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Berning In Hell

Berning In Hell

By Hannah Berner
Host Hannah Berner gets her guests to open up about their own personal hell. She interviews comedians, reality stars, and entrepreneurs who are admired for their good looks, massive followings, dream jobs, and luxurious lifestyles but Hannah proves that we all have demons. You’ll laugh and cry listening to guests open about their biggest insecurities, fears, and anxieties. The devil works hard, but Hannah works harder.

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Marriage & Martinis: Choking Your Husband & Hot Mess Moms

Berning In Hell

Marriage & Martinis: Choking Your Husband & Hot Mess Moms

Berning In Hell

Caitlin Reilly: Problematic People & Loving To Hate
Caitlin has soared to TikTok fame with her comedy videos making fun of all the people you hate AKA fitness influencers, WASPY moms, the girl who bullied you in high school, the coworker you hate on zoom, and even the precocious child in a British rom com because kids can be assholes too. She cracks me up and we learn a lot more about what makes her "tik" on this episode in hell.
May 13, 2021
Hannah Ferrier: Being A Yachtie & Secret Panic Attacks
Bravo's Chief Stew of Below Deck Med had a rough last season where she was fired... but a lot in her life has changed. She has a man in her life (who was not her original type) and a new baby! She reflects on decisions she's made in her life and the drama that has ensued. She also gives us amazing traveling advice because we all need a vacation.
May 6, 2021
Sarah Nicole Landry: Stretch Marks & Sanity
The Birds Papaya is in hell to address her divorce, disordered eating, body shaming, 22,000 unanswered emails, and the baby on her boob. She is the stretch mark queen and we love her so much!!!
April 29, 2021
Ria Ciuffo: Hoes In The Office & Getting High
Ria started as an intern at Barstool and is now a full time content creation queen. She smokes, she jokes, and she THRIVES in hell. She opens up about her deepest insecurities, her biggest regrets, and her impressive passion for fast food.
April 22, 2021
Remi Bader: Not Loving Your Body & Blowing Up
Remi has exploded on TikTok while showing what shopping and clothing hauls are REALLY like. She explains how she went from jobless to having 1 million followers in 6 months. She opens up about eating disorders, anxiety, and her crush on Jonah Hill. 
April 15, 2021
Christina Galston: Being Messy & Freakin Jewrican
Pee your pants hilarious comedian, Christina Galston, takes us on a journey through hell with her insane storytelling and bad bitch but self deprecating vibes. GET TIX TO MY LONG ISLAND SHOW HERE:
April 8, 2021
Kara Loewentheil: How To Unf*ck Your Brain & Change Neural Patterns
Kara is the first MASTER Certified life coach to come to hell. She has a B.A. from Yale and a J.D. from Harvard Law. Her coaching is rooted in cognitive psychology-based techniques and feminist theory and she blew my mind!!!   GET TICKETS TO MY STAND UP SHOW IN LONG ISLAND HERE:
March 31, 2021
Blake Horstmann: The Villain Edit & Being A Bachelor
We love bringing Bachelor contestants to hell. Blakely explains the anxiety that came with being on the show and how he handled being portrayed as the ultimate f*ckboy on TV. When America hated him more than ever, he shared a text message to expose the edit. He lived to tell the tale and discusses how the whole experience has changed his perspective on dating.
March 25, 2021
Buried By The Bernards: Going Viral & The Death Business
Deja & Debbie Bernard are the stars of the new popular Netflix show, Buried By The Bernards. Fun fact, their Showrunner is Ian Gelfand from Summer House! They discuss what it's like to run a family business that's all about death and how they manage not to kill each other in the process. Also, they explain how the hell they got a Netflix show! These women are hilarious, amazing, and VERY entertaining.
March 17, 2021
Kelsey Cook: Her Pandemic Divorce & Dealing With IBS
Hilariously talented Kelsey Cook comes to hell to discuss beating boys in foosball, getting divorced they day before quarantine, and how her comedy career came to be.
March 11, 2021
Ashley Hesseltine: Dating Younger Guys & Doing Nervous Poops
Ashley is back and plays a very intense game of heaven or hell.
March 4, 2021
Victoria Garrick: Body Image & The Hidden Opponent
Victoria Garrick used to play volleyball at USC and now she is giving TED talks about mental health and raising awareness on social media about body image and eating disorders and so much more. She is no stranger to hell and we love her so much.
February 25, 2021
Brendan Sagalow: Women’s Tricks & The Friend Zone
Hilarious comedian, Brendan Sagalow, has a new comedy album out and he's really good at pigeon noises. Listen here: PROMO CODES Feals: Get 50% off your first order with free shipping at Apostrophe: Get $15 off your first visit with a board-certified dermatologist at Liquid IV: Get 25% off when you go to https://LIQUIDIVDOT.COM and use code BERN
February 17, 2021
Jackie Schimmel: The Bitch Bible & Her Velcro Vagina
Jackie is way too comfortable in hell. She discusses why she hates influencer culture, her delusional confidence to drop music when she can't sing,  cheating, why her dog smells like yeast, her worst habits, and much more. PROMO CODES: Noom: Sign up for a Noom trial at BetterHelp: Get 10% off your first month at Dipsea: Get a 30 day free trial at Upstart:
February 11, 2021
Katie Maloney-Schwartz: Tequila & PTSD
Katie is reality TV royalty and comes to hell to discuss her traumatic accident, how she really fell for Tom, her regrets being on Vanderpump Rules, and much more. PROMO CODES: Helix Sleep: Get $200 off your new mattress at Skillshare: Get a free trial membership at Adam & Eve: Get 10 free gifts using the code BERN
February 4, 2021
Doug Ellin: Creating Entourage & Fighting Success
Doug Ellin opens up about what is was really like to write Entourage and the hell we went through to get there and how the hell things are going now. Episode promo codes: Liquid IV: Get 25% off with promo code BERN at https://LIQUIDIV.COM Ritual: Get 10% off your first 3 months at ExpressVPN: Get 3 months free at
January 27, 2021
Amanda Hirsch: Not Skinny But Not Fat & Just Had A Baby!
Amanda is back in hell and a lot has changed. Hannah has a lot of questions about what it is ACTUALLY like to pop a baby out and have to take care of it. They also laugh/cry at the mean stuff people say about them. Episode promo codes:  Betterhelp: Feals:  Upstart: ExpressVPN: 
January 21, 2021
Chloe La Branche: Going To Rehab 8 Times & Drinking With Grandma
Chloe is a couple days sober and her demons are still out to play.  COME TO THE LIVE SHOW TONIGHT:
January 13, 2021
Michaela Okland: She Rates Dogs & Does It Well
She exposed Chris D'Elia's messages with underage girls and has called out countless men for inappropriate social media behavior on her account @SheRatesDogs. Her favorite things are nice guys and reminding people that "girls fuck."
January 7, 2021
Tommy Marcus: Being Unhinged & Creating Quentin Quarantino
On his first ever podcast interview, Tommy reveals the truth behind the biggest account of 2020: Quentin Quarantino.
December 24, 2020
Gizelle Bryant: Potomac Royalty & Finding Greatness
Word on the street is that Gizelle is in hell spilling on how she became a Housewife and all her inner demons.
December 16, 2020
Vera DiLeo: Nana Still Got It & She's 79
You guys asked for it- NANA IS IN THE HELL BUILDING!!!!!! aaaaand she delivered. We laughed, we cried, and we got weird. Enjoy. GET A CAMEO FROM ME FOR 25% OFF TO GIVE AS A GIFT! Use promo code BERN at for $10 Off your first pair Sign up today at to get 30% off your first box for 10% off today!
December 9, 2020
Ginny Hogan: Toxic Femininity & Zoloft
Ginny is a comedy author and stand up. She shares with Hannah her creative process for writing articles, books, comedy, and tweet. She also opens up about her anxiety because, well, she's in hell.
December 2, 2020
Rayna Greenberg: Advanced Dirty Talk & Tasting Butt
Rayna is back in hell explaining how she made herself workout for the first time in her life, how she decorates her apartment, the best kind of dirty talk, her current dating situation, and an intense game of heaven or hell. Get 3 weeks of EveryPlate meals for only $2.99 per meal by going to and entering code bern3 Go to or use code (BERN) so you can shop $9 underwear for $6(!) Offer code BERN at checkout at Visit my exclusive link and you can get an extra 3 months FREE on a one-year package
November 25, 2020
Blakely Thornton: Weak Dick Game & Diamonds
CEO of CiViL Jewelry, Blakely Thornton, is redefining luxury and making us laugh our asses off. 
November 18, 2020
Manon Mathews: Marriage Nightmares & Manifestation
Manon Mathews accumulated over 1.6 billion loops on Vine and then her comedy career blew up.  She has coped addiction, anxiety, overeating, divorce, and much more to become the bad ass bitch she is today. Her advice on manifestation, goal setting, and spirituality is mind blowing.  GET TICKETS TO MY LIVE SHOW HERE: Parade Underwear: 20% of all orders using code BERN at CrateJoy: 30% off your first box when you sign up at Feetures Socks: Use promo code BERN at for $10 Off your first pair Tempo Fit: Go to and use code bern for $100 off
November 10, 2020
Nikki Glaser: Feminine Energy & Disordered Eating
Nikki was with her parents in St. Louis for most of quarantine where she was stuck with her own thoughts. She's recovering from an eating disorder, figuring out her dating life, and reassessing her stand up comedy career. Get tickets to Hannah's Friendsgiving comedy show on November 18th HERE
November 5, 2020
Alex Cooper Goes To Hell: Part II
Alex opens up about her biggest sexual turn offs, how she learned about her body, queefing, her biggest insecurities, what she spends all her money on, if she would ever get married, her long term career plans, why she doesn’t want to date celebrities, and what she doesn’t share with the public.  GET TIX TO MY VIRTUAL FRIENDSGIVING COMEDY SHOW HERE:
October 27, 2020
Alex Cooper Goes To Hell: Part I
Alex explains why she never does interviews, the secret marketing strategy behind Call Her Daddy, how her parents actually feel about her show, what she is most insecure about, how she edits her photos on instagram, her workout/eating routine, her mindset becoming a single Father, and much more.. Don't miss Hannah's live virtual comedy show! GET TIX HERE:
October 20, 2020
Des Bishop: My Boyfriend & His Demons
Comedian Des Bishop explains how he met Hannah, their recent sexual escapade, tips for sliding into DMs, their farting rules, bad breath paranoia, jealousy, going gray, how he used to be cynical with love, being sober and how Hannah drove him to therapy. For an bonus hour of more intimate stories with Hannah and Des go to
October 14, 2020
Violet Benson: Ugly Duckling Syndrome & Daddy Issues
Violet is the babe behind the very popular meme page @daddyissues_. and podcast host of Too Tired To Be Crazy. She opens up about her fear of being boring, why she hasn’t had sex since April, how she left her accounting job, why she got veneers when she was 5, her regrets buying a home, and her hookup with Francesca Farago. Follow Violet on instagram at @violetbenson and check out her interview with Hannah on her podcast Too Tired To Be Crazy now!
October 8, 2020
Kate Chastain: Leaving Below Deck & Entering The Chat
Kate explains how she met Hannah, what it’s actually like living in Florida during quarantine, why she left Below Deck, what happened with her radio show, why she is the Bravo Miley Cyrus, and all her thoughts on the newest Bravo Show, Bravo’s Chat Room!!!
October 1, 2020
Alise Morales: Roasting Her Teenage Self & Texting Tragedies
Alise used to work with Hannah at Betches and today they reunite in hell. Alise updates her on her successful voiceover career, why she started roasting her 15 year old self, dating losers, remembering MySpace, when she got diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, making comedy videos that went viral with Hannah, and how she found the one.
September 24, 2020
Nema Vand: Breaking Hearts & Breaking Veneers
Shah's Of Sunset star, Nema Vand, crashed Giggly Squad and met Hannah. On this episode in hell, he explains why his teeth are so white, how Hannah broke his veneers, his new nose job, being a white-washed persian, why Paige loves Persian guys, if he wants to have a family, his new career change, his past lives, why he got divorced, and how he lost 55 pounds.
September 16, 2020
Erica Spera: Having Herpes & Gaining Confidence
Erica explains how the hell she got herpes, how it affected her dating life, the rules of hooking up with a std, and why crying is healthy.
September 9, 2020
Kaitlynn Carter: Breakups & New Beginnings
Kaitlynn has had some very public breakups and is going to hell to explain with the ef happened. She explains why she got a divorce from Brody Jenner, finding independence, the price of fame, dating a woman, why she decided to do The Hills, and how she met her new man.
September 2, 2020
Naz Perez: Producing The Bachelor & Perfectionism
Naz explains how to survive heartbreak, being a producer on the Bachelor, how sleep changed her life, being in a loneliness epidemic, never having a boyfriend, being too agreeable, disconnecting from your phone, who she would hook up with on The Bachelor, and how to flirt really fucking well.
August 27, 2020
Hanna Dickinson: Ruining Weddings & Rock Bottom
Hanna discusses her first impression meeting Hannah, working with Chelsea Handler, online haters, being sober, getting dumped in a park, her tattoo mistakes, zoloft, being annoying, her belief in psychics, how she almost got casted as Hannah Montana’s best friend, awkward phone sex, and the time she ran into Leonardo DiCaprio. Get 20% off your first order of Native natural deodorant with code BERN at checkout Get 20% off your first order of Pretty Litter with code BERN at checkout Get 15% off your first order of Prose customized hair products with code BERN at checkout
August 19, 2020
Luann de Lesseps: Classy Flirting Techniques & Secrets To Staying Fit
Luann discusses how she became a housewife, who she is most pissed at, how she met Hannah, online dating, European men vs American men, getting vulnerable, how she stays so fit, her favorite classy drinks, how she’s handling quarantine, all the projects that she is working on, and the reunion. Use the code BERN for 15% off your order at Get 10% off your first month at
August 13, 2020
Mike Cannon: Finding Your Viking & Sense Of Humor
Comedian Mike Cannon discusses being a bad office manager, what not to do when sending nudes, the power dynamic in his marriage, Hannah’s comedian crush, discovering your family has mental illness, and we talked about a lot of random shit.
August 6, 2020
Heather McDonald: Professional Blueballer & 27 Year Old Virgin
Comedian Heather McDonald discusses all the people she’s blue balled in Hollywood, why she didn’t lose her virginity until she was 27, how she decided to get into comedy, how to drop people’s names on podcasts, why she doesn’t have a Netflix special, setting the bar low as a mother, what she would do if she was a Real Housewife, married couples on TikTok and the moment she almost became a scientologist.
July 30, 2020
Mercedes Javid: Trust Issues & Tinder Husbands
How she met her husband on Tinder, overcoming trust and abandonment issues, dating during quarantine, not needing validation, her opinion of Luke, her relationship with her body after pregnancy, affirmations, cheating in your dreams, and the struggles of doing a virtual reunion.
July 23, 2020
Doug Smith: Circumcision & Armageddon
Comedian Doug Smith explains why men like mustaches, the art of dog walking, dealing with acne, his heroic fight in the subway, social anxiety, and what it’s actually like to be a Jehovah’s witness,
July 15, 2020
Ziwe: Baited & Bravo Firings
Ziwe is comedy’s “it girl” right now, being featured in the New York Times and Vanity fair in this month alone! She is a writer, comedian, and host of the hottest Instagram show right now, Baited where she makes white people uncomfortable. She is also a huge reality tv fan, fashionista, and activist. Sign up for your trial today at NOOM.COM/BERN To get a Beach Body FREE trial membership, text HANNAH to 303030 
July 10, 2020
Jeremy Jacobowitz: Brunch Boys & Losing 100 Pounds
He discusses working with Bobby Flay, being a food influencer, how he met Rayna Greenberg, tips to succeed in social media, his daily routine, why he loves having female friends, his love of sushi, why he’s been single for 10 years. Get 15% off your first order at and use the code BERN Get 2 free months of Premium Membership at Get 10% off your first month at Get shopping credit towards your first order at Go to for your FREE in-depth hair quiz and 15% off.
July 1, 2020
Kaitlyn Bristowe: Hating Your Face & Finding Real Love
It's time for a REMIX episode of Berning In Hell X Off The Vine, the collab we never knew could happen but so happy it did. We get into all things reality TV, manifestation, insecurities, and relationships. We also talk about our biggest turn offs, why we’re anti five-year plans, and we end with some confessions and sins. Go to for your FREE in-depth hair quiz and 15% off.
June 23, 2020
Ashley Gavin: Ego Stroking & Lesbian Joking
Ashley Gavin discusses pubic hair regimens, quarantining with her girlfriend, changing careers from an engineer to comedian, the perks of rock bottom, why she was in therapy since she was 5, the worst way to come out to your parents, toxic masculinity in lesbian culture, how she lost 50 pounds, and how to actually meditate. Get 15% off your first order at and use the code BERN Get 2 free months of Premium Membership at Get 10% off your first month at Get shopping credit towards your first order at
June 17, 2020
Rotimi Paul: The First Purge & Privilege
Luke introduced Hannah to Rotimi a couple months ago. He discusses growing up in Guyana and Antigua, the culture shift in America, playing Skeletor in The First Purge, why he decided to become an actor, how he met Luke at Abercrombie and Fitch, the Black Lives Matter movement, and how to find your creative tribe. Sign up for your trial today at Start your Beach Body On Demand free trial membership when you text HANNAH to 303030 Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play! Enjoy your first week of EveryPlate meals for only $3.99 per meal by going to and using code bern1
June 10, 2020
Tracey Carnazzo: Punching People & Being Too Much
Tracey explains how reality tv shaped her into the person she is today, being an out of control teen, her fear of germs, instagram mental break downs, getting cheated on, and how to negotiate for more money. Join my patreon for more piping hot tea.
May 27, 2020
Hannah's Hot Takes: The Real Problem With Call Her Daddy
Taylor Strecker joins Hannah to explain what actually happened between Barstool, Dave Portnoy, Alex Cooper, Sofia Franklyn, Suitman, and Call Her Daddy.
May 22, 2020
Luke Gulbranson: Will He Give Me Sex & Maple Syrup?
Luke goes to hell and has to explain why he hasn’t sent her maple syrup, the trials and tribulations of being really good looking, what he smells like, if he’s sick of seeing boobs, if he fell out of love with modeling, his cunnilingus advice, and what he hates most about Hannah. Join my patreon for more piping hot tea.
May 20, 2020
We Don’t Deserve Dogs: Shitting Yourself & Psychotic Breaks
Dr. Lisa Lippman and comedian Richie Redding go to hell together! They discuss the time Richie shat himself on a date, sister wives, the difference between cat and dog people, Kevin Hart cheating, going on tour with Katt Williams, how they started dating, how Lisa juggles all her businesses, Richie’s body image issues, and becoming sober. GET BEACH BODY FOR FREE BY TEXTING HANNAH TO 303030 Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Listeners get 10% off your first month at
May 13, 2020
Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter Life Crisis & Comedy Crushes
Her Netflix special “Quarter Life Crisis” is sweeping the nation, so Hannah had to being her to hell to discuss becoming a Fashion Icon, going public with her comedian boyfriend, breaking off an engagement, growing up in a religious household, finding the right medication, and the struggles of having a round face. Get 2 free months of Free Premium Membership at
May 7, 2020
Hannah's Hot Takes: Professional Athletes & Sexual Healing
Hannah's future sister-in-law joins in to give unprofessional advice and strong opinions on the demons you guys are dealing with. Email if you're going through hell or in a pickle!!! *ORIGINAL AUDIO HAD ISSUE AT THE END, REDOWNLOAD AND IT SHOULD BE SOUNDING BEAUTIFUL
May 2, 2020
Nick Viall: Blowing Up & Glowing Up
Nick Viall explains feeling misunderstood, being a sex symbol, having 10 siblings, Peter Pan syndrome, being a worrier, his first season edit, not believing in soulmates, growing up religious, his passion for potato chips, and the time he slid into Olivia Munn’s DMs. Special offer for listeners get 10% off your first month of therapy at Join Hannah's Patreon to get bonus episodes and get added to her close friend's list on Instagram! Listeners get 10% off your first month at
April 29, 2020
Ian Fidance: Being Perverted & How To Cruise
Ian discovered he was weird and chats about toxic masculinity, ghosting therapists, being a closeted half homosexual, his boner origin story, cruising, sex addiction, why he cut his long hair, and opening for Dave Attell. Join Hannah's Patreon to get bonus episodes and get added to her close friend's list on Instagram!
April 22, 2020
Hannah's Hot Takes: Dating A Pedophile & Crushing On A Doctor
Hannah’s Mom joins to give unprofessional advice and very strong opinions on the demons you guys are dealing with. Email if you're going through hell or in a pickle!
April 21, 2020
Matthew Broussard: Handsome Autism & Long Distance Love
You've seen him on Comedy Central, Conan, Fallon and today, Matthew Broussard comes to hell! He chats to Hannah about how they hung out with Caroline Calloway the first night they met, the art of judging roast battles, how he fell in love with his girlfriend who lived in a different state, and being a good looking comic. Join Hannah's Patreon to get bonus episodes and get added to her close friend's list on Instagram! GET BEACH BODY FOR FREE BY TEXTING HANNAH TO 303030
April 15, 2020
Andrea Allan: Fluffer Fetishes & Golden Showers
Comedian Andrea Allan discusses going full goth, having sex in public, being a love addict, animal transformation fetishes, being subservient in bed, dating a narcissist, and much more. Head to to sign up and win your free vibrator! Join Hannah's Patreon to get bonus episodes and get added to her close friend's list on Instagram!
April 8, 2020
Austen Kroll: Analyzing His Insecurities & Threesomes
Hannah objectifies Austen Kroll from Southern Charm and he reminds her about all their encounters from last summer. He explains how he feels about New York girls, why he is confused about his type, why he likes drama in relationships, his biggest physical insecurities, how long he should wear a backwards hat, his experience with adderall, dealing with depression when Southern Charm airs, an update on his beer company, the right amount of fame, and being super emotional. Head to to sign up and win your free vibrator! Join Hannah's Patreon to get bonus episodes and get added to her close friend's list on Instagram!
April 1, 2020
Jourdain Fisher: Fear Of Confrontation & Mean Comments
Hysterical comedian Jourdain Fisher goes to hell and discusses being raising in the family business of funeral homes, how he started comedy, being a virgin until 22, dealing with acne, insane reviews online, and much more. Join Hannah's Patreon to get bonus episodes and get added to her close friend's list on Instagram!  SHIPSTATION Use the code BERN to try ShipStation FOR FREE at BELLESA Visit and get 15% off your new toys and free US shipping today when you use code BERN at checkout! GLOSSIER Get 10% off your first order on
March 25, 2020
Rachael O’Brien: Plastic Surgery Secrets & Psychotic Breaks
Rachael was the first one on Vanderpump Rules to date Jax!!! Okay, now that we got that out of the way, comedian Rachael O'Brien opens up in hell about botox nightmare, why she thinks she’s bad at reality tv, , why she moved to Los Angeles, small towns with heroin, being a big boned child, and much much more. SHOP CUTE MERCH HERE Join Hannah's Patreon to get bonus episodes and get added to her close friend's list on Instagram!  EVERYPLATE Get 3 weeks of EveryPlate meals for only $2.99 per meal by going to and entering code bern3. BELLESA Visit and get 15% off your new toys and free US shipping today when you use code BERN at checkout! GLOSSIER Get 10% off your first order on
March 18, 2020
Alyssa Limperis: Loud & Aggressive Ladies
Her viral mom videos have blown up the internet but Alyssa Limperis is now chasing a dream to become a serious actor. The comedian opens up about her former track career, dealing with depression, growing up greek orthodox, anorexia, and dating after losing her dad. GET TIX TO HANNAH'S COMEDY SHOWS HERE Join Hannah's Patreon to get bonus episodes and get added to her close friend's list on Instagram!  BELLESA Visit and get 15% off your new toys and free US shipping today when you use code BERN at checkout! GLOSSIER Get 10% off your first order on
March 11, 2020
Aliza Kelly: Astrology Haters & Hannah’s Chart
The hottest astro bitch in the game is in hell today! Aliza is the first celebrity astrologist on the pod and she writes all the horoscopes for Cosmopolitan Magazine! She explains how she went from wanting to be an art dealer to an astrology dating app founder to becoming a professional astrologer, wtf it’s like to read someone’s chart, how she deals with haters, what fucked up stuff happened to her to make her get into astrology, generational trauma, her relationship with her inner child, the power of money manifestation, and going in depth into reading Hannah’s chart!!! GET TIX TO HANNAH'S COMEDY SHOWS HERE BELLESA Visit and get 15% off your new toys and free US shipping today when you use code BERN at checkout! GLOSSIER Get 10% off your first order on
March 4, 2020
Marriage & Martinis: Choking Your Husband & Hot Mess Moms
The first married couple to go to hell discusses how they met, why they sleep in different beds, being married with scrupulosity OCD, how often they have sex, the closest they got to a divorce, how their sex has gotten more wild, and much more hell. GET TICKETS TO MY COMEDY SHOWS IN LA, SF, TX, CHI, WI, NJ, CT at SHIPSTATION Use the code BERN to try ShipStation FOR FREE at BELLESA Visit and get 15% off your new toys and free US shipping today when you use code BERN at checkout! GLOSSIER Get 10% off your first order on
February 26, 2020
Lev Fer: The Primitive Brain & Boyfriend Dick
Get ready for the most epic game of heaven or hell ever!!! Hannah is worried if Lev is okay, he talks a little too much about anal, hooking up with bisexuals, celebrity conspiracy theories, dating funny people, creepy neighbors, Lev’s body image, how he takes dick pics, hooking up with a virgin, and much much more. Grab tickets to one of Hannah's live comedy shows coming up in LA. SF, TX, CT, NJ, TN, NYC at BELLESA  Visit and get 15% off your new toys and free US shipping today when you use code BERN at checkout! GLOSSIER Get 10% off your first order on
February 19, 2020
Hoodie Allen: Cake Throwing & DM Sliding
Hoodie goes to hell and explains how he met Hannah on Instagram, why he’s not attracted to Insta models, why he likes girls who dress like boys, the story behind Hannah’s favorite song “No Faith In Brooklyn”, his process of creating a music video, that time Romeo Miller slid into Hannah’s DM, his special connection with fans, his worst gig ever, his dating history, and much much more. CLICK HERE TO COME TO A COMEDY SHOW CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE LITTLE DEVIL PATREON 
February 12, 2020
Scheana Shay: Being A Sugar Mama & Bad Kisses
Scheana addresses being called a bad kisser on national TV, why her divorce doesn’t define her, how she met her new boyfriend Brock, why she hates her hairline, why she was a bitch to Dayna, the last time she spoke with her ex husband, why she did her show in Vegas, her multiple hookups with Carl, freezing her eggs, her weight fluctuation, and how Stassi has inspired her. GO TO CBDFORLIFE.US AND USE THE CODE HANNAH20 FOR 20% OFF EVERYTHANGGGGG For $3 join Hannah's Close Friends List on Instagram here
February 5, 2020
Alex Boniello: Becoming A Broadway Actor & Anxiety Disorders
He is the first Broadway Actor to be on Berning In Hell! He played the troubled teen on Evan Hansen for 2 years and this week is departing from the show. He discusses how he got the role, why he is an interesting weirdo, how much he hates auditioning, dealing with external validation, getting diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, exposure therapy, the first time he had an anxiety attack on stage, transcendental meditation, what he’s going to do after the show, advice for performing at the highest level, being a witch and a Slytherin. COME TO AN UPCOMING COMEDY SHOW IN LA, SF, TEXAS, AND NASHVILLE!
January 29, 2020
Kate Kennedy: Building A Doormat Empire & Not Being A Doormat
Kate built multiple businesses from nothing even though she didn’t actually want to be an entrepreneur. She explains to Hannah how her idea went viral, why she hates self help gurus, getting depressed after following her dream, why corporate america rejected her, how she wrote her first book, when to actually listen to other people’s opinions of your business, why she was always friend zoned, how she met her husband at a bar, overcoming trust issues, why she is struggling with the idea of becoming a mom, and how past life regressions can explain the root of anxiety.
January 22, 2020
Olivia Caridi: Going Dutch & Destroying Everything
Olivia has a new man and new dreams. She chats about how she actually thought she would find love on the bachelor, not being herself on TV, why she had trouble getting along with the other girls on the show, being overweight growing up, her worst memories from the show, who she is currently dating and how her mom hit on him, starting a long distance relationship, reasons for self destructions, dealing with depression, how reality tv hurt her career, what she is doing now to pay the bills, and why she loves sad songs. JOIN THE JUICY PATREON HERE
January 15, 2020
John Paul Jones: Romeo & Just Making Him Uncomfortable
Hannah tortures JPJ and makes him recite Shakespeare to her, he explains what happened to him and Tayshia, how he hates his voice, where he stands with Derek Peth, why he quit his financial analyst job and moved to Hollywood to become an actor, how he’s getting over his heartbreak, his type, what he was like in high school, if he ever sends nudes, and how he’s changed since The Bachelorette. Get 20% off with the code HANNAH20 I FORGOT TO PRESS RECORD THE FIRST 10 MIN BUT I FILMED IT ON MY PATREON AND IT WAS HILARIOUS AND SAD LISTEN HERE
January 8, 2020
Dylan Farella: Chicken Parm Dates & Disrupting Social Media
@dfarella is known as “everyone’s favorite internet bf” but he gets interrogated by Hannah to see if he is actually boyfriend material. He explains the worst date he’s ever been on, not having sex on the first date, everything to do with chicken parmigiana, being a former fat boy, how he finds inspiration for his tweets, what his goals are in his career, why he doesn’t love EDM anymore, why he has a chip on his shoulder, how guys feel bloated too, dealing with peer pressure, the strategy behind why his instagram page is black and white, why he doesn’t want to be a boyfriend right now, and how to get respect. JOIN PATREON FOR JUICY BONUS EPISODES HURRR
January 1, 2020
Solo Bonus Patreon: Cheers To A Risky 2020 & Best Friend Breakups
FOR 2+ BONUS EPISODES A MONTH AND ACCESS TO ALL PAST EPISODES SUBSCRIBE TO MY PATREON HERE YAYAYAYA This solo episode I answer questions that will hopefully PUMP YOU UP for the new year or at least distract you for 38 minutes from the existential dread of our existence. I answer questions such as: How often do you doubt yourself? Why do you think loads of women settle for a man who steals their joy and passion? Worst friend break up? What’s the thing you wish you’d known at the beginning of making the podcast? How can we be funny and be taken seriously at the same time? What are ways that you practice self confidence and self-acceptance? How do you keep your head up when you get depressed/face a setback? ENJOY LIL DEVZ JOIN PATREON HERE Get 20% off with the code HANNAH20
December 29, 2019
Grace Atwood: Bad On Paper & Good At Being Alone
Grace is an expert in personal style, organization, books, DIY projects, wellness, and travel. She talks to Hannah about making cat ladies cool again, finding a balance with eating and working out, how she is a hot mess at heart, her best book recommendations, her worst habits, and how the blogging business has evolved. Get 20% off with the code HANNAH20
December 25, 2019
Paulie Calafiore: Love Triangles & Making Mistakes
Former professional soccer player and reality tv bad boy met Hannah on a drunk night. Hannah asks if he’s ever had a threesome with his brother, why he is a bad boy in the press, what he doesn’t like about bachelor nation, how he and Danielle Malby ended, why he enjoys open relationships, how to get invited to NYC sex parties, how his soccer career ended, being motivated by failure but driven by success, the scariest thing he did on the challenge, his relationship with Cara Maria, why he has such a chip on his shoulder, how he got bullied in high school, why he was never afraid of being the villain, what he has learned about getting publicity, and the hardest part about dating in the public eye.. JOIN PATREON FOR JUICY BONUS EPISODES
December 18, 2019
Mary Beth Barone: How To Thirst Trap & Drag His Ass
Hannah should have hated her after they first met, but Mary Beth explains why she wants to be difficult to work with, how to be more assertive, the real definition of fuckboy, why she is attracted to dudes who are emotionally unavailable, dating comedians, why she is the crop top athleisure queen, how she doesn’t have self deprecating comedy, how she doesn’t dress for men, obsessing about food, control issues, not letting guy’s distract you, why she quit wearing eyelash extensions, and why she doesn’t want to have kids. GET 20% OFF THE BEST PILLOW OF YOUR LIFE (NIGHT PILLOWS) AT WITH THE CODE BERN
December 10, 2019
Ian Gelfand: Behind The Scenes Of Reality TV & Discovering Cardi B
Ian explains how he discovered Cardi B,  getting bullied growing up, the importance of empathy, how to become a show runner in the business, how he balanced his busy career and marriage, how he knew his wife was the one, his friendship with 50 cent, why famous people can be very shitty, why he thinks he’s lazy, and curbing your ego. LISTEN TO ME ANALYZE THE SUMMER HOUSE TRAILER ON PATREON HERE (posting it by 3pm on Dec 4th)
December 4, 2019
Ashley Hesseltine: Micro Penises & Screaming
Ashley and Hannah bonded over buffalo wild wings before Ashley came to hell to discuss how her and Rayna don’t hate each other, how they came up with Girls Gotta Eat, her different businesses, how a psychic predicted her future, their comedy strip club idea, if she still uses dating apps, her phone addiction, why people should scream more, wild stories from Panama City, the rules of FaceTiming, the best athletes to date, what she would do if Rayna got into a serious relationship, and how her dog changed her life. This episode is sponsored by - get 40% off on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
November 27, 2019
Mike Feeney: Irish Goodbyes & Chorizo Nachos
Mike explains how his wife trained him, when he knew his wife was the one, how Irish people and Italian people fight differently, the worst comedy show he ever did, why Hannah got yelled at in a Starbucks, types of audience members, how he was in a band growing up, tattoo regrets, growing up in Long Island, drug trips, white guys punching walls, the last time he cried, and meeting Leonardo DiCaprio, JOIN PATREON TO HEAR ABOUT ALL THE DATES I WENT ON THIS MONTH HERE
November 20, 2019
Chinae Alexander: Loving Your Labia & Losing 70 Pounds
Chinae is a wellness expert and social entrepreneur who spoke to Hannah about making more money than your man, being an empath, having a quarter life crisis, losing friends, how she became an adidas ambassador, late night eating, people’s patterns, if boyfriend’s make you happy, why she never posted on social media about her relationships, recovering from eating disorders, why she doesn’t use filters on Instagram, and the last fight she had with her boyfriend. SUBSCRIBE TO PATREON FOR JUICY MEATY BONUS EPISODES Get 20% off NIGHT pillows at with the code BERN
November 13, 2019
Dylan Palladino: He’s 6’6” & I Flirt With Him
The sexual tension is palpable. Dylan calls Hannah out for being late and then drops a bomb on Hannah and tells her that is he seeing someone else. what he thinks love is, why he loves probiotics, going down on girls, how to involve toys during sex, why he’s a psycho, how he knows if he’s gay or not, why his ex ruined porn for him, how fame can ruin you, why he would do horrible in the army, and his celebrity crushes. JOIN MY PATREON! The first episode is meaty. I talk about how I got fired, behind the scenes on Summer House and more.
November 6, 2019
Krystyna Hutchinson: Cuckolding & Creative Masturbation
Krystyna explains why sluts are the best, how her podcast blew up after Apple rejected it, finding men who won’t have sex with you, her cuckolding fetish, her first three-way, how she doesn’t emit a sexy vibe, when they first masturbated, introducing toys with a significant other, guys with sexual dysfunctions, being boy crazy, how we hooked up with the same guy, why we broke up with our exes, how Hannah’s grandma is sexually active, having sex with Chris Distefano, working with Corinne Fisher, how anal sent her to the ER, how she is starting her own podcast, and the secret to meditation. Get 20% off NIGHT pillows at with the code BERN JOIN HANNAH'S PATREON HERE
October 30, 2019
Amy Ordman: YouTube Stardom & Cat Conversion Therapy
Amy Ordman is an Australian who moved to LA determined to become a youtube star. She also was determined to not ever come out as a lesbian, even though she pretty much knew since she was 13. Long story short, she became a YouTube star and came out of the closet. She talks about her experience at lesbian bars in NYC, how she only has a plan A, how she got scammed on craigslist, how we both have cats named Butter, why she went vegan, how she is friends with Rebecca Black, why she loves reality tv, the last time she was really depressed, awkward interactions, having OCD, being attracted to older women, and the meaning of her slingshot tattoo. BONUS EPISODES ON MY NEW PATREON!
October 22, 2019
Andrew Collin: Puddles & Panic Attacks
Andrew explains how he became Nikki Glaser's best friend, what it was like being a professional dog walker, why people call him Puddles, pranking siblings, being a hypochondriac, real estate agent, fish monger,  how he started stand up at 30 years old, that time he thought he was choking to death, how therapy changed his life, procrastinating, bombing, and Zoloft. GET TICKETS TO BERNING IN HELL LIVE HERE
October 15, 2019
Caroline Calloway: Scamming & Self Obsessing
Hannah goes through all the accusations that Caroline Calloway is facing online and Caroline tells her what is true or false. She explains why she didn’t write her book, why she didn’t pay the advance back, her adderall addiction, what hell happened with her creativity workshops, why she took 2 years off instagram, why she doesn’t do sponsored posts, how the media would have reacted differently if she was a guy, a tutorial of what to do if you get scammed, her favorite hate comments, why she has a vendetta against Seth Rogan, why she admitted to being greedy, how much truth was in Natalie’s essay, who she thinks the real Natalie Beach is, why adderall was her drug of choice, her biggest physical insecurity, wanting fame, her magical relationship with pills, secret influencer parties in LA, the model who she was dating, her dad’s suicide and ultimately how she plays the internet like a violin.
October 14, 2019
Nikki Glaser: Eskimo Sisters & Stand Up Specials
Nikki thought she hated Hannah at first because they dated the same guy, but after they met in person, she changed her mind. Nikki opens up in hell about her fear of intimacy, dating narcissists, how everyone is a mirror, positive affirmations, her boyfriend history, guys being distracting, what guys watching your story means, what’s going on with her and Chris Distefano & Blake Griffin, how she is addicted to work, how she overcame imposter syndrome, what kind of girl she would date, how they are going to have a threesome, her face dysmorphia, eating disorders, and pooping. GET TICKETS TO SEE HANNAH LIVE HERE
October 9, 2019
Amanda Hirsch: Not Skinny & Not Fat
The woman behind the popular instagram @notskinnybutnotfat talks about cutting friends, how she makes her money, how she met her husband, how she immediately knew he was the one, how she doesn’t have a relationship with her dad but still doesn’t have daddy issues, why a little bit of anxiety and crazy is good, how she grew her meme page, how she never diets, how she became a certified Bravoholic, fighting with bosses, and being an entrepreneurial bitch. GET TICKETS TO BERNING IN HELL LIVE IN BOSTON, PHILLY, AND LONG ISLAND HERE
October 2, 2019
Paige DeSorbo: Bad Taste In Men & Good Taste In Fashion
My best friend Paige explains why people think she’s a bitch, what their first weekend of filming summer house was like, her boyfriend Perry calls in, our codependency on our moms, how our moms have broken up with our boyfriends, her child modeling career she never talks about, why she started seeing a therapist, how she used to have terrible taste in men, how she is a NYC party socialite, how she met Perry and he broke up with her, her chicken cutlets, her biggest insecurities, how to always look good, and her shopping visions. GET TICKETS TO MY LIVE SHOWS IN BOSTON, LONG ISLAND, & PHILI HERE
September 25, 2019
Robby Hayes: The Sex Tape & The “So’" Moment
Hannah ran into Robby drunk at a bar the night before and asked him to come to hell. He agreed and probably regrets it now. He talks about how he believes being able to fall in love on reality tv, his drama with Amanda Stanton, if it’s all a PR stunt, how he responds to DMs, what’s actually happening with him and Scheana, dating a on girl on Siesta Key, why he dates so many reality tv stars,  the sex tape drama with Lindsey Christley, how he met Lindsey, how he deals with hate online, how his parents feel about his career,  he admits to using FaceTune, he explains his hairstyle, the company he started, his eating crisis after his swimming career, his workout routine, and how he handles his demons.
September 18, 2019
Mara Marek: 3 Divorces & 7 Broken Engagements
Mara grew up in a devil home with an angel street life, her mom was undiagnosed bipolar, she explains why she forces hugs, cocaine mishaps, making millions of dollars, getting hit in the head with a ketchup bottle, how her asshole broke from stress, and all her fricked up relationships. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz
September 11, 2019
Chris Distefano: The Italian Stallion & Brooklyn Sperm
Chris goes to hell and discusses why he doesn’t stand for anything, being a zaddy, his unique sperm, how he would exchange physical therapy services for stage time, paying for dates, the power of saying no to opportunities, how he’s had 9 pilots dropped and cancelled, CBD oil, anxiety Tuesdays, dating with a daughter, his off center nipple, codependency, his crush on Gwen Stefani, his favorite quotes, and how he really feels about his daughter. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz
September 4, 2019
Kelly Killoren Bensimon: Social Climbing & Sanity
Kelly Bensimon has been through hell and back, so Hannah wanted to hear all about it.. She explains how to be a socializer, why Ashton Kutcher got mad at her, how she got discovered to be a model, how her husband wasn’t her type, the weirdest engagement ever, her biggest physical insecurity, her workout routine, her experience on dating apps,  why she thinks she would be better on reality TV now, why she jogs in the street, how she really feels about her experience on RHONY, why she is envious of JLo, why she loves getting angry, how she still gets hate online, and her issues with her ego. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz
August 28, 2019
Your Mom Cares: Calling Out Influencers & Weird Friendships
The moms of Jonah Hill and Adam Levine, better known as Sharon Feldstein and Patsy Noah, are the founders of Your Mom Cares. They opened up to Hannah in hell. Sharon explains how she is hungover from her daughter Beanie’s birthday party, Patsy explains how they met when they were 17 and are complete opposites, how mental health wasn’t talked about when they were growing up, how creative minds are different, the crazy careers they’ve had over the years, which charities you can trust, how influencers need to be called out for what they actually influence, and their opinions on french fries. Check out Your Mom Cares here Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz
August 21, 2019
Rayna Greenberg: Dirty Talk & Dick Sizes
Rayna opens up about career path since college, failing fast, getting boobs at a young age, how to dirty talk, the key to enjoying sex, when her fiancé left her the day before her engagement party, how her podcast has changed her life, drunk personas, cutting people out of your life, how often she likes to have sex, her snack addiction, working with your friend, and hooking up with exes. GET TICKETS TO THE NEXT BERNING IN HELL LIVE IN NYC HERE
August 14, 2019
Lev Fer: Being A Zaddy & Breaking Your Brain
Lev explains whether he is a daddy or a zaddy, what he likes to be called during sex, his family’s illegal businesses, why he refused to go to college, farting during sex, his cuddling tendencies, his first love, getting out of depression, that one time he overdosed on marijuana, the positives of anxiety, how technology is ruining dating, creative brains, emotional eating, having sex with friends, and why people like choking. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram @beingbernz Follow Lev Fer on Instagram @levfer
August 7, 2019
Drake Bell: Nostalgia & New Beginnings
He was half of the hit Nickelodeon show, Drake & Josh, but now he has a new song out called Fuego Lento. He opens up in hell about his traumatic car crash, being famous before the social media age, the beauty of nostalgia, reinventing himself, his twitter feud with Justin Bieber, the controversy when josh did not invite drake to his wedding, why he is jealous of Harry Styles, how he really feels about acting. and Paige DeSorbo makes a special guest appearance at 35 minutes GET TICKETS TO MY LIVE COMEDY SHOW IN NYC HERE Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz
July 31, 2019
Andrea Lavinthal: Bad Moms & Weird Marriages
The Style and beauty director at People Magazine, Andrea Lavinthal, opens up about her unofficial marriage, how it effects her sex life, how she would murder her husband, losing attraction in relationships, her “japcent”, why she hated being tall growing up, her daily schedule working as a magazine editor, being a bad mom, being a natural leader, what it means to have good style, why she thinks The Bachelor is over, her daily make up advice, her opinion on fake lashes,  and panic attacks. GET TICKETS TO THE NEXT BERNING IN HELL LIVE SHOW IN NYC HERE Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram &Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Andrea Lavinthal on Instagram &Twitter: @andilavs
July 24, 2019
Ali Kolbert: The Female Mind & Faking Confidence
Ali is an amazing stand up comedian who you may have seen on The Tonight Show or at the Comedy Cellar. She opens up to Hannah about how she looks so confident on stage, why she’s so good at insulting people,, putting the dream on the pedestal, having food noise, Crohn's disease, how often you should look in the mirror, the secret hidden lesbian community, how to test if a guy is gay or not, how anxiety fuels you, her favorite bravo housewife, the need to be funny. screaming into pillows, and all of her male/female celebrity crushes. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Ali Kolbert on Instagram & Twitter: @alikolbert Use my promo code BERNING for 30% off HelloBody:
July 17, 2019
David Yarus: Disrespectful Daters & Ghosting Etiquette
David is the founder of JSwipe and Mllnl. He matched with Hannah on Raya and ended up in hell with her. This episode he discusses how JSwipe became a success, how believing in abundance helped him deal with competition, how he combines being zen while hustling, the different kinds of love in your life, cornerstone vs capstone relationships, how to find the right person when you’re older, the era of single empowerment, the epidemic of dating disrespect, why he is anti-ghosting, choosing fear and scarcity vs. possibility of abundance, identity theft, being too busy to break up, finding your zone of genius, fire vs ice anger, and at 30 minutes they come up with the perfect text to send instead of ghosting. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow David Yarus on Instagram & Twitter: @DavidYarus
July 10, 2019
Francis Ellis: Fired From Barstool & Feeling Sensitive
Francis Ellis was fired from Barstool right before he was supposed to come on the podcast. We decided to go ahead with the interview to discuss the article he wrote that got him fired, what went down on his last day at work, why he was always anxious about getting fired, at 20 minutes he reads the controversial blog post that got him fired, at 24 minutes he reveals his barstool crush, he discusses cancel culture, how he started with barstool, why he enjoys playing sports with girls, how he’s attractive for a red head, how he feels about summer house, his deepest insecurity, why he’s so sensitive, all the jobs he’s been fired from, why he thinks he wasn’t a great fit for barstool, how to come up with new creative jokes, he admits he’s vain, and discusses where he goes from here. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz
July 9, 2019
Julia Elbaba: Hitting Balls & Hating Girls
She was the number one college tennis player in America and the first professional athlete to come to hell. Julia discusses how she started playing tennis, how she copes with pressure situations, what it’s like dating as a professional athlete, if tennis players are narcissists, what she really thinks about Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova, death threats, how she eats while competing, and who she crushes on in the Summer House cast. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Julia Elbaba on Instagram & Twitter: @juleselbaba
June 26, 2019
Lexi Stout: The Body Positivity Scam & Secret Eating
Former plus size model and Hannah's close friend, Lexi Stout, explains how good she is at cancelling plans, why she didn’t immediately love her dog, the complexity of body positivity, why she reminds everyone of Khloe Kardashian, how people hate fat people, platonic male friends, why she loves shy men, her instagram sickness, the deal with her and Carl, and why hitting rock bottom is great. Follow Lexi Stout on Instagram: @thelexistout Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz
June 19, 2019
Amanda Batula: Devil Dudes & Angel Boobs
Amanda experienced a very public cheating scandal and engagement all during last season of Bravo's Summer House. She opens up to Hannah about how she really feels about engagement rings, the fact she she wan’t actually cast for the show, how she likes approaching men first, the real timeline of her relationship with Kyle, what happened with the cheating rumor, self-sabotaging in relationships, if cheating retaliation is ever okay,  how she glowed up from season 2 to season 3, emotional eating, Hannah’s crush on Amanda’s Dad, how sometimes she hates her boobs, plastic surgery rumors, her favorite shitty tv, and how she and Kyle fight. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Amanda Batula on Instagram: @amandabatula
June 12, 2019
Jeff Perla: Buttholes & Blowies
There is no one better to interview from pride month than king of the bums, Jeff Perla. He is the founder of @thetravelinbum which is basically like Humans of New York but photos of guy's butts and their coming out stories. Jeff explains the definition of a twink, his friendship with British Dave, what it’s like to have large balls, pro tips for blow jobs, when he knew he was gay, how he came out, the f-word, why Hannah would be a power bottom, the underground culture of straight guys hooking up with gay guys, why he hates butthole photos, that time he tore his butt, and his pride escapades. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Jeff Perla on Instagram: @thetravelinbum
June 5, 2019
Mike Vecchione: Ex Friends & New Lovers
Mike is Hannah’s ex boyfriend’s best friend and this is the first time they have spoken since the breakup. He also happens to be a hysterical comedian so he was the perfect podcast guest. The two discuss the complexities of a breakup, how he succeeded in getting out of the friend zone, having the same career as your best friend or significant other and not getting jealous of their success, how to focus on the positives of the internet and stay away from the negatives, how hard you should actually try at things, how many times he contemplated quitting comedy, the weird in-between phase no one talks about in their careers, kids who are coddled, his honest opinion of Hannah being on reality tv, disassociated sex, people who are bad at handling success, and how everything is negotiable. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Mike Vecchione on Instagram & Twitter: @comicmikev
May 29, 2019
Sarah Merrill: Big Kid Problems & No Plan B
She's the girl behind @bigkidproblems and she opens up to Hannah about feeling like she was born in the wrong place, her rebellious years, shitty internships, what it's like to look like cool barbie, why she got fired that one time, rolling panic attacks, how she almost got taken abroad, how taxes are fucked up, and why she moved to LA. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Sarah Merrill on Instagram: @bigkidproblems
May 21, 2019
Elephante: Day Dreaming & DJing
He is the first ever DJ and Harvard grad to go to hell with Hannah. He explains why he quit his job as a consultant, how Fantasia changed his life, the first time he got his heart broken, the 2 things you need to be a successful DJ, why he always felt like there was an elephant in the room, how Avicii’s death affected him, loving the worst parts about what you do, how to win over a crowd, whether you like your friend or you just like getting fucked up with them, intuitive fashion, what’s it like being in ketosis, and how being a DJ has effected his love life. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Elephante on Spotify, iTunes, & SoundCloud
May 15, 2019
Ellie Schnitt: Haters & Hilariousness
Hannah didn’t like Ellie at first, but the two have come a long way. They discuss whether you have to choose to be funny or hot, how Ellie went viral on Twitter, why everyone hated her during college, how many friends you actually need, what it’s like working for Barstool,  how she writes the perfect tweet, her selfie secrets, and that time she was really depressed. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Ellie Schnitt on Twitter: @holy_schnitt
May 8, 2019
Sydnee Washington: Part-Time Lesbians & Full-Time Content Creators
Comedian Sydnee Washington goes to hell to explain how she was an ugly duckling, why depression is her best friend, how she used to be a part-time lesbian, why she wants to be the hotter one in the relationship, why body positivity annoys her, how she wants assets, napping at work, why dudes don’t like her, and she and Hannah do some Depression ASMR. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Sydnee Washington on Instagram: @justsydbw
May 1, 2019
Tank Sinatra: Binge Drinking & Battling Your Thoughts
You've probably seen @tank.sinatra on Instagram, but today we learn about who, how, and why he is AKA why he was scared of the devil as a kid, that time he forgot he wrote a book, when he was broke in California, how his mind was his master but then he learned how to master his mind, intrusive thoughts, how parents fuck you up, how he hates when people abuse the word “gratitude”, how he can tell if you’re an alcoholic, how he was a fat kid growing up, and why the hell why he got tatted up.
April 24, 2019
Katie Boren: Being A Ballerina & Balancing Life
Katie is a top professional ballerina in NYC.  She explains to Hannah why she chose ballet, how she turned into a professional ballerina, how often she’s contemplated quitting, the politics and pettiness of dance, how she mentally and physically prepare for performances, being a perfectionist, what it’s like to date as a ballerina/if they have crazy sex, the prevalence of disordered eating in ballet, and her opinions of black swan. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Katie Boren on Instagram: @katieboren1
April 17, 2019
Guys Next Door: Losing Your Virginity & Unlearning Everything
Mack Wilds (The Wire), Mouse Jones, and Flyry venture to hell together. They discuss their deepest emotional insecurities, when Mack lost his virginity, talking during sex, the difficulty of music industry, why black men don’t cheat, their opinion about the Kardashian empire, farting in your sleep, granny panties, bad hand jobs, and how to appreciate your hell. Follow Guys Next Door on Instagram: @guysnextdoor_ Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz
April 10, 2019
Kate Mannion: The Marines & Vagina Calzones
You may know her as "Kate Barstool" but her Dad calls her "Forest Gump". She's lived a hell of a live from the small burbs of Philadelphia to the Marines to comedy.  She explains why she wanted to become a Marine, her experience in Afghanistan, falling in love with a Marine, suicidal thoughts, and how one tweet changed her life.  Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram and Twitter at @beingbernz Follow Kate Mannion on Instagram and Twitter at @katebarstool
April 3, 2019
Komalesque: Quitting Gigs & Guys
Komal Kapoor is the creator of one of the first art poetry pages on Instagram. She quit her corporate job to help individuals be more themselves. She comes from a traditional South Asian family and it caused her to not express her feelings. This made her great at her job, but not great at relationships. We discuss how heartbreaks can happen with non romantic relationships, how to turn your heartbreak into art, spending money lowers your vibration, why women are bad at negotiating, people copying her Instagram concept, traveling alone, and her weird crush on Tim Ferris,  Purchase her book "Unfollowing You" on Amazon. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Komal Kapoor on Instagram: @komalesque
March 27, 2019
Jared Freid: Reality TV & The Ghost
Jared Freid fights with Hannah over a cupcake, explains what it's like to diet as a male, how to show your date your authentic self, why jared is so fascinated with The Bachelor, why he quit his corporate job, when you should cry after sex, the rules of cuddling after sex, whether jared would want Kris Jenner as his manager, and why it’s hard to enjoy vacation. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Jared Freid on Instagram & Twitter: @jaredfreid
March 20, 2019
Remy Kassimir: Laugh Shaming & Squirting
Remy didn't have an orgasm until she was 27 years old so naturally we had to overanalyze that. She educates us on the pleasure gap, communication during sex, rejection masturbating, how the P-word is dangerous, sex toys, masturbating tips, feeling sexy, smoking weed everyday, what the clit actually looks like, vagina shaming, naked dating, imposter syndrome, and when you should cut people out of your life. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Remy Kassimir on Instagram & Twitter: @remykassimir
March 13, 2019
Max Ehrich: Fame & Toxic Masculinity
Hannah makes fun of Max for being "so LA". Max never felt like he belonged in his small town of Marlboro, New Jersey. Fast forward a couple years and he has dated some of the coolest girls in Hollywood, has a million followers, and is a successful actor. Breaking into the industry hasn't been easy and after some success, he believes fame is a dirty word.  Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram and Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Max Ehrich on Instagram: @maxehrich
March 6, 2019
Emilia Ortiz: Past Lives & Threesomes
She is known on Instagram as the "healer of the hood" and mental health/cannabis advocate. Emilia chats with Hannah about witchcraft,  what it means to be an empath, CBD, reincarnation, knowing her boyfriend is a past life, being bisexual, getting out of depression, and the afterlife. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Emilia Ortiz on Instagram: @ethereal.1
February 27, 2019
Lindsey Metselaar: Scheduling Sex & Stopping Smoking
You guys! This is the first ever crossover/remix/collab episode with Berning In Hell X We Met At Acme. In this episode, Lindsey gives Hannah an astrological consultation and Hannah chats with the podcast veteran about her dating demons, worst heartbreak, trust issues, being Type A, and leaving corporate America. Go to We Met At Acme to listen to Hannah tell Lindsey all about her love life! Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Lindsey Metselaar on Instagram: @wemetatacme
February 24, 2019
Sonny5ideup: Making Memes & Not Being Thirsty
Sonny got fired by his own dad but now he runs multiple meme accounts with millions of followers. He's not motivated by money and is now looking for marriage- who the hell is this guy? He keeps his identity private, which makes him much more interesting. He also doesn't know what his five year plan is and Hannah would argue that five year plans are bullshit.  LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Sonny on Instagram & Twitter: @Sonny5ideup
February 20, 2019
Michelle Collins: Disaster Dates & Shallowness
She stands 6’1” without heels, from Miami, Florida… Michelle Collins! You may have heard her on Sirius XM or seen her on The View. She also is kind of a big deal because she was nominated for an Emmy. But despite all her success in show business, her dating life is all over the place. A psychic told her that she will meet her husband overseas and she’s convinced American guys don’t like funny women. She’s also scared of therapy so that’s definitely not helping. Hannah also opens up about the worst date she’s ever been on. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram and Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Michelle Collins on Instagram and Twitter: @michcoll
February 13, 2019
Jera Foster-Fell: Energy Murderers & Nipple Piercings
She is DA REALEST influencer in the game and an athleisure queen with sponsors through the roof. Her life has been an open book with breakups, nipple piercings, getting rejected as a soul cycle instructor, but she still has personal demons she doesn't show her followers. Also, we found out we hooked up with the same guy this summer which was weird. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram and Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Jera Foster-Fell on Instagram: @jera.bean
February 6, 2019
Ryan Serhant: Attention Whores & Fearing Failure
Not only is he one of the most successful real estate brokers in NYC, but he is also the star of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing, author of Sell It Like Serhant, and founder of his own media entertainment company. Ryan Serhant reveals his strange secrets to success, including never trying to sell yourself and having a crippling fear of failure. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Ryan Serhant on Instagram & Twitter: @ryanserhant
January 30, 2019
Comments By Celebs: Instagram Entrepreneurship & Eating Carbs
Arguably the hottest and fastest growing Instagram account in the game right now is @commentsbycelebs. Known as the "modern day paparazzi", they post the funniest comments by celebrities from all over the internet. Founders Emma Diamond and Julie Kramer seem to have the dream millennial gig, but Hannah discovers all the insecurities, fears, and struggles that come with managing a viral Instagram account. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Comments By Celebs on Instagram: @commentsbycelebs
January 23, 2019
Kate Chastain: Emotional Availability & Farting
She might be the biggest star of Bravo's Below Deck, but she constantly gets yelled at by rude guests on yachts, doesn't have a sense of smell, fights with her mom, and once made a terrible decision in Key West with a guy named Fabio. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Kate Chastain on Instagram & Twitter: @kate_chastain
January 16, 2019
Derek Peth: Bad Breakups & Stoicism
Derek Peth was once a star on Bachelor in Paradise when he proposed to Taylor Nolan on national TV. Since then, his life has changed dramatically and his relationship has ended. Now he is living in New York trying to figure out his next steps for happiness. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Derek Peth on Instagram & Twitter: @pethderek
January 9, 2019
Emma Willmann: Stand Up Struggles & Porn Preferences
Sleep eating, art therapists, gay porn, botox, and period cunnilingus are all topics that Hannah discusses when determining the root of Emma's demons. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Emma Willmann on Instagram & Twitter: @emmawillmann
January 2, 2019
Dr. Mike: The Sexiest Doctor Alive & Unsexy Issues
People Magazine named Doctor Mike Varshavski "The Sexiest Doctor Alive". He's a real physician, philanthropist, and has almost 3 million followers on Instagram. Hannah is determined to find out what's wrong with him because he seems perfect and that makes her uncomfortable. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Dr. Mike on Instagram & Twitter: @doctor.mike
December 26, 2018
Fat Carrie Bradshaw: Social Anxiety & Alter Egos
Chris Burns is famous for his Instagram alter ego @fatcarriebradshaw who is shameless, confident, and probably stole your man. However, the real Chris Burns deals with social anxiety, insecurities, and is really fucking single. Will the real Chris please stand up? LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Chris Burns on Instagram: @fatcarriebradshaw
December 19, 2018
Margaret Josephs: Leaving Your Husband & Saggy Boobs
Margaret Josephs is the breakout star on Real Housewives of New Jersey who is older and wiser than me. She left her husband for a contractor, put everything on the line for her own business, and through all the hell, she has taught herself to be confident no matter who is in the room. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Margaret Josephs on Instagram: @therealmargaretjosephs
December 12, 2018
Sean Alexander: Losing Followers & Self Help Books
Sean is a beautiful male fitness model who is starting his first underwear brand because he's that hot. However, having blue eyes and washboard abs does not mean your life flawless. Sean is constantly fighting the pressure of being a perfectionist and people assuming that he's dumb (apparently that's what happens to really hot people). LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Sean Alexander on Instagram: @seanalexanderr
December 5, 2018
Daryn Carp: Death Threats & Strap Ons
Being Andy Cohen's assistant is definitely a dream job, but that doesn't mean that Daryn Carp doesn't have demons. She's turned down half a million dollars, got her life threatened by an ex-girlfriend's mother, and her biggest fear is being stuck in Andy's shadow. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Daryn Carpe on Instagram & Twitter: @carpedaryn
November 28, 2018
Jessie Jolles: Bulimia & Not Being Yourself
Jessie Jolles is a successful comedian but growing up she was an insecure, table humping kid who suffered from trichotillomania and bulimia. Over time, she learned how to use humor to gain confidence in herself and stop hating herself- it took a shit ton of therapy though. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Jessie Jolles on Instagram & Twitter: @jessiejolles
November 28, 2018
Taylor Strecker: Crying During Sex & Inner Peace
From the outside looking in, life was perfect for Taylor Strecker. She was married, wealthy, and hosting a massively successful radio show on SiriusXM. That was before it all went to hell. After divorcing her husband she fell in love with her best friend (who happened to be a woman), got fired from her job, and struggled to start her own business. Anxiety, jealousy, and anger were all emotions that she had to conquer to get back to where she is today. LIVE SHOW (use the code BERN for 50% off): Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz Follow Taylor Strecker on Instagram & Twitter: @taylorstrecker
November 28, 2018
Welcome To Hell
My name is Hannah Berner. I’m a former tennis player turned comedian. I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression in the past and I realized that I want to talk about it.... and who better to talk about it with than my friends who are comedians, reality tv stars, or influencers whose lives look perfect on social media? Berning in Hell is where I speak to people about their demons and bring out their deepest insecurities, anxieties, regrets and ultimately learn how they cope with their hell. The devil works hard, but I work harder. Enjoy. Follow Hannah Berner on Instagram & Twitter: @beingbernz
November 16, 2018