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A New You!

A New You!

By A New You Self Care
A New You Self Care - Balancing your Mind, Body, and Soul to Help YOU Create a NEW YOU
Our goal is to help you love the body that you are in and find the You that you have been hiding and to learn to love and embrace the You that you create here- A New You that shows love and acceptance of the whole you mind, body, and soul. We do this through spiritual yoga, self care groups, reiki sessions, spiritual sessions, and various workouts and trainings.

So we will be talking about many topics such as
- Yoga and Meditation
- Spiritual Discussions
- Divination
- Self Care Hints and Tips
- and more
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Self Care Podcast #2 Create Your Own Self Care Ritual

A New You!

Self Care Podcast #2 Create Your Own Self Care Ritual

A New You!

Self Care Podcast #3 Barriers to Your Self Care Ritual and How to Overcome Them
In this podcast, I will discuss how there are internal and external barriers that keep you from having a regular self care ritual. We also do some journaling and think about ways to help overcome these barriers.
September 5, 2021
Self Care Podcast #2 Create Your Own Self Care Ritual
In this podcast, we will be discussing how to create your own self care ritual by listening to your body and mind. We may begin with 5 minutes of just lying in bed or get up and run. It doesn't matter as this is self care. Stop in for 15 minutes and listed to how long a self care ritual should be- I Will bet that you are surprised! What it can be and how you let the energy around you choose what you wish to do each day. And let me know what your self care ritual is by emailing me at and sharing your rituals. 
August 16, 2021
Self Care Podcast #1
This is the first of a Self Care focused Podcast for Bertena, of A New You Self Care Center.  Each episode will discuss various self care topics and then provide a self care activity that you are to try at home.  This is the beginning of the series so grab a comfy seat and a trusty journal and enjoy the show!
July 6, 2021