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NOTA BENE: This Week in the Art World

NOTA BENE: This Week in the Art World

By Benjamin Godsill & Nate Freeman
NOTA BENE is the podcast version of a boozy lunch at Sant Ambroeus in which adviser Benjamin Godsill and Vanity Fair art columnist Nate Freeman dish fresh art world gossip from Dimes Square to Mayfair, peel back the curtain on auctions, galleries and fairs—and, critically, tell you where to eat and drink in every museum-stuffed port of call. Plus there’s a special guest each week, and we’ll roast them good regardless of how much clout they carry on the circuit. It’s NOTA BENE. Don’t close the deal until you tune in.
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Special Guest Harper Levine

NOTA BENE: This Week in the Art World

Special Guest Harper Levine

NOTA BENE: This Week in the Art World

Across the Pond featuring Special Guest Kon Trubkovich
Nate joins from London to fill Benjamin in on all that he is missing out on during Frieze week. They also cover Larry Gagosian's attendance at a party Nate hosted and Benjamin's shocking ban from Instagram (F*ck Zuck). Benjamin is then joined by interm co-host Mills Moran and artist Kon Trubkovich to discuss being self taught, the trials and tribulations of an art career, their relationship as artist and gallerist and Kon's current show at Gagosian Gallery. All that and more only on Nota Bene: the ONLY art podcast. 
October 15, 2021
Mercury in Retrograde: with special guest host Mills Moran
Better-late-than-never we are back with the added attraction of a third wheel, guest host Mills Moran. We jump right into it discussing fractional art investment vehicle Masterwork's One BILLION dollar valuation and semi-absurd claim to be the biggest active buyer in the art market. Speaking of crazy prices we break down the $200 a month price tag our friend Josh Baer is charging for access to his list list of underbidders past. And we discuss the opening of Frieze Cork Street and what the model potentially portends for the future of art fairs and pop-ups.  And from LIC we discuss the opening of MoMA PS1's "Greater New York" and what shows like this mean for the art market. And where to get a mean sandwich nearby. All that and more only on Nota Bene, the only art podcast. 
October 9, 2021
Ugly Americans: With special guest collector Alain Servais
Nate and Benjamin start off by chatting about their week in New York including Nate's pre-karaoke check-in with Lorde at Dr. Clark. Benjamin discusses his attendance of the reopening of the Met Opera for the premiere of Terence Blanchard’s “Fire Shut Up in My Bones” including an epic stop-and-chat with dealer and frequent pod foil Adam Lidemann and Rashid Johnson's exhibition on view at the opera house.  The gents are then joined by ascoted collector and pontificator Alain Servais to briefly discuss a recent blow-up concerning comments he made about americans in basel before they move on to more interesting subjects such as his history collecting, the paramount importance of art over money, an earlier, smaller art world, and his favorite places to travel to see art. All that, and more, only on Nota Bene. Don't transact until you've listened. 
September 29, 2021
Basel Recap: See you in June
Another great one-on-one pod from the Nate and Benjamin. They recap the highs and the lows of Basel; the booths, the gossip, the dinners and the parties. All while jet-lagged on a Sunday. Check in and get hear about everything you missed from two of the only loud, price-asking Americans who made the trip. 
September 26, 2021
Schweizerdeutsch: Live from Zürich
Nate and Benjamin report live from Zürich on all the openings and happenings there in Advance of the ArtBasel (Basel) opening tomorrow. They cover all the dinners, all the wurst, all the collectors, dealers and parties. Plus a special report from Benjamin's quick trip to London and and an exclusive look at what some of the top dealers are bringing for their stands at the first major art fair to take place in Europe in over 2 years.   LETS FU*K!NG GO (to Europe)
September 19, 2021
Call Your Sponsor: With special guest Alissa Bennett
The boys rap about the week that was in the art world including all the art fairs, fashion shows & parties.  We are then joined by the doyenne of bad behavior herself Alissa Bennett to talk about how to be a great (and sometimes terrible) guest at an artworld dinner. Plus we delve into the deletion of her "Regret Counter" instagram account and how there are just people in the world who hate fun. That and SO MUCH MORE with the coolest lady in the artworld only on Nota Bene.
September 13, 2021
Paint the Lines: with special guest Reilly Opelka
Nate and Benjamin rap about this week in the artworld including: all the gallery openings, The Armory and The Independent as well as Sotheby's big "win" of the Macklowe Collection and what Art Basel is doing to help galleries off-load some risk.  We are then joined by professional tennis player and art collector Reilly Opelka to discuss life on tour, his interest in art, his friendship with painter Friedrich Kunath and his close relationship and sponsorship by Antwerp's Tim Van Laere Gallery. We get into his recent fine for rocking a dope pink TVLG branded bag at the US Open, the annoyance of player bubbles, where the good food is at and his cutting edge fashion taste.
September 9, 2021
Mergers & Acquisitions
The Boys recap a certain upstate wedding before discussing further M&A news highlighting the tie up of several mini-mega gallerists into one behemoth: LGDR. Then, courtesy of W Magazine we get a peek into the Los Feliz home of the power-house gallerist David Kordanksy and his wife the artist Mindy Shapero. All that plus a preview of next weeks New York art fairs and so much more, only on Nota Bene. 
September 2, 2021
The Booster Shot
Nate and Benjamin gather to check the vibe and gab about all that's new and fresh in the art world including Nate's first column for Vanity Fair, Benjamin getting his ass kicked by Adam Cohen on the courts, if art fairs in Europe are really going to take place in September and October (they are: LFG), and the Tiffany x Jay/B x JMB collab. Catch it all in the latest edition of the only art podcast that matters. 
August 25, 2021
See you at the Met Gala: Special Guest Rachel Tashjian
Nate and Benjamin recap the Parrish Art Museum summer benefit, the first under new director and friend of the pod Kelly Taxter. They go on to discuss the sad passing of two icons from different generations, Chuck Close and Kaari Upson. They are then joined by Downton icon and The Gentleman's Quarterly fashion critic Rachel Tashjian to discuss the Met Gala (twice), good (and bad) fashion/art collaborations, the best dressed people in the art world, the dress code for Nate's big summer event, Sterling Ruby as a fashion designer, and why The Times should revive On the Street and Evening Hours with the brilliant Mordechai Rubinstein taking over from the dearly missed Bill Cunningham.  
August 20, 2021
Winter is HERE: featuring special guest Sara Friedlander
As always Nate and Benjamin kick things off by wrapping up all the week's art world news and tidbits.  We are then joined by Christie's Deputy Chairwoman of Post-War & Contemporary, Art Sara Friedlander to learn about all the ins-and-outs of the auction game, her life in the arts, the state of the market and Russ and Daughters V.  Barney Greengrass. Sara is whip-smart, funny and truly insightful, you won't want to miss this one.
August 11, 2021
Nota Bene: Escape from Los Angeles
Nate and Benjamin recap their trip to Los Angeles for Felix; all the parties, all the dinners, all the fucking pod-casts and of course Hunter Biden. All that and more on this week's edition of NOTA BENE the ONLY art world podcast. 
August 4, 2021
Nota Bene X Felix: Fernando Mesta
Wrapping up our Felix coverage here in LA we are joined by the fascinating and fun Fernando Mesta, founder of the Mexico City and Los Angeles based gallery House of Gaga. Fernando is both fun as F and a serious intellect who is committed to his artists and providing them with an innovative platform for their practices. Check it out!
July 31, 2021
Nota Bene X Felix: Olivia Barrett
We are joined by the proprietor of Los Angeles gallery Chateâu Shatto, the brilliant Olivia Barttett to discuss her founding of the gallery, how she got started in the Australian Art Scene and what she sees for the future of the art scene in Los Angeles. 
July 30, 2021
Nota Bene X Felix: An interview with Hunter Biden
A big NOTA BENE exclusive—we have a very special chat with Hunter Biden, the eldest son of the leader of the free world, who has become one of the world's most famous artists months before the opening of his first solo show. In a candid interview, Hunter talks about how he got first bit by the art bug at the National Gallery, his love for the work of Mark Bradford and David Hockney, how his dad is the first person to see new paintings, and addresses for the first time the prices for his work and the wacko conspiracy theories surrounding who's buying them. Above all else, Hunter opens up about his passion for making art, and empathizes with anyone who's ever had to struggle to become a successful artist. 
July 30, 2021
Nota Bene X Felix: Tim Blum & Jeff Poe
The legendary proprietors of stalwart LA (and Tokyo, and New York) gallery Blum and Poe join the boys to discuss their history with hotel art fairs. While this week's Felix is their first one in a long time it certainly isn't their first. They go on to discuss where the art market and gallery is now in a post covid world and what changes might be wrought. You won't want to miss this episode with these two absolute heroes. 
July 29, 2021
Nota Bene X Felix: Meredith Darrow
Nate and Benjamin sit down with art advisor to the stars Meredith Darrow to talk about art and life in Los Angeles, what it's like working with Kendall Jenner on her art collection, and what she might be looking to acquire for client's at Felix this week. 
July 29, 2021
Nota Bene x Felix: Rick Garzon
We are joined by Rick Garzon, the founder of Inglewood's  Residency Art Gallery's. Rick is an amazing gallerists and curator with a deep commitment to the act of community building. An Inglewood native Rick returned there after a career in advertising and opened his gallery in 2016. Rick shares his story and his passion for catering to and developing new local audiences for contemporary art. 
July 28, 2021
NOTA BENE x Felix: Dean Valentine and Mills Morán
Nate and Benjamin are taking over a suite in the Hollywood Roosevelt and teaming up with the Felix Art Fair to whip up a slew of quick-hit special edition pods with some legends of the LA art scene. First up are Mills Morán and Dean Valentine, co-founders of Felix, who swing by the suite to talk about  the decision to go ahead with LA's first in-person fair in 18 months, why this is a breakthrough moment for local galleries, how sick it is to have a legit bank sponsor, and whether or not the new Nancy Silverton joint in the Roosevelt is any good. 
July 27, 2021
Montauk Downs with special guest Max Levai
Nate and Benjamin meet up for a special summertime in-person live (to tape) intro. They cover their epic Hamptons meet-up and art odyssey; the recent departures of Noah Horowitz and Rebecca Ann Seigel from (respectively) ArtBasel and Frieze; The galleries that are skipping Basel Basel and those participating for the first time and well as this Fucking Dick. They are then joined by gallery owner, restauranteur and visionary mad-man Max Levai to discuss his amazing new project in Montauk, The Ranch. Max is special and so is this project, don't miss this special behind the scenes description of how it all happened and what the future holds.
July 23, 2021
Special Guest Harper Levine
Harper Levine is one of the most special people in the art world. Beginning as a rare book dealer in Minneapolis Minnesota in 1997 he has recently become known for his ability to truffle hunt for emerging and overlooked talent in the visual arts and has given several artists that are now market darlings their first gallery shows. He now has three spaces, his East Hampton flagship as well as "Harper's Apartment" on the Upper East Side and a space in Chelsea with plans to open in Los Angeles later this year and a second Chelsea space in 2022. In this wide-ranging interview we talk about his beginnings in the book trade, his move to the Hamptons, his turn towards visual art, how is friend Richard Prince is the most important book collector ever (!), his rapid expansion and much much more. Harper has a generous and wide-ranging intellect and an infectious love of life and you won't want to miss his story. 
July 15, 2021
Rosé All Day: art and gossip from Edgartown to East Hampton to LA to Malibu
Nate and Benjamin catch-up on all the gossip from the art world including: Nate's first trip to Martha's Vineyard (to see this show), Benjamin's boat rides and art world barbecues, their dislike for Hunter Biden's paintings (but love of Hunter), the MacArthur "genius" grant art show in Chicago celebrating 40 years of grant giving in the visual arts, the FBI arrest of an art fraudster, Jerry Saltz refusing the bag and a whole bunch more. Don't miss this episode of the ONLY ART PODCAST.
July 14, 2021
Nate & Benjamin discuss the 4th of July in the Art World
Hosts Nate Freeman and Benjamin Godsill discuss their respective 4th of July's as well as various events from Mexico City to Montauk. Only on the ONLY ART WORLD PODCAST, Nota Bene. 
July 7, 2021
Known Unknowns with James Michael Cardoso Schaeffer
The gents are joined by art advisor and curator James Michael Cardoso Schaeffer to discuss the news of the day including the fact that Nate is joining Vanity Fair, and the death of Donald "known known and known unknowns" Rumsfeld. In the art-world itself they cover the opening of the LUMA foundation in Arles as well as the opening of Laura Owens new exhibition, also in Arles, at the Vincent van Gogh foundation. They go on to chat about the very touching interview with Thomas Houseago about his trauma-induced breakdown, the recent Phillips sale,  Jim Shaw joining Gagosian, and much, much more. 
June 30, 2021
Weekly Bonus Wet-Paint Wrap-up
Nate and Benjamin discuss the exclusive, world-famous fondue-less fondue party Nate hosted on an East Village roof-top last night and go on to discuss an exciting new exhibition at Gagosian that opened this week before breaking down all the gossip that was fit to print in this week's edition of Wet Paint (the art worlds ONLY gossip column). The audio quality is a bit "eh" but the content is killer. 
June 25, 2021
Special Guest Carolyn Ramo Joins
Nate and Benjamin riff on weddings, father's day, Cady Noland's new exhibition, and how art is a terrible vehicle for laundering money no matter what The Times says.  They are then joined by Artadia Executive Director Carolyn Ramo who discusses how she kicked Benjamin's ass in tennis recently and more importantly how her organization provides direct funds to artists. She also discusses how Artadia along with several other organizations joined together in an unprecedented manner to raise and give away 25 million dollars in emergency grant funding for artists affected by COVID. And Gossip. So much GOSSIP.
June 22, 2021
Wet Paint Round-up
Nate and Benjamin drop in a for a quick chat to catch-up on all the gossip worth knowing from this week's Wet Paint and beyond. The begin by discussing some upcoming nuptials (but perhaps not those you think) and segue to Benjamin's trip up to Ossining to check out the art and design fair Object & Thing which is housed in a jewel of post-war modernism, the Luss house. They then discuss recent dinner invitations and gallery openings. Most importantly they dig deep into this week's edition of Wet Paint; prying back the paywall to discuss Libby Mugrabi's ongoing divorce and recent, um, eyebrow raising (?) podcast appearance, the maybe/maybe not photoshopped instagram account of art advisor to the stars Maria Brito, and THE FIRST NEW WORK BY CADY NOLAND IN TWENTY YEARS. All that, and more, on this week's bonus episode of Nota Bene. 
June 18, 2021
Special Guest Collector Scott Lorinsky
Nate and Ben gab about all the news that's fit to air. On the culinary tip they discuss Kingston Wine Co., one of the best small wine stores in America as well as one of the best Jamaican restaurants, Top Taste, also located in Kingston as well the runaway prices of lobster rolls in downeast Maine. In more visual arts news they discuss the preventable tragedy that struck Dorothea Rockburne's studio and how the (alleged) tech bro who caused it is refusing to pay up.  They are then joined by the innovative and passionate collector Scott Lorinsky who shares how he got into this world we call art.  This episode is brought to you by See Saw, available in the App Store. 
June 15, 2021
BONUS POD: Wet Paint Gossip and other Friday Media
Nate and Benjamin breach the paywall and discuss all the hot gossip from this weeks WET PAINT. We also touch on some great instagram posts featuring prominent young painters at dinner parties in mega dealers' town houses and other great media from around the world (well, from The New Yorker and New York Times).
June 11, 2021
Robert Sheffield joins from Sutton Park to discuss his life in the arts
In the introductionNate and Benjamin briefly discuss how Los Angeles is not thriving like New York is in these post pandemic days including Benjamin's sub-par meal at Petit Trois (le Valley). They then look forward to icon Alice Waters forthcoming Los Angeles restaurant at The Hammer. They then go on to discuss NY media comings-and-goings, a move from Pace to Zwirner, the first REAL Gala and some crazy results from the Phillips sale in Hong Kong. They are then joined by curator, art advisor and country gentleman Robert Sheffield for a heartfelt conversation touching on the meaning of art, moving out of the city but remaining in the contemporary arts fold, and the future of art and commerce in England and beyond in a post-pandemic world. This is a great conversation and one you won't want to miss. 
June 8, 2021
Friday Bonus Episode with Hot Gossip from this week's Wet Paint
Some quick hits from around the art world focusing on the only gossip column in the art world, Nate's Wet Paint. Nate discusses his original reporting on a new lawsuit against MoMA trustee Leon Black, Larry Gagosian's bedroom hang of a painting by Issy Wood, and a whole bunch more. The audio quality is a bit "meh" but hey, this Sh!t's free!
June 4, 2021
An interview with LOMEX gallerist Alexander Shulan
Nate and Benjamin discuss lobsters, (sort of) saving a child's life and other memorial day hijinx. They are then joined by writer, curator, gallerist (and former star intern) Alexander Shulan to discuss the evolution of his LOMEX project, real estate in New York and going back to school for his PhD (in a non-art related subject). We delve deep into his current show, a solo exhibition by Kye Christensen-Knowles - a current crowd fav. If the crowd is Nate and Benjamin anyway. 
June 1, 2021
Guest Star Alissa Bennett: The Best Gallery Girl in New York History (and that's just the start)
Nate and Benjamin discuss what they have been eating, the art they have been seeing and all the week's hot art gossip.  They are then graced with the presence of writer, researcher, (real) podcaster and Gladstone Galleries Director Alissa Bennett to discuss how she got to the top of the front desk heap (while making friends and influencing people along the way). We learn Straight Up about her humble luxury retail beginnings before she gives tips and tricks on how the youth of today can master the front desk game. Then we go behind the scenes to hear about her legendary instagram account @regret_counter_ and how her in-depth research into celebrity fandom led to her newest instagram sensation @westwood_village_mortuary which tracks a totally different type of auction from what we usually cover.  NO BULLSHIT: Alissa is one of the most accomplished, smart and funny people in the artworld you will NOT want to miss this episode. 
May 24, 2021
Post-Auction Bemelmans Blues featuring Broadway Gallery's Joe Cole
The gents discuss their trip to the recently reopened Bemelmans, that upstate life and a bunch more before being jointed by guest Joe Cole; collector, eater, suburbanite, dad, and co-founder of Broadway Gallery (along withPascal Spengemann). 
May 19, 2021
In Person Fairs Return: A recap of Frieze week with Andrea Neustein
Nate and Benjamin are joined by guest host Andrea Neustein to discuss the first in-person art fair in the states in over a year (Frieze, NY). And of course all the attendant dinners and parties and gossip. Only on Nota Bene
May 12, 2021
Lock Kresler joins from london to discuss the highlights of the upcoming Sotheby's and Christie's auctions
Nate fills Benjamin in on what he missed in Mexico City last week and tells the tale of the dream that led to a huge Kentucky Derby payday before briefly discussing the passing of art collecting lion Eli Broad.  Special Guest and charter Crab Posse member Lock Kresler then dials in from London for a detailed discussion of some of the top lots coming up for auction next week at Christie's and Sotheby's. A long time auction house specialist and art dealer Lock is an encyclopedia of knowledge about the art market and shares some amazing details and astute analysis about some of the pictures going under the hammer in New York next week. We discuss works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Martin Kippenberger, Matthew Barney, friend of the pod Joel Mesler, Jonas Wood, Alex da Corte, the most amazing Robert Colescott imaginable, what's going on with Rudolf Stingel and a whole slew more.  Nota Bene: Don't raise your paddle (or sign an irrevocable bid contract) until you've tuned in. 
May 3, 2021
Our Man in Seoul Andrew Russeth, Koons leaves Larry (and David) and Lunch at Contramar
With Nate reporting from Mexico City while Benjamin holds down the fort in NYC the gents discuss Jeff Koons defection to Pace Gallery, long lunches at Contramar, the passing of epic collector Hans Rasmus Astrup, consolidation in the art logistics game, supermodel Emily Ratajkowski's chic NFT trolling of Richard Prince and Olafur Eliasson's spectacle at the Beyeler Foundation in Basel. They are then joined by award winning Art Critic Andrew Russeth who shares what he has learned about art and food since moving to Seoul during a global pandemic including rumors of a Frieze bringing an edition of their art fair there, the potential fate of the 12,000 item, 2.5 billion (with a B) art collection of longtime Samsung chair Lee Kun-hee, and most critically all the tasty food he is eating. 
April 27, 2021
An Interview with gallerist Mills Moran
In the first half Nate and Benjamin discuss trivialities including the resumption of power breakfasts at Balthazar, the trendiness in the artworld of the expensive Prolon fast and the 4/20 reopening of steakhouse standby Smith & Wollensky. They go on to discuss Paula Copper's legacy planning as revealed in last Sunday's Times and how that highlights the lack of such public announcements by other top gallerists (happy birthday Larry). The lads go on to discuss some of the blockbuster lots Sotheby's has announced for their May sales as well as their results from Hong Kong including a record result for recent guest of the pod Joel Mesler. Benjamin shares what he has learned in his recent immersion into the antiquities market ahead of a Christie's sale this week including how Logan Roy of Succession may be driving a particularly hot segment of that market. Nate then shares some background on some reporting he did on Frieze LA that was recently featured in his column. The second half features an interview with Mills Moran of Los Angeles gallery Morán Morán wherein he discusses his new gallery in that city as well as their forthcoming expansion to Mexico City. Mills also tells us about the history of his gallery, how it has changed over the years and how they managed during the pandemic. All that, and more on Nota Bene. Don't close the deal until you've listened. 
April 20, 2021
NOTA BENE: with special guest host Andrea Neustein
Benjamin and Nate are joined by the brilliant Andrea Neustein to discuss what's what in the world of contemporary art this week. The three discuss Manhattan's best byo restaurant (wu's wonton king) and Benjamin's sublime sommelier and ordering skills; the hypebeast status of gear from Andrea's alma mater (Spence); the Whitney Independent Study Program; the change of venue for the 2022 edition of Frieze LA and the potential for a Frieze fair in Seoul; ArtBasel Hong Kong's pared down 2021 exhibitors list; the results of Urs Fischer's non-fungible token auctioned on Fair Warning; the (sort of) solidified attribution to Da Vinci of the painting Salvator Mundi sold at Christie's to Saudi ruler Mohammed bin Salman for $450 million in 2017; and the recently announced Met Ball. We wrap-up the first half of the pod discussing the Venice Biennale scheduled to open next year and past european art travels to documenta and  Skulptur Projekte Münster and how art-world travel  may change in a post pandemic world. The second half of the pod focuses on recent and forthcoming gallery openings, Nate's encyclopedic knowledge of Taylor Swift  AND the forthcoming New York Mayoral election featuring Benjamin's mea culpa for flirting with Andrew Yang as his choice. Nota Bene: Don't transact in the art market until you've listened. 
April 13, 2021
NOTA BENE: An interview with the gallerist Stefania Bortolami
Nate and Benjamin discuss Nate's overactive social life including his *very* fancy literary-influencer dinner at Dr. Clark's. They are then forced to discuss Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) as superstar artist Urs Fischer is auctioning his first one off with Loic Gouzer's invitation-only app-based Fair Warning auction house. This leads to a discussion of the reported tension/jockeying between Urs, his main gallery (Gagosian) and Fair Warning backer and Pace Gallery head-honcho Marc Glimcher. The main event is an interview with the innovative gallerist Stefania Bortolami. The interview delves into her early  professional years including running a project space in Barcelona and then her tutelage under the seminal dealer Anthony d’Offay. We then discuss what it was like to move to New York and work for Larry Gagosian and the subsequent decision to break out on her own.  In addition to talking about some of the innovations her gallery has made, Stefania breaks important news in announcing her forthcoming "Artist's City" project in Buffalo this summer with one of the market's most in-demand painters. 
April 6, 2021
NOTA BENE: An interview with the artist Joel Mesler
Nate and Benjamin have a quick chat on the news of the day covering passover seder, the stunning David Hammons show at The Drawing Center, how Frieze is trying to stage a safe in-person art fair in New York next month and Nate's profile of market phenom Robert Nava. In the second half we are joined by the artist and gallerist Joel Mesler who--hot on the heels of his sold out exhibition at David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles--breaks down his personal and artistic history. We cover his wayward youth in Los Angeles, his college years and (brief) move to Israel, graduate school in San Francisco, his place at the center of the all important Chinatown (LA) art scene of the early aughts, his gallery move to New York and later East Hampton and how he pivoted to becoming a fulltime (and highly in-demand) artist.  You won't want to miss this legendary recontour and his insightful take on what his long and varied journey has taught him about the contemporary art world and life in general. 
April 1, 2021
NOTA BENE: The Introduction
In this introductory episode of NOTA BENE your hosts--art advisor Benjamin Godsill and Wet Paint columnist Nate Freeman--give a short introduction to the Note Bene world. They discuss the best places to get a drink in art world capitals including London (Dukes), Zurich (Kronenhalle Bar), Miami (Mac's Club Deuce) and Basel (split decision between the Kunsthalle Bar and the bar of the Three Kings Hotel). Less louche (but no less interestingly) they discuss the future of Hong Kong as an art world capital and a host city for major art fairs given the political climate there. Wrapping it up they preview what we can look forward to in upcoming episodes of this brand new podcast focusing on the art world including: the art market, travel, art fairs, auctions and galleries brought to you by two insiders who have seen it all.  
March 29, 2021