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By Corine La Font
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Unstoppable By Design
Cat met tragedy and then she met Matt. Since meeting the two have formed an indescribable bond and she has written a play about his life, Unstoppable By Design.  Now the two are working on their first novel together which explores stories from Matt's life and his lessons learned. Between them, they have experienced divorce, brain tumors, addiction and the death of a parent twice in less than 24 hours. Their names rhyme but that is but a small part of the charm of this couple and their palpable chemistry.  Check out Cat Goguen's and Matt Rifenberg's website at  Keep an eye and ear out for their upcoming book 'Unstoppable by Design' by the end of 2019 and watch their YouTube Trailer here You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
August 4, 2019
Time Travel Awarded Publishing Contract
How old do you think most writers are? Some think that a book author needs to be experienced to write amazing books, but this is so not true! Roxanne San Jose was only 25 when she started writing. She self-published her first book, “Annagram”, in 2015. She received a publishing contract with her second book, “Time Travel”, through Avid Publishing LLC. This story is about a girl who invented the time-traveling machine. We chatted about her life, her passion for writing and the obstacles she has faced throughout her career. Roxanne’s parents moved to the USA, Las Vegas, from the Philippines when she was only 13. She had to learn a new language and adapt to the new environment. Roxanne shared her experience and the lessons she learned along the way: ● Be creative - come up with a great story ● Work hard - don’t be lazy; it always takes hard work to achieve success ● Be friendly with people - you never know who will help you along the way ● Don’t give up - when Roxanne’s first book didn’t receive a contract, she published it herself Roxanne and I agreed that it’s best to start writing earlier than later. And if you didn’t start early, better start later than never. If you want to write a book, now is the time! You can learn more about Roxanne and purchase her books on her website: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 13, 2019
How to Heal Broken Relationships
Angela Day is an Alabama-based certified transformational coach. As someone who went through a personal family-related heartbreak, she certainly knows how to heal relationships. In her book, “Love the Hell out of Folks”, she describes her own story. Her mother didn’t care for her, and it took Angela a lot of reflection and love to understand why. Turns out, the hurt was generational, as her mother’s mother didn’t care for her child either. In a way, neglect was not personal - her mother just didn’t know any better. It took Angela 38 years to truly connect with her mom. How did she manage to do it? She accomplished it with the help of God and Love. No matter what her mother did, Angela continued to love her. Why did she do it? Because not forgiving and being bitter is not in her nature. “It’s not all about you”, she recalls. God wants us to be forgiving, kind, and respectful. She follows this simple idea, and that’s how she honors God. Angela is also thankful for other wonderful women in her life who called her daughter and sister. To her, that was a sign that God was out there looking out for her. She feels blessed with all the loving people in her life that reinforced her belief in God, love, and kindness. Check out Angela’s Facebook page:  You can purchase her book on Amazon: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 11, 2019
From Author to Publisher: Pitfalls and Promises
James Hill is a book author and an owner of a publishing company. He has traveled quite a journey since the last time he was on the show! It’s funny how you can see your life journey form and take shape over the years. You can trace every decision you make and every opportunity you choose to take to who you are now. James’ extensive background in writing, computer science, insurance selling, and even doing the paper route all added up to what he does now: publishing books. As colleagues, it was nice to talk about our field, and what publishers deal with when working with book writers. This is what we discussed: ● Writing vs Selling - what’s harder? ● Writer’s unrealistic revenue goals ● Name recognition and how to get your brand out there  ● His personal motivation to start publishing books ● The stigma around being a small independent publishing company ● Why not every book is ready for the public and how to fix that ● The importance of passing it forward and connecting people who work in your field ● The importance of understanding the timeline. You didn’t get where you are in just one day, allow yourself time to complete your next goal! ● How to submit a book to a publisher ● Some common mistakes authors make when submitting their manuscript (hint: read the rules!) You can visit RockHill Publishing LLC online: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 11, 2019
Are Leaders Born or Made?
Steven Howard is an award-winning author of 20 books. He is also a certified coach and leadership expert. As someone who has trained over 10,000 leaders internationally, Steven is sure that great leaders are made rather than born. He knows that everyone (provided they are interested in it) can be a good leader, but being a great leader requires skill and training. According to Steven, different times call for different types of leaders. In the 1970s, it was all about assertiveness and strength. Those are great traits for anyone who is commanding military or rescue units. However, that style of leadership can prove to be inflexible in most circumstances. The leaders of the 1990s were all about personality and ego. Competition driven people such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates seemed to have “larger than life” personality. They inspired people to follow their lead. However, a company can go through a rough patch when “The Infallible Leader” fall. The leaders of now require a different set of skills. According to Steven, they should: ● See each team member as an individual and lead each of them in a different way ● Be willing to be vulnerable and admit their mistakes if need be ● Be humble enough to share credit with their team ● Trust their team ● Have the ability to listen ● Develop teammates into leaders rather than followers Listen to this interview to learn how parenting is similar to leadership. Steven also mentions his 3 favorite leaders - and trust me, you will not be disappointed with his list! Check out Steven’s website: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 11, 2019
A New Normal
Loss of a loved one always feels tragic. Barbara Harrison had to face the passing of her husband, and after that, she had to endure a painful journey of finding a new normal. She was generous enough to share her experience with me. These are the tips she offers to anyone who is going through the loss: ● Get help. You think you are strong enough, but it isn’t the healthiest approach to grief. ● Get a support network. Rally your family, your friends, medical professionals who will support you on the journey to a new life. ● Give it time. Allow yourself to grieve and face the pain on your own terms. ● Get yourself out of the house. Go to the movies, dinners, cruises - embrace new experiences and start seeking joy again. Finding a new way of living is hard because all you want is for life to go back to normal. However, the old normal does not exist anymore. You have to create something new that will fill your life with joy and purpose. Barbara, for example, took up pottery painting and started writing books. Her debut, “Get Out Now!” is a novel touching on the sensitive subject of marital abuse and psychological transformation. Barbara writes stories that are close to her heart. Even though the plot is purely fictional, it is based on several real-life stories that Barbara has witnessed in the life of her friends. Also, her second novel is waiting to be published. Listen to the interview to learn its name and the story behind it! Visit Barbara’s webpage: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 11, 2019
Breaking The Glass Ceiling
As an unshakable optimist, Eivor has an incredibly bubbly personality; she is so full of energy! She has done some amazing things in her life:  After a short visit in Sweden to reset her soul matrix, Dr. Eivor is back in the USA  as a Life Coach and Executive Consultant.  I was fascinated with Eivor’s ability to talk about both practical and spiritual things. We talked about ego, the valley of the shadow of death, the dark night of the soul, glass ceiling, and vision and mission for both personal life and business. These are some of the wise thoughts that Eivor shared with me: ● Old ways cannot open new doors ● We are here to celebrate life ● Fear manifests itself in life that is not truly authentic ● So many people live their lives through their past, fearing the present and not having either mission or vision for their future ● To lose your ego, you should be willing to lose everything valuable in your life ● You only know who you truly are by staring at yourself when you have nothing ● You can redirect the emotional charge of ego towards helping other people and creating new things ● You have to know who you really are to create a successful business that passes the test of time ● Glass ceiling applies to any limitations that a person has ● Most of the limitations are self-imposed This is Eivor’s website: Click the link to get her free assessment! She works both with businesses and individuals. You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 10, 2019
Let It go for your sake- Forgive!
Aleechea is such a fascinating person! She is a pastor, a police chaplain, a musician, and a writer. Sounds like Aleechea has an incredibly busy life, doesn’t it? In her book, “Let It Go for Your Sake! Forgive!”, Aleechiea describes the healing power of forgiveness. She says that people have to do it for their own sake, simply to move on and to live the rest of their life in peace. She makes an important point that forgiving someone doesn’t make their actions right. Neither it creates excuses - instead, it just relieves you of your own burden. The other person will have to deal with their sins and actions on their own. These are some of the ideas Aleechea shared with me: ● You might never get an apology ● Try not to go to bed angry with people; it is destructive ● We have to choose to forgive ● Childhood wounds are best cured with counsel ● Sometimes we act based on our old traumas rather than react to what’s here in front of us ● God gave us all our emotions; it’s not what you feel that is a sin but what you do with it ● You can’t make someone forgive, people have to be ready for it ● There are consequences to how we live our lives; choosing to forgive or not forgive has its consequences These are some lovely mantras that Aleechea uses in her work: ● Be better, not bitter ● Victim to victor ● Forgive to live ● God hasn’t given up on you, so don’t give up on Him Check our Aleechea’s website and her wonderful book here: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 10, 2019
Beyond The Blocks and Barriers
Nothing worth having ever comes easy… Bill and Patricia Clum know it from their own experience. Bill had to start over after a hurricane in his home state of Texas. He was 60 years old when he lost everything he has ever worked for, and that was a transformative experience for him. It was also humbling for someone like Bill to not be able to just write checks anymore - and this is how he learned to let go of his ego. Both Patricia and Bill found God before they met each other. They were both recovering from previous relationships and were based in different countries (the USA and Canada). Their relationship is based on love for God, self-discovery, and collaboration. These are some of the gems that Bill and Patricia have shared with us: ● We all feel joy and grief. The only question is what you’re going to do with it. ● Negative experiences teach us to surrender. That’s how the question “Why me?” turns into “Why not me?” ● Feeling the darkness consuming you and not seeing the way is really an opportunity to restart. ● People learn compassion and kindness when they lose abundance ● When people hurt, they often seek something external to fix (i.e. appearance). Fixing it, of course, never addresses the bigger issue. You can visit Patricia and Bill on their website: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 10, 2019
Marketing Is The Key To Successfully Becoming An Authorpreneur
 Anyone who’s ever published a book knows that writing it makes up only a tiny fraction of all the work that goes into it. Becky Norwood is a CEO of “Spotlight on Your Business” agency that helps both young and established authors to promote their work and make their book launch successful. We chatted about the common problems authors face when preparing for the launch of the new book. We also discussed a few ways to solve them! This is some of the knowledge that Becky shared: ● Most writers don’t want to spend money and time on marketing, but they have to understand that it is inevitable. ● Your new book is a business - so treat it like one! ● Planning is the key. Make sure to know your timeline! ● The timeframe of at least 3 months is required for a successful book launch, but 6 months allow more work to be done. ● Marketing doesn’t need to be all-consuming, but it does need to be consistent. ● Embrace offline promotional opportunities: speaking engagements, library meet-ups and book signings. ● Connect with others in your field. ● Reviews are paramount! There are ways to get them before the launch. Do it to generate momentum! ● A book launch is a big event, but your brand marketing should continue before, during, and after that big event. ● Your story needs to be heard. Don’t let minor challenges get in the way of that! Check out what Becky and her team’s offerings are: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 9, 2019
Move Past Your Fears, Doubts and Limiting Beliefs
Have you ever wondered what moves you to act in the moments of stress? And in the moments of peace, have you ever felt like your life just flows by without you having much say in its course? Chances are, your limiting beliefs are in control. Howard and I had a wonderful conversation about enlightenment, support systems, and astrology. You definitely need to listen to this interview if you want to know what connects all these amazing topics! We also discussed: ● Pros and cons of marching to the beat of your own drum ● Why most beliefs (both positive and negative) originate in childhood ● The support system that every person on the path of enlightenment needs ● How changing our mentality is just like debugging the lines of code ● Why having a coach is vital to fix the blind spots while on a path of change ● The significance of baby steps, and how to accept that not everyone is ready for them yet ● What is a confidence/success spiral ● “Friendectomy” - when, how, and why. Check out Howard’s website: He was extremely generous to offer a free copy of his book, “Craft Your Genius Life” to anyone who contacted him through the website and mentioned “Between the Lines” show in the message. Please take advantage of his wonderful gift to you (I already did!) You can book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 5, 2019
How To Build Your Brand With Kae Wagner
Kae and I chatted about branding and its utmost importance in the modern world. This interview will be a goldmine for anyone who’s interested in starting and promoting their business. No matter if you are selling your own skills or representing a company, it should be clear what you do from the get-go, right? Kae explained the difference between marketing strategy and branding. As it turns out, the best way to summarize the dissimilarity between both is this: “What you should learn” vs “What it should feel like”. Do listen to the interview if you would like to know exactly what it means! There is a lot of theoretical knowledge that goes into the exploration of both marketing strategies and branding. We can use abbreviations and fancy terms such as SWOT analysis, the 5 P’s or taglines, but all this hard work boils down to one simple question: do your customers and prospective clients know who you are and what you do? Kae elaborated on some intricate branding topics: ● What are the 8 branding blocks that every brand should have figured out ● What is a brand promise ● Why the price (high OR low) is not always the most important factor in the buyers’ eyes ● Amazing (and entertaining!) case studies on how to turn a brand around Kae Wagner has over 3 decades of helping people with their brands. Check out her website to learn more about her services: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 5, 2019
Renting? You Have The Power!
Justin Pogue is a San Jose, California based real estate consultant and author. As a real estate developer and manager, he is sure that not all the power is in the landlord's hands. We had a very practical conversation with Justin, and this is what I learnt: ● That one bad resident can ruin an otherwise sound investment ● Always check out the new place you want to move into on a weekend night - is it civil, is it as quiet as advertised? ● Why co-sharing is the best option for young adults ● Why Airbnb is really a great opportunity (and trust us, it’s not all about the money!) ● That you can live rent-free if you make mutually benefiting arrangement with the property owner ● Being a great renter might actually pay - or rather save you money long-term ● What is social capital and why it is so important ● Why understanding the landlord’s side of things will give you leverage in negotiating your lease renewal ● Why planning ahead will save you money when looking for a new place to rent Justin’s experience is quite vast in the real estate business. He is sure that the knowledge he shares is universal; it applies to both big and small cities, urban and rural areas, his native country USA and anywhere else in the world. His book “Rental Secrets” will help anyone use the power they didn’t realize they had to negotiate the best rental terms! You can purchase Justin’s book “Rental Secrets” here: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 2, 2019
Editor in Chief Athina Paris
Have you ever wondered what it takes to get published? Athina Paris has all the answers! As both a writer and editor-in-chief for RockHill Publishing, she knows what makes a book attractive. Athina and I chatted about her experience in both professions. As a writer, Athina focuses on character development as a way to carry a story forward. All of her 4 published books are in the Romance category, so we discussed how every story is really a love story. She also shared: ● Why Romance is a positive genre ● How to balance traditionally male and female traits such as assertiveness and softness in characters ● Why it’s important to write down ideas as soon as they come ● Why most authors are multitaskers As editor-in-Chief, Athina works hard on finding great new books worth being published. She revealed the 3 key elements that make a great book: 1. Writer’s desire - as a writer, you should be interested in whatever the book’s theme is 2. Publisher’s standards - that includes plot continuity, character development, as well as grammar and punctuation 3. Readers’ expectations - any writer wants to reach as many people as they can; follow the current trends and research your reader’s interests to create a bestseller!  Athina is a wonderful, shy, and well-spoken woman who is so obviously in love with her craft! She has so much to share and teach, speaking with her was a delight! You can check Athina’s books here: Visit RockHill Publishing LLC: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
July 2, 2019
Leave The Past Behind!
Childhood trauma, generational curse are incredibly serious issues that far too many people deal with. On the surface, everything is just fine, but you can see how things are not always right up close. Anite says that she was moved to write her book “Family Is Not Everything” by her coworkers, who always seemed more distracted and unsettled after supposedly fine time with family during the big holidays. So she had a thought: what if a family is not everything? What if people that you never got to choose are not really looking out for your best interest? What if they are the source of your pain and the cause of your suffering? We talked about: ● Her proven 7 step method to beat emotional baggage ● Her personal experience with family members that the book is based on ● The stigma of admitting that your family is not OK ● Reasons why people keep coming back for more abuse even when they realize how bad things are ● Signs of maturity in people (regardless of their age) ● Challenges of finding companionship after being burned by the closest people Now Anita helps others to find that inner peace with their family experience, happiness, and fulfillment. She does private and group counseling, hosts a local TV show, and writes books. You can check Anita’s Tv show recordings on her Youtube channel: For her books and discovery calls visit her website: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
June 30, 2019
50 And Rocking it!
How do you see yourself at 50 years old? Lucie B is 50, and she’s loving every second of it! We chatted about finding love, previous dating experience, and making peace with being alone for the sake of finding healthy boundaries in future relationships. When it comes to love life, Lucie’s motto is “Don’t compromise!” And when it comes to professional life, Lucie B is not settling down for less either. She got her education to be a physician but quickly realized that it was not her path to follow. 2 years into her residency she realized she didn’t want to do it anymore, so she quit. Lucie started rope jumping at 38 with no previous experience and was asked to teach others how to do it within a week! Having started in the USA, New York, she now teaches it in Sweden! Lucie B shares her passion with underprivileged kids, the elderly, and anyone who is inspired to learn rope jumping. She says that these are the steps to follow if you want to start: 1. Be honest with yourself about your health 2. Get the appropriate jumping rope (your height, weight, and experience level matter) 3. Find a great instructor or start watching Lucie’s amazing videos on IG and Youtube 4. Don’t push too hard - 20 seconds of jumping at a time is great for the beginners! 5. Have the right music, follow its rhythm You can check Lucie’s educational and motivational posts on her Instagram page: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
June 30, 2019
Evading Capture!
History is such a fascinating topic! I’m absolutely sure of it after my conversation with Steve Snyder. We discussed his book “Shot Down”, World War 2 legacy, and the inspirational life story of his father. Howard Snyder went MIA during World War II when he was flying over French/Belgium border. “Shot Down” focuses on his experience as he and his crew members were trying to survive in a foreign occupied country. This is the story of resilience, bravery, and love. This story does more than just documents the events in Belgium. It uncovers the relationship with the family back at home. After all, Howard had a child at home, and his wife was pregnant again. The book features a number of love letters between Steve’s mother and father, and that sentiment gives the book a whole different dimension. It’s easy for us, civilians, to read war stories and feel detached. X went to Y country for Z reason, this and that happened. But put yourself in the shoes of this family that was affected by the war: the breadwinner of the family was drafted into the war on foreign land. Letters were the only form of communication, and one had to wait weeks to hear from the loved ones. And worse of all, there were no guarantees that a new letter would ever arrive. How chilling is that? Those were the times unlike now. Steve and I chatted about the difference technology makes in communication and how it has different value now that it is abundant. There are 2 sides to each coin, right? Check out Steve’s book “Shot Down” on his website: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
June 28, 2019
Life Is Fine, When You Are Aligned!
Tom Corner is a wonderful man on a journey for aligned and conscious living. He lives his life surrounded by women - he has a wife and 3 daughters. Tom published 5 books, some of them based on his family. In a memoir “Mommy, Why Do You Have Two Birthdays?” he describes his wife Pam being diagnosed with a stage four Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, her journey towards health, and his thoughts on disease and the healing (mental and physical) process. During our honest conversation, we chatted about ● Tom’s journey to become a better father, husband, and community member ● Publishing books about goals for kids ● Childhood being the source of most traumas ● Willing to be vulnerable and openly asking for help ● Bad habits of suppressing emotions such as anger that lead to sickness ● Daughter’s Spelling Bee experience leading to a talk about self-love and appreciation ● Adopting “Gave it my best” attitude instead of destroying self-confidence after each mistake ● How negative thoughts are similar to a mosh pit at a rock concert ● And last but not least, how change should happen without expectations and attachment Honestly, this whole interview should be used for quotes. We had a blast talking about motivation for personal development and willing to become a better person for the sake of simply being better. I hope this conversation inspires you as much as it has inspired me! You can check Tom’s books and website here: You can also book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
June 28, 2019
Sci Fi Author Success Tips
Sarah Katz is a fascinating young woman! She works in the intricate field of cybersecurity during the day and moonlights as a sci-fi writer. We chatted about her passion for science fiction (Star Trek Deep Space 9, anyone?) and discussed how crazy it is to live in the world that was envisioned by sci-fi authors of the past. We also came to the conclusion that the more things change, the more things stay the same. Sarah gave some amazing tips on how to break into sci-fi writing and succeed in it: 1. Do your market research! As an author, you don’t want to work on a premise that has been done before or have a dangerous overlap in the progression of the storyline. 2. Have people beta-read your manuscript to weed out grammar mistakes and plot inconsistencies. You can get away with plenty of fictional circumstances as long as the plot has continuity that makes sense. 3. Know who your audience is. Like any genre, sci-fi has its sub-genres such as evolution, genetic engineering, space travel, artificial intelligence, etc. It is important not to put too much on the readers’ plate and stick to a consistent story. Another amazing point she made was about creating a visual aid for your book. Sometimes it’s hard for a reader to imagine a whole new universe, so help them see it! A cinematic book trailer can spike up the interest in your work and possibly even lead to a movie or TV option! Sarah’s debut sci-fi novel is called Apex 5. You can find it on Amazon. You can check out her website here: You can book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
June 27, 2019
Erotic Romance- How It's Done
I had a candid conversation with Dania Voss, an Italian-born and now Chicago-based author of steamy romance books. We discussed her creative choices such as taking on a pen name to separate her career in IT and writer life, and challenges of distancing herself from blockbusters like “50 Shades of Grey”. We also learned more about the industry of Romance writing: ● Ideal male and female character archetypes ● Different heat levels and genres in this writing field ● Both authors and readers of romance novels are represented by people of all ages ● Dania’s 3 tips to become an erotica author ● Options for publishing a Romance book (hint: Indie publishers are a great option for a new author!) Dania had a great experience getting her book released with a small Indie publishing group Evernight Publishing. Her manuscript got accepted within mere 11 days after she submitted it! She’s on her 3rd book now, and she says that it is only getting better. The more you write, the more you read, the more you learn, the better your books are! You can check out her website here: You can book a spot with Corine La Font on her radio show “Between The Lines”:
June 27, 2019
A New Normal
What is 'normal?' Is there really a reference point that can be used to determine what is really 'normal'. "To each his own" they say, as one person's normal may be another person's ab-normal. In Barbara's case, like most of us, her life was normal; good health, moved from South Africa to the USA,, all was generally well, until one day, she noticed a change on her husband's skin. What was once flat and round, changed shape, color and texture that when she brought it to his attention, he totally ignored it for another year when it became even more prominent and noticeable that something was definitely different! A visit to the doctor revealed that it was cancerous and it was so far gone that he had less than a year to live.  What is normal now? How does life look to you at this point upon hearing such news. It doesn't have to be cancer or something health related. It can be the loss of a job, house, loved one, investments - rather anything that you have become attached and accustomed to that turns your life, what you consider normal to be a roller coaster ride! Like Barbara Harrison, you jump in the deep end and just face whatever it is head on without even realizing that 'you' also need taking care of and you become oblivious to what is happening to you, around you and inside you that by the time you catch yourself, you realize that you don't even recognize who you are! Barbara has some really great tips and lessons she shares on how she came to see herself again and bounced back into living by creating 'a new normal' Connect with Barbara on the following websites and check out her book Get Out Now on Amazon:  Author website: Freelance Writer website:
June 3, 2019
Entrepreneurship - The Way Forward in 2019
Experienced in helping several major companies to achieve their goals, Arie Brish is the Author of 'Lay an Egg and Make Chicken Soup' and the CEO and Business Strategist of In this episode you will learn: The pros and cons of having an entrepreneurial spirit as an employee versus that of a sole proprietor The one major area he has observed that entrepreneurs ignore or don't spend time doing Should you be interested in accessing a FREE PDF of Arie's book with an infographic/tip sheet (JPEG and PDF format) that you can print out and use, feel free to to go here. Check out the full version of Arie's book: Want to be a guest on the show? Check out this link and/or this link to book your 30 mins segment!  If you like this episode, please subscribe, like, follow and share! We would love to build a community of people with whom we can help and support and reciprocate the love!
May 27, 2019
Publish Smart, Sell Smarter
It’s great to meet a fellow Trinidadian, Dawn James, a Caribbean native on my show, Between The Lines. Even more so, like me, she’s a Publisher and work with Authors hence the title of this blog/show notes. She worked for a magazine and book publisher from a more strategic perspective helping to turn companies around. In 2009 she became an author and realized that there wasn’t sufficient education available to assist authors with marketing, distribution and publishing. She was a one woman show at the time and with the success she had, persons started asking her for advice. It created the opportunity for her to start her own business In this episode you will learn: The services she provides to authors and mention of her client’s case studies success Why professional editing is critical Why strategy is important when you become an author Why authors need to come out of their comfort zone A comparative view of publishing then and now Grab the special offer she has going now - 'Straight Talk on Self-Publishing -3 part webinar series FREE'  Register for her FREE webinar at: Contact her at: Get a Free consultation Connect with Dawn on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: FREEBIE - Discover 5 Habits of Successful Authors Check out her books:
May 27, 2019
Baffled By The Dating Process?
Catherine Auman found herself single later in life after being two times divorced. She says even though she is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, she couldn’t find love for herself and was determined to find the love of her life. Now she has! She and her partner thinks “we never thought it would have been this good” If you want to say the same and looking for love in all the wrong places, you need to check out this episode with Catherine Auman. She shares her own personal story of using online dating sites, placing herself where she felt her ‘dream man’ would be, working on herself, enlisting in therapy and coaching to find the man of her dreams who she is happy to say she has found! Sounds like desperation and neediness? Not really. Just being prepared. As Catherine says, if you put the work into your career and business, relationships are no different. Does it mean you have to follow exactly what Catherine did? No, not at all! Everyone is different and at a different space in their life. Catherine will help you discover that using the Tantric approaches and spiritual healing that we all need. We all have baggage and we are all broken whether we believe it or not or want to admit it or not. Maybe that’s why we are attracting the wrong person into our lives. It makes no sense blaming others for where we are emotionally and our current relationships. We are the common denominator in each one of those relationships! So look within! In this episode you will learn: • To trust yourself and your intuition • How Tantric dating is different from conventional dating • The work you need to do to attract the ‘soul mate’ you deserve • If finding a man is the way to go or wait for the man to come to you? • What makes for a successful loving relationship, partner and much more... Feel free to reach out to Catherine at Check out her free videos for extra information on her Youtube Channel at Follow her on FB: Linkedin: Twitter: She offers a variety of coaching via skype, phone (310-460-9399) and zoom and once you mention you heard her on ‘Between The Lines’, she will be happy to work out a consultation with you by emailing her at and of course, check out and support her valuable resources below –
May 27, 2019
Never Become A Victim!
Life is perfect. You’re in love; you have a great husband/wife, wonderful children who seem well adjusted, finances in check, business on the upsurge, great friends and you couldn’t ask for more... EXCEPT! The life of your child! When life throws you a curve ball like the one Sue Matthews had, you wonder how as a mother, a parent, a woman, a wife that she held it together and could speak of her pain and hurt today and more so seek ways to help others who may be going through the same. Blessed with 3 beautiful daughters, to learn that one, Taylor; was diagnosed with Cancer at the age of 11 was a devastating blow to Sue and the family. What carried Sue and the family through? Taylor’s decision to live no matter what she was facing, to have the tenacity, vision, strength, passion and will to keep going and to give her mom, siblings and father the permission to not be a victim. ‘A child shall lead them’, it is said in the bible. Taylor never became a victim of her condition and her mother never allowed herself, as hard as it was at the time to become a victim herself. Yes, she faltered at times. Who wouldn’t as a mother of a dying child? But she got right back up knowing that Taylor wanted more for her and would want her to move on and live to share and empower others. While Taylor was diagnosed with Cancer- a health condition; some of us are diagnosed with cancer of finances, unemployment, self worth, childhood wounds, relationship issues and more. A Cancer that consumes and permeates our mind, heart and soul which in turn affects our body and will to survive. In this episode you will learn: How to dig deep within to find yourself and life’s true meaning How to get out of your comfort zone How to build your resilience in times of challenges How to let go Feel free to reach out to Sue Matthews at Support her work and The Taylor Matthews’ Foundation (Tay- Bandz) for Pediatric Cancer -  Follow Sue on FB: Linkedin: Twitter: Contact: Link to documentary with Taylor Subscriber list: Check out and support her valuable resource below –  If you enjoyed this episode and want to see the visuals, check out the YouTube version at . Like, follow and subscribe! If you want more information, advice on this and other topics or want to share your thoughts, please feel free to do so. If you wish to be interviewed by Corine, the Host
May 27, 2019
Tracing Adult Issues To Childhood Hurts
When your back is against the wall, you are then forced to face what is called reality. What really is reality? It's not what others say it is or try to convince you to believe based on their own experiences but more so, your own shadows or demons (not to frighten you), that come full circle to say here I am, you have been running but you cannot hide! The journey and yes it is a journey to tracing your adult life issues to childhood hurts is nothing less than painful and it never ends. This journey is a continuing process of pain and growth. One cannot happen without the other. Just know that when you reach the other side and there is no telling when you will get there, so be prepared for the long haul that the other side will be worth the wait and pain! In this episode you will learn from Christina Beauchemin, author, truth seeker and advocate of courage and love, About: • Self love and Acceptance • Taking responsibility for your own circumstances • Being successful in your career is not directly related to happiness • How it took her 2 divorces to realize she needed help and led her to self discovery • Money and love- which is greater? • Forgiveness and Generational healing Feel free to reach out to Christina at Follow Christina on Social Media: Facebook:  Twitter: @chrissiesings Instagram: @christinabeauchemin Linkedin:  Access her free resources at :  Check out her author page at  and grab a copy of her books at: If you enjoyed this episode and want to see the visuals, check out the YouTube version at  Like, follow and subscribe! If you want more information, advice on this and other topics or want to share your thoughts, please feel free to do so. If you wish to be interviewed by Corine, the Host of Between The Lines, check out these two optional links to book your 30 mins spot: and While you are here, pick up this FREE download of tips and quotes from the show: We do this for every show to sort of save you some
May 26, 2019
The Paranormal
In this episode with Vicki-Ann Bush, we had an entertaining discourse on the paranormal and what is normal for one is not normal for another. So what is the standard and who really sets it? What should we accept or should we accept anything for that matter? At the heart of it, it’s really to accept who you really are! In this episode you will learn: • What is normal? • Normal is a form of control • Don’t limit yourself • Be open, willing and ready and your purpose will be revealed to you Feel free to reach out to Vicki at  Follow Vicki on Social Media:  Contact her at: Check out her author page at and grab a copy of her books at:             
May 26, 2019
The Mission of Darkness and Suffering
Have you been searching for the meaning of life? Have you been asking or ever wondered - why are you here? There must be something more to life than this! It is said when the student is ready the teacher will appear and that’s what happened to Else Byskov when Martinus’ work 'landed in her lap' one day which started her journey to self discovery and answered her soul searching questions and more that she has been studying Martinus’ work to this day after 24 years! She believes it is the 3rd testament and a continuation of God’s work on Earth and through her own writings and discernment, she is sharing and spreading the work of Martinus plus her own spiritual journey with as many others around the world. She truly believes that this work can change and/or influence many lives once they are open to leaning and taking this ongoing journey of self discovery. Everything that we do is recorded in the Akashic records as everything begins and ends in the spiritual world – even thought! In the words of Else, once you know and accept this, “What we do to others, it becomes our own fate” Feel free to reach out to Else at   Follow Else on Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Access her free resources at : Check out her growing list of books below which can also be found on her author page at
May 26, 2019
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