An episode of BhagavadGita

By ivs prasad
BhagavadGita Today is presenting the 700 Slokas of all 18 chapters in simple understandable and learnable and in original Sanskrit language. This is to facilitate to most of the seekers of Truth and who is walking the spiritual path.

This is not possible for any other person, at least in our circles, than to Shri. Mangipudi Kameswara Rao, who has more than 30 years of experience as an All India Radio artist and as a Sanskrit lecturer. As well he taught BhagavadGita to many students in this kind of simple and learnable language. Hope you will enjoy it and please encourage us.
A simple introduction in Telugu about Bhagavadgita and our effort to make it possible for every one who so ever is interested in learning to pronounce and recite Bhagavadgita.  Please do visit for all our activities at our website https://BhagavadGita.Today
April 9, 2019
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