September 14, 2021
Your Weakness Could be Your Greatest Knock Out Punch
Under estimating your weakness could leave you down for the count.  For every set back there is a comeback left in you.  In this episode you will  learn that just like Jimmy Braddock, there is a left hook that resides in you.  Resources:  4:8 Principle and The Book of Amazing Stories
July 07, 2021
Part 2 Fight Club (Learn to embrace forgiveness and accept your calling)
In this podcast we explore forgiveness in the most extreme manner.  If you think your relationship is over think again!  If you believe your calling is gone or you are still waiting for the miracle cure, don't wait any longer.  Learn to get off the bench an into the game.  
June 16, 2021
Think Like a Thermostat
Involves self control and the ability to regulate the environment versus the environment and behaviors of others regulating you.  A thermostat can regulate and control an environment but by contrast a thermometer responds to the environment.  Learn truths to shift from a thermometer to a thermostat. Resources: Interactive lessons includes PDF files
June 05, 2021
A Second Chance "Fight Club" featuring Angel Olivo, Bernie Rivera and Steve Hernandez "Steady Stylze"
Real talk from real men being honest with life, family and emotions.  Learn how to triumph by changing your past filters in exchange for spiritual lenses.  Realize that a second chance awaits you by shifting what you believe to be true to what God says is actually true.   Notes from Winning the War in Your Mind - Pastor Tommy Kyllonen  What Radical Husbands Do is a book written by a man for men. It gives people things to do not to be. No "psycho-babble", "religion", or "feel-good frills". Just straight up advice from a guy who has screwed up and learned how to make his marriage work through hard times. Marriage isn't a game of chance. Are you willing to put your chips on the table and go all-in to win and keep your wife's heart? This book shows you how. Quick review on Power Thinking 
May 08, 2021
Change the Course of Anxiety by Learning to Trust (featuring Liz Lopez)
This episode will prepare you to develop a trust that replaces anxiety.  Listen to compelling stories and foundational tools from the Word of God that bring you Life. From a mothers heart to you, be reminded how much you can trust through anxiety.
April 28, 2021
9 Techniques to Power Shift through Past and Present Hurts
In this episode you will find some tools that can help you power shift through pain and hurts. They will help you develop some new techniques and keep you from reacting in negative ways.  We take a Biblical perspective and utilize 9 tools from Psychology Today. Resources: Psychology Today 
March 18, 2021
Set Boundaries and Live Limitless
Have you been feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  Do you feel you have been lugging around not only your burdens but others as well?  You struggle with saying no?  In this podcast you will discover tools to gain your time back as well as personal space while enhancing your relationships.  Resources to set boundaries:   1.        2. 3.
February 27, 2021
Steps to Breakthrough Regret
The process of healing must start with yourself.  Do you regret what may have happened either directly or indirectly as your fault?  Your are redeemable and your thoughts no longer have to keep you in prison.  This podcast will teach you to focus on your emotions without embracing them,.  Acknowledge the mistakes by using them as stepping stones to climb the mountain of life and succeed.  He are some practical resources to help you  through self regret
January 03, 2021
There Is a Comeback Left In You!
Are you feeling the fight is over?  Has life beat you down to the point that you have given up?  Don't throw in the towel just yet.  Please let's get up one last time and get back in the ring together.  The episode was crafted and designed especially for you.  Yes You!  So don't wait let's do it together and Win!  
November 23, 2020
Conquer Anxiety by Living in the Present
Today's podcast features tools to help you overcome anxiety and stress.  Each day we mean well to avoid the stresses of life but our mind "subconscious" has another plan.  Yet we can win the battle!  You have what it take in you, so light the flame.  Let's begin to live in the present.  
October 31, 2020
Offer Your Very Best featuring a study from (John Maxwell and Les Parrot)
John C. Maxwell and Les Parrott, PH.D in their book 25 Ways to Win with People will teach us steps to make others feel valuable and the impact it will have in our own lives.  Experts have noted when you work to possess a giving spirit-this routinely benefits yourself while in the process benefits others. M.E. McCullough and C.R. Snyder, “Classical source of human strength”  
September 27, 2020
Power Shift from "Anxiety to Serenity and Calmness"
We are in a state of mental strain as we deal with the new pressures in these never foreseen times.  Our generation is facing anxiety at a level never experienced before.  Families are breaking as lives and jobs are being lost.  Schools are reopening with no social distancing and America is the now the leader in the Covid 19 pandemic.  As a country we have never been so divided in politics as we seek who we can trust to lead us into the future Yet, there is hope and this episode will challenge you to rethink your purpose and peace even in the middle of a storm.  Join me on this quest from anxiety to serenity.  Remember you are the greatest gift that has been created and your peace of mind is worth it.  You can contact me at for support.  We would love to hear how this episode has been a blessing.  We love you.
September 14, 2020
Shift from procrastination to your destiny (featuring Jeffery HIcks)
In this episode you will learn to shift negative thoughts that cause you to procrastinate and apply Godly principals that lead you to your destiny.  Author and podcaster Jeffery Hicks will teach you how to apply the principals of "Power Shifting" in order to shape your destiny.  Listen to the life story of Joseph and Moses come alive as you enter into their though process.
August 26, 2020
Steps to protect what you most value (Protect Your Birth Right)
In this episode we will take a journey through the life of Esau and Jacob, two brothers who fought over their birth right.  We will unpack practical tools to protect your relationships by developing steps to keep you focused on what is worth fight for.   So let's fight for your birth right!
July 27, 2020
Session 4 The Power of Communication Part 1
Have you ever wondered where do you fit in the conversation?  How is it possible that you feel so left out and people continue to cut you off?  You just want to be heard!  Today we will explore steps to "Power Listen" by developing tools on how to develop affective conversation
July 20, 2020
Session 4 The Art of Being Understood
In this episode you will develop skills to lead you into the art of understanding intimate conversations.  It's not a matter of being heard but being decisive in being understood.  To listen you must be willing to process and and embrace you audience.  First seek to understand rather than to be understood.
July 20, 2020
Session 3 Shifting Gears
Have you experienced times in your life where you have felt stuck?  Your foot is on the gas pedal, but you are not moving any where.  You can hear the engine of life rev up and you look around and others are passing you by.   This lesson will equip you tools to jump start and develop strong relationships by shifting your thinking from auto to a manual transmission.  Find resources at   sign up on our Youtube Channel to receive virtual lessons  Stay connected on  and follow powerful quotes on update releases on
June 01, 2020
Power Shift (Develop Trust)
Objectives: 1.  Today we will examine several ways to develop trust in relationships. 2. So that we can create meaningful experiences by the shifting of our thoughts. 3. You will know you have it when you can shift your mental focus towards positive (trusting) thoughts.  When problems or circumstances occur during your day you will be able to control and navigate your thoughts towards a trusting God and who is faithful. Here is the Why? Today I want to examine the power struggle between your mental state, problems you face, and how your reaction determines your actions in order to focus on and experience life in a new way.
May 16, 2020
The Power Shift (New beginning)
Objectives: 1.  Today we will examine how changing our minds will change our day. 2. So that we can create meaningful experiences by the shifting of our thoughts. 3. You will know you have it when you can shift your mental focus towards positive thoughts.  When problems or circumstances occur during your day you will be able to control and navigate your thoughts which will create a better day for yourself. Here is the Why? Today I want to examine the power struggle between your mental state, problems you face, and how your reaction determines your actions in order to focus on and experience life in a new way. Session : Power Shifting Your Mind
May 11, 2020