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By Total Fitness Kickboxing CO.
Shop talk for Fitness Kickboxing gym goers. "Kick'n it" with the TFK team, gym members, and special guests on health, fitness, and hot topics. Get the most out of your Total Fitness Kickboxing gym and get hooked on Between The Gloves!
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#5 - The BadA** Couple
Need a little gym inspiration? Listen to this power couple tell how they juggle family and fitness and what TFK has done for them.  (Aaron & Rachelle Milligan)
March 2, 2020
#4 - Dave's Landlord Demanding $60k Brought About TFK
Dave Ferguson co-founder of TFK talks of how lucky he was to find his passion at an early age and how he gave up everything to train as a fighter. The man who threw the first punch tells of his love for his family, and his gym family. Truly a great guy to have in your corner!
January 15, 2020
#3 - Kenzy Does It All
BEEN A MEMBER SINCE 2018! Get to know one of our greatest athletes and friend... purple hair, awesome tattoos head to toe, and a complete badass with the most humble spirit!  
January 10, 2020
#2 - Where I Want to Be, My Passion, My Goals | Laura Garcia
Hard kicks, high energy, and "crazy ab workouts"! Laura shares her unique story on how she ended up instructing at TFK and how kickboxing has saved her life. Get to know one of your amazing instructors Laura Garcia.    
December 5, 2019
#1 - Building TFK | Eric McMahon
Co-founder of Total Fitness Kickboxing chats with me about how it all started and the positive impact kickboxing has had on thousands of lives. 
December 5, 2019