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Bethany Says: Beauty, Style & You

Bethany Says: Beauty, Style & You

By Bethany Siggins
Taking image, beauty and style to a deeper level. Learning what works for you starts with acknowledging your high value and your unique beauty. Putting time towards your image is not a vanity project. It is essential to your success and your happiness.
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Episode 37 - Why is My Style Changing?
In this episode, I talk about the evolution of style, why it happens and the evolution I’m currently experiencing with my style and why. Nothing is constant, including our personal style. The more we relax into the evolution of our style, the greater it becomes. Learn more about me at Enjoy the episode!
August 31, 2021
Episode 36 - Is it Ever Okay to Buy Fast Fashion?
In this episode I discuss fast fashion and whether it is okay to purchase from mass clothing producers. I share my recent purchases from a couple of these companies and explain my reasons for my purchases. While I remain on track with my “better quality” pledge, I understand how difficult it is to be 100% sustainable with your wardrobe. Life isn’t perfect and neither am I. Listen and let me know your thoughts! Send me an email: Learn more about me on my website: Enjoy the episode!
July 30, 2021
Episode 35 - Are Body Shape Rules a Form of Body Shaming?
This podcast episode was inspired by an article that said we shouldn’t follow any body shape guidance and to wear what we like. I want to dissect this. I share my thoughts and share the feedback of others with whom I discussed this. How we feel about our bodies is complicated. My work seeks to empower. I share how knowing how to dress for your body silhouette does just that. Learn more about me at
June 30, 2021
Did COVID Change Your Style?
I posed this question to clients and friends, and I received a variety of answers. Where has your style landed post-COVID? Hear what others have to say, and where I think we go from here. Learn more about me at
May 25, 2021
Episode 33 - How to Have Your Best Style this Year
In this episode, I give you a step by step to having your best style this year based on the videos I’ve created from January 2021 to April 2021. Great style is not a specific body shape, a particular size or a certain budget. Great style begins with being at peace with yourself. From there, there are practical steps to take to uncover your best style, and I share those in this episode. Enjoy, and find more about me at
April 29, 2021
Episode 32 - What I Learned on an Ayurvedic Cleanse
This month I completed my first ever Ayurvedic cleanse. In this episode, I share what I learned and experienced during the cleanse. I’m thrilled I did this for myself, and I’m sharing my experience in the hopes others will do it, also. Yes, it’s that good. Enjoy!
March 29, 2021
Episode 31 - My “Better Quality” Pledge
This episode has been a long time coming as someone who has purchased fast fashion for far too long. This year I promise to purchase better quality and fewer pieces. If you’d like to make your own “Better Quality” pledge, tune in to learn how I decided to make mine and ideas for getting started. The two companies I mention in the episode who are making good quality are Billy Reid and Mille ( Please share your quality makers! Find more about me at
February 22, 2021
Episode 30 - New Year Old Anxieties
In this episode, I get real about my struggle with anxiety, what I do to lessen my anxiety and what I’m learning about anxiety, which is helping me be at peace with it rather than at war. This is a chat you don’t want to miss! Share it with anyone who struggles with anxiety. Find more about me and my links to social media at
January 27, 2021
Episode 29 - The Best of “Bethany Says” in 2020
In this wrap-up, I share some of my best advice over this year from this podcast, as well as discuss how taking risks is always the better choice. From simplifying your wardrobe to de-stressing during quarantine, there are many great nuggets here you don’t want to miss. Leaving 2020 smarter and stronger with a sharper image and wardrobe makes us ready for anything 2021 throws at us. Enjoy! Clarification: Tim Gunn’s book, Gunn’s Golden Rules, was published in 2010, not 2020 as I state in the episode. Also, I say in the podcast Gunn’s supervisor at Parsons “dismissed” him, meaning she dismissed his concerns. She didn’t fire him. She made him “make it work.” ;)
December 8, 2020
Episode 28 - Aging Gracefully with Style
Are you concerned with looking age-appropriate? Are you in a new phase of life, which requires a change to your style? This episode is for you. In it I discuss looking current without looking too young, moving your style forward and looking your stylish best at any age. Enjoy!
November 12, 2020
Episode 27 - Your Image is a Form of Good Manners
Have you ever considered your image as an extension of your obligation to be a good citizen? In this episode, I break it down! When you consider others as you prepare for your day, you are demonstrating thought and kindness to them and yourself. Your image has an impact on how others feel. You don’t want to miss this great episode that might make you dress a little snappier tomorrow for yourself and your neighbors. Enjoy!
October 20, 2020
Episode 26 - Is the Fashion Trend Dead?
In this episode, I discuss whether fashion trends remain relevant today and ways of approaching trends each season. I also break down the biggest trends of fall 2020. Trends come and go, so you don’t want to miss my advice! Enjoy the episode!
September 3, 2020
Episode 25 - 10 Commandments for Shopping & Wardrobe Management
In this episode, I share my best tips for shopping smarter and keeping your wardrobe manageable. Now more than ever, it is important to invest where it’s most needed. You can find my videos about wardrobe management on my Instagram @bethanysiggins and on my Facebook @bethanysigginsimage. Links to my social are found on my website: Enjoy the episode!
August 6, 2020
Episode 24 - Simplify Your Wardrobe
As life has grown more complicated in many ways, we are pushing towards simplicity in others, including our wardrobes. In this episode, I explain what a wardrobe capsule is, how to create one and simple steps to editing your wardrobe. Enjoy!
July 6, 2020
Episode 23 - Anger is Beautiful
Anger is healthy and necessary for our improvement and survival. In this episode, I discuss how to view anger in a good light and use it for good. Without anger, we can’t evolve and resolve our differences. Don’t be afraid of anger. Embrace it and express it!
June 3, 2020
Episode 22 - Lessons from Quarantine
In this episode, I share helpful information about good things to do for yourself right now as we are staying home and a few things that are helping me feel balanced and accomplished.
April 1, 2020
Episode 21 - Bloom this Spring
Let’s hit refresh on our style this spring and find ways to bloom! In this episode, I run down top spring 2020 fashion trends and share a few ideas to shake up your style this season.
February 19, 2020
Episode 20 - Overcoming the Barriers to Style
You might be wondering what holds you back in realizing your personal style and being yourself through your image. In this episode, I share the top three barriers to personal style and how to overcome them. Enjoy!
January 17, 2020
Episode 19 - Style Lessons within The Wizard of Oz
The colors black, green, red, pink, white and blue are prominently featured in The Wizard of Oz. Do you know what these colors mean and how they are interpreted when you wear them? Find out if you’re wearing them appropriately in this informative episode. The next time you see the movie, you’ll view it with different eyes, and the next time you get dressed for a meeting or event, I hope you’ll use what you learn here.
November 26, 2019
Episode 18 - What are You Consuming?
In this episode, I walk through the choices we make every day in how we are choosing to spend our time and the ways we consume. Elevating the quality of what we consume and seeking variety will provide the balance we need. We have many choices. Are we making the best ones for our happiness?
October 14, 2019
Episode 17 - The Lost Art of Customer Service
Customer service, when done correctly, often leads to happy outcomes for everyone involved. Going the extra mile is always worth it and very important today as we get increasingly automated. There are some things machines still can’t do for us. There is a place for the personal touch. This episode shares a personal story when quality customer service made all the difference!
July 17, 2019
Episode 16 - Dress Codes Aren’t the Enemy
Continuing our discussion about dress codes, let’s look at the letter Maryann White wrote to The Observer, titled “The Legging Problem.” Are they the problem? Let’s discuss.
July 7, 2019
Episode 15 - Why I am For Dress Codes
Dress codes is a hot button topic right now, and I’d like to temper the argument with what I think is important to remember about dress codes.
June 13, 2019
Episode 14 - Where is Your Focus?
In this episode, I’m discussing focus. Sometimes we need to focus on ourselves to do our best work, and all the time we need to focus on the positive outcomes of the work we are doing.
May 31, 2019
Episode 13 - What is Courage?
Let’s talk about courage. Courage is that thing lurking inside us behind our fears. It’s ready at any time to catapult you to the next level. In this episode, I’ll give you a couple of real-life examples and how I’ve learned to step up and out in courage. You can do it, too!
May 24, 2019
Episode 12 - Driving Out Fear
Let’s talk about fear, the many manifestations of fear, and, most importantly, an easy way to rid it from your life.
May 15, 2019
Episode 11 - You are an Influencer
You have influence. Therefore, YOU are an influencer. Today’s definition of influencer by social media standards has made us forget the important influence we have each day. Let’s talk influence so we can remember each day is a fresh opportunity to influence well.
May 8, 2019
Episode 10 - Press Reset
Need a boost? In this episode, I’m sharing simple ways to boost your well-being throughout your day!
May 1, 2019
Episode 9 - What I Learned from Accidental Icon
What I learned from Accidental Icon, there’s something here for everyone!
April 25, 2019
Episode 8 - Style Changes the Right Way
In this episode, I’m talking about personal style and how to make changes that actually stick.
April 2, 2019
Episode 7 - Staying Motivated in 2019
In this episode I’m sharing how I’m staying motivated and on track this year.
March 29, 2019
Episode 6: Rolling with the Punches
I’m talking about life’s twists and turns, which we all face. Saying yes despite fears or other hesitations has kept me in the game.
March 20, 2019
Episode 5 - Personal Style is Personal
Let’s dig into personal style. What is it? Do you have it?
March 8, 2019
Episode 4 - Part 2 of 2 recapping Marie Kondo’s book, “the life-changing magic of tidying up.”
Part two of my recap of Marie Kondo’s book, “the life-changing magic of tidying up.”
March 1, 2019
Episode 3 - Part one of two - the life-changing magic of tidying up.
Marie Kondo is on the tip of everyone’s tongues. We are tidying en masse thanks to her popular NetFlix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. In this, part one of two, I cover the wisdom I’ve gained from her book that started it all “the life-changing magic of tidying up.”
February 27, 2019
Episode 2: Who Says You Aren’t Beautiful?
Let’s talk about the two big blockers to your acceptance of your beauty.
February 22, 2019
Episode 1: What It’s About
We start in Episode 1 with a bit about me, my journey to image consulting, and what this podcast is about.
February 19, 2019