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Best Siiide

Best Siiide

By @hepsfx
A reminder that we are all wonderfully and awfully human, Best Siiide gives you insight, connection and the realisation that it’s ok to be yourself. Hepa guides each conversation with no agenda other than to get to know his guest better and help the audience see that no matter who you are - we all have our hard times. His guests stories, anecdotes, philosophies, vulnerability, perspectives and systems will have you gaining a whole new faith in humanity and ultimately - yourself.
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Richie Hardcore - Accept the scaffolding
Champion Muay Thai kickboxer turned White Ribbon Ambassador and member of the their Trust, Richie Harcore is a passionate advocate for social change. Professionally he is in demand as a public speaker, personal trainer and fight coach. In his role as an Ambassador and in his professional public speaking engagements he campaigns to prevent sexual and domestic violence and also works as a sexual consent educator. In our kōrero we discuss toxic masculinity, addiction, how fighting helped him growing up and how growing up in West Auckland shaped his life into what it is now. Richie has been a vital part of the White Ribbon Ambassador team and he recently presented to Year 12 and 13 students throughout the Wellington region on a Youth Ambassador Leadership Programme. Richie’s mission is “to help make the world better by supporting people to live their best lives” and he can often be seen or heard on National media speaking about all these issues. **This discussion was recorded in October 2019 when Richie visited Taranaki to speak at an event here. 
November 8, 2020
Wayne Capper - Te Kaitiaki (The Guardian)
Wayne Capper (or Caps) was the first Kaitiaki Whenua Ranger for Te Kahui o Taranaki looking after 30 cultural sites (including many Pā) around Taranaki.  In addition to that, the Australian born Māori man shares with us his experience in growing up in a household that took everyone in and how this shaped him as an adult.  From a love of rugby league and community to battles with alcohol and owning his mistakes - Caps’ honest account of his life journey until this point will have lessons worth taking for everyone. Now a father of 7 but a role model to many, Caps reflection of his life bounces forward like the sun off a mirror into a bright and hopeful future for his whānau and community.
October 4, 2020
Dinnie Moeahu - The Big Fighter
The Big Fighter who became the ambassador for The Little Fighters Trust. Entertainer / Business owner turned local politician - Dinnie Moeahu has never been a stranger to controversy and fighting. Since birth (arguably before that), Dinnie has been a part of the battle of standing up to oppression and standing for what is right. Carrying on the batton from his ancestors, Dinnie is running full steam ahead into a generational defining battle, being one of many leaders fighting to establish a Māori Ward. Big goals are nothing for Dinnie though - Taranaki Daily News Person of the year, TSB Best New Business of the year, Iron Māori, Iron Man and raising over $80,000 for The Little Fighters Trust are just a few notches on his belt. Get your notepad ready, for this is arguably our most quotable podcast episode to date! 
September 13, 2020
BONUS EPIIISODE - Luke McDowall - The Avatar
I met Luke during a mens mental health walk (for lack of a better term) and was instantly inspired by him - as were all the other walkers. At 14 Luke was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis (Sometimes referred to as T5 Transverse Myelitis). Seemingly out of nowhere, during a school day, Luke went from fine to having a tingly feeling in his legs then to 10 weeks in hospital and then a wheelchair. During this chat, Luke chronicles that journey alongside its many lessons and how oneness and synchronicity guide him everywhere he goes. A key phrase that Luke says that sticks for me is "Our bodies are just a part of us but they're not all of us" which stood out for me as I know many people wouldn't see it that way. It was hard to separate his pleasant perspective from the harsh realities that he has had to endure in order to maintain his trajectory. Speaking about the elements, spiritual awareness and mental toughness whilst sharing his love for discipline but still having a good time - this chat can only be described as lightly heavy hearted (- I know).
September 8, 2020
Not your regular Karen - Karen Venables
Born in Otago and moving to Taranaki, after having travelled the world through culturally diverse areas like Africa and Ngaruawāhia, Karen has been gifted a world view staunchly foundationed in fairness and unconditional love. With a very global world view of society both professionally and personally, we get a front row seat to the initiatives that Karen has been a part of; From being a part of a school that initiates two hours of priming before school starts (exercise, a healthy breakfast etc) to ensuring that an important piece of her hometown was saved (as a prominent member of the Save Fitzroy Golf Club campaign) this lawyer is no stranger to campaigning for change as she joins the fight to changing legislation within New Zealand which discriminates against Māori. She is definitely not your regular, Karen.
August 30, 2020
Life Lessons, Hidings and Getting Told Off: Bobby Campbell-Luke
You know how there's that kid from your neighbourhood who grew up to go and amazingly crazy things? For me, Bobby is one of those. This conversation was one that has been scheduled and re: scheduled again throughout time and it felt great to finally getting around to have this kōrero (talk). Through our conversation we explore narratives of lineage (whakapapa), how growing up influences your imagination and the utter strength of femininity and how it can influence the world. This story of how we can learn to own our uniqueness as a loner is a freeing conversation. We, of course, touch on the arts; both fashion and film AND the interesting adventure of a Pā boy coming out to claim his sexuality. One for every ear. 
August 23, 2020
Troy Kingi - 10 x 10 x 10
The man, the myth - the dad from Hunt for the wilder-people: Troy Kingi. An indescribable people talent that people have been trying to box-in for years with titles like: actor, teacher, performer, singer or artist - yet he is soo much more than all of those. Challenging the status quo and doing the impossible are amongst may things that come up in this conversation. We explore his moving about as a child through Rotorua and Te Kaha to becoming a staple of the NZ Music scene and a familiar face on TV and beyond! From his relationship with the oceans to his favourite basketball player - we leave no stone unturned. We also talk of course, about his flagship goal: To complete 10 albums, in 10 different genres within 10 years! 
August 2, 2020
Jesse Smith - I'm Very Lucky
Jesse Smith goes by too many names to mention but some attributes that are synonymous with those names are: happy, excited, stoked and a heart of gold. Born in Auckland then moving down to Taranaki so Mum & Dad could enjoy the surf, create fellowship and run their business (Seasons / Cheapskates, an iconic Taranaki surf shop that later included skate gear and then ultimately street culture that ran parallel to the upbringing of any Taranaki 90s kid) - Jesse is a man that warms the heart of everyone he passes.   To say Jesse is an optimist would be a gross understatement. For years, the 34 year old has made every person within his radius feel like they mattered and is known for being able to change your day around with a simple conversation. However, amongst the smiles and laughter - there is also a story of a family battling a medical condition that continuously threatens the positive radiance of a man (and his family) who have long been at the epicentre for shaping the retail, surf and skate culture of the little yet excited hub that is Taranaki. I sat with the regions most positive man to discuss family, human science, the power of stickers and how religion, nature and good f*ckin attitude can help you through almost anything. 
July 5, 2020
Chelsea Cook - A mothers instinct
There are many milestones to ones life. For many of us, having children is definitely one of them. The experience is often romanticised in movies and television from start (when people discover they're pregnant) to arriving home with babies and then on to shaping a future together. But what about the stuff we don't hear? Enter Chelsea - In a vivid recount of the birth of her eldest son, Cruz - Chelsea shares with us the plans that were ahead for her and her little family before an interesting experience with the medical facilities and staff within the hospitals of New Zealand lead to some life long complications for their family. From a birth that seemed to lack a lot of communication and care of duty - to the struggles and successes of raising a child with cerebral palsy . We explore: What questions need to be asked when it comes to having a child? Why is it important to think outside of the box? What medical advances are on the horizon for Cerebral Palsy? How can we help? EDIT  - At this time Chelsea and her family are raising funds for Cruz to acquire a Molli suit (google it!) so please head to our instagram and facebook pages for more information on this. 
July 5, 2020
Paul Rangiwāhia - A Mental Health Warrant of Fitness
Getting your warrant of fitness, is pretty standard for those that own cars. Whist paying for it isn't always fun, ensuring the vehicles that carry us and our loved ones are operating efficiently, structurally sound and therefore safe - is always a part of the journey of owning a car. But what about owning our own lives? Do you check your own structures?  Your own foundations? All the little bits and pieces (and the big bits & pieces!) that hold you: your body, your spirit and your mind - all together? Chance are you don't. In this episode, we catch up with Paul Rangiwāhia - a South Taranaki artist whose life and experiences lead him overseas as an athlete then back home to Aotearoa working in a bar serving gang members. From the ascension of his business and its ultimate demise which lead to Paul becoming an ambassador and spokesperson for Mental Health within New Zealand.  
July 5, 2020
Best Siiide BONUS EPISODE - Joel Buckley - Kayaking the North Island
There’s something to be said for testing yourself physically. Whether that test is you going to the gym for the first time, the 100th time or even just walking to the shop and back. Well this episode epitomises that exact sentiment. Choosing to circumnavigate the north island of NZ on a kayak - Joel Buckley is always up for a challenge and the lessons it comes with. Here, Joel and I discuss the rugged landscapes of Aotearoa whilst admiring its warm people who have accepted him time and time again throughout his journey. Mentions of Turangi, Ruatoria and of course Taranaki pepper this conversation as we share yarns tht fo beyond just a physical challenge
December 22, 2019
Best Siiide Season 1 Finale: ‘I like Truth’ - Jordan Rivers
Dancer turned speaker turned social influencer turned conscious thinker - Jordan Rivers has a voice that he is barely using. Jordans online social presence is not only one of numbers but one of impactful and meaningful conversations which constantly challenge "common sense" and "normal" social standards of acceptance. Sprinkles of humor and dashes of seriousness - Jordan has a unique ability to bring attention to the topics that we need to be talking about but for some reason we aren't. Exploring privilege, systemic racism, shame, blowing up on instagram and a whole range more - our conversation effortlessly flows between laughter and serious tones. Constantly challenging one another on our own values and seeing if we can make the other person tick.
December 22, 2019
Nicola Ngarewa - The Disruptor
Born & Bred in Patea of Aotearoa, Nicola Ngarewa learned about what it means to be resourceful and the importance of community from the very beginning. A self confessed "Bad student" turned corrections officer turned school principal, Nicola has become laser focussed on creating a society which our young people can have access to every opportunity that they need to create the life that they can see in their minds eye. The future is now, yet the future needs to get back to some core "old school" values - Creating a "Free Range" learning environment as opposed to "Machine Farmed" learning is one example she gives and we explore the notion that Education was birthed from religion... something I didn't know! What does the future of education look like? How does technology make an impact? How can you help? Talking connection, education and grabbing control of the future are just a few of the many themes spoken here. If you have children, hate children or plan to have children -  this kōrero will grab your interest. 
December 15, 2019
Best Siiide Episode 015: Hemi Coates - “Lets just run with it"
Can you read? If yes, then you're already ahead of Hemi - who says that reading was constant battle as a kid. Originally from the small town of Kawerau in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand - Hemi is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is a massive advocate for failing forward and not letting paralysis by analysis win the war. The owner of multiple successful enterprises including Eat a rainbow (A food service helping parents feed their kids all the nutritious and colourful kai they need in a time poor world) and Manaaki Adventures (Adventure tourism showing our visitors the special, bespoke side of Aotearoa otherwise remained unseen) Hemi Coates loves his sports, his family, giving things a go and having the conversations that others won't to help spread important messages.  The importance of networking is something the bro cant stress enough alongside multiple nuggets of advice for people who have a great business idea but are unsure on how to go about bringing it to life. PLUS - Have you heard of huntingtons disease? Push play ya egg
December 8, 2019
Best Siiide Episode 014: Tania Reid - There’s more inside of you
On Saturday night (November 23rd 2019) Tania Reid became the Australian National Boxing Federation's Australasian Lightweight title. But the story will started a very long time ago. From moving around a heap as a kid to searching for her biological father - Tanz has always been a fighter and this conversation illustrates that. Tanz shares never-before-heard details surrounding the circumstances around her birth and the mental health issues that have weaved their ways in and out of her life. 41-year-old Tanz (she’ll kill me for that) went into the bout as underdog with the odds stacked against her, having never won a title, fighting on foreign soil, coming off two loses and up against a woman half her age who was on a five-fight winning streak. But this story will show you that being an underdog is nothing new to Tanz. She’ll be the first to tell you though - “You have more inside you”.
December 1, 2019
Michelle Matangi - Tough Love
Have you ever followed your gut and regretted it? Or have you only regretted not following your gut? Following my gut feeling lead me to Michelle. We had never met and I had never looked into her journey but amongst multiple conversations with different friends and acquaintances I had a gravitation towards getting in contact with Michelle and get her to share her journey. Outer body experiences, the trapping feeling of traffic and a family history of mental health issues are the just the tip - there is a great big story here and Michelle doesn’t hold back. The power of unpacking your traumas is real in here. Michelle even offers an insight into meditation and how it can be a game changer to ones life.
November 24, 2019
Girls Minds Matter (GMM) - Bonus Episode
Girls Minds Matter (GMM) invited the community to an evening of connection and conversation around mental wellbeing. GMM is an organisation dedicated to supporting and empowering girls and young women to explore the challenges of mental and emotional wellness. Brooke, Elle, Sorcha, Michelle and Kayla share their own journeys from struggle to wellness and share their vision for this community of young women.
November 19, 2019
Ayman Aneece aka The Mad Arab - Is God Lonely?
Born in Cairo, Egypt before immigrating to Aotearoa at the ages of 3 & 4 respectively - Ayman (Entrepreneur, Metal Head and self confessed "Bounty Bar") & Hoss (Illustrator, Hip Hop fan and casual anarchist) Aneece, tell a story which is so dramatic, comical and diverse that it could be the script to a TV Series. Flowing backwards and forwards between the two brothers, this episode forces listeners to have an open mind and be prepared to have your own beliefs and values questioned. Strict parents, pursuing passions, long distance relationships and experiencing airports pre and post 9/11 are some of the jaw dropping and belly laughing moments that come to life in this episode. Why should everyone try LSD? Can Dolphins deliver babies? What is the only oil worth fighting for? And - How the darkest periods of our life give us the tools to light up the world - Push Play ya egg
November 18, 2019
Lorella Doherty - A Whale of a problem
Like many, I came across Lorella via her mahi creating Ngātoro - a plastic whale that was created using recycled plastic. As I touched base, to learn the story and dig into the “Why” of her passion project, it wasn’t long before it became clear that this was merely one part to a huge resume of creations dedicated to raising our awareness to Kaitiakitanga/Guardianship. That being; our awareness of our duty as humans to look after the planet and ALL of its inhabitants. During this episode - we learn how a lonely little girl that was raised on the road with a family history of addictions, grew to become an ambassador for self awareness and global responsibility whilst being a catalyst for change who just happens to appreciate good hip hop music.
November 10, 2019
Lucky Diamond Rich - “Be careful of the shiny shit"
If you were going for a world record - what world record would you like to have? How about the worlds most tattooed person? Greg Paul McLaren a.k.a Lucky Diamond Rich born in New Zealand but a self professed "proud Australian" having spent most his life there. The bro has tattoos from his eyelids down to his million dollar man. The record books say he is 100% tattooed but during our conversation that number could easily be 400% Life experience spills out of Lucky in everything he says and does. If you ever see him in the flesh, please don't hesitate to say hello - but beware... he might just ask you for a hug.  Detailing his journey with addiction, multiple visits to rehab and multiple family issues including witnessing death - its no coincidence that I've chosen this episode to be one of our first to publish as it truly epitomises the whole ambition of this project. 'Be careful of the shiny shit' he says 'it loses its shine pretty fuckin quick'. Push play ya egg
November 4, 2019
Elle Belushi - The Phoenix
Who are your heroes? Growing up, I was always fascinated by comic books and super heroes. In retrospect, it was probably the escapism they provided me as a kid, which allowed me to get away from all the surrounding drama. Nowadays, with the current renaissance happening in film, it's pretty amazing to see this characters come to life on the big screen and to be able to bring to life that child-like imagination. The experience in recording this episode was very similar. Having next-to-no interaction with Elle, previous to this episode, I had no expectations or knowledge of her background. If I'm being genuine here, I only knew her as one half of the dynamic duo which owned & operated the co-working space known as Johnson Corner in the CBD of New Plymouth. However, I came away from our conversation in complete awe and wonder of this champion woman. Hearing of her trials and triumphs straight from the horses mouth, so to speak, had me in a rollercoaster of emotion. From the rise of her families persistency, to the falls of addiction and the loops of relapse. With hard corners of vulnerability and gravity defying self worth - the ride will have you gripping your seat as your head is spun and thrown around through all the emotion and brutal honesty on display. Her first question to me was "Why did you want to interview me?" and I couldn't answer without sounding ludicrous. I had a gut feeling there was something to unearth and something that people would resonate with. Coming away from our conversation, I felt like I had just spoken with a real life superhero. A Phoenix, risen from the ashes, reborn and ready to reignite the world with her magic by encouraging others to be empowered with the ability to forgive themselves for their past and embrace their new, tailor-made life.
October 27, 2019
How to predict the future - Adnan Belushi
What does your future look like? For many people on the planet today, that is the very reason why they get out of bed. Adnan is one of those people. Weaving through topics such as: Futurism, meditation, relationship struggles, family struggles, immigration and becoming a dad - Adnan and myself manage to share many lightbulb moments whilst laughing through similar tragedies and crying at different "successes" in each of our lives. Ted Talker, Entrepreneur, Husband and Revolutionary - Adnan shares with us ways to prepare for the future with both practical and impractical methods to help take control of your future by seeing whats coming and to be prepared for what you don't see coming. With perhaps one of the most interesting background stories / life journeys that I've ever heard, this conversation has sat with me deeply ever since we shared it... and now we get to share it with you Push play ya egg
October 27, 2019
Ash Herman / Hxrman - Things are not as they appear
Episode 007 Age is often used as the number to tally ones life experience. But is that an archaic thought now? Many of us have passions and aspirations we want to pursue but due to external voices telling us we can’t or shouldn’t - our internal voice usually joins them which leads to aspirational paralysis. Rapper, Recovering Addict and Political Enthusiast, Ash Herman a.k.a Hxrman opens his mind and heart on everything from his music to his theories on depression and pharmaceuticals
September 22, 2019
Ezel Kokcu - A Really Bad Daughter
Are you sitting on the fence with an idea you've had but have yet to action it? Migrating to New Zealand at a very young age, Ezel was introduced to hard work as a strong family tradition from the get go. Unfortunately she was also introduced to discrimination, tall poppy syndrome and put in a box due to things beyond her control.  Inexperienced, underage and a name thats too hard to pronounce or say over the phone so people just didnt talk her - we get to hear how to climb these obstacles and use the chip that can be placed on our shoulders to our advantage - against a world, which at times, can seem like all it wants you to do is fail. - How to turn dream to reality - Why inaction isn't the hardest part - How the Christchurch shooting directly affected her family - There's no such thing as too young, too girly or too ethnic Deeply personal yet packed with a dozen "How To" tutorials of practical advice, this is going to change soo many lives and empower all the fence sitters out there. Push play ya egg
September 16, 2019
"Maori are lucky they got saved by the British" - Andrew Judd
Self professed 'Recovering racist', Andrew Judd polarised the nation with his stance to support the creation of a Maori Ward in the New Plymouth District.  Though thats not where Andrews journey began. Growing up in Masterton, New Zealand - with a mother who immigrated to our country, Andrew was no stranger to discrimination growing up - from both a receiving and giving end. Moving through his experiences, almost chronologically, we discover his views on how we can all overcome discrimination and even how to use it on your side. Throughout life we're forced to make unpopular decisions. They often prove to be pivotal moments which seperate leaders from followers in the march towards great change. You'd be hard pressed to find a person who was more willing to, not only MAKE an unpopular decision but, lead an entire movement campaigning for a country to acknowledge its own dark history and amend itself accordingly than Andrew Judd.  - How to listen to your instincts - How to choose whats right over whats popular and - How to accept help Just a few of the lessons you'll learn from this one. So go on, push play ya egg
September 8, 2019
Brooke Barrett - Living above the line
How many of us have fallen to a narrative or story which was created for us? For example - people telling you you’re funny, so you therefore establish yourself as the funny person? But what about the skinny girl? The bad student? Have you ever played into a story created for you by someone else? Vivid nightmares, borderline schizophrenia and being accused on of having an eating disorder when she didn’t have one at all are just a sample of the hurdles that Brooke Barrett has overcome thus far. A woman of many talents (including fashion design, modelling, stat quo challenger and rooftop shouter) sits with me as we explore how to turn lemonade from life’s lemons. Have a pen and paper handy!
September 2, 2019
I was fortunate enough to head out to the sight for the first Green School in New Zealand. Green School Bali is the first Green School which has set the standard in many ways academically, culturally and holistically. Imagine a school that taught us to achieve within ourselves as much as it taught us to achieve financially and academically. The Green School concept has been heralded as bringing about a challenge to our current system of education. Encouraging its students to flourish through wellness, curiosity and trial & error - the school has also met its resistance with people questioning its agenda, cost and fixing what some say isn’t broken. Here you can hear their aim, purpose and pragmatic approach to making their dream a reality. ***disclaimer - this recording is super raw, literally a phone thrown to the front of the room where you’ll hear children make noise, people whispering and even a muffle as one presenter walked off with my phone thinking it was his.
August 31, 2019
Everything happens for a reason - Sam Rapira
Being a champion in anything is a long journey and requires a lot of commitment. Whilst a lot of sports receive a lot of support, others are breaking new territory and are yet commanding the financial backing thats needed to propel the sport and its contenders into the necessary spotlight to maximise their opportunities.  Enter: Sam Rapira Alongside his family (Brother, Jake.  Mum, Tich and Wife, Jess) Sam has created an everlasting legacy that spills out from within the boxing ring into the community of New Plymouth and Taranaki that will never die. Not only did Sam have 70+ amateur fights before turning pro and hold multiple NZ titles but with the aid of his support network and the boxing community he was his own promoter - promoting every fight that he had in Taranaki. Often mistaken for his Rugby League cousin - Sam, Jake and their co-owned boxing gym do regular charity work for the community and SPCA. Organizing food banks for the winter months and Christmas Season.  - How to turn negatives to positives - How the threat of violence can change your life and - How to make the most out of working with family As we all know, life can smash you over and knock you out so who better to share with us the ways of getting back up?
August 26, 2019
14 diets by 14 - Michelle Yandle
Do you watch what you eat? A simple question which is anything but simple to answer. Nutrition Coach.  Teacher. Author. Healthy Food Ambassador. Cat Lover. Recovered Yo-Yo Dieter.  TED Talker and all around good bitch, Michelle Yandle - was placed on 14 different diets by age 14 and (like many of us) was made to feel insecure about what she eats. This podcast was fun at the time, but as I listened back before uploading it online I found myself relating to the conversation and its contents far more deeply than I did than when we recorded it. I had flashbacks of many Marae gatherings getting force fed food I didnt really want, the people I lived with "feeding me up" out of love and most of all - I relived all the jabs, backhanded compliments and flat out disrespect given to me by others in regards to my weight and size.  What did my ancestors eat? How did they know what to eat without blogs and in the internet? Would we cope TODAY without supermarkets? AND Is eating healthy, an unhealthy obsession? Push play ya egg  
August 11, 2019
I'll never go back to jail - Todd Williams aka Louie Knuxx
Being a Hip Hop fan and a proud product of Taranaki - this was a little bit of a fanboy moment for me.  Todd Williams, (stage name Louie Knuxx) according to every magazine you read and every search you make online is an artist, rapper and musician. But what they don't tell you is that the man is a better-than-he-thinks student, introspective teacher and just a fuckin' good dude.  With a rap career spanning over two decades he shares how he went from rapping in his bedroom to eating shrimp on a yacht in Prague drinking champagne whilst sharing the stage with everyone from Deeze Nutz to Dizzee Rascall along the way. Nonchalantly emotionally aware, Todd jumps from topic to topic as we explore intergenerational trauma, growing old, the state of hip hop, racism in sports and why Mike D from Beastie Boys is an asshole.   No holds barred.  
July 28, 2019
Welcome to the Best Siiide Podcast
Just introducing myself and letting people know not only who I am but why I’ve decided to get into podcasting. I actually shared more about my personal life than I intended in this prelude episode - I think that people who know me really well might even be a little caught off guard by some of the things that I mention. Why are we here? Who am I and why is this podcast going to change the world?
July 9, 2019