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Bernard Walter

Bernard Walter

By Bernard Walter
I'm here to share stories. Sometimes, interesting things happen and I can't help but share. I hope you enjoy my perspective and my take on the world.
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Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting | What's the Point of My Podcast?

Bernard Walter

Lessons from Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of P. Teague's How to Start a Podcast Book
I've been reading How to Start a Podcast: Launch Your First Podcast with No Previous Experience Required by P. Teague. Over the course of the last week, I managed to read chapters three, four, and five. I took some tidbits out of those chapters that I'd like to share with you. I'm hoping that Teague will start sharing out tips on how to create engaging content next. You can get a copy of P. Teague's book here: The blog can be found here: The YouTube channel can be found here:
April 15, 2020
Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting | What's the Point of My Podcast?
I didn't make much headway this week but I did get a few ideas sorted out. I answered the question, "Why do I want to start a podcast?", in a couple of ways. I even came up with a description of my future podcast. Image attribution: Aiwok / CC BY-SA (
April 8, 2020
Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting | Episode 4: Narrowing My Focus to Podcasting
Trying to put together a blog, vlog, and podcast each week was getting to be too much for me. I decided that I should narrow my focus to just the podcast, and use that as my hub. The blog and vlog will grow out of the process of creating a podcast. In the video, I explain my thinking and provide some suggestions if you're working on a project of your own that you think isn't getting anywhere.
April 1, 2020
Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting | Episode 3: Keeping Track of Your Ideas
In this episode, I talk about the methods that I've been using to keep my ideas for this project organized. In the end, it's really up to you to find what works best for you. I find that pen and paper help me think best.
March 25, 2020
Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting | Episode 2- The Structure of Each Episode
This week, I go over some of the struggles I had with putting together a structure for the blog, vlog, and podcast. I also highlight some of my successes. In the end, I think I came up with something workable that I'm sure will change as I continue on with this series.   In Episode 3, I plan to discuss some considerations when keeping track of your ideas. On the blog, you'll find images of some of my notes.   Tim Harford's TED Talk Blog YouTube playlist
March 18, 2020
Blogging, Vlogging, and Podcasting | Episode 1: Introduction
I'm going to start documenting my learning about each of blogging, vlogging, and podcasting. My hope is to be able to find out which is the best platform to express my ideas and also to share my learnings with you. Ideally, you'll be able to learn through my experience.  For each episode, I'll be posting a blog, vlog, and podcast, which is only apropos. Be sure to subscribe to all three or just the ones that work best for you. Please feel free to leave any questions, comments, or suggestions that you might have. Not only am I looking for feedback, but I might also be interested in finding out the answer to a question that you have.   Blog YouTube
March 11, 2020