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Dear Textiles

Dear Textiles

By Betsy Greer
Dear Textiles is, at heart, a love letter to textiles. These interviews explore how fiber-based craft practices can help us heal, connect + grow.

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Making with joy and shame, the digital joy bunting project
Ever wonder how a new project happens? Here’s some insight into my newest project, the Digital Joy Bunting Project - a project exploring joy and what makes you feel it.
November 22, 2021
Dear Textiles, Episode #5: Interview with Shanalee Hampton about the wonders of embroidering vulnerability
In this episode artist Shanalee Hampton and I talk about her work, including a shift from pieces that people often called “clever” to work that saw increased engagement and people crying at her tables at craft fairs due to the vulnerability and authenticity it encouraged and celebrated as well as what happened when she started called herself an artist vs. a crafter. We also talk about how stapling pieces of fabric she'd hand stitched with messages about love, strength and social justice changed, well, a whole heck of a lot. (Spoiler alert: It led to a lot of amazing things, surprises and growth!)  You can find out more about Shanalee at her website and find out more about Dear Textiles, including how to subscribe to the newsletter and share your story in a future episode, at 
September 12, 2021
Dear Textiles, Episode #4: Interview with Austin Rivers, founder of Knit the Rainbow!
Episode 4 is here! I’m speaking with Austin Rivers, the founder of Knit the Rainbow, a non-profit which collects handknit and crochet items for homeless LGBTQ+ youth in New York City.  We talk about starting a non-profit during a pandemic, why LGBTQ+ youth of New York City need your handmade items, the growing problem of houseless LGBTQ+, where Knit the Rainbow hopes to go in the future, how you can help their growing mission and why handmade goods can feel like a hug when someone made them. To learn about future episodes, which will come out every other week, you can sign up for my newsletter at
August 08, 2021
Dear Textiles Podcast #3, Interview with Thao Phuong of TextileSeekers
In this interview, I talk with fashion designer, consultant and entrepreneur Thao Phoung, who runs textile impact retreats in Vietnam with her company TextileSeekers! We talk about how she became a designer, why she left the corporate world to start these retreats and what sustainability in textiles looks like. 
July 07, 2021
Dear Textiles, Episode #2: Interview with Sigrún Bragaddóttir
In this interview, I talk to Sigrún Bragaddóttir a teacher, artist, crafter and craftivist from Reykjavik, Iceland. We talk about using craft as way to heal and connect and about Sigrún's own work and journey.  You can connect with Sigrún at her website, and on Instagram @sigruncraftivist and on Facebook: To learn about future episodes, which will come out every other week, you can sign up for my newsletter at 
June 20, 2021
Dear Textiles, Episode #1, Dear Textiles for your ears!
Here's a look at why I'm starting an audio component to Dear Textiles, for people that might prefer to hear about how textiles and stitching and acts of making can help us grow.  To find out more, you can go to  To sign up for my newsletter where you can learn about future episodes, please click here!  Dear Textiles logo by Clarisse Hassan.
June 05, 2021