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By Bernie Kempen
Our firm is known for a client-centered approach in all areas of family law. In our podcasts we will cover all family law topics, such as:

- Mediation
- Child Custody
- Child Support
- Types Of Divorce
- Division Of Property
- Divorce With Unique Assets
- and much more..

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Setting Up A Successful Solo Practitioner Office
In this podcast Attorney Bernie J. Kempen goes over Setting Up A Successful Solo Practitioner Office. For more information, please visit us today: Family Law Attorney In Alameda County, Castro Valley, San Francisco and Modesto California
July 19, 2021
What It Means To Have A Solo Family Law Practice? - Episode.1
Check out our first episode to series of podcast on Solo Family Law Practice. If you need more information or have Family Law Concerns or questions, visit us today:
June 3, 2021