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By Every Generation Ministries
Better Children’s Ministry is a weekly podcast from Every Generation Ministries for anyone who wants to see children in their church transformed by the love of Jesus.
Preparing Our Hearts to Serve
Have you ever been personally transformed by the Bible lesson you prepared for KidMin? Spending time with God’s Word before presenting it to children is an important aspect of biblical leadership. In this episode, David is joined by Tara Thomas, EGM’s Mobilization Coordinator and a former Children’s Ministry Director. Tara shares about the challenges we face trying to prepare our hearts before Sunday morning and the importance of weighing the “urgent” against the “important.” Highlights 4:34 – Spiritual transformation in the life of a child starts with spiritual transformation in our own lives 5:16 – Weighing the urgent against the important 8:20 – Scheduling time to sit before the Lord before we lead on Sunday 9:49 – It benefits children to watch their leaders be transformed by God’s Word 14:06 – Discipleship is about more than teaching 14:51 – Encouragement for the discouraged
July 16, 2018
Episode: So What?
If we only do one thing in children’s ministry, it must be helping boys and girls connect God’s Word to their real life. Even if we have a super creative Bible lesson, a fun craft and the best snack prepared, we haven’t done our jobs if the children leave church unsure about real-life Bible application. We want to help them answer the question, “So What?” This episode of “Better Children’s Ministry” is about how to do that. Highlights 2:00 – What is the “So What” issue? 5:40 – “So What?” is not just a struggle in the KidMin world 8:42 – Knowing the real lives of the kids we serve 12:48 – “Talk About Them” 17:45 – Getting the right answers isn’t the goal 18:40 – Encouragement for the discouraged
July 9, 2018
Ministering to Misbehavers
Is there a kid in your church who might be more difficult to love than others? When you see them coming, do you cringe inwardly? In this episode, David and Daniel discuss the importance of ministering to boys and girls with a Gospel mindset. Highlights: 2:18 – The sister of Attila the Hun 7:44 – We can be hopeful that God will use and transform troubled children 10:02 - Misbehavior can be addressed differently in church than in school 12:35 – Practical tips for managing a misbehaving child 14:20 – When spiritual transformation is our goal, motive matters 18:06 – Approaching misbehaving children with a Gospel mindset 20:02 – Ministering to misbehavior requires more people 22:00 – Encouragement for the discouraged
June 27, 2018
The Buzz
There is often a temptation in ministry to judge our success by big numbers and big programming that creates a lot of “buzz” around activities. Daniel reminisces about the best KidMin buzz he ever generated and how to refocus our ministry on the real lives of boys and girls. Highlights: Highlights: 1:50 – What’s “the buzz?” 4:38 – The KidMin “machine” 8:10 – Going Mach-8 with your hair on fire 10:00 – Making taco salads in garbage cans 16:28 – Big outreach and relational discipleship isn’t an either/or situation 20:19 – Children are attracted to genuine relationships, transformational teaching and a sense of belonging. 27:04 – Encouragement for the discouraged
June 27, 2018
The Dreaded Saturday Night Text
Yep, you know the one. Why is it so difficult to find people to serve in children's ministry? Daniel Watts, EGM's President, talks to David about casting vision for KidMin and helping others realize their calling to serve boys and girls. Highlights: 1:54 – Daniel Watts introduces himself 4:00 – Children’s ministry in a bathroom, under some trees and peeking through windows 5:25 – The Caspers 6:54 – Why do KidMin volunteers back out of their commitment so often? 10:48 – Seeing KidMin as a calling 17:00 – Casting vision for children’s ministry 18:07 – Re-recruiting ourselves 20:50 – Helping our church members realize their calling 26:58 – Mr. Pebbles 28:14 – The spiritual significance of the 2-year-olds class 31:33 – Encouragement for the discouraged
June 26, 2018
Welcome to Better Children’s Ministry! Here's an overview of what this podcast is all about. Highlights: 2:10 – What Jesus thinks about ministry to children 4:08 – What makes this KidMin podcast different? 6:16 – What does Jonah and the big whale have to do with the real life of a five-year-old? 6:48 – The format of each show 9:50 – Who got into children’s ministry because they love paperwork and budgets? Beuller? 11:15 – Decades of KidMin experience around the world 12:53 – How to stay connected to EGM
June 26, 2018
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