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Long Story Short

Long Story Short

By Beth LaMontagne Hall
Stories about heartache, awkward moments and discovering who we are, taken from recordings of live performances at the storytelling series Long Story Short at 3S Artspace.

For over five years, Beth LaMontagne Hall has hosted the series featuring stories from professional writers, performers, and people who have no public speaking experience at all. The stories may be unpolished, but they are always honest. Sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking (usually a little of both) Long Story Short aims to bring stories from average people to the stage in hopes of making the world a little closer.
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Holidaze - Episode 4

Long Story Short

Holidaze - Episode 4

Long Story Short

What Could Go Wrong - Ep 13
Have you ever sat down in class only to realize you forgot there's a test that day? Or decided to show off your water skiing skills (despite never being on them) and fallen flat on your face? What Could Go Wrong is a meme for a reason - everyone's been caught off guard trying to fake it until they make it. In this episode, we have two stories about diving into a situation only to realize they are in way over their heads. First is Heather Armitage, a library and hilarious storyteller who launches this teen drama about disobeying parents off with a bang. Her story was recorded live at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH as part of the September 2019 show, Breaking All the Rules.  Next is Tristan Law, a LSS Advisory Board member and talent booker in New Hampshire. Before he was booking national acts at some of oldest and most popular music venues in the state, he was a bartender - which is fodder for many stories right there. If you've ever had a nightmare about entering a room completely unprepared, this story is for you. If you like our show, please subscribe, rate and review! You can also find us @longstoryshort3s on Instagram. To learn more about Long Story Short and sign up for email alerts about upcoming live shows, go to
June 16, 2021
Another Minisode! - June 2021
There are some great events coming up in June, including another Long Story Short live show. But that's not all. There are storytelling events around New England and beyond that celebrate diverse voices and explore identity in honor of both Pride Month and Juneteenth. Give a listen and if you're looking for more info, check out the links we've included here. Long Story Short live show at 3S Artspace - SOLD OUT! - But virtual tickets still available at The Moth Virtual Story Slam: Flatwater Tales Storytelling Festival: Black History Trail Juneteenth 2021: Life's a Drag:
June 3, 2021
At Your Service - Ep. 12
The live stories are back! We've got two stories about the ins and outs of serving others. Whether it's the service industry or the health care industry or elder care, it takes a special temperament to provide great service.  The episode features Dagan Migirditch, co-owner of Liar Bench Brewing Company, based in Portsmouth, NH and Larry Clow, a writer, editor and frequent trivia champion. Both are exceptional writers whose talent shines through in their storytelling style and comedic timing. Dagan's story is from the 2015 show "The Waiting Game" and Larry's story is from the 2016 show "Past Lives." To learn more about Long Story Short and sign up for email alerts about upcoming live shows, go to For tickets to the June 9 live show at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH, got to
May 18, 2021
Stories With Puppets: Interview With Pat Spalding - Ep. 11
Beth talks with storyteller, performer and former puppeteer Pat Spalding, one of the people behind the storytelling series True Tales Live. They discuss Pat's early days of telling stories through puppets, monologue-style storytelling, and how Covid has her writing all new material. This episode is chock full of wisdom about crafting and rehearsing stories for the stage. It's a must listen for anyone who wants to get into storytelling, or would like to up their performance game. To connect to Long Story Short and learn more about our upcoming live shows, go to To watch Pat Spalding's show, We Stayed Together for the Puppets, go to:
May 3, 2021
Great Performances - Ep. 10
Beth shares two stories from Rob Richards and Catherine Stewart, two performers with extensive theater backgrounds. The episode highlights excellent writing and execution that transcend the genre and elevate the art of storytelling. Long Story Short is a storytelling series for people of all levels and is often a place for beginners to showcase their stories and build their performance chops. However, there are highly experienced storytellers and performers who take the stage at 3S Artspace to share their work. Here are two of those stories. To connect to Long Story Short and learn more about our upcoming live shows, go to
April 21, 2021
It's a Minisode! - April 2021
Want to know about storytelling events are happening in April? Beth's got a brief Northern New England round up in this inaugural minisode. The focus is our neck of the woods, Northern New England, but in the months ahead we plan to highlight more virtual events and in-person shows outside our region too. If you have an event you'd like mentioned in May, go to contact page to send Beth the info.
April 9, 2021
What Makes a Story? w/ Stephanie Lazenby - Ep. 9
Beth talks to Stephanie Lazenby who wrote, co-directed and starred in the one-woman show, "Where Do I Begin?" about her experiences growing up in the Bronx in the 70s and 80s. It is a nostalgic, music-infused show that explores her relationship with her dad, as well as how music and objects throughout our lives impact memory. The show was performed at the West End Theatre in Portsmouth, NH in January 2021 as part of the New Hampshire Theatre Project's SoloStage Series. In this two-part interview, Beth and Stephanie talk about the struggles of being creative during the pandemic, overcoming the inner voices that infuse self-doubt, and take on the question, "What makes a good story?" These interviews were recorded in February 2021. To connect to Long Story Short and learn more about our upcoming live shows, go to
April 5, 2021
Fathers and Daughters - Episode 8
Family relationships are complicated. It's why so many people bring stories about parents, siblings, children and in-laws to the Long Story Short stage. In this episode, Beth has two stories about the dad-daughter dynamic. Storytellers include Charleen Thorburn telling a touching story that had the audience reaching for the tissues at the March 11, 2020 show, Denial; and Nel Dennett with a hilarious story from the September, 19, 2018 show, What I Thought I Knew. For more information about the 2021 live shows, go to
March 22, 2021
The Business of Storytelling - Episode 7
What makes a story resonate? How can you get a message to break through? On this episode, Beth talks to marketing pro Mike Teixeira, co-founder of Crackle PR and founder of DECK presentations. They talk about story structure, developing plot and the hero's journey, as well as what storytelling for business really means and what companies need to do to make it work. Beth also discussed the themes for the 2021 Long Story Short live shows at 3S Artspace. The first show, It's All Relative, will be on Wednesday, April 14. This live streamed show will include some audience involvement, a hallmark of the Long Story Short live shows for the past five years.  For tickets, go to To get info about upcoming shows and how to become a storyteller, join our email list at 
March 8, 2021
Uh-Oh with Paul Doncaster - Episode 6
For this episode, Beth does something a little different. She interviews storyteller and author Paul Doncaster about his approach to crafting a story. Paul has been featured in a number of storytelling shows throughout the Northeast, and on this episode, he tells another story about a time he thought he was doing something right but he was oh-so wrong.  This story was recorded on February 4 and is part of a new, ongoing series of interviews Beth is conducting on different approaches to storytelling. For more information about the Long Story Short series and the live shows for 2021, go to  Follow us on Instagram: @longstoryshort3s  Like us on Facebook:  Join our email list:
February 25, 2021
Better Left Unsaid - Episode 5
Everyone can think of a time they were told something they wish they could unhear. This episode explores the concept of unwanted information with two stories that offer big surprises at the end. From confessions to invitations, these are two stories Beth selected because they stuck with her long after the show. Featuring: Lovey Roundtree Oliff is the host of The pod Caste System with Lovey, a highly-rated show about the intersection of culture, pop culture and race. Listen to The pod Caste System here. Michael Boulerice is the author of The Adventures of Kung Fu Mike and the Magic Sunglasses: A Confession by Michael Boulerice, which can be found on Amazon. For more information about Long Story Short or to inquire about being a guest of the podcast or a live show featured storyteller, go to  To stay connected and to get updates about up coming live shows, follow us on Instagram @longstoryshort3s or on Facebook.  
February 8, 2021
Holidaze - Episode 4
It's that time of year! We bring you two holiday stories--one winter one summer--to get you in the spirit. We have stories from Amy Jane Larkin and Austin Sorrette about what happens when friends and family gather together, and Beth talks about what she misses most about getting together for the live shows. As part of the season, please consider giving to those in need, whether it's to feed the body or the spirit. 3S Artspace: Footprints Food Pantry: Cross Roads House:
December 10, 2020
Pink Pumpkin - Episode 3
One of the unique things about the Long Story Short live show is the Pink Pumpkin. During each show a volunteer from the audience is selected to come up on stage and tell a story based on that night's theme to open the second half. Not even the host knows what's going to happen! This episode features two stories told by Pink Pumpkin volunteers. One about a series of events launched from a wrong numbers and another about the memories we create as kids around the adults in our lives.
November 19, 2020
Disaster - Episode 2
Some disasters are personal and some are more global. On the eve of the 2020 election, this episode explores two kinds of disasters through two styles of storytelling. Featuring Brian Gruhn and Cathy Wolff telling stories recorded live at the 3S Artspace theater in Portsmouth, NH.
November 2, 2020
The Way We Were - Episode 1
It's been a long time coming. The long-running live storytelling series, Long Story Short, is now a podcast featuring true stories about love, disaster, and the most embarrassing moments of our lives. The first episode features Gail Knowles, who talks about falling off her motorcycle and falling in love, and Justin Kelcourse, who found himself in a dangerous situation in Paris with his girlfriend, a wheel a cheese, and a lot of regret he had not learned French in high school.
October 14, 2020