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Better Together with Maria Menounos

Better Together with Maria Menounos

By Maria Menounos
Every week, host Maria Menounos will bring you the world's leading healers, experts, influential celebrities & game-changers to share groundbreaking secrets and tips to getting better in all areas of life, including physical health, emotional wellness, spirituality, finances, relationships & more. Getting better isn't easy, but it's a whole lot easier when we do it together. Support the show by becoming a patron and getting access to exclusive content, and an extra episode every week!
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223. The Cure to Crippling Anxiety with Gabby Bernstein
Youtube: Details of Maria's temporary hiatus are disclosed as Better Together friend and world class healer, Gabrielle Bernstein, subs in as co-host.  Gabby updates the Heal Squad, briefly, on Maria's struggles with anxiety while discussing the crippling effects it has on women - especially during COVID.  Gabby touches upon the origins of anxiety in each of us, those moments in our childhoods to review and the role they place in our anxieties today, when is the right time to take medications, if at all, and therapies to engage in. Gabby even gives recommendations for those without the finances to pay for help while demonstrating a live 'Tapping" session that you can use  curb your anxiety.  If anxiety plagues you or a loved one, you will not want to miss this episode.
March 1, 2021
Regular Guy Friday Ep. 3: Resentment, Reflection and Night of a Thousand Kweenz
It's here...the day you've all been waiting for...REGULAR GUY FRIDAY!! 😜 Hello all you regular guys and gals, Keven and Kelsey are back for this week's episode of Regular Guy Friday, #RGF if you will. Today we talk resentment, holding onto unnecessary anger from those who have hurt us or situations that have hurt us, just how it impacts us and what can be done to alleviate it. We also reflect on our 'Night of a Thousand Kweenz' adventure last weekend while sharing the 3 things it takes to be a Kween. AND of course we have some KILLER regular guy and gal tips. Kels also needs you all to pray for her'll understand when you listen. 😂 We hope you all enjoy. Thank you so much for the support. Please continue to send us your comments and questions. We are here for you and we love you!! Be well, Kweenz!! xo Kev & Kels
February 26, 2021
Youtube: Better Together staff members, Keven, Kelsey and Stephen dissect the many breakthrough lessons from this week's shows featuring guests Dr. Mark Hyman, Nicole,Avant and Anne Lemott. Lessons included the question to ask yourself before eating, rainbow diets, how to make the supermarket your farm-acy, how food can cure depression, how we know sugar feeds cancer and the only supplements you need. The trio went in depth on viewing yourself like an ATM machine, gratitude for all who serve, releasing people from life without conversation and how you can't be yourself if you don't know yourself.   They also went over the best advice dreamers can receive, how hopeless doesn't mean powerless and how to cure hopelessness, the #1 key to fulfillment, self esteem being an inside job and how perfectionism is the voice of oppression. We get many requests from our Heal Squad to go deeper on the life changing lessons guests bring us, so here it is!  If this episode resonates with you or if you'd like to share how the week's lessons impacted you toward positive change, let us know in the comments.
February 25, 2021
221. The Art Of Self Fulfillment and Self Forgiveness w/ Anne Lamott
Youtube: World acclaimed author Anne Lamott sat in with Maria, and Heal Squad friend and guest co-host, Lisa Bilyeu.  What began as promotion for her upcoming book “Dusk, Night, Dawn” turned into a one hour guide for people (especially women)  on how to navigate so many familiar dilemmas. Anne shared pearls for first time writers, the cure for feelings of hopelessness, how to silence feelings of fear and fraud,  how perfectionism is the voice of oppression, how to diffuse female shame bred into us and three steps to breaking self destructive habits.  She also discusses how much society wires us to ‘get’ (achievements, accolades, wealth etc.) as opposed to ‘give’ and the bottomless life void it fails to fill. The best part is the solutions, faith and hope she shares.
February 24, 2021
220. How To Cure Disease and Depression with Food You Love w/ Dr. Mark Hyman
Youtube: World famous pioneer physician Dr. Mark Hyman teaches Maria and the Heal Squad how food is the best medicine there.  Dr. Hyman discusses the Pegan lifestyle, a phrase he coined marrying vegan and paleo diets and why it’s best. He covers what kind of meat is healthy to consume as well as supplements and even cooking spices that will boost your immune system.  He shares the means in which to cook meat to induce healing, what ingredient definitely causes cancer, the one question to ask yourself before eating and how to view supermarkets as pharmacies or as he puts it “Farm-acies.”  Dr. Hyman even provides proof of diets that eliminate depression and curb suicides.
February 23, 2021
219. The Infinite Power Of Yes with Nicole Avant
Former music executive and US Ambassador to the Bahamas, TV and movie producer and all around people's champion, Nicole Avant zooms in to talk with her friend, Maria about the Netflix film "The Black Godfather."  Nicole produced the documentary feature centering on her legendary father, Clarence Avant and his incredible inspirational and aspirational life journey that helped people from so many walks of life from sports to entertainment to politics. Nicole goes in depth about his celebrity encounters as well as his positivity, endurance, awareness, selflessness, resilience, grit and generosity. He saved and made many careers, created paths that never existed and almost always for the greater good of all.  His life is one of the finest examples as to the positive impact we can all have. At the same time, Nicole shares so SO many life tips and tools for our Heal Squad to use in their own journeys toward fulfillment and happiness.
February 22, 2021
Regular Guy Friday Ep. 2: How to Leverage the Power of Generosity and The Universe
On this week's RGF, we learn the big impact that small acts of generosity have AND how to make the universe work for you as well as how to stop it from working against you. Kelsey offers inexpensive skin and hair tips while Keven offers a cheap organization hack and THE get out of jail free response for all dilemmas. The duo also touches on the need to 'red line' when chasing dreams, along with the difference between a civilian and a samurai while reminding us that Friday is the people's day.
February 19, 2021
218. Breaking Your Trauma Loop w/ Margaret Cho
Youtube: On this episode of Better Together, Maria and the #HealSquad welcome comedian  Margaret Cho.  Margaret shares her techniques to getting past life's worst traumas. A survivor on many fronts, she defines what a trauma loop is and how to halt it. She discusses how to overcome anger and addiction, Hollywood then and now, her and Maria's love of animals as well as the state of comedy today.  The pioneer shares empathy for innocent comedians who are cancelled while saying the culture today could push comedians to do their best work. Margaret also discusses Marilyn Manson and Armie Hammer and breaks down kink culture in an informative, entertaining and aspirational interview.
February 18, 2021
217. How To Manifest Medical Miracles
Youtube: Medical miracles are hard to come by BUT, believe it or not, they do occur. Maria gives the #HealSquad a crash course in exactly how medical miracles can be manifested.   Whether you're a healer in training or someone seeking a medical miracle for you or your loved one, this episode is a must watch. Maria touches upon how important it is to work with your physicians while trusting your own gut and knowing we have more healing power than we think.  There is a healer inside us all.
February 17, 2021
216. How Overcoming Covid Is Just Months Away w/ Dr. Oz
Youtube: Maria's good friend Dr. Oz sat in with Maria and the #HealSquad to discuss how YOU are your best health advocate.  Dr. Oz also provided vital, up to date information on Covid, the prospects of vaccines, the future of the virus and breaks down crucial myths and facts.  Dr. Oz, in addition, covers the importance of sleep in good health and provides breakthrough tips to getting the most restful slumber.  Maria and the crew touch upon some of their favorite TV and streaming picks right now.
February 16, 2021
215. The Art of Guilt-Free Self Care
On this episode of Better Together, Maria discusses the need for 'self care' when it comes to caretaking.  Too often caretakers, and Moms especially, experience guilt when they partake in any act of self care. Sadly, the guilt can be spurred on by those around us and even loved ones who shame us for not doing/being enough.  Maria discusses the crucial need for self care and the means in which to mute those around you who are making you believe otherwise.  Maria also discusses using the Peloton app for home workouts and whether it's worth the 40 dollars a month.
February 15, 2021
Regular Guy Friday Ep. 1: Value of Seeing Others
Hey regular guys and gals, Heal Squad, and Better Together fans if you’re craving more Better Together episodes to get you through your weekends, we proudly present the inaugural edition of Regular Guy Fridays. Hosted by Keven Undergaro and Kelsey Meyer! This week we discuss the importance of seeing other people’s value and purpose, as well as honoring ones own value and purpose. Based on guest Sahara Rose and some of the wonderful gems she dropped. BUT just to keep it regular, we talk about how to build your best at home desk on a dime and how to get the best at home hair blow out for you and your dog. Literally there is something for the whole ENJOY! Ps if you like the show, leave us a comment... but more importantly share that you’re listening and tag @mariamenounos to reassure there will be a second episode next week... 😝💙 love you guys.
February 12, 2021
214. Blueprint To Finding Your Life’s Purpose w/ Sahara Rose
Youtube: Are you someone who believes you’re not living your life’s purpose. Better yet, do you not know what your life's purpose is at all? Leading wellness guru, bestselling author and Ayurvedic expert, Sahara Rose  has you covered. In this episode of Better Together, Sahara reveals to Maria the 9 basic personality archetypes that exist, helps us discover which archetype we are the most, and how to honor that archetype. In doing so, we can learn our lifes true purpose and mission and have the fastest route to happiness and fulfillment. Dharma Quiz:
February 11, 2021
213. How To Get Life Answers From a Higher Power w/ Meagan Good Movie, TV Star and best selling author Meagan Good sat down with Maria and the #HealSquad to discuss everything from Brittney Spears to working on the set of Friday. In between, Meagan shares the prayer rituals she developed and utilizes to get answers from God on major life questions and decisions. Meagans reveals how this process helped her to find a husband and teaches us how we can do the same.  She opens up on how her faith in God always comes first and how she navigates Hollywood carrying that sentiment.  She also discusses how she avoided the pitfalls of child stardom and how parents and kids today can do the same.   Maria and Meagan discuss Proactive Marriage Counseling, how parenting and marriage may not be for everyone and fear of being a parent, in general.
February 10, 2021
212. How To Summon Your Inner warrior with Erin Brockovich
Youtube: Ep. 212 She is a renowned Consumer Advocate and Activist who helped others, her community and the world against endless obstacles while refusing to dim her light and maintaining her sense of humanity...Erin Brockovich is not only a true American Hero, BUT she is just like you and me... we promise. Erin teaches us how to stand up for ourselves, believe in ourselves and summon that inner warrior we ALL have inside of us. Especially as women we often feel we aren't good enough..well Erin has a message for you - stop caring what they think, be your OWN hero. Make your vulnerabilities your greatest assets. Erin thrives on being the voice for those who don’t know how to yell, and in this convo you definitely see that. She stands up for all women everywhere. We can all take a lesson out of the Erin Brockovich rule book. Enjoy the episode xo thanks Erin! Newly launched Brockovich Report - her own unfiltered newsletter brining the truth about the harm being done to the environment and the impact on us Book: Superman’s Not Coming about the National Water Crisis and what we the people can do - where books are sold New Series out in April about Erin’s life… called Rebel on ABC And Superman’s Not Coming Podcast on Podcast One & Apple Podcast
February 9, 2021
211. Priyanka Chopra on How to Adapt and Make Yourself Bulletproof to Any Situation
Priyanka Chopra sits with Maria to discuss her global journey from Bollywood to Hollywood stardom. Priyanka shares the tough decisions her parents made along the way along with the incredible advice and wisdom that dreamers can apply in their own journeys. Priyanka also shares advice on how to deal with critics and haters as well as how to adapt to any situation while maintaining one's integrity. In addition, Priyanka and Maria touch on their Pageant lives and competition, class distinctions worldwide and about the making of her Netflix Blockbuster movie 'The White Tiger'.
February 8, 2021
210. The Secret To Good Communication In A Relationship w/ Tayshia Adams
Even after 15 seasons, @Tayshia Adams still stunned critics and audiences during her tenure as @TheBachelorette.   Tayshia wasn't afraid to play by her own rules, even in a franchise with two decades of established traditions, tropes, and conventions. Instead, she bravely asked questions about this current cultural moment, and what her identity is within that moment.  She stood up for what she believed in, and she confronted conflict head on when the situation asked for it. Naysayers might write her off as just another reality TV star, but clearly, there's a LOT we can learn from Tayshia. I certainly have.   Tag a @Bachelorette superfan, and make sure you watch #BetterTogether w/ Maria everyday for a different side of your faves in pop culture! (Link in Bio!)   RESOURCES:    Tayshia Adams Instagram: @Tayshia   Join Our Patreon:  Subscribe To Better Together w/ Maria Menounos:  Subscribe & Review Better Together w/ Maria Menounos:   FOLLOW BETTER TOGETHER WITH MARIA MENOUNOS  Instagram:  TikTok: Facebook: LinkedIn:     Follow us on Social Media!
February 4, 2021
209. Adam Carolla’s Common Person Map For Thriving In Business
We know Adam Carolla is many things, from comedian, to podcaster, but, on our show, he shares incredible tips on success, how to make it in show business and in life. Adam went from being a construction laborer to a multi-millionaire, and you can, too. Adam talks about the importance of patience, awareness, self awareness and his process of deconstruction. This is a great watch for anyone wanting to make it in our business or business, in general - especially those who hail from humble roots. RESOURCES: Adam&#x