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Confessions of a Dog Trainer

Confessions of a Dog Trainer

By Bethany Johnson
Empowering others through dog training ❤️💪🏼
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Q & A Epidisode
Hey everybody!  In this episode I'm answering some questions that you have asked me. How do you stay motivated?  I have ADD too. Does my dog need to wait for permission to get off place if he got on it by himself? My dog seems scared when first working with the E Collar.  Advice? Can you help me pick out a dog breed that's right for me? Is your job 24/7 or can you make time for a social life? And some other q's that I hope will be helpful!
August 27, 2021
How to find the right trainer for you and more! A chat with Kait from KANE9 Dog Training
I'm so excited to share another episode with my very good friend Kait from KANE9 Dog Training.  We are talking all about how to be the kind of owner a trainer would love to work with AND how to find the right trainer for you.  I hope this is helpful!
June 8, 2021
Self Care and Dog Training with Kaitlin from KANE9 Dog Training
This episode is all about WHY prioritizing yourself (self care) is so important as a dog trainer.  I loved this conversation with Kait and I hope it inspires you in some way!  You can find Kait on Instagram @kane9dogtraining where she shares so much to help empower owners to live with their dog in a whole new way ✨
May 4, 2021
The Perfect Owner
There is a very common theme that I hear from the owners I work with: PERFECTION. We all struggle with it to some degree and I hope this episode helps you embrace the not so perfect parts of dog ownership ✨
March 29, 2021
FAQ: How To Become A Dog Trainer
In this episode I share what helped me get to where I am today. I confess a few “failures” that changed how I train and give some advice along the way. I really hope this helps someone out there! ⭐️
July 21, 2020
Your Dog Doesn’t Need This Training ... Until He Does
In this episode I talk about a phone call I received and how it was a really great reminder. Maybe your dog doesn’t need tools like the prong collar or e collar ... until he does.
October 30, 2019
Will this training change my dog’s personality?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions that I get, so I thought it was time to truly explain my WHY behind the answer 🌟
August 2, 2019
All Things Dog with Meg
I am so excited about this episode! Meg is a good friend of mine and I just love talking with her. We talk about so many things including anxious dogs, dog moms and dog mommies (there’s a difference), Meg’s top puppy owner tips, mindful dog ownership, board and train programs vs. one on one training, our love for random/rogue birds and so many laughs. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Let us know if you have any questions ❤️
July 25, 2019
My Half Naked Truth
I don’t want to look back when I’m older and wish that I had loved myself a little more. Recently I posted a picture of myself in a bikini and in this episode I’m talking about why. I hope you can relate ❤️
June 13, 2019
Becoming Mindful with Food and Social Media
These past few weeks have been pretty damn amazing. I’ve had some time to really focus on what makes me happy and what doesn’t. I realized that I was doing a lot of things mindlessly and it wasn’t making me feel good. From snacking to scrolling through social media. In this episode I talk about my new journey into Mindfulness and how it has changed my life. Hope you enjoy ❤️
May 31, 2019
Business Advice w/ Joe (my dad)
You’re in for a treat with this one! My dad (JOE MANGASCLE) is answering some questions: how to move through money blocks, what to do when you’re not getting clients and charging what you’re worth when someone asks for a discount. He is an expert when it comes to business and dealing with customers and I just know that his advice will help someone who is struggling on the business side of things. I love talking with him about this stuff and I hope you feel inspired after listening ❤️
May 17, 2019
Are you willing to suck before you are amazing at something?
When I first started training dogs, I wanted instant success. I wanted to know ALL the answers and also have a 3 month waiting list. Yup. Right out the gate! Because, all successful people get that right away, right? Don’t be crazy! The more important question is (because this will happen with anything you want to be really good at) are you willing to suck before you are great?
April 11, 2019
What to do when you get frustrated with your dog: my top tips!
Hi. My name is Bethany and I’m human. Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way ... sometimes I get frustrated with dogs. That’s right. Even trainers get frustrated. So here are my top two tips to get through those moments.
March 4, 2019
Sometimes I Have No Idea What I’m Doing
It never fails ... every dog I work with makes me doubt myself at some point. Seriously. That’s why this job is so amazing. Every dog challenges me and inevitably teaches me something new.
February 20, 2019
2019: The Year I Embraced Discomfort
Since tonight is my first ever Women’s Empowerment virtual meet up (I can’t believe I’m saying that!) I wanted to tell you how this came about and why I decided to make it happen. Starting something new is always a bit scary, but I know I will look back on this and feel super proud. I want to live a big life and this is just the beginning ❤️
January 31, 2019
Dogs, Wine and Everything Else
I am really excited about this episode! Two of my very good friends (who started out as clients and we talk about that) came over for wine and cheese which led to a really good conversation. Relationships. Family. What it’s like being an owner that has gone through the board and train program. And everything in between! I’ve been wanting to do an episode with them for a while now and I hope you enjoy. Real talk: there is some adult language sprinkled in every now and then, because sometimes real conversations include a shiny four lettered word ✨
December 12, 2018
Anxious Dogs and The E Collar
In this episode I’m talking about what it has been like working with Brownie and why using the e collar with anxious dogs is so helpful ❤️
December 6, 2018
Maybe My Story Is My Purpose
We all struggle. Recently as I was talking with a friend of mine, she mentioned something she was struggling with and it made me feel like I could breathe. I wasn’t the only one. In this episode I talk about some stuff that I hope others can relate to ❤️
November 2, 2018
I Feel Pretty
I am feeling super inspired after watching the movie I Feel Pretty. You won’t see me enter a bikini contest any time soon (never say never!) but I do believe that there is so much power in taking care of our self esteem ❤️
September 19, 2018
Girl Wash Your Face
I started listening to the book Girl Wash Your Face And was completely inspired by her transparency. In this episode I share some stuff that I have been feeling recently, because I believe that being open about our lives is the key to feeling connected.
September 11, 2018
Talking with Angie
Today I talked with my amazing friend Angie. We met at T3 in February and we had an instant connection. In this episode we talk about SO MUCH: T3 and how it changed our lives, the power of perception, how she is spending a week in Orlando with ME for my birthday 🎉❤️, things she is exciyed about, our insecurities and our dream of a dog training/personal decelopment seminar that was originally her dream and i weazled my way in and so much more! I love her and I know you will too ❤️
August 24, 2018
Shame Cannot Survive Being Spoken // Brene Brown //
In this episode I talk about why I’m changing things up on this podcast. Why I want to talk to other amazing women about everything. // confidence, insecurities, relationships, owning a business, weight, body image, collaborations, fear of rejection, power of vulnerability, health/nutrition, dating after 30, empowerment through training dogs, etc // I am so excited about this and hope you enjoy! Next episode will be with a special friend of mine and I know you will love her just as much as I do ❤️
August 23, 2018
Lola and Balanced Training
In this episode I talk about the new dog coming in today, named Lola. Also, what a first day looks like and what exactly Balanced training means. Hope everyone is doing well! ❤️
July 24, 2018
I’m exhausted, but I love it.
There are moments that I want a break. A day where I don’t have to juggle everything, but... it’s worth it. All of it. The exhaustion at the end of the day. The feeling I get when the dog “gets it”. Its okay to feel tired, but I wouldn’t change a thing. That being said, I am taking a week off in September! Yay! ❤️
June 27, 2018
Unhappy Client Continued
If you’re not willing to fail, you’re not will to succeed ❤️
June 21, 2018
Dog + E Collar = Love
In this episode we talk about my new board and train dog that will be here today (😍🤗🙌🏻), why I believe the e collar is a tool that strengthens the relationship with our dog and some other stuff ☀️
June 3, 2018
Puppy Lou and Why I Embraced Vulnerability ❤️
In this episode I talk about what it’s like to have four dogs and 2 board and train dogs at one time. Also, some other random things that hopefully help you in some way!
May 30, 2018
Why I really love to work out...and it’s not for that booty
While listening to my usual motivational videos as I climbed the stairs to absolutely no where, I heard this, “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.” Boom. Podcast episode. Hope you enjoy!
May 24, 2018
My biggest takeaway from my trip to Canada
In this episode I talk about my trip to Canada, my biggest takeaway and how my eating disorder journey made my life better. Hope you enjoy!
May 23, 2018
Canada and the antisocial part of my life ❤️
In this episode I talk about my upcoming trip to Canada (tomorrow!), that one time I was on ADD meds, the power of connection and my excitement for new T3 people!
May 16, 2018
Chatting with my Dad! ❤️
In this episode my dad gives me some great advice about owning a business and why confidence is so important when setting your pricing. Hope you enjoy!
May 15, 2018
5 questions, 5 minutes!
1) Dog poops in the house 2) how to stop a dog from digging 3) how to get my dog to listen to my wife 4) how to become a dog trainer 5) how do I edit videos and where does my confidence come from
May 15, 2018
May 11, 2018
May 11, 2018