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Her Sports Story

Her Sports Story

By Bethany
Welcome to the Her Sports Story podcast!

A place where we share in the stories of former athletes, connect on the transition out of sport, and create a space where the “always an athlete” tribe can come from connection and inspiration. Your Sport Story was created by Bethany Crouch, former competitive gymnast of 15 years turned athlete advocate professional.

We are so happy and grateful that you stopped by!

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32: She Didn’t Have Any Limiting Beliefs: Vicky shares the story of her Multi-Passionate Surfing Pioneer Mom, Betty

Her Sports Story

32: She Didn’t Have Any Limiting Beliefs: Vicky shares the story of her Multi-Passionate Surfing Pioneer Mom, Betty

Her Sports Story

What Step Do You Take Next? Getting Out of the Stagnant Space for Entrepreneurially Spirited
How do you get unstuck and out of the yucky vibe thing called “stagnation”? I chat on moving through it and speak a bit to the entrepreneurial journey.
March 11, 2021
The Return to Her Sports Story, Life Update and Channeling Confidence in Life Beyond Sport
Just me, Bethany, giving the updates! Sharing my life and why HSS is back. Chatting in some mom brain circles on identity transition and that BOSS confidence and athlete-on-game-day persona we used to channel on the reg! Be sure to follow on the gram @hersportsstory
March 10, 2021
39: Ending Sport with Madeline Barlow, Former Collegiate Swimmer turned PhD Psychology of Human Movement & Life After Sport Success Coach
Madeline Barlow is a former collegiate swimmer that experienced a visceral ending to her sport... like a piece of her passed away the minute she finished her last race.  SO MANY athletes experience this! Her life personal life experiences after sport encompassed loss of relationships, loss of loved ones, distancing herself away from her sport, graduate school and pursuing her PhD in Psychology of Human Movement with a specialization in Exercise & Sport Psychology and eventually becoming reconnected with sports and athletes.  One of her current roles is as a Sport Psychology Coordinator at Drexel University where she works with their current student-athletes.  She also is the founder of Madeline M. Barlow LLC serving as a Life After Sport Success Coach!  For more info, check out her website, her success after sport kit and follow her on instagram!  Madeline M. Barlow, LLC website FREE Success After Sport Starter Kit Madeline's Instagram *Disclaimer:  Madeline practices as a mindset and psychology coach for current and former athletes using her educational PhD in Psychology & Human Movement.
May 31, 2020
38: Talking Coping Behaviors When the Athlete Identity is Lost and Honoring Your Journey with Former Basketball Collegiate Athlete turned Empowerment Coach, Jill Heiman
After clinging to the identity of athlete during college, Jill Heiman endured a dark time of confused power, depression, and faced a “choose sex to escape” situation. She authentically shares her journey of overcoming the darkness through practicing forgiveness, self compassion and ultimately recreating her identity.  As an Empowerment Coach with a Bachelors in Communications and over 14 years of experience in corporate America, Jill is now committed to empowering young adults by encouraging conscious communication and honoring the value of intentional connections around sex and other key life decisions. She is the Coach and Founder of Awake Journey, and has amazing content on her YouTube Channel, instagram and of course website (all noted here):  Jill's instagram @awakejourney Your Awakening YouTube Channel
May 22, 2020
37: Chat with Non Profit Founder - Strong Girls, Cancer Survivor, Teacher & Coach, AND Former DI Basketball Athlete, Lani Silversides
Lani Silversides is a former DI Basketball student-athlete, turned coach and math teacher AND founder of a non-profit called Strong Girls United! Strong Girls United Foundation is a  501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to empower and inspire  girls to become their best, happiest, strongest version of themselves  through physical activity, mental skills, and leadership programming. So cool!  She even has even launched a summer leadership academy for Middle School and High School athletes: Check it out at  Lani is INCREDIBLE to say the least, and although we didn't get to touch too much on her full story as we dove into all things Strong Girls United --- she is also a Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor and Mom of two girls!  Her experiences developed through mindfulness,  sport, and positive psychology were critical to my overcoming cancer. It became her mission to create content and resources for students, athletes, and coaches teams who want to get the most out of themselves through combining high performance and well-being. Go follow, connect and get involved with SG United Foundation. Lani's Instagram  Strong Girls United Instagram
May 18, 2020
36: When Your Journey Evolves into Your WHY with former Softball Athlete, Kennedy Haney - Talking Disordered Eating, Body Image and Performance Nutrition
During this episode Kennedy and I chat on: Her experience as an elite softball athlete, Disordered eating and body image, Her journey through Dietetics schooling and eventually becoming an RDN, Coaching high school athletes on nutrition, and Loving what she does! Follow her on instagram @the.dugout.dietitian Elevate Performance Nutrition:
April 29, 2020
35: Battling Unexpected Times in Sport Careers & Advice for Life Beyond the Finish Line with Former Swimmer, Rachel Boardman
Rachel, former elite swimmer, shares her sports story on barely missing the qualifying marks for the National Championships after overcoming pneumonia. This recovery journey nearly took her three years.  She talks on the transition out of sport - identity, nutrition and exercise wise, getting her PhD,  and what she does today to help athletes in this transition and those looking to possibly start careers as entrepreneurs!  She is the host of the Beyond the Finish Line Podcast and you can find her on instagram here:  Also, I found this article she wrote about breaking up with swimming and it is spot on! 
April 15, 2020
34: Beyonce, Gratitude, and Navigating the Tough Times with Megan Riggs, Former Rowing Athlete turned Community Development Professional
BONUS EPISODE!!!  Megan Riggs is sure to be on the best-seller list once her future book debuts.  She has quite the career journey --- taking her to different states and collecting a variety of experiences and lessons along the way.  I am so grateful to call her one of my closest friends and we had consistently said "we need to do a podcast together" --- and that moment has now arrived! During this episode we talk: Managing your energy, managing others energies, navigating the tough times, the impact of connection, values, mentors, and well Beyonce! To keep up with Megan and her day-to-day, follow her here on Instagram: @lady_riggs
April 02, 2020
33: My Life Update & Mindset Thoughts Around the Current World Happenings
In this solo episode I chat about the last six months and life happenings! Everything from the former athlete mastermind retreat to BEING 6 MONTHS PREGNANT to leaning into this time of uncertainty, fear, and the potential of positives to come from this crazy health time in the world.
March 15, 2020
32: She Didn’t Have Any Limiting Beliefs: Vicky shares the story of her Multi-Passionate Surfing Pioneer Mom, Betty
Vicky Heldreich Durand shares the INCREDIBLE story of her mother’s life - Champion Surfer, Dental Hygienist, Pilot, Potter, & Poet, Betty Pembroke Heldreich Winstedt. Betty was a multi-passionate woman with a zest for life! The book, Wave Woman: The Life & Struggles of a Surfing Pioneer, shares the story of Betty’s life as she eventually became a prominent female championship surfer in Hawaii (when she started surfing at 41!).  Vicky, her daughter, shares her mom's inspiring life and how much she enjoyed having her as a mom.  They got to surf together, be pioneer women for the sport, and travel internationally to Lima, Peru to promote women's surfing! Talk about a mom and daughter team!  Vicky's book, Wave Woman, debuts in early April 2020! Go and grab your pre-ordered copy here: and enjoy this conversation!  Go follow Wave Woman book happenings on instagram here: 
February 15, 2020
Season 2! Episode 1 with Former Collegiate Gymnast turned Fit4Mom Leader & Mama, Debra Sexton
Welcome back listeners! So glad you came back to join us for the second season of HSS! Debra Sexton is kicking off Season 2 of the Her Sports Story podcast and I couldn't be happier!  We did club gymnastics together and she was totally a role model for me.  She always seemed to be having fun while doing gymnastics (or at least that's how it appeared to me) and she has literally the best spirit ever.  She is former collegiate gymnast turned boss mama and babe, being a mom of three and leading a Fit4Mom in her current hometown Carmel, Indiana.  Follow her on instagram at @debrasexton And her Fit4Mom instagram at @fit4momcarmel
January 15, 2020
30: Collegiate Athletics Resource Platform with LRT Sports Founder & CEO, Keirsten Sires
Sharing collegiate experiences, reflecting on our journeys, providing insight and advice for the next generation of athletes --- this was my conversation with Keirsten Sires of LRT Sports.  She teamed up with other former athletes to create a resource platform for upcoming athletes to use when embarking on the recruiting journey.  The platform hosts college coach ratings and provides a space where former or even current athletes can leave reviews for their coaches. How times have changed since our recruiting days! Loved our conversation, so please enjoy! Here is Keirsten’s bio from LRT Sports: Keirsten is the founder and CEO of LRT Sports. On top of that, she is a writer for The Huddle. Being the Chief Executive Officer of LRT Sports means that Keirsten is the one held accountable for the success of the company’s efforts, across the board. She is also our Chief Amusement Officer; she promotes laughter in our business, eye roll. Playing varsity tennis and soccer for Skidmore College in New York has given her the endurance to be able to push the company to the next level day in and day out. Follow on instagram at @lrtsports and check out their platform on their website:
September 11, 2019
29: Self Confidence through Mental Training with Mindset Coach & Former Softball Athlete, Paige Tonz
A fun, real, and insightful podcast with former Softball athlete turned Mindset Coach, Paige Tonz.    Most importantly though, Paige works with girl athletes ranging in ages from ten to 18 on navigating the journey that is sport.  She helps these girls build confidence and mentally train so that they can be their best versions of themselves.   During this episode we talk:  her sports career as a softball athlete at Northwestern, her mindset challenges, her transition out of sport and into the career world, in addition to starting her Mindset Coaching business and navigating entrepreneurship.  Check out her beautiful website at ! It will seriously take you back to being a young girl, the colors, the look - I love it! Follow her on instagram @paigetonz !!!
August 28, 2019
28: 5 Professional Development Tips for Former Athletes Embarking on their Careers After Sport
Sharing FIVE tips on professional development from (my experiences). You may have heard them before but I add context around why they are so helpful in your journey to pursue your next career after sport!
August 21, 2019
27: From Entrepreneur to Olympic Level Athlete with Cary Williams, CEO of Boxing & Barbells & Creator of Too Pretty
Her Sports Story community, meet Cary! ENTREPRENEUR - ATHLETE - CEO This Boxing Boss Babe started out as an entrepreneur as a boxing gym owner and then evolved into a boxing athlete.  We talk all things entrepreneurship, the journey, athlete identity, how athletes and entrepreneurs experience similar aspects, creating a brand, and Cary's Boxing & Barbells program.  Here is an excerpt from her website: Cary Williams is a former Olympic style boxer, Olympic level boxing coach, boxing club owner, cover model, speaker and entrepreneur. She has now created Boxing & Barbells which is a class format fusing boxing and weight training together in a fun and easy to learn format. The program is growing across the world as new trainers get certified to teach the program daily.  Follow Cary on Instagram @caryleewilliams Check out Boxing & Barbells @boxingnbarbells And her brand @tooprettybrand
August 14, 2019
26: Sport as Vehicle For Healing with Inspire Wellness & BPLA Coach, Lindsay Drennen
Lindsay Drennen, what an incredible individual!  Her sports story and experiences encompasses the challenges, the good times, the health wavering times, and the MAGICAL times.   Sports have always been a part of her life growing up with two parents who were coaches.  Lindsay's sport was Volleyball. She had the opportunity to be coached by her mom and then coach alongside her mom after her collegiate career.  Lindsay has created a life that taps into all aspects she enjoys: working with kids in academic capacities, working with teenagers through their high school years, teaching sport performance and anxiety tools, running a holistic business and approaching health from a variety of facets.   She is the founder of Inspire Wellness that encompasses all of the above aspects:  Lindsay Drennen holds a Master’s of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy, is a certified Health and Wellness coach, as well as a certified Applied Behavior Analyst.  Lindsay has spent her professional career helping others to find balance and become the best version of themselves.   The facility she loves training at is called Blueprint LA:  You can follow her on instagram at @lindsay_drennen
July 24, 2019
25: How Your Sports Story Can Lead You to Your Purpose with Nicole Tobon, Founder of Softball Students
What will you hear about in this episode?  COLLEGIATE ATHLETICS, ATHLETE LIFE TRANSITIONS,  PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, and CREATING COMMUNITY  Nicole Tobon is here to IMPACT many.   As a former Softball athlete that made it to the collegiate level,  spent time in the corporate space, and became a Softball coach, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with young women.  Through her career she found that she would connect deeply with those athletes striving for the collegiate level --- and the journey that is choosing the institution that an athlete will commit to for the next four years of their lives.  She has created Softball Students,  a platform that will connect a community of athletes in their journeys to becoming collegiate players, provide guidance, and will soon provide a mastermind which will incorporate mentorship and membership.  Stay tuned with Nicole as she looks to launch in August 2019! Nicole Tobon on Instagram : @coachnicole10 Softball Students on Instagram : @softballstudents
July 14, 2019
24: Finding Your Confidence After Sport Through the Journey with Allie Leigh Collins
REAL TALK: That is what happens on this podcast with former collegiate softball athlete, Allie Collins!  We talk her sports story, leaving sport, navigating a career and life post sport.  When you first leave sport, you feel free, you can finally have a summer break, and do whatever you want! Right?! We talk it ALL - anxiety, working out and "staying healthy" after sport, getting your first JOB! Literally all aspects.  Allie is phenomenal though and is going to be a true mover and impactor in this former athlete space -- she is even working on a book! Yep, author in the making! You will love her and be sure to give her a follow on her blog and instagram below: She is a blogger and you can find her blog here:  You can follow her on Instagram at:
July 10, 2019
23: Owning Your Story & Processing Abrupt Sport Endings with Former Competitive Gymnast, Emma Lee
Emma Lee is a former competitive gymnast (and former club teammate of mine) that overcame various injuries to make it to the collegiate level. Collegiate athletics can throw various curveballs that we never anticipate and Emma was definitely thrown a curveball when her sports career retirement was somewhat decided for her. In this conversation, Emma openly shares her sports journey and its end — and how it impacted her.  As former athletes we are so tied with our sport, that it’s truly a PROCESS to process who we are without it. Emma talks about her challenges moving beyond sport, her academic goals in pursuing a Masters degree in Sport Management from University of San Francisco, and her sport career goals for the future. You can follow Emma on Instagram @emlee1129
July 03, 2019
22: Former Track Athlete Turned Professional Rugby Player Shares Being on the USA Team & Bringing Awareness to Rugby
Naya Tapper does not have your traditional Rugby story since she spent her entire high school career as a track & field athlete.  She started playing Rugby when she attended college at UNC Chapel Hill.  We talk all things her sports story, navigating next levels of sport, the professional level of Rugby, and bringing awareness to the game of Rugby and herself as a professional female Rugby athlete.  She overcame being cut from the pro level and shares that "everything happens for a reason".  She is passionate about sharing her love for the sport, her journey, and connecting with her fans! Go check out Naya and her fun & dynamic take on her sport and life!  Her Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube can all be found at @nayatapper! Naya's advice on how she looks at a challenging day: "This is just a test, this is just a hiccup in the road, it's just a little rainy day --- it's going to clear up and that road is going to flatten and you'll be back on the same path - to reach your purpose" -Naya Tapper
June 30, 2019
21: Intuitive Eating & Navigating Nutrition After Sport with Bri Collette
Bri Collette is the Former Athlete Nutritionist and aims to help former female athletes with their mindset around eating and food. She finds that this mindset when explored can pour over into all aspects of life. We talk about beliefs as athletes that have stayed with us even after sport! She hopes to help former and one day even current athletes with their relationships around food.   Check out her website here:  Check out her instagram here:  @former.athlete.nutritionist
June 26, 2019
20: Thoughts, Energy, & State of Being May Just Be Your Decision - What I Have Learned & Experienced
Hey hey, so happy you are here! Ok, disclaimer -- I am not an expert in this realm, just a human living through human experiences, and navigating life! I have picked up these understandings through books, podcasts, personal development leaders, and of course through my own life. This is in no way a "solve-all method" and is truly just small small tips on how to shift your energy, thoughts, and state of being. I encourage you that if you are struggling to reach out for help --- there are professionals that are able to help you get to the best version of yourself --- so if anything, please seek a resource because guess what --- we ALL are just human! And the good thing is that humans (for the most part I have found) like helping other humans. But if this is for you, enjoy this podcast and apologies about the car-tunnel-ambiance, but I just felt called and drawn to post this regardless. Here are some of the books and podcasts I have come across in my journey that I have truly enjoyed. Soul in the Raw Podcast by Oliva Seline and Shannon Wooten Earn Your Happy Podcast by Lori Harder Becoming Supernatural Book by Author Dr. Joe Dispenza 
June 21, 2019
19: Learning How to Navigate Change and Taking Care of YOURSELF with Athlete Advocate & Chiropractic Sports Physician, Dr. Lina Cook
My conversation with Lina was so in alignment with what Her Sports Story is about --- about reflecting back on our journeys and sharing advice with those athletes about to embark on their next chapters after sport.  She is a former competitive gymnast who left her sport in high school after life changes and moving to Nashville from Southern California.  She made her way back to the West Coast to pursue her Doctorate in Chiropractic and resides in the Los Angeles area helping a variety of patients which also includes athletes.    Her blog interviews former athletes in their journeys and how they overcame adversity and injury.  Her blog is so nicely put together! You can find it here:  You can also follow Dr. Lina on Instagram @dr.linacook
June 19, 2019
18: A Chat with Former Professional Cyclist Cari Higgins, on How Sports Shape You for Life, Women's Sports Recognition, & the Colorado Classic
Cari Higgins: Former collegiate soccer athlete turned Professional Cyclist turned Real Estate Business Owner.  What an amazing woman! She has truly taken the athlete grit, drive, and perseverance with her in every aspect of her life.  We chat all about her journey, about working out as a former athlete and talk on LIFE transitions.  We also talk about this exciting movement of women's sports being recognized and that we are seeing women rallying around women no matter the sport!  An event that actually brought us together is the Colorado Classic presented by VF Corporation ( ).  This race for the first time in its history is becoming a Professional Women's Cycling race.  The four-stage race will bring together top women's teams and professionals, which will take place August 22nd-25th.  RPM Events Group will also be investing in this innovative race as they help to organize the event and provide the female athletes with financial support.  So cool!  Be sure to follow the Colorado Classic on Instagram here: @coloradoclassicpro Cari was so fun to chat with and I am so excited to see what her next chapter holds.  Check out Cari's Real Estate business here: and follow Cari on Instagram @runcari !
June 12, 2019
17: Persevering Through to Create Your Vision with Founder of The Winning Element, Deanna Schneyer
This podcast features Deanna Schneyer, Chief Inspirational Officer of The Winning Element.  Deanna has created a platform that is first off, BEAUTIFUL and second off, geared towards all things optimal performance for the up and coming athlete.  She provides resources on nutrition, hydration, visualization and five other aspects that create the "winning element".  She is truly passionate about her mission and is such a DYNAMIC and fun person.  We chat all things her sports story, persevering through losing seasons and jobs. and the creation process of The Winning Element. The assessment mentioned in the podcast:  The Winning Element website:  The Winning Element book:  The Winning Element Instagram:  Deanna's Instagram: 
June 05, 2019
16: Helping Sidelined Athletes Redefine Their Identity and Redesign Their Life with Former Dancer, Chrissy Papetti
Chrissy is just a light and has such a knowing! She is a former competitive dancer that took her chronic pain into her own hands after years of not feeling like she was progressing appropriately after a career-ending dance injury and an injury from her career day-to-day profession.  We could have talked for hours on all of THE THINGS! Chrissy has created programming to help "sidelined" athletes unlock their new identities.  And it's AMAZING to say the least.  During this podcast we even dive into the spiritual side and personal development.  I needed Chrissy as an athlete transitioning out of sport and you will definitely want to check out the work she is doing.  Links below! Chrissy's website:   Chrissy's quiz:   Books noted: Two Time Olympic Soccer Gold Medalist, Abby Wambach's Wolf Pack: Elizabeth Gilbert's, Big Magic:  Quotes: "Look inward for answers --- they do not exist outside of you" "Start to have that reflection, realize what makes you tick, and look inward to discover who your really are -- that's when you are able to make the decisions that are best for you in this life."
May 29, 2019
15: Leaving Sport Not on Your Terms & Finding New Passions with my BFF, Bailey Estep
This episode is with one of my besties, Bailey Estep.  Bailey is currently an Academic Advisor at Texas State and has been one of my BFFs since age 10! Bailey and I were club teammates and even college teammates for a bit however, she endured a journey that involved a career ending  injury.  Through this conversation we talk about how she navigated leaving gymnastics not on her terms and how that type of transition is different than knowing or deciding your athletics retirement.    We chat on finding passions after sport, rediscovering fitness, and trying NEW things (even if you are not good at them)!  She is well-spoken and I am very grateful that she has been by my side through my life.   This is a conversation that we have had SO MANY TIMES throughout our friendship after sport.  And this time we are in person at her house, sitting on the floor, putting on makeup and curling our hair for a Maren Morris concert! Needless to say, you're getting a peak into the real deal! You can catch Bailey from time to time on Instagram at @miss_bmarie
May 22, 2019
14: Finding Faith Through Your Journey with Former Athlete & Fitness Coach, Lyndsay Moncrief
Lyndsay is a Wife, Mama, Teacher, Health & Fitness Coach and Former Arkansas Basketball Athlete.  She takes us through her sports and life story where she overcame transitions; including, losing her Mom during her high school years, navigating college athletics, playing overseas, and life after sport.  We chat on how important personal development is and how we wish we would have had these tools and insight when we were going through college.  She talks on finding and reconnecting with Faith and her relationship with God in college but then coming to the realization that it is okay to pray for various aspects a part of your life, and letting God see all sides of you.  Lyndsay is open and real, and wants to help and be there for former athletes.  Reach out to her on instagram at @lyndsisfit.
May 17, 2019
13: Creating What You Wish Existed with Founder of PLAYOFF Athlete Dating App, Amanda McGrew
Have you ever wished something existed and thought... how can I create it?  Well Amanda McGrew saw a niche in the online dating space and created PLAYOFF - a dating app for collegiate and professional athletes.  We talk all about her sports story as a former Basketball athlete, playing at the collegiate level, transferring to another college to compete her final year of eligibility and playing professionally overseas.   We also talk about her transition out of sport and how she became a PE Teacher for her day-to-day!  You can follow PLAYOFF on instagram at @playoffdatingapp Check out the website at Follow Amanda on Instagram at @amcgrew21
May 15, 2019
12: Owning Your Health On The Run with Former Basketball Athlete, Kelsey Anselmi
Kelsey Anselmi, former basketball athlete turned Math Teacher! She is on the pursuit to a healthy lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same through her instagram @kelsey_otr “Kelsey On The Run”! Kelsey and I talk all things being a former athlete, transitioning into a career, and choosing ourselves first again! She also has a goal of completing an Iron Man! So cool! Her advice for athletes transitioning out of sport? We don’t lose anything after sport — maybe we say goodbye to the action and structure — but all of our sport experiences, grit, and drive to achieve still stays with us. Follow Kelsey on Instagram at @kelsey_otr and follow her blog at You still are YOU even without sport!
May 11, 2019
11: Empowering Female Athletes in Strength Training with Performance Coach, Emily Pappas
Emily Pappas is a trailblazer in the Strength and Performance space for females. She owns Relentless Athletics, a gym that not only uses science to develop stronger female athletes but also is an inclusive space for females to become confident in Olympic weightlifting technique. Emily also holds a M.S. in Exercise Physiology from Temple University and a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Drexel University.  She has experience coaching and programming at the Division I Collegiate Level working as the assistant strength coach for Temple University’s Women’s Rugby team. Emily also holds her USAW Sport Performance certification and values her ability to coach athletes using “Olympic” Weightlifting.  From this episode you can hear how dedicated Emily is in empowering these female athletes and making them stronger through impeccable technique.  I loved this conversation with her to say the least!  "Take your mindset and discipline with you from athletics - those are things that will carry you through the rest of life"  -Emily Pappas Website: Instagram: relentless_athletics_
May 06, 2019
10: Cycles and Patterns in Life After Sport with Former Hockey Athlete, Sarah Ditmars
This conversation with Sarah Ditmars is... I’ll say it, RAW in the best way! She was in the midst of yet another transition out of “sport”, but this time it was her career in sport. Sarah has made waves as the head Athletic Therapist for a Jr. A men’s hockey team in Canada. However, it is time for her next step... her next chapter (similarly to leaving her sport as an athlete various emotions and reactions are tied to the transition) I am so proud of Sarah for following her heart to her next path in coaching Former and Current Athletes in Nutrition and Fitness. She even has a specifically designed program for Former Athletes! So please give her a follow on Instagram at @sarahditmars and check out her tailored programs at
April 19, 2019
09: Two-Time Olympian, Mariya Koroleva, Talks Life After Synchronized Swimming
A conversation with two-time Olympian, Mariya Koroleva on her sports story and transitioning out of synchronized swimming. She sheds light on some topics that are truly eye-opening! From her experiences in getting to the Olympics both in London and Rio, and how she is still navigating life after sport. She is so open and honest on her challenges through her journey and speaks vulnerably on the process of adjusting. Mariya now coaches at a synchronized swimming club in the Bay Area and works as a Program Manager for Business Development in the Alumni Association at Cal UC Berkeley.  Her blog talks all things synchro, coaching, and finding yourself after sport. Check it out at – Find her on Instagram @mkoroleva Find her on LinkedIn at Mariya Koroleva 
April 16, 2019
08: How Health & Fitness Coaching and Motherhood Changed, Former Athlete, Kelly Bray's Life
Kelly Bray, Former Volleyball Athlete, turned Health & Fitness Coach.  We dove right into her sport/career/motherhood journey and what she experienced along the way from body image, to anxiety, to depression, to binge eating and drinking.  Yep, we dive in and talk the REAL stuff that happens when we unknowingly carry patterns with us through other stages of life --- from people pleasing to perfectionism, to letting performance define our worth.  She now is a full-time coach and mama of two!  When you hear her, you will see how passionate she is on helping people get to the best versions of themselves via BeachBody -- especially those athletes in transition! Instagram: @kelly_c_bray Go visit her LinkTree in her Instagram bio! Email: Facebook: Kelly Conrad-Rhein Bray
April 02, 2019
07: My Sports Story & the Her Sports Story WHY
Yep, it’s a bit of a ramble here but I speak about my sports story and how that led me to creating the Her Sports Story platform (this amazing former athlete community)! Forgive me as I think a lot through this podcast, and there are definitely times where you’ll “hear me think”. But enjoy! Also, I mention Tammy who created the Her Sports Story logo! She is amazing!!!! And her company is called Simply Print - insta @simplyprintla ! Thanks for stopping by the Her Sports Story podcast! Come hang out with us on Instagram @hersportsstory
March 24, 2019
06: Reconnecting with Fitness after Sport with Maddy Hawthorn, Founder of MADFit
In this episode we talk with Maddy Hawthorn of MADFit. Maddy is a former competitive cheerleader and track athlete who left her sports behind as she entered college. We talk about her journey in the transition and how she came to realize she had lost her connection to health, fitness, and herself. Maddy is so passionate in helping former athletes find their inner athlete again and help set them up to live their best lives! MADFit is her coaching program that allows for tailored approaches in designing goals to regain that healthy body image and lifestyle. Follow Maddy on Instagram at @madfit_6 and on the web at
March 19, 2019
05: Empowering Female Athletes through Service & Sport: Annika Wachtman and the GLASS program
This podcast talks all things sports, international travel and service learning opportunities for girls in sport! Annika Wachtman is a mentor for the Beyond Sports GLASS program (Girls Leadership Academy for Service & Sport). She shares her collegiate athletics experience as a basketball player and how she found her next passion in travel and working with athletes in service learning settings. The work they do over at GLASS is phenomenal and holds so much possibility and opportunity for young women. Check them out at and on Instagram @beyondsportsglass
March 18, 2019
04: MESSY Action with Podcasting - How I Started the HSS Podcast
Hey tribe! This episode is giving you a glimpse into my podcasting journey thus far. To say the least, it has been messy! Definitely got some trial and error going. But I’m still posting my very first podcasts because I want you to see the process. Just like in our sports, everything takes practice and time. So enjoy my quick tidbits! Thanks for being here!!! I promise we are in for the best podcast series EVER. P.S. Come hang out with me on insta! At @hersportsstory and on the web at
March 15, 2019
03: The Power of Dress with Identity Coach and former gymnast, Natalie Saimeri
This episode interviews former gymnast turned CEO and Founder of I AM READY Coaching. Natalie specializes in identity coaching especially when it comes to athletes transitioning out of their sports and leaving parts of their identity behind. Natalie has a sports story that shares in the challenges and triumphs of the journey and she is so real in what she shares. We talk all things sports journey and that hard transition away from sport, and the process of finding yourself again. We also discuss (my favorite) the power of dress and fashion! This was inspired by Natalie’s hot pink shoes photo and a podcast I heard on Lori Harder’s Earn Your Happy interview with Todd Herman, High Performance Coach and Alter Ego Specialist! Show Notes: Natalie Saimeri: I AM READY Coaching: @iamready_coaching / Lori Harder: @loriharder & Earn Your Happy Podcast. Todd Herman: @todd_herman His book - The Alter Ego Effect
March 14, 2019
02: Finding Yourself Beyond Sport with Former Volleyball Athlete, Jackie Pulatie
Bethany’s conversation with former Taekwondo athlete, basketball athlete, and Volleyball player. Jackie played on the Sacramento State Sport Club Volleyball team and traveled the country to compete against other college teams. She is nothing short of amazing, as she landed a full time role in Sports Clubs at the university but is also totally still in that journey after sport. She talks transitioning into being a professional, friendships and finding new passions. Jackie is a genuine woman with the desire to reach her highest potential in health and in serving others. You can follow Jackie on Instagram at @jetpackjackie as she pursues her adventures in becoming certified in Precision Nutrition, coaching club girls Volleyball, and striving for a certificate in Graphic Design.
March 07, 2019
01: Navigating Relationships & Life After Gymnastics with Former Gymnast, Megan Astore
This episode of the Her Sports Story podcast dives into Megan Astore’s journey through transitioning out of sport and into life beyond sports and college. We talk relationships, navigating careers, and moving on from the athlete identity. Megan is a gymnastics coach, integrative nutrition coach, blogger, and soon-to-be author! Her ability to be vulnerable allows for people to connect with her and her story. She is an amazing individual and this podcast was a blast! She can be found on Instagram @the_meg_thing and on the web at
January 07, 2019