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Dialed IN!

Dialed IN!

By Bethany Clemenson
Get Dialed IN! to who you are, what you want, and the mindset needed to live a Big Life. Bethany has lessons and features guests who share their stories of Living Big! As a Women's Mindset Coach and Speaker, Bethany leads others to get out of their own way, lean into their gifts and passions, and live their life full-out! Bethany is the creator of the Shift Intensive 7-Day MiniCourse and Big Life U 9-Week Women's Group Growth and Coaching program. Ready to get serious about being Dialed IN! Check Out Bethany's free blueprint & video teaching "More, Please"
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#86 Doing what you love is not selfish with Colleen Rosenblum
Colleen shares her story of going from lawyer to stay at home Mom to certified pilates instructor to podcaster!  She is multi-passionate and gives permission to other women to be multi-passionate, too! Connect with her below: Podcast Website: Facebook Group: Hot Flashes and Coll Topics: Colleen Rosenblum is a happily married mom of two adult daughters.  She has an undergraduate degree is Mass Communication from Boston University and a JD from the University of Miami School of Law.  She started her professional career as an attorney then stay at home mom.  She pivoted her career to become a certified pilates instructor and now podcaster.  She adores her family, fur buddies and travel.  She is also passionate about living her best midlife and beyond and spreading that intent to women throughout the world. Thanks for listening and subscribing! Take Action & Live Big, ~B P.S. Don't forget to check out More Please!
October 19, 2020
#85 From corporate to launching her own brand with Lynn Power
You want to be inspired to step out of something that seems "safe" and into something that some people would see as crazy? Listen to Lynn's journey.  Connect (and buy) here>  Https:// Connect on Social at:  @lovemasamihair (FB, IG, YT, Twitter, Pinterest) Lynn Power is a long time ad exec (formerly CEO of J Walter Thompson NY) turned entrepreneur.  She launched MASAMI, clean premium haircare in February 2020.  Lynn believes in disrupting the status quo, building high performing teams and helping women find their voices.
October 13, 2020
#84 Leaning into Peace and Passion with Samantha Gordon.
Samantha shares her journey and it's filled with wisdom, insight, and lots of hope! She talks about her commitment to writing and being in flow while being in lockdown from the pandemic.  Samantha is an example of what you can create in your life when you listen to that inner voice that gives you ideas, hope, and activates your creativity.  Buy the book, How to be Zen in a Crisis:  Canada>  in the US> Buy the Journal:  in Canada>  in the  US> Connect with Samantha on Instagram: @sambaezen  Facebook:   Website: Https:// Thanks for listening today and don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode:) Until next time...Take Action & Live Big, ~B P.S.  Here's Samantha's official bio:) >>>Samantha Gordon is a self-help author, yogi and communications expert. She has hosted her own show with topics in personal transformation, zen and wellness. With a plethora of experience working in the media and corporate communications, she is also a certified life coach, yoga teacher and meditation leader. Now she can be found on the hot and new Amazon bestseller list with her book: “How to be Zen in a Crisis.”  And she just released a complementary journal for self-reflection and meditation under her brand Sambaezen.
October 6, 2020
#83 Leaning into your intuition with Vaishali Nikhade
There is always something to learn from everyone we meet.  Every person we come in contact with can teach us something.  Vaishali shares her story of how she tuned into her intuition to help other people in her business. You can connect with Vaishali at Vaishali is the Go-To Expert for entrepreneurs and business owners who would like to see through the future because in today's times, most are confused, panicked, and unsure.  As a business psychic, she shows them how the outcome of different decisions will unfold in the future. The bottom line, you get to peek in the future by being in the present time.⁣  Getting nowhere after consulting tens of psychics, she studied and learned the subtleties of intuition. She once prevented a client from losing an investment of $150,000 in a bad venture and another client get a $35,000 raise for bidding a contract.⁣  Vaishali is the host of the podcast 'The Uncanny Link' where physics meets metaphysics or science meets woo. She has also been a podcast guest on several podcasts.⁣ I'd love to see you inside of the Shift Intensive 7-Day Minicourse it starts tomorrow 10/4/20 -
October 3, 2020
#82 Getting After It! Featuring Elizabeth Pampalone
Elizabeth's energy is contagious and her story is inspiring.  She has an unstoppable attitude that will encourage you to keep looking for possibilities and solutions when you're faced with challenges. You'll also hear Elizabeth talk about two key questions that helped her choose a direction during a turning point in her life.   Connect with Elizabeth > on social at Linked IN: >via her website: You can also check out Joseph's editing (Elizabeth's Husband) business at Elizabeth Pampalone is an International Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Expert Marketer with over 20 years of experience.   Her innovative approach helps overwhelmed business owners and burnt out nonprofit directors to achieve success and freedom through the power of Absolute Marketing™.
October 2, 2020
#81 What happens when you don't accept what your told about your abilities? Featuring Paul Forchione
Let me introduce you to Paul Forchione. Paul is an overcomer and has quote a story to share.  We talk about mindset, gratitude, hope, and all kinds of things related to living a life you love! Connect with Paul on social or on his website: Paul was born with cerebral palsy and it was so severe that the doctors told his mom that he would never be able to walk. Thank goodness for a wonderful mom and a great mindset that wasn’t his destiny. He was able to overcome and is able to live a very active life, however, it wasn’t easy at all. Today as a Mindset Coach, Paul shares his story with his clients to help them overcome obstacles in their lives.
October 1, 2020
#80 Doing what feeds your soul in a way that works for you. Featuring Samantha Lenore
It can be easy to fall into the "prescribed life"  of what is socially acceptable and live that life out without question.  Samantha talks about how she came to the point of questioning this "normal" life course and finding what works for her. The great thing is, we ALL have this ability!  If you don't like your life, you have the ability to change it! Connect with Samantha below and don't forget to check out her new membership group (on her website) with the special price of $29/month if you sign-up before October 12th Website: Http:// Insta: Http://   FB: Samantha Lenore is a Certified Health Coach who helps busy women identify and achieve their health and weight loss goals through actionable, sustainable lifestyle shifts. Being healthy doesn't have to be hard, and Samantha is here to prove that to all the women struggling to feel their best!
September 30, 2020
#79 Step out of insecurity and into your power! with Tyler Hall
You will love Tyler's energy and his transparency. He talks openly about being bullied and his insecurities around that, and how he decided to step into his power and choose what he wanted to believe. Connect with Tyler Here: Instagram @tylertranformed   Facebook: Website: Tyler has a 21-Day Challenge starting October -----. Get more information at his website Check out the POWER-Up Hour Model Tyler Shared in a graphic! Tyler Hall is a certified Health and Life Coach and founder of Radically Transformed Coaching. He's on a mission in life is to empower people to ditch the diets so they can live a truly happy healthy life. He specializes in transformational coaching methods and utilizes those skills to help people overcome their limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from achieving true success. He received his Health and Life coach certification from the Health Coach Institute and recently completed his Coach Mastery Certification also from HCI. When he's not working on building his business you can find Tyler working on his first book, drawing up the blueprints for his tiny house, or day dreaming about all the many places he wishes to travel to in the near future. You can connect with him on instagram @tylertransformed.
September 29, 2020
#78 How being called a "little twit" was one of the best things to happen to me!
I love telling this story because of all the lessons I learned from it. Learning from our experiences is the key to growth! I shared quite a few things in this episode including links to a few different things going on. First of All - The Shift Intensive 7 Day Minicourse starts October 4th - I also mentioned 2 opportunities to dive into your values with The Value of Me Masterclass. These are free classes all done via Zoom and the links to join are below: Wednesday 9/23 at 7PM CST Register Here> or Saturday 9/26 at 8AM CST Register Here> Once you register, you will get your zoom link to attend and instructions on how to make the most of it. See you on the inside- Take Action & Live Big ~B
September 22, 2020
#77 Two Steps to Eliminate Energy Suckers
Yes....2 Steps...that's it!  You can totally do 2 steps if it means you being free of things that drag you down.  It's time to set some boundaries. It's time to stand in your power.  It's time to stop engaging with things, circumstances, and people who suck your energy. Thanks for listening and subscribing! ~B P.S. Stay connected with me at and get access to the Action Takers Resource guide and get your dose of Truth every Tuesday via email when you sign up!
September 15, 2020
#76 Intuition and Using Your Gifts with Ashley Mondor
Ashley's light is contagious. She is authentic and passionate about her business and helping heart-centered women business owners grow! She shares the importance of listening to your intuition, doing what sets your soul on fire, and sharing your gifts with the world. Here are the deets for Ashley: As a certified Master Life + Mindset Coach and Akashic Records reader, Ashley Mondor blends her intuitive gifts with a powerhouse set of techniques that work with the subconscious mind to help clients overcome fear, negative thoughts, and limiting beliefs in order to reclaim their power and impact the world with their soul gifts.   Outside of inspiring more than 2,000+ people with her heart-centered mindset and spirituality content, Ashley lovingly calls Minnesota home where she spends her weekends exploring nature. Connect with Ashley Here: Website: Instagram:
September 8, 2020
#75 I don't want to feel this way! Navigating your feelings with B :)
Hey Hey Hey- This episode was created after a group coaching event inside of Big Life U with the most amazing women!  The audio is from a Facebook Live so you will hear me testing the audio and saying hello to people and reading comments/interacting (just keeping it real:)).   How often have you just wanted to avoid or turn off unpleasant feelings?  If you are alive then I know you've felt this way.  I dive into this with some real-life examples and some strategies to help you have power over your feeling so they pass. Enjoy and thanks for listening ~B P.S. Get on my list to receive my Truth Tuesday emails and get access to the Action Takers Resource guide at
August 25, 2020
#74 Doing what you are good at with Michael Roderick
In this episode, Michael shares his journey of taking a leap out of his “safe” job as a teacher to pursue opportunities where he could use his teaching and connection strengths to design a life he loves….A Big Life! You can find Michael on: Twitter: Website: LinkedIn: Michael Roderick is the CEO of Small Pond Enterprises which helps thoughtful givers become thought leaders by making their brands referable, their messaging memorable, and their ideas unforgettable. He is also the host of the podcast Access to Anyone which shows how you can get to know anyone you want in business and in life using time tested relationship-building principles. Michael's unique methodology comes from his own experience of going from being a Highschool English teacher to a Broadway Producer in under two years.
August 18, 2020
#73 Moving through Fear to Live Big featuring Eva Jannotta
Fear, making decisions, and trusting your intuition are three of the topics Eva and I talked about in this episode!  Eva is a powerful force because she knows who she is, what she wants, and is living big. Here are three takeaways from our discussion on Fear: Fear is a sign that you are making change Allow yourself to feel the fear. Don’t fight it...feel it Figure out what works for you to move through the fear (ie...exercise, meditation, deep breathing) Be sure to connect with Eva on Linked In Check Out this resource from Eva: Here is the article she referred to: How Women Entrepreneurs can Make Strong, Confident Decisions Link to the recommended Ted Talk by Barry Schwartz  mentioned in this episode Eva Jannotta helps North America’s most recognized entrepreneurs in the women helping women economy stand out online. She offers thought leadership, marketing and social media strategy to help women be heard, sought-after and hired. Prior to starting her business Eva worked in corporate communications in Maryland, where she grew up. Today she lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her partner Steve. Thanks for listening today. Don’t forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode Take Action & Live Big, ~B
August 14, 2020
#72 The Truth about Being Triggered with Michelle Burkhard
Do you give away your power by allowing others to trigger you?  Why are we triggered?  Where does it come from? How is it tied to beliefs?  How is it tied to resentment and forgiveness? Buckle Up….this episode will make your mind spin. So much good stuff!!!! Michelle Burkhard is one of my favorite people. She is full of intelligence, wit, and positivity! Michelle is a speaker and coach who specializes in growth through thinking and acting. Michelle is a student of the work she teaches and her story of overcoming childhood trauma and then a stroke will inspire and motivate you,  Connect with Michelle here> and on her podcast  Here's the super professional info about Michelle:) Michelle Burkhard is the Owner of Grow By 1; a business built to serve and increase clients’ ability to lead themselves and others well.  She received a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Central Michigan University. She is a PhD candidate at Walden University.  Her specialty is Assessment, Evaluation, & Accountability. Her experience includes extensive work in the education and business fields for over 20 years, and she is a highly requested speaker and trainer around the United States.  Her coaching clients span several fields of study around the US and the international arena. Her passion for seeing others reach their own personal and professional goals fuels her work as a coach.  When not studying or serving others, she enjoys actively engaging at home with her husband Josh of 17 years, and her three children, Josiah, Hannah, and Eliana. Thanks for stopping by today -  Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode and if you're not part of my Insider List...what are you waiting for.  Click HERE to get the LENS Method for Living Big and to stay in the loop about all the happenings at Dialed IN! and Big Life Resources! ~B
July 28, 2020
#71 My Guest Interview on the E.P.I.C Podcast with Chris Aird
I had SO much fun being a guest on Chris Aird's podcast and talking about my journey, entrepreneurship, and being true to who you are! You can connect with Chris through his podcast, website, or on social The E.P.I.C Podcast   Website: FB: Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe- ~B
July 21, 2020
#70 Making the choice to get Healthy featuring Carla Hurd
In this episode, Carla Hurd talks about her journey from selling candles to taking control of her health. She talks about how changing herself and doing the work on her health has allowed her to help others improve their health and their overall lives. Connect with Carla below:  Facebook : Website: Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode Take Action & Live Big, ~B P.S. Looking for a resource to help you make change in your life?  Check out the Action Takers Resource guide. I pulled together many of my favorite books, podcasts, Ted Talks, and more so you can take action and move your life forward.  Get access to this free guide HERE and you'll also get updates from me about all the happenings with Dialed IN! and more
July 15, 2020
#69 If you're not growing anywhere, you're not going anywhere - featuring Amy Barg
Amy is a ball of positive energy.  Her spirit is so encouraging and she supports, coaches, and encourages women to go after the life they want. Check out her new membership program here> Connect with Amy on Facebook> or through her website at A few years ago Amy and I sat next to each other at a speaking competition where we were both finalists.  She was captivating and I knew we would be friends.  Now I am blessed to be able to share her with you. Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe- Take Action & Live Big, ~B P.S. Registration for Big Life U 9-Week Growth Course for Driven Women closes Friday, July 10th - Check it out here> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More Info about Amy below: Amy’s belief that everyone is either stepping forward into growth or… backward into safety, fuels her desire to help others raise their level of awareness about their own personal growth journey.  Regardless of the area of life needing improvement; leadership, communication, customer service or personal relationships… it starts with an awareness of the importance of growth. Thus, her mantra: If you’re not growing anywhere, you’re not going anywhere.   Amy’s relational, engaging and passionate speaking style combines personal stories and insanely practical steps designed to encourage her audiences to take action and get growing!  A certified speaker, trainer, coach, DISC Consultant and executive director with the John Maxwell Team, Amy also serves as a member of the team’s President’s Advisory Council.  Formerly, she spent more than 25 years working in the fields of education, communications and marketing and leadership development.  Author of, Seeing Blind Spots: Leadership Lessons from Real Life, Amy is a contributor to John Maxwell’s Leading-Edge Blog, has a YouTube Channel for her Friday’s Perspective, and once enjoyed 30 seconds of fame sharing the stage with Oprah. She is in her sweet spot when designing and delivering interactive keynote addresses and workshops.  A mom of three and grandmother of four, Amy lives with her husband, Sam, in Carmel, Indiana, where she cultivates her own personal growth journey through gardening, reading, fitness, performing in Community Theater and singing on the vocal community team at her church.
July 9, 2020
#68 Living Big featuring David McGlennen
David McGlennen is passionate about helping leaders in organizations live the life they love.  He is a High Performance Culture Coach and the organizations he works with have massive results. Here's the thing, David is doing what he is passionate about. He is being who he was created to be and it shows in everything he does.  As you listen to his journey to Living a Big Life, take note of how he invested in himself first to become who he needed to be to have the life he wanted. You can connect with David at and also check out his upcoming complimentary Webinar on Company Culture happening July 8th, 2020 (if you're catching this episode after the 8th, no worries...the replay is available) Thanks again for listening today and be sure to check out Big Life U at  Take Action & Live Big, ~B
July 3, 2020
#67 The source of our problems
Hey All- Thanks for checking out this episode.  This is actually a recording from a Facebook Live I did that has gotten some great responses and prompted deep conversations about what we believe. If you enjoyed this, I want to invite you to check out Big Life U.  After working with and speaking to thousands of people, I've taken the big ideas, lessons, tools, and practices that foster big breakthroughs and put them into a 9-Week Group Coaching program.  Big Life U is open to Women only (sorry guys) and it starts July 12th.  Check out more information HERE at Thanks for listening! ~B
June 30, 2020
# 66 How to Stop Drama in 4 Steps
Hey - Thanks for being here. In this short episode, I am sharing a brief piece of what we covered live in the Shift Intensive MiniCourse today.  Drama sucks our energy and puts us into a low level vibe. We don't have to participate in drama or create it. Enjoy these steps to squashing it. Thanks for listening and reviewing - I appreciate you. Take Action & Live Big ~B
June 25, 2020
#65 The Power of Knowing Your Worth
Hi World Changers- Thanks for being here! In this episode, I talk about what it looks like to seek worth and validation outside yourself and how to shift into new ways of living. Thanks for listening and don't forget to get registered for Until Next Time Take Action & Live Big, ~B
June 17, 2020
#64 The Truth About being Stuck
Hey! First of all, thanks for listening:)  This short episode talks about being stuck, dreams, and living a life where you play full-out. Also, here's the link I mentioned inside this episode: See you soon! Take Action & Live Big, ~B
June 16, 2020
#63 What do Ham and Beliefs Have in Common?
Hey Hey Hey... Check out this brief episode that's full of fun and interesting facts about your mind. Here's the link I reference in this pod Take Action & Live Big, ~B
June 11, 2020
#62 The process of Be-Do-Have with Joshua Lee
Enjoy this candid conversation with the Family Man Entrepreneur Coach, Joshua Lee.  Joshua talk about his decade long journey to becoming the person that lives in alignment with priorities and makes each day count. We cover all kinds of things in this episode including, self-kindness, personality styles and love languages, what happens when you don't take control of your life...and so much more. Connect with Joshua on Facebook > Joshua usually speaks to men but he made an exception for the Dialed IN! listeners who are women so they can get access to his Video Training on the Principle of Progress. Ladies - you can access that HERE > Here are 4 Key Take-Aways from this episode: 1. You don't have to be perfect to be useful or to get started 2.  Show yourself kindness and compassion as you learn and grow. 3.  Know your priorities 4.  Incorporate Personal Reflection into your daily routine Thanks for listening - don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode Until Next Time -  Take Action & Live Big ~B
June 9, 2020
#61 Leading with Faith featuring Sarah Johnson
Sarah and Bethany discuss how no matter if we choose faith or fear, that it takes the same amount of belief!   What are you giving your power to? Key Take-Away's about Leading with Faith: 1. Spend time being quiet to connect spiritually 2.  Take steps to understand who you are  3.  Know Your values, vision, and mission 4.  Be intentional about your focus each day *Check out Sarah's FAITH acronym inside the episode to help you lead a Big Life! Sarah Johnson is a former teacher and school principal, turned author, speaker, leadership coach, and podcaster. She is passionate about assisting others in seeking greater satisfaction in all areas of their full lives by helping them go beyond work-life balance as well as develop strong leadership foundations. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education, Master of Science in Educational Administration, and a Certificate for Women in Leadership from Cornell University. She hosts the weekly In AWE Podcast where she is proud to amplify women’s stories to empower a community.  Sarah is co-author of Balance Like a Pirate: Going Beyond Work-Life Balance to Ignite Passion and Thrive as an Educator and author of Lead with Faith: Building a Strong Foundation So You Can Rise Up, Slay Fear, and Serve Well. Sarah lives the balance message in her life by pursuing passions such as running, writing, focusing on family with her two daughters and teacher husband, while also honing her leadership skills through networking, teaching, and learning. Connect with Sarah Here>>>>  Social Media: (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook) @sarahsajohnson Thanks for listening! Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode. ~B
May 13, 2020
#60 Living out your potential featuring Melahni Ake
This episode was recorded in October 2019 and it's still just as amazing!!! Melahni Ake shares her journey of breaking out of the corporate "plastic bag" that was keeping her small in order to grow, develop her strengths, and learn what it means to live out her potential!  Melahni's zest for life and positive outlook is contagious. She provides great thought-provoking insights to find what it means to live YOUR big life.  You matter.  Your voice needs to be heard. Connect with Melahni at Or on Facebook: Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode ~B P.S. Looking for a starting point for personal growth? I put together the Action Takers Resource Guide just for you:)  It's packed with books, podcasts, and other tools to help you grow. Check it out at
April 30, 2020
#57 Who's the boss you or your emotions? A conversation with special guest Jeff Arthur
I'm seriously giddy about this episode.  I can't wait to share Jeff Arthur with you! Jeff is a life and values coach and he is the first coach I ever worked with! Jeff helped me become aware of so many things and his coaching completely changed the trajectory of my life... in the very best way!  I was in Senior Living when I met Jeff and was completely stuck in many areas of my life.  I couldn't see how my beliefs and stinking thinking were keeping me there. I was very busy blaming other people for it.  Jeff helped me see how my crazy was untucked and work through my blindspots to begin creating a life I love. ..a life in alignment with who I was made to be.  The more we worked together, the more my life changed.  It was (and continues to be) the hardest work I've ever done but there is so much freedom in working through your crazy.  To be clear, I call it "crazy" but Jeff would refer to is as faulty belief systems and blindspots:)   When I eventually chose to leave the company where I met Jeff, I became a certified coach through his company, The Values Conversation. Helping others live into their values and creating a life that is congruent with who they are, is the most rewarding work I could ever imagine doing.  I'm just a girl sharing one of my most favorite people on this planet with YOU.   Connect with Jeff at Here's all the official info about Jeff: Jeff Arthur is the founder of The Values Conversation. A coaching and consulting company that specializes in facilitating values-based growth for both individuals and businesses. Jeff is also a sought after keynote speaker and is seen as one of the nation's preeminent authorities on leadership, team building, and executive coaching. He has been identified by Small Business Monthly Magazine as one of the "Top 100 People to Know in Business in St. Louis," and he is one of the former co-hosts of "The Smart Biz Show," a nationally syndicated radio show. Jeff works with CEOs, executives and their leadership personnel to help team members thrive through a better understanding of their personal, team, and organizational values while helping to develop the strategies that come from those values. Jeff works with executives from Fortune 100 & 500 companies as well as CEO's, presidents, and owners of medium to small businesses. Organizations that engage with Jeff thrive and see dramatic improvements in productivity, revenue, associate retention, and internal morale. Enjoy the episode:) Thanks for listening ~B P.S. Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode-
April 28, 2020
#58 Healthy Brain - Healthy Life featuring Dr. Gail Frankle Mental
Dr. Gail is a wealth of information.  She is a life-long learner and self-care practitioner  - physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a Brain and Health Coach, she helps people live a life that is in alignment with who they are and what they desire. She works with youth and adults to determine strengths, goals, and the path to create a life they love.  Dr. Gail also is a university professor and nurse.  In this Episode, Gail shares 4 simple things you can check every day to take care of your mental health. 1.  Get 7-8 hours of sleep 2.  Move Your Body Daily 3.  Eat Healthily  4.  Take Time for You Gail also shares how to clear your mind of negative thoughts with a story about ants!  Come Check it out!! Connect with Gail on her Together Providing Hope Facebook Page or via email at Gail is also a featured speaker of the Rise About Youth Summit which includes over 20 speakers on all kinds of topics to support youth and the individuals who care about them as we navigate this pandemic...and beyond.  The summit is free >
April 21, 2020
#59 The Formula for Overcoming Obstacles featuring Sonya Etchemendy
You will be captivated by Sonya's storytelling and her story is powerful.  Sonya is a difference-maker!  She is proof that you can make a positive impact no matter your age or circumstances. Learn Sonya's formula for Overcoming Obstacles of any kind at any stage in life! Check Out ALL the places you can connect with Sonya: - This FREE summit includes Sonya and 23 other speakers! Tin Can Moments page on Facebook Thanks for listening today! Take Action & Live Big ~B >Don't forget to share this with someone who needs this message Below is more about Sonya Sonya Etchemendy is the Founder and CEO of Etch Your Life LLC, a small business consulting company. She is the author of the international bestseller, “Living a Life of Tin Can Moments.” Sonya is also an international certified speaker and leadership trainer. She is retired from the government where she started out with the Department of Defense and ended her career as Chief of Contracts and Acquisition for the Environmental Protection Agency in Boston, MA, serving all New England. During her government career, she also held positions as the New England Chief of the Combined Federal Campaign, a counselor for the Equal Employment Opportunity office, a mediator for the Boston Court Systems, achieved a Masters level in facilitating difficult groups, and was an Adjunct Professor at the New England College of Finance in Boston. Sonya earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Western New England University. She says her greatest knowledge came from the experiences she gained from interactions with people and organizations starting from her first job and continuing through today. Sonya started out, as many do, from the ground floor and worked her way to the top. Her greatest lessons learned are to focus on the positive to overcome the negative and to understand the power of prayer. Today, as a volunteer chaplain with Baptist Health, North, Little Rock, AR, she is living out her dream and purpose to simply add value to others. Sonya currently lives in Arkansas with her husband, Dennis. She has two children, three grandchildren, two dogs and lots of patience. Today, she is on a mission to help people learn how to live a life filled with Tin Can Moments®.
April 15, 2020
#56 Your Significance Matters featuring Christian DeVries
Christian shares his passion for significance in sports (and in life) with us in this episode! Christian draws on more than two decades of experience in higher education and college athletics, having served as a head coach for both men's and women's intercollegiate soccer, an NCAA Compliance Coordinator, and an instructor of Sports Management. He has spent the last several years dedicated to sports and leadership development by working with individual players, teams, and organizations to create opportunities for growth and to achieve peak performance. As the founder of AOS Sports, he has developed the premier sports leadership and recruiting education program called, AOS – The Athlete of Significance. The AOS Sports Leadership and Recruiting Education Program is a comprehensive learning platform for student-athletes and parents who are engaged in, or are getting ready to start, the college recruiting process. The AOS Program is more than a standard college advisory program. AOS will go beyond just placing a student-athlete in front of college coaches. AOS will help the student-athlete prepare for the ultimate goal of presenting their significance to the coaches. Connect with Christian on Facebook on the AOS Sports Page or on his website at Be sure to check out the Rise Above Youth Summit - free for youth and beyond - Thanks for listening - don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode! Until next time -  Take Action and Live Big, ~B
April 14, 2020
#55 Making a Difference featuring Theresa Davis
Theresa Davis shares stories of her journey and how helping others is a foundation for her Big Life.  Theresa grew up poor and had individuals speak into her in limiting ways,  Despite the circumstances that many would see as hopeless, Theresa decided to believe in herself and make a difference! Three Take-Away's From the time with Theresa: 1.  Anyone can make a difference 2.  Your worthiness comes from YOU 3.  When you help others, you are also helped Start Where you are and do what you can! Theresa is the owner of The Profit Influencer - She is also a featured speaker at the Rise Above Youth Summit - which is a free summit for youth (and anyone else) navigating life....especially during times of change. Thanks for listening today! Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode! Until Next Time.... Take Action & Live Big, ~B
April 8, 2020
#54 Creating a Life You Love begins with Personal Growth featuring Holly Lanesmith (Happy Holly)
Meet my friend Happy Holly! Her laugh, authenticity, and positive outlook are infectious.  Holly shares a few stories about her life and how personal growth changed EVERYTHING for her!  It all started with Holly listening to a prompting to expand her thinking. There are some powerful take-aways here! Holly Mentions the Empowered Living Facebook Group - you can connect here ( You can also check out the Empowered Living Community FB Page Here> The EL Group and Community have been and are a big part of my growth, as well.  Hope you join us. Until Next Time Take Action & Live Big ~B P.S.  Don't forget to subscribe
April 7, 2020
#53 Permission to do the Right Thing
An article came out recently on from Inc. magazine about kindness and doing the right thing. I was thrilled to read the Harvard research behind this idea that people want to do the right thing. I found through the years of leadership that when people were given permission to do the right thing...that amazing things happen.  Listen to this episode to see what I mean:)  The things I talk about here are some of my very best memories in Senior Living. Live Big - ~B Thanks for subscribing and don't forget to check out the action takers resource at
February 26, 2020
#51 Five Steps to take to Live an Elevated Life with Ashley Nyholt
Ashley is an independent thinker who left college, learned network marketing (and rocked it), started a network marketing business,  survived a horrible accident, and became a mindset coach. Wait until you hear what else she is up to! Ashley helps others live an elevated life through her network marketing skills and coaching background. Connect with Ashley at  Here are 5 Take-Away's From Today's Episode: Figure out what it is that YOU want Learn How to Think for Yourself Find people that are living the kind of life that you want and learn from them Learn to be OK with being Uncomfortable Consistently Evaluate (not judge) the actions you are taking Ashley also shares a simple framework in this episode that can help you evaluate and take action steps every day! Thanks for listening & sharing ~B
February 25, 2020
#52 Making Everyday a Good Day with AJ Vassar
Looking at AJ's life today you would never know that not long ago, he was living out of his car.  He developed a mindset that allowed him to change his thinking and change his life.  AJ currently resides in Columbia and enjoys the beautiful temperatures all year long. Aj shares pieces of his story as well as some fantastic tips on staying dialed-in and living a big life! Here are 5 Take-Away's from my time with AJ: Celebrate your success along the way Don't minimize your success because it's not the "picture in your head" Take on the identity of who you want to become (this point alone is worth the listen!!) Define what constitutes a good day and work towards that every day Make the choice every day to be who you want to be  AJ is an international speaker, coach, and author.    AJ also helps other speakers get on stages and get their message out.  Connect with AJ on social at AJ Vassar Want to know more about how he helps speakers get on stages?  Book a one-on-one complimentary call with him here> Thanks for listening and subscribing! ~B
February 19, 2020
#49 A little story about valuing others and ending Wet Blanket Meetings:)
This episode is a little different because I talk about a big lesson I learned when I was a new manager.  If you lead a team at work, you want to listen to this but you may also want to listen if you are a parent because we sometimes do this to our kids:) We all desire connection with a sense of being seen. heard, and valued. This episode contains tips on how to have a hard conversation with a positive outcome:) I also mention DISC Personality Style  - find out more at  Thanks for listening -  Don't forget to subscribe and share ~B
February 18, 2020
#50 The results of 90 days of doing " I Am" statements...
What do you believe to be true about yourself?  What are the attributes you desire to grow in your life? In this episode, I share the story of how "I am" statements impacted our journey and how you can use "I am" statements to help you grow. I also refer to our motorhome journey briefly and I say 2019 but it was actually 2018:) when we sold our home Pick up the Action Takers Resource Guide HERE - Thanks for listening & sharing ~B
February 14, 2020
#47 Playing Big with Beth Montpas
 I met Beth a year or so ago and was instantly energized by her positive spirit. Beth has the ability to see the greatness on others and she has honed in on her strengths to build an entire business around what sets her soul on fire. Beth is a shining example of being Dialed IN! to who you are and Living a Big Life! Beth is an ambitious, high-energy individual with strong family values and an incurable passion for happiness and peace. She has a strong entrepreneurial spirit as a Life Coach & Speaker.  She loves to motivate and inspire others to design their best life and reach their full potential. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, She offers workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, she will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your go Connect with Beth: Pick up the "Get Your Year in Gear" Guide on Beth's Website On Facebook at Beth Montpas Life Coach Here's are some take-away's from our conversation:  We never outperform our own self-belief Life is not what happens to you - It's what happens IN you Have a strong support team - a cabinet of people - We are Better Together Be Authentically YOU Write your own story - flip the script Be Definite about what you want - write it down - declare it! BE Responsible for what you are calling into your life  Life is Happening Now - Play Big Thanks for listening -  Don't forget to subscribe and share ~B
February 12, 2020
#48 You Are Not Alone
Not feeling enough is something every human wrestles with.  This short episode talks about it... Thanks for listening, subscribing, and sharing.   You are the best listeners ever! Live Big ~B
February 11, 2020
#46 Are you giving your POWER away?
Our beliefs drive our behavior. In this episode, I talk about how my insecurities and feelings of unworthiness led me to see the world in a way that proved that I was unworthy. I gave my power away.  I continued this cycle well into my 30's....and then I met a coach that taught me so much about how I was giving my power away. Today I give you an activity that you can do to identify your beliefs and the things you are giving power to. I'd love to hear how this serves you- Thanks for listening! Take Action & Live Big ~B
February 4, 2020
#45 Power, Struggles, and Uncovering the REAL Problem with Amber Furiman
Dialed IN! features interviews with people who are doing the hard work of personal growth and development in order to live a Big Life and Amber's story will inspire you and cause you to check your thinking! *I apologize for a few glitches in the audio. We didn't have a super-strong internet connection but this episode is SOOOOO good.  I'd love to hear what your take-aways are.  Thanks for being here:) Here are just a few things we talk about: Who are you without your struggles?  Do your struggles define you?  Do you focus on the lessons of the hurt/struggle or the pain of the struggle?  The problem is never the problem.  What are you giving your control and power to? Who are you blaming?   Discussion of the unconscious and conscious mind and how they interact! (amazing!!!) What our comfort zone looks like. Are you passionate or just achieving? Amber is an Attorney, Podcaster, and Personal Growth journeyer and teacher Quotes from this podcast: "The surface problem is never the problem ."  "Focus on the learning...not the pain." Get connected with Amber here: More than Corporate Podcast > FB Group More Than Corporate > Here's the link to the Simon Sinek Ted Talk on Finding Your Why> Thanks for supporting us here at Dialed IN! Don't forget to subscribe and share on social! Until Next Time ~B
January 28, 2020
#44 How to fail forward....
I spent two days with middle schoolers teaching them what it looks like to Fail Forward.  We talked about having the right thoughts and attitudes to face failure and reach goals. The more I taught, the more it resolidified the principles for me. I got to thinking that others may want to visit/revisit this with me. So, here we are -  Inside this episode are action items showing you how to identify and change your thoughts so you can push through failure to learn and become better. Thanks for listening. Help Dialed IN! Grow by Sharing and Subscribing Take Action & Live Big, B
January 23, 2020
#43 Managing Expectations to Live Big with Joshua Lee
Joshua is BACK!  He has one of our most listened to episodes and I couldn't wait to talk with him again.  Joshua has a gift of taking complex ideas and making them actionable.  In this episode, he shares his daily mantra, his Castle analogy, and how he manages expectations to create a life he loves! Connect with Joshua here: Listen to his podcast Optimum You  Connect on FB - Optimum Youniversity Thanks for Listening to Dialed IN! You can support this podcast in two easy ways 1. Subscribe 2. Share it on Social Take Action & Live Big - B
January 22, 2020
#42 Living Big with Kim Meyer
Kim Meyer is a wife and mom of 2 from Iowa where she helps other women build their confidence and improve their health. She believes in order to live your best life, you need to move your body often, fuel it with good food and have faith that God has got your back. She runs a virtual bootcamp where she helps women get active and improve their nutrition and also has a team where she helps women build businesses with their self-care habits too.  A former school administrator, Kim is now a stay at home working mom and loves every bit of it. She hosts the podcast Choose to RISE  You can connect with Kim on Instagram @kjpmeyer
January 15, 2020
#41 Decluttering your Mind with Eric G Reid
Eric has been on Dialed IN! previously where he shared part of his journey (see episode #17). He is back and we are talking about Decluttering your mind to get clear.  The conversation talks about identifying your purpose, vision, and passion.  Eric talks about his Success Life U programming and his new Mastermind Group (which is AWESOME) that give one focus topic every month with steps to take to move forward.  Eric is brilliant and he has a gift when it comes to taking complex ideas and creating teachings with action steps to move forward. Eric is one to follow.  He brings out the best in everyone he interacts with. Check out his website at  Eric has programming with intensive online workshops, monthly teaching groups, writing tips, and more!  You can also find Eric on Social at Eric G Reid **The audio is not great on this episode but there are so many great ideas in here and I couldn't bring myself to delete it or try to recreate it** Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode. ~B
January 9, 2020
#40 Simple Ways Declutter Your Life
Getting rid of clutter is talked about everywhere these days. People are using the KonMari method to organize their homes and there are tons of books and videos out there to help you live more organized. Today, I want to take that a step further and talk about decluttering our lives. When our lives are cluttered with commitments, obligations, thoughts, things, and unhealthy relationships...there is NO way we can stick to New Years Resolutions or reach our goals. There's too much in the way! Join the fun as we explore how to declutter your home, head, relationships, and your time so you can be Dialed IN! and Live Big! Enjoy this episode?  Share it with a friend! Until next time - Take Action & Live Big B
January 7, 2020
#26 Big Life Series with Jesse Paul Smith
In this episode, Jesse is raw and transparent about his journey which includes; working hard to achieve goals, dancing for big stars like Justin Timberlake, and looking like he had "arrived" leaving Hollywood, dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts, and learning to lean into who he was created to be. Jesse's story will inspire you to see your own giftedness and get after living a life of significance. Get ready to take some notes.  There is SO MUCH gold here! Connect with Jesse on Facebook, IG, and LinkedIn by searching Jesse Paul Smith! Thanks for listening....don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode! Take Action & Live Big- B
December 31, 2019
#39 Big Life Series with Dr. Inga Hofmann
Listen as Inga shares how it's OK to not fit the mold.  In her career, she quickly realized that her passions weren't the norm.  She is a multi-passionate physician, researcher, trainer, leadership coach, wife, and mom:) I can't wait for you to hear her take on living big by being authentically YOU! Dr. Inga Hofmann. Inga is an academic physician-scientist with a passion for leadership in medicine. She is devoted to helping other physician colleagues develop and embrace their leadership skills and become the best they can be. She received her medical degree at the University of Freiburg (Fryburg), Germany. She trained at some of the most prestigious programs in the country including the University of California in San Francisco and the Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Hospital Blood and Cancer Center at Harvard. She is currently the Director of the Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Her passion for leadership development led her to join The John Maxwell Team as an Executive Director. Using her skills as a speaker, trainer and coach she enjoys training individuals and groups of physicians in the areas of leadership development, professional skills and personal growth and help them thrive in medicine and all areas of life. Connect with Inga on Facebook at
December 31, 2019
#38 What's this whole Word of the Year thing?
Hey There - In this episode, I talk through my process of choosing a word each year and share a few stories of how impactful it can be! I'd love to hear from you! Connect with me on Facebook in The Big Life Action Group and don't forget to pick up my brand new Action Takers Resource Guide - Thanks for listening!
December 29, 2019
#36 Big Life Series with Lisa Duerre
Lisa offers a simple way to set and achieve goals. She shares her journey, her learns, and a whole lot of insight in this episode! Lisa Duerre is the co-founder and CEO of RLD Group based in Silicon Valley. For almost 25 years, Lisa has helped more than 25,000 employees build a more meaningful connection between work and home. As a featured speaker, business coach, two-time #1 International bestselling author, and many times a work-from-home parent, Lisa guides business leaders committed to their careers and loved ones in bridging the gap between the life they desire and the one they’re sleepwalking through right now. Connect with Lisa via her website, on Facebook, or on LinkedIn Thanks for listening - don't forget to subscribe For moreinfo about the Big Life U program I talked about at the beginning of the episode - click here Until Next Time... Take Action & Live Big, B
December 24, 2019
#37 Big Life Series with Shawn Douglass
Shawn Douglass is a husband, dad, foster dad, business coach, speaker, and trouble maker. He is passionate about challenging beliefs that keep people from living their best life... Shawn can be seen wearing his "Hush the Inner Bully" merch!   In this episode, Shawn talks about micro-habits, hushing the inner bully, and taking action to live a big life! >>If you're not sure where to start and who to serve in your business, check out this FREE Niche Guide that Shawn has for you!  Thanks for listening! Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode- Until Next time... Take Action & Live Big, B
December 23, 2019
#35 Big Life Series with Amy Nielsen
I LOVE Amy's heart to serve families with differently-abled children!  What a shining example of Living Big!!! Amy Nielsen spent nearly 20 amazing years as an educator at the elementary and middle school levels as media specialist and teaching television production. She is the mother of four children ranging in age from 4-31. Her youngest son has ADHD and Autism. She is the owner and creator of the Big Abilities Blog and Podcast. She is the author of the recent book, It Takes A Village: Get Your Hands Dirty and Build Yours From the Ground Up, which is a guide to helping families impacted by developmental disabilities build a system of support. In addition, she also writes for Playground Magazine and has had articles featured on The Mighty and National Autism Resources. It is her hope to help shift the mindset in families who have a child with autism to not only focus on helping their child overcome their struggles, but also to focus on their strengths. She and her husband and family call Orlando, Florida home. Check Out Amy's Website Her Book on Amazon You've got to take a couple of minutes and watch her son, Barclay's video on YouTube Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe! Click HERE for more info on Big Life U Take Action & Live Big , B
December 18, 2019
#34 Big Life Series with Bob & Kristy Walker
Kristy and her husband, Bob own Walker-Homestead located just outside of Iowa City, Iowa.  Walker-Homestead is a magical place with beautiful views offering delicious food and wine, the perfect venue for weddings, parties, and other gatherings. Kristy and Bob are seeing a dream come to life as they share their farm with the community Their mission is to build community through agriculture education and culinary celebration. I met Kristy in October of 2019 when I was visiting Iowa. A friend of mine brought me to Walker-Homestead. She was so exicted to share the homestead with me and told me how amazing of a place it was.  I knew something was different about this pace as soon as we arrived.  Walker Homestead is not just a fabulous winery, it's an immersive experience. The winery looks like a modern barn and offers spectacular views of the rolling Iowa hills with green and golden hues, I was captivated. We were greeted as we entered and easily engaged in conversation. I couldn’t wait to ask Kristy to share the story of Walker Homestead and I wasn’t disappointed.  Kristy and Bob are doing things that feed their soul. They are using their gifts and talents while connecting with the community in meaningful ways. I am so excited for you to hear that story, too. Check out pictures of Walker-Homestead HERE on their website. Connect with them on Facebook or on Instagram or better yet, go visit it in person. I promise you won't be disappointed! Thanks for listening.  Don't forget to subscribe! Until next time... Take Action & Live Big, B
December 11, 2019
#33 - Three Steps to a Life You LOVE
In this episode, I share a 3 step process that set my life change in motion.  It starts by looking at the five areas of your life and ends with one action step you take to move towards change. Health/Fitness Career/Work Primary Love Relationships Spiritual Life Finances Thanks for listening... Find out more about Big Life U at  This monthly personal development program is available to join anytime during 2020 and is only $37/month! Take Action and Live Big- B
December 10, 2019
#32 Big Life Series with Aimee Carlson
Aimee Carlson is The Toxin Terminator!  Aimee is helping people restore and renew their health by removing toxins from their homes and their lives.   In this episode, Aimee talks about her journey and how she Lives Big.  We focus on the thinking and mindset of living big and it's packed FULL of great insight! This conversation was so much fun. To get connected with Aimee - check out her website and be sure to sign up for her Free toxin assessment. You can also connect with her on her podcast at >Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode! Take Action & Live Big, B
December 4, 2019
#31 Big Life Series with Ann Visser
Ann Visser has helped couples save their marriages and equipped women to lead at home, at work, and in their communities for over 17 years. Ann has also partnered with Open Door Outreach to provide training to women at the local jail. Her passion is to help people transform their lives so they can leave the world a better place. Ann is a farmer’s wife, mom to five adult children and Nana to 10 beautiful grandchildren. An amateur photographer, Ann loves to capture nature on her beach walks. She is a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker, trainer, and co-founder of 4Better 4Ever an organization that partners with individuals to help them create a better future- where they love themselves, love their relationships and love their life. Connect with Ann at her website - don't forget to pick up her special gift for Dialed IN! listeners HERE
November 27, 2019
#29 Big Life Series with Dusty Swehla
Dusty is the owner of Panda Marie in Hiawatha, Iowa which is a holistic therapy center that offers a judgment-free environment to help individuals be who they were created to be, naturally. Some examples of the services offered at Panda Marie are; yoga, mindfulness, nutrition coaching, natural therapies to assist with depression, trauma, migraines, PTSD, addiction, neck and back pain, anxiety and much more. In this episode, Dusty shares her story of childhood abuse and trauma, broken relationships, and overcoming addiction.  Dusty is on a mission to help others be who they were created to be! Connect with Dusty at or vial email at Thanks for listening - Don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode!
November 26, 2019
#28 Big Life Series with Nancy Landa
Attention Caregivers of individuals living with memory impairment - THIS episode is for you! Nancy is living big by using her experiences (including her painful moments) to help others! Nancy is a mom of 3, grandmother of 8, entrepreneur, podcaster, and for 12 1/2 years, she was the sole caregiver of her mom who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.  That 12 1/2 year journey lead her to create a podcast for Alzheimer's family caregivers to inspire, support, and encourage them to find joy in the process of caregiving.  Because what they do matters.  They have the honor and privilege of helping their loved one write the final chapter of their life. Connect with Nancy on her website at Her podcast is on 9 platforms - here is the link to Alzheimer's Caregiver Radio Podcast on Apple Thanks for listening today - don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode.
November 20, 2019
#30 Learns from falling into a trash can at the gym :)
Yes, you read it right....I fell into a trash can at the gym this week.  Just call me Majestically Awkward.  It totally took me back to my high school years when I fell off a treadmill while trying to impress boys. Listen to find out the lessons in all of this. In this episode, I also talk about two opportunities to learn and grow Big Life U starts in Jan 2020 with a FREE Month in Dec 2019 - Get on the waitlist to get the first month FREE.  Click HERE for more information.   When you get on the waitlist, you will also receive an infographic that shares Eight Ways to Personally Grow! Thanks for listening...don't forget to subscribe! Live Big, B
November 14, 2019
#27 Big Life Series with Monique Pearson
Monique is a Content and Online Visibility Strategist for Coaches. She helps them get seen so they can get paid by leveraging their content through social media offers, repurposing, and creating free-offers. She does AMAZING work!  Monique shares her journey to finding her strengths and helping others by using them! Connect with her via Find her on Facebook Connect with her vial email at Thanks for listening today  - don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode!!
November 13, 2019
#25 Big Life Series with Heather Manzano
Heather is the Founder of Manzano Consulting and has made drastic lifestyle changes to pursue a life by design. In addition to her consulting company, Heather serves individuals as a faculty member on the John Maxwell Team and she also works with the President of the John Maxwell Team (JMT), Paul Martinelli and Speaker Trainer for the JMT, Roddy Galbraith in a personal development/mindset business called Empowerment Mentoring. Heather and her family took massive action to pursue their dreams and design a Big Life! Below are a few take-away's Heather talks about in thie episode! Believe that you are worthy of a Big Life and Invest in yourself Know who you are and what you want. Create a vision and take action. That action may just be the one next step in front of you (you don't have to know all the steps) Align yourself with people who believe in you, share your values, are willing to share their wisdom, and who look like your future. Connect with Heather on her website -  or via email at  You can also find her on Facebook. The Weekly Teachings and Upcoming Series on The Science of Getting Rich can be found HERE Thanks for listening - Don't forget to subscribe! Live Big, B
October 30, 2019
#24 Big Life series with Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee is gifted in drawing out other's strengths, gifts, and talents.  Joshua believes that there is a natural design to our existence and he helps people understand and cooperate with that design so they can get better results. He does this through coaching, training, and consulting. Joshua is a founding partner of Optimum Organizations, LLC along with his two collaborators Brian Lee and Brian Lucas (affectionately referred to as the “Brians” of the Operation). There is a huge need in the marketplace to help entrepreneurial businesses transition to a sustainable growth-oriented business. Using their understanding of natural design, Optimum Orgs helps the leaders of these businesses make that transition.  On this episode, we talk about how to discover your own AMAZINGNESS! Be sure to connect with Josh in his Facebook Group, Optimum Youniversity Check out the notes below:  You are more capable than you realize!  Your giftedness usually seems "normal"  because it's easy for you.  Steps to reflect to discover your giftedness:                    - Be aware of the times when you get frustrated when others can't keep up or can't do something as easily as you can.                    - Reflect on when others have told you about your gifts/strengths/talents                    - Think on when you've faced criticism in an area where you consistently operate at a high level                    -  Ask trusted people to tell you what they see as your strengths and giftedness.        4.  Know/Be aware of your enthusiasm and passion Thanks for listening - Don't forget to subscribe!!! Live Big, B
October 22, 2019
#23 Stop fake conversations in 3 easy steps!
Thanks for listening today! Being intentional about how we spend our time is a big deal because time is our most valuable resource! In less than 5 minutes, I share easy steps to help you connect with others in a real way. Curious about how to make the best use of your time?  Get my quick time assessment HERE (it's free)!  I'll also keep you informed about upcoming programs and services! Thanks for listening- Live Big, B
October 17, 2019
#22 Big Life Series with Anna Lebaron
Anna Lebaron shares her story of becoming someone who lives a Big Life.  Anna is One of more than fifty children of infamous, polygamist cult leader, Ervil LeBaron, Anna LeBaron endured abandonment, horrific living conditions, child labor, and sexual grooming. At age thirteen, she escaped the violent cult, gave her life to Christ, and sought healing. A gifted communicator and personal growth activist, she's passionate about helping others walk in freedom. Anna lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and loves being Mom to five grown children and Yaya to a brand new granddaughter. I invited Anna to be a gust on Dialed IN! for 800 different reasons! I believe that anyone who carries around hurt and pain (which is basically all of us) can relate to her story.  Not only did she overcome a horrific start in life but she has this amazing ability to harvest the good. Anna has a great sense of humor, she seeks out the joy in life, she goes out of her way to be kind and encouraging to others.  She is a successful author and sought after speaker.  Anna also helps others market effectively with social media, launches books and has a program to help writers share their stories. She also does cross-fit which makes her a total badass! Our conversation went several direction and I know you will learn so much from Anna! Here are some key take-away's I had: 1.  Healing is possible - even with extreme trauma 2. Healing takes courage...but on the other side, is FREEDOM 3.  The coping skills we use to hide and operate with the pain we carry also provide us with the strength we need to heal. 4.  The only way to overcome is to go through. Unpack your backpack of pain/hurt.   5.  Take the first step:  Tell someone who is safe and has earned the right to hear your story or begin by writing your story out. Anna says that it's important to get the story outside of you so you can look at it differently.  >>Anna wants to know what impacted you from this podcast.  She challenged you to take a screenshot and tell her on FB or IG what you learned.. Anna on Facebook and Instagram Connect with Anna on her website and be sure to sign up for her mailing list. She is recording a new podcast with her sister in a few weeks and you can stay up to date with what she is doing by being part of her mailing list. Don't forget to subscribe to DIaled IN! so you don't miss an episode! Live Big, B
October 15, 2019
#21 Big Life Series with Dave Gambrill
Listen as Dave takes us through the steps he took to face his desire for more, take action on that desire, and turn it into a highly successful multi-faceted business!  If you are thinking there is a better way to use your gifts but don't know how to take the steps to get there, Dave drops some great tips in this episode.  As he shares, you can clearly see how his consistent action brings clarity and results over time. Dave Gambrill helps others unleash their awesome through executive coaching, leadership consulting and corporate training. He also has a special knack for helping his colleagues monetize their message online through tribe building and digital assets. You can learn more in his Digital Marketing Mentorship Facebook Group at  Be sure to subscribe to Dialed IN!  so you don't miss an episode:)
October 9, 2019
#20 Big Life Series with Melanie Massey
I wish I could put a video here to show you my excitement for this episode!  I promise you that after listening to Melanie, you will feel better about yourself. She just has that magical power. Melanie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who owns three businesses Melanie Massey Physical Therapy, MoCo Leadership, and MoJoy Studio. All three business are thriving and highly successful. Melanie uses her gifts and talents to help others discover and use theirs and the ripple effect is positively incredible! I asked Melanie to be a guest on the Big Life series because she is a ball of positive life-giving energy! She is one of those people that make you feel like a better human – just because you spent time with them. I love her heart to serve others using her gifts and talents and can’t wait for you to hear her journey of living big. Melanie talks about her upcoming retreat  - check out more information HERE!  It will be incredible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode. Know someone that's living a Big Life that I should talk to?  Email me at
October 7, 2019
#18 Big Life Series with Allison Liddle
Want direct action-focused steps to live big??   You've GOT to listen to Allison talk about her journey, her tribe, approval, confidence, and more... Allison Liddle provides clients massive results, strategic vision, and creative solutions to their challenges. Liddle is an award-winning entrepreneur and a 2x bestselling author that teaches from experience on how to build sustainable businesses and organizations. Allison is a faculty member on The John Maxwell Team who speaks about leadership, change, and communication. She knows how to engage teams to move forward quickly and get massive results. Her bestselling books, "Life Under Construction" and “The Art of Imperfect Action” highlight useful lessons people can apply in their lives to set and achieve larger goals, find life/work balance, and dream bigger! Find Allison on social media and sure to connect with her through her website Prefer to connect through podcast>>>Check our Allison's Launch Podcast *Don't forget to subscribe to Dialed IN!  so you don't miss an episode xo B
September 27, 2019
#17 Big Life Series with Eric G Reid
Check out Eric G Reids story of Living a Big Life in this episode.  Eric talks candidly about his struggles to be everything that everyone else wanted of him and how he began living true to himself.  If you wrestle with pleasing people or doing things you were told to do to live up to other's expectations....this episode is for you. Eric G Reid is committed to your success. His mission to impact people and help them to take their life and their business to the next level. To see individuals get more of what they want out of life. To truly help you Live Life With Success. He believes that success in any area of life, be it business, financial, health or relationship starts with mastering your habits and controlling your mindset. I’ve seen how Eric pours into the lives of others on a consistent basis in a real and authentic way. He takes you deep into things that we all struggle with but may not always talk about in a way that is encouraging, direct, and fun! Connect with Eric on his Facebook page HERE Be sure to get on his email list for weekly communication on how to live your Success Life Thanks for listening -  xo B
September 20, 2019
#16 Big Life Series with Mandy Sullivan
Mandy is the founder of a ministry called Nurture her Soul which is a community for all women regardless of their faith walk. Mandy creates unique experiences to meet God wherever you are through teachings, sharing, connection, and conversation. Mandy lives in Iowa but does events nationwide! Mandy and her family love to travel and bring the message to you! I’ve attended her events and heard her speak and it’s like sitting down with a long-time friend, laughing, sharing, and getting real! She also has online Soulinars that are brand new! Mandy will share more about those and more at the end of our time together. Connect with Mandy on Facebook or on her website Nurture Her Soul Thanks for listening  - Don't forget to subscribe to Dialed IN! so you don't miss a thing! XO B
September 16, 2019
#15 Big Life Series with Jenna Armato
Jenna is the founder and chief empowerment officer of Attract. Engage. Inspire. Jenna’s passion is helping business and individuals grow. She does that through speaking, leading workshops and conducting training sessions. Jenna also has a one-on-one individualized mentoring program. Connect with Jenna HERE I’ve got to tell you – Jenna is a POWERHOUSE! She is skilled at stepping outside her comfort zone in order to live a Big Life. You’ll want to grab a pen and paper to write down the wisdom she shares today! Here are just a few nuggets from this time with Jenna Feeling stuck can be a great jumping-off point to living big Small Hinges Swing Big Doors - changing your life begins with small changes Be Present - Give full attention to others  Go deep with quiet time to think (not just experience your thought) Thanks for listening - Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss another episode!
September 14, 2019
#14 Two Steps that Grow Confidence
Confidence is an inside job.  This episode talks about two steps that you can start immediately to build confidence. Don't forget to subscribe to Dialed IN! so you don't miss a podcast and if you enjoyed listening here....join the Big Life Action Group tribe over on Facebook where you get tips and tools every day to help you live BIG! You can do this! B
September 12, 2019
#13 Three steps to connect with others
Bethany shares three steps with action items you can start today!  Be part of Bethany's insider group so you don't miss a thing here.
September 3, 2019
#12 Big Life Series featuring Andy Hall
It was such a treat speaking with Andy Hall!  His story from a corporate career in retail in the UK to highly successful coach and speaker is full of twists and turns.  Andy's story shows us how risk is necessary to live big!   Find Andy on Facebook @andyhallcoaching  and on his website.  Thanks for listening-
August 27, 2019
#11 Big Life Series featuring Krista Resnick
This episode features coach Krista Resnick.  Krista shares her journey and how she went from living on autopilot to living a life she loved!  Grab your pen and paper for this'll want to catch the wisdom Krista gives out! ----------------- Krista Lynn Resnick is a life coach and creator/founder of The Selfish Badass Movement- she helps women who want it all get it all by developing radical self-love and putting themselves on their own calendar. She also helps women ditch dieting and love the skin they’re in. 💗 >>Check out this free webinar from Krista where she walks through the 7 Step System to be a Selfish Badass Thanks for listening! B Check out the SHift Intensive MiniCourse - It starts live June 21st but you can join and catch all the lessons and replays -
August 21, 2019
#10 Be a Tryer!
We all face disappointment and failure in our lives. In this episode, Bethany talks about how to frame the failure/disappointment to move you forward!  Failure is not an indicator of your worth. Thanks for listening!! Click here to stay connected with Bethany via her insider list!
August 13, 2019
#9 Big Life Series featuring Michelle Burkhard
It's one thing to talk about staying Dialed IN! and living your best life and a whole other to actually do it!  In this episode, Michelle shares part of her story and how she figured out what living big means to her and the steps she took to get there. Grab your pen and paper because Michelle is leaving nuggets of wisdom!    Michelle Burkhard is the Owner of Grow By 1; a business built to serve and increase clients’ ability to lead themselves and others well.  She received a B.S. Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Central Michigan University. She is a PhD candidate at Walden University.  Her specialty is Assessment, Evaluation, & Accountability. Her experience includes extensive work in the education and business fields for over 20 years, and she is a highly requested speaker and trainer around the United States.  Her coaching clients span several fields of study around the US and the international arena. Her passion for seeing others reach their own personal and professional goals fuels her work as a coach.  When not studying or serving others, she enjoys actively engaging at home with her husband Josh of 17 years, and her three children, Josiah, Hannah, and Eliana. Connect with Michelle at and on her podcast  Connect with Bethany here to stay up to date about upcoming podcasts, speaking/training events, and more!
August 12, 2019
#8 How a shift in focus impacts your day
Learn how visiting the Grand Canyon taught Bethany a lesson on focus.  Choosing what to focus on allows you to give power to things that serve you. Stay in the loop with all the things to stay Dialed IN! and Living Big  - be an insider >>>HERE
August 6, 2019
#7 Ugh...things are "supposed" to be different!
Learn how our attachment to the picture in our head can cause pain, disappointment, and can even make us play small!   Thanks for listening! Don't forget to subscribe. Live Big, B
July 30, 2019
#6 Three ways to rid yourself of toxic relationships!
This episode focuses on how to manage and eliminate toxic relationships with 3 actionable steps you can take immediately. Don't forget to subscribe to Dialed IN! so you don't miss an episode Live Big, B
July 16, 2019
#5 Why do other people drive me crazy???
The focus today is on understanding different personality styles.  It is amazing how differently we think and approach life.  Our frustration with others disappears when we understand that it's in our wiring.  Just because we do things one way doesn't mean our way is the only right way to do it! Join my insider group to stay in the loop of all the happenings HERE Live Big, B
July 9, 2019
#4 Navigating the One-Uppers
Bethany gives straight talk on how to navigate the one-uppers in your life with a dose of perspective to help you decrease your frustration and increase your understanding!  Find out more about Bethany and her family's journey at
July 2, 2019
#3 3 Steps to Loving Yourself
Self-Love and Acceptance are talked about everywhere these days. Ever wonder how to make this happen in your life?  Learn three actions that you can take today to make this happen! Thanks for listening! For more information about Bethany, her services, and her here Live Big, B
July 2, 2019
#2 What to do when you feel disappointed?
This episode dives into how our attachment connects to our pain. Get your pen and paper ready!  There are steps to take to reduce disappointment in your life. Want to know more... sign up for the weekly blog? Live Big, B
June 25, 2019
#1 The one thing you need to live your best life!
HI!  I'm Bethany Clemenson.  Welcome to Dialed IN!  I believe that each of us has the ability to live big and fulfilling lives. It all starts with the awareness that you CAN live big and then desire to take action!  I'm thrilled to have you on this journey. Thanks for listening and for sharing this podcast with someone you know. Don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss an episode! Go here to sign up for the insider list so you are in the know about how to stay Dialed IN! and Living Big! Live Big, B
June 18, 2019