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Between the Margins Podcast. 2 black professionals born and raised in London giving our stories about our lives in today's society. We here to educate and enlighten also provide humour and bring substance to your week. We are just playing the game. Some funny encounters and also some questionable ones.



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Episode - 14 part 2
Today’s episode TOURI$T can’t wait to talk about the Entanglement of August and Jada. Denzil tryna add his two cents on fetishise with his dirty self and Yimz let’s us know how why black sauce is just different plus much more. Part 2 @Between_the_margins @Dxnzil @callmetour @Newmotion_visuals @yinmi_alkane
July 14, 2020
Episode - 14
Today’s episode TOURI$T can’t wait to talk about the Entanglement of August and Jada. Denzil tryna add his two cents on fetishise with his dirty self and Yimz let’s us know how why black sauce is just different plus much more. @Between_the_margins @Dxnzil @callmetour @Newmotion_visuals @yinmi_alkane
July 14, 2020
Episode - 13
A loaded episode for you, me and the boys talk things black lives matter, Our thoughts on the riots and protests. Denzil reminds us on games we would play trying to get into clubs which really didn’t want our kind there. TOURI$T gives us his thoughts on interracial dating, is there a deeper darker meaning behind it?  @Between_the_margins @Dxnzil @callmetour @Newmotion_visuals @Krise23
June 30, 2020
Episode 12
In this episode, down to Zoom due to the Lockdown situation. This episode is going back down to memory lane. Where we have a lot of our uni friends and we talk lockdown the seriousness of our current climate and how things would be affecting in the future. Instagrams: @Dxnzil @Callmetour @John_swarvayy @Krise23 @Ray_mck @Itsjoeyjones Track: @CallmeTour - Love/UF it
May 26, 2020
Episode 11
In this Episode. It's a little bit different. We take a look into Denzil's group chat. 2 close friends and a lot of drunken stories and growing up in South London. Next up we have Marvin's group chat. @Dxnzil @Mikeymikez_ @Myless93 @Newmotion_visuals Track is: @Safymg - Wine Up
May 26, 2020
Episode 10
We had our friend Tarela come on and help talk about emotions and heartbreak. As men we don't really talk about emotion and our pride and egos get in the way of saying how we really feel. We had a discussion of personal experiences and how we had to deal with them. Stay calm.  Track: @Hayreezy - Summer vibrations @Between_the_margins @Dxnzil @yimmy_alkane @callmetour @Newmotion_visuals @King_rela
May 26, 2020
Episode 9
This episode we touch on our community. We wanted to delve into things we could do to help our community thrive more in terms of ownership and circulating money within our own. You see it done in the Jewish and Asian communities. We want to see more in our community.
May 26, 2020
Episode 8
This episode we talk about black business, what is a black business and how do we support black businesses. We had a special guest appearance from Row Black towards the end of the Pod. He's gonna be coming on for a longer one in the future. @Dxnzil @CallmeTour @Yimmyalkane @Row_Black Tune - @Callmetour - Bless
May 26, 2020
Episode 7
This episode we were joined by Romer from the Romer show. We spoke about priorities. How you got Loubs on your feet without savings? We mentioned social media and how stunting can go wrong. We asked Romer how he got into content creating and the mixed responses he gets. We know someone has to speak the realness. Special mention to the Pelicans and Flamingos. @Dxnzil @CallmeTour @YimmyAlkane @RomerShow.
May 26, 2020
Episode 6 - You're tapped
On this episode me and guys talk things, benefits and risk of Credit, the change in football teams, would you pick a million pounds or a million active followers????, clout chasing is really, our recent trip to Brighton University and lots more....  Music:  Instagram:
May 24, 2020
Episode 5
This episode we talk about. Self employment, Settling in to a new role, all sport, Racism in brands and touch on racism again. Yimmy talks about experience playing American Football. There was a portion of the recording where Yimmy unplugged his mic. We don’t know how that happened.   Instagram: @Between_the_Margins   Instagram and Twitter: @Dxnzil  Instagram: @CallmeTour  Instagram: @YimmyAlkane
May 23, 2020
Episode 4
Spoke about so many things from Racism in all aspects to commenting on girls pictures. From School, Education and real life skills to stunting. Instagram: Dxnzil Twitter: Dxnzil Instagram: CallmeTour Instagram: YimmyAlkane
May 20, 2020
Episode 3 - Anniversary head
In this episode, we talk about a range of topics. Including leaving a role and the different emotions that can follow. We also talk about social events at work and the difference in social circles. @dxnzil @callmetour @yimmy_alkane
May 20, 2020
Episode 2 - Peng
This episode we talk about the contrasting cultures in the of office and the environment in which we were brought up in. The use of urban slang and funny encounters. @Dxnzil @Callmetour @yimmy_alkane
May 20, 2020
Episode 1 - Pahdin
First episode - We talk about our backgrounds and how we ended up where we are. @dxnzil @Callmetour @Yimmy_alkane
May 20, 2020