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By Kenn Solomon
As a current Mascot in the NBA, I speak with other past and present professional mascots from around the league and other pro sports. This series reveals our bizarre, funny, and inspirational stories from behind the mask and gives an exclusive insight on what it's like behind the scenes and between the fur.
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Mindset of a Successful Entertainer | Rob Boudwin


Mindset of a Successful Entertainer | Rob Boudwin


🥺 Unexplainable Emotions 🥴
Everything from weddings to being groped. Former "Southpaw" from the Chicago White Sox of over 12 years shares some of her most memorable, heartfelt and disturbing stories from her career in the MLB! Carrie is one of few female performers in the pro Mascot world and has quite an interesting and inspiring story.
November 16, 2021
"The Art of Play" w/Robert Shields
Emmy Award winner Robert Shields and Kenn share incredible stories from their career's in entertainment. "Robert Shields is a one-man creative machine who has spent his life sharing his sense of energy, awe, and wonder with people all over the world." Robert's show Shields and Yarnell won the Las Vegas Entertainers of the Year award two years in a row and together they appeared on over 400 national television shows. A true icon in the performer and physical comic world and one of Kenn's greatest influences!
October 2, 2021
😾Why Are NBA Mascots ANGRY?
Stories about getting angry in costume at intoxicated fans, now banned classic NBA Mascot stunts, and enduring the stress of the big leagues. Another fun episode w/ Kenn Solomon, Robert Boudwin, Scott Hesington, Jon Absey and other special guests.
September 25, 2021
😵 Being Cute is Death
Kenn Solomon, Robert Boudwin, Jon Absey, Rob Wicall and many other guest speakers go over the art of performing and catching the attention of large crowds while sharing some of their crazy performances from the NBA.
September 11, 2021
Robert Boudwin's "Clutch" Moments
Welcome back to the podcast, my good friend Robert Boudwin!   🥳 Check-in on Robert and the twins:   Watch this episode on our YouTube channel:
April 9, 2021
The Wild West Days of The NBA
Back stories of some famous skits and stunts with the former Jazz Bear - Jon Absey
March 3, 2021
The Gorilla Almost Gets NBA Director Fired
A Beauty Among The Beasts! Felisa Israel - former Live Programming & Entertainment Director for the NBA and is now the CEO of IMPACT Internship!   Check out her site:  (Courses are available online or in-person)
February 9, 2021
Former HEAT Mascot & His Famous Flip Fail | Gus Guerra
More amazing stories and inspiration with Gus Guerra, former "BURNIE" of the Miami Heat!
October 1, 2020
Behind The Scenes Mascot Stories | former "SWOOSHMAN" & "RUMBLE"
Cudo and Mark Taylor get into their history in the NBA and as former Nike's Mascot "Swooshman" and the Thunder's "Rumble". These two share some unique Mascot secrets and stories! 
August 18, 2020
World's Youngest Pro Mascot!
Nick has been performing alongside pro mascots since he was 3 years old! Now at age 11 he performs in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and for his local sports teams. Checkout how it all started and what the future holds for this Mini Mascot!
July 15, 2020
Why "BLUE" Takes His Head off for Kids...
Trey Mock takes a non traditional approach to influence Colts fans in and out of the stadium. We go deep into our famous trick shots and "Blue's" unique way of impacting fans by unmasking to spread love and hope.  Video episode:
May 6, 2020
Totaling Kevin Green's Dodge Viper | FREDDIE FALCON
Atlanta Falcon's Jeremy Legg! Deep conversation about life changing moments, wrecking Kevin Green's Millennium Dodge Viper, the amazing influence of our characters, and "Freddie Falcon" unmasking!   
April 9, 2020
"HARVEY THE HOUND" sledding paused the Calgary Flames game | Glenn Street
Glenn Street shares inspiring stories of how he won over Calgary crowds, what it took to become a successful Mascot, and the crazy rules of the big leagues. 👑  Find Between The Fur on Facebook for an exclusive promo code and receive 10% off your visit to the 2020 Mascot U conference! 
March 5, 2020
The Show Must Go on, on a Broken Foot | Taylor Griswold
Former "Hooper" for the Detroit Pistons Taylor Griswold proved that in this industry the show must go on even during sickness and injury. Taylor took things to the next level and broke a few bones in the process but never let that stop him from getting in front of the fans. Taylor and I also get into our skydiving mishaps and my near death experience ;)
February 8, 2020
One "Hip Hop" Drop and the 76ers Stop | Bill Roth
The one and only "Hip Hop" has a unique story involving everything from police escorts, tough Philly crowds, lawsuits, losing teeth on the rim, and becoming one of the best gymnasts in the NBA. I tell about snowboarding down the steps and fans catching colds from t-shirt canons.  
January 27, 2020
Scott Almost Dies in Most of his Rehearsals | Scott Hesington
Scott Hesington former "STUFF" and former "HOOPER", has a few run ins with near death experiences durning his days with the Magic. We also get into his feuds with Danny Fortson and other players.  Scott is a fireball that when in costume he's peddle to the metal!
January 16, 2020
Spurs' "COYOTE" Catches a Live Bat | Rob Wicall
The Mascot world is a mad mad mad world full of excitement, danger, and criticism. Rob Wicall brings up how he got ejected from a game, after years of waiting how he ended up catching a bat on court, and how he made the best of his career. A story packed episode!
January 7, 2020
Lakers & a Toilet | Jay Evans P2
Jumping into hot tubs, riding busses onto the Today Show, and the Lakers huddle around a toilet. This episode dives even deeper into Jay and I's NBA career and how we pulled off some of the most bizarre antics! Sponsors: Alinco Costumes /   
December 16, 2019
Human Energizer | Jay Evans P1
I get together with my former assistant Jay Evans to talk about our iconic and memorable performances in the NBA. Jay was a big part of some of my biggest and most outrageous stunts and skits I ever did in the early 2000’s. We get into everything from an impossible treadmill dance to being booed out by an emotional crowd. We had a blast with this one, stay tuned for more from Jay in the next episode! Sponsors: Alinco Costumes &
November 20, 2019
? NBA Mascot | Todd Maroldo
Without revealing which Mascot he is in the NBA, Todd and I get into some rollerblade dunk fails, the ever evolving "cans" and "cant's", NBA vs NFL and more! Todd's a deep thinker and well spoken, love this guy!  Sponsors: Alinco Costumes/
November 4, 2019
Mascot HOF, Where it Rains Confetti | Orestes Hernandez
Life size Mr. Potato Heads, t-shirt cannon simulators, & everything FUR! Executive Director Orestes Hernandez takes us through the most unorthodox hall of fame in the world, he explains how The Mascot Hall of Fame is not just a tribute to Mascots but an interactive experience taking you through the unknown world of these performers. Orestes also shares how the voting is going for the 2020 HOF class!  Sponsors: Alinco Costumes/
October 23, 2019
Former "SKYHAWK" | Kirk Johnson
Rollerblade dunking at 25MPH, face-planting into backboards, and The Teeterboard fail.  Kirk Johnson, former ASU gymnast performed in the NBA from 1997 - 2009 as the Atlanta Hawks Mascot "SkyHawk".  A man of God, a family man, and a true performer! Sponsors: Alinco Costumes &      
October 21, 2019
The Good, The Bad & The "Crappy" | Former "BEAR" Jon Absey
Talk about BEARing it all! Jon gets personal with stories of pooping his pants while performing, his extreme injuries, and he sheds light on a pro mascot's commitment and loyalty to his brand. (Please excuse Jon's iPhone 2 and it's audio quality) Credit to Jason Thompson for sending in his mascot fail story, shared in this episode. Thank You!  Sponsors: Alinco Costumes &
October 12, 2019
Where The Fur Flys | Alinco's Jill & Nick
Have you ever visited an actual costume company? It's kinda like Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory, you never know what's going to be around the next corner! For this episode I decided to stop by Alinco in Salt Lake City Utah and visit Jill and Nick Allen after the Mascot Bowl game! I guess you could say I went on a field trip! 
October 7, 2019
The first "LUCKY" Wasn't So Lucky | Jeff Goodin
The first "LUCKY" wasn't quite so lucky. Jeff Goodin was the first Celtics in costume Mascot "Lucky" (yes, when it comes to Boston there's a difference) and the Dallas Mavericks Mascots "MavsMan" and "Champ". We get into how everyone in Boston hated the first "Lucky", how this isn't a $7 an hour job, the early days of Mark Cuban and our interactions with him. Goodin is as "goodin" as it gets! Sponsors: ALINCO Costumes &
September 20, 2019
Former "G-WIZ & G-MAN" | ZOLI
Zoltan (Zoli) the best chameleon in professional sports! Zoli was the first "G-Wiz" for the Washington Wizards. He has gone on to fill in for Mascots spanning the NBA, NHL, and NFL. He is currently the Senior Production Manager for the world famous Harlem Globetrotters!  We share our stunt work in movies, commercials, and music videos, as well as our brushes with the rich and famous.  Sponsors: ALINCO Costumes &
September 14, 2019
Former "BOOMER" | Paul Linne | Heartwarming Moments
Designing and creating BOOMER, I nearly die in Australia, & the cancer he will die with!  Paul and I go way back to almost the beginning of my career. He talks of his gymnastic background, being involved in creating the character Boomer and performing as such. We share stories of Australia and how I almost died. Paul also shares his story of his current battle with cancer. I love this guy and miss him. Sponsors: ALINCO Costumes &  
September 6, 2019
Former "BENNY" | Barry Anderson | The Effort it Takes
Talk about going deep... Barry, the artist formerly known as "BENNY THE BULL" from the Chicago Bulls, dives deep into the art of being a professional mascot.  Barry reveals how he brought Benny to life and the mental and physical effort it took!  Checkout what Barry is up to now! -Custom Costumes: / -JigSaw Entertainment: - Mascot design, construction, branding and performance for international & domestic sports teams, sports federations and large corporations.
August 27, 2019
Charlotte Bobcats "RUFUS" | Dave Stogdill
The one and only Rufus from the short-lived Charlotte Bobcats.  Hear him tell of his journey to the NBA, his 9 years with the Bobcats, his book Belayed Gratification, and a starstruck Jessica Simpson and her parents.    CONNECT WITH US ON FACEBOOK @BTFmascots
August 22, 2019
Former "HOOPER" | Chris Ernest | Shocking Stories
Chris Ernest drops a couple shockers in this episode!  I was totally caught off guard when he spoke of his childhood! It was a true pleasure to speak to the man who worked his way in to the mascot world and the NBA. I learned that there really is a soft heart behind that crazy FUR BALL!! Thank You for listening! CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK - @BTFmascots 
August 13, 2019
2019 Mascot Conference P2 | Legendary Stories from Around The League
Eric McMahon ("GRIZZ"),  Jon Absey (former "JAZZ BEAR"),  Barry Anderson (former "BENNY THE BULL"), and I share some memorable and amusing mascot mishaps and stories at the 2019 Mascot Conference in Memphis TN. (Bleeps are added to this episode to cover up language and names keeping current mascots identity private.)  
August 6, 2019
2019 Mascot Conference | Jerry "THE KING" Lawler
What an honor it was to have THE KING, Jerry Lawler, as the guest speaker at the 2019 NBA Mascot Conference in Memphis, TN! Jerry is in the WWE Hall of Fame and is a Color Commentator, he has also appeared in several movies including MAN ON THE MOON.  In his speech he tells of his experiences with Mascots, the late Hollywood Star ANDY KAUFMAN, and Late Night with DAVID LETTERMAN. We were all riveted... ENJOY!
July 31, 2019
"KC WOLF" | Dan Meers
A chat with the legendary and current Kansas City Chiefs Mascot KC WOLF!  Dan Meers is the first NFL Mascot featured on Between the Fur.  Dan talks of his work in the community, philanthropy, 30 year career, and how his near death injury has been a blessing overall.  As we chatted about his 70 ft. fall, I get the opportunity to clear the air about the time I got hung from the catwalk in front of 19k people!  ENJOY!! FOLLOW:  Facebook @BTFmascots 
July 16, 2019
MASCOT Designer & Former ATLANTA HAWK | Tom Sapp & Wayne Jordan
In a way these two gentlemen "Brought me into this world!"  Tom Sapp is the Designer and Creator of hundreds of mascots and characters around the globe. Wayne and Tom have worked together developing characters like the Denver Nuggets mascot ROCKY and the Pistons HOOPER to name a few.  It was a ton of fun chatting with these two geniuses and sharing stories of successes and me almost dying while skydiving in costume! ENJOY!!
June 28, 2019
An unbelievable story of a man behind a mask cheating death.  Eric McMahon shares his eerie, jaw dropping story of his battle with cancer and how his team, town and fellow mascots rallied around him.  You will be saddened, angry, and inspired as Eric takes you on this personal journey. FOLLOW: Facebook @BTFmascots
June 18, 2019
It seems like most Mascots have an uncommon childhood. Ned and Georgia (Mom & Dad) are my biggest supporters and always have been! In this episode we talk about my hero's, and influencers, and how I was a Mascot from DAY ONE! They tell of my early childhood, gymnastics in the backyard, how a couple of professional mimes helped shape my future, and some bonus stories about Shaq and Magic Johnson. For a closer look into my background and "Mascot in the making" antics, listen to this up close and personal episode.    
May 15, 2019
Mindset of a Successful Entertainer | Rob Boudwin
Former NBA mascot "CLUTCH" for the Houston Rockets talks about "Mascot University", the mindset of a successful mascot, key elements of entertainment and more.  This is a high energy, information packed, conversation with one of the best entertainers in the business. A MUST listen for any and all pro sports entertainers, managers and fans!    
April 30, 2019
Boston Celtics "LUCKY" | Kit Ackermann
Kit Ackermann is currently LUCKY in more ways than one!  He tells of his journey to the pros and how a baseball player turned into a dunking mascot that speaks. The Boston Celtics thought outside the box when they decided to create a character who's face is the face of the mascot. Apparently Kit has a face for mascoting! It was fun to hear the different experiences he has opposed to those of masked characters.   
April 24, 2019
Former "PHILLIE PHANATIC" | David Raymond
The living legend himself!! Dave tells of his ground breaking time with the Philadelphia Phillies as the famous Philly Phanatic.  His stories of how his father inspired him, the relationships he built with fans, the Mascot Hall of Fame and more, will no doubt entertain and inspire you!  One of my favorite stories involves one of my childhood heros, Tommy Lasorda.  Dave also gives me a glimpse of life after the mascot world.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did recording it!
April 9, 2019
Hornets "HUGO" | Michael Zerrillo - "Bug on the Windshield"
A chat with the man who made HUGO/SUPER HUGO the Charolette Hornets mascots an international icon.  Mike takes us through his journey sharing stories of his start, Mascot Dunk Contests at All Star, celebrities, international travel, playing two characters at once, and more!  Mike is a great  example of what commitment to a character and brand is all about! He explains how he pushed through several serious injuries and 14 surgeries to perform and keep his character at 100%!  Of course we share similar stories as you will hear.  ENJOY!
April 2, 2019
Former New Jersey Nets "SLY" | Miguel Vargus
Miguel Vargas, truly a "Jack of all trades" tells of his time as the New Jersey Nets mascot SLY and more!  Stories of international travel, spontaneous crowd work, and what goes on inside the fur, etc.  Miguel has not only been an NBA mascot but has done TV and Movie work.  He worked his way up through the ranks of NASCAR, and is currently the game presentation director for the Carolina Panthers!  A funny, talented, hard working guy that isn't afraid to take chances! ENJOY! BTW, in the interest of time, I unfortunately had to cut out a lot of his stories of delivering mail, putting in the time and work to learn, becoming the production manager of NASCAR,  his garage being on a home show, and pre-mascotting, if thats a word.
March 28, 2019
Miami Heat's original mascot "BURNIE" | Wes Lockard (NBA 1988-2001)
"A lot of people would give anything to get in these suites." - Wes Lockard This episode features one of the all time funniest guys in and out of a costume. Wes Lockard shares some stories of being a mascot in the NBA during the early days. Everything from being a mascot with no name to several court cases. He reveals heart felt experiences with his community, purposing to his wife, stories of Pat Riley, and how his unique humor bled through the fur and feathers.
March 14, 2019
Former "HARRY THE HAWK" | Wayne Jordan
Formerly with the Atlanta Hawks, one of my favorite people and podcasts so far!  Stories from the 80's and 90's, how Wayne played a key role in my career, Harry the Hawk stories and more! FOLLOW: Facebook @BTFmascots
February 27, 2019
Houston Rockets | Dominic The "CLUTCH" Assistant
Every great mascot has a great assistant. Dominic is "The Rocket Man" for the Houston Rockets and is the Assistant / Baby Sitter / Sidekick / Body Guard for "Clutch". Dominic has had the opportunity to become one of the best in the league and put himself in the spotlight around the NBA. 
February 5, 2019
Former MIL. Buck "BANGO" | Kevin Vanderkolk
This episode features retired Kevin Vanderkolk, the man who put the Milwaukee Bucks mascot Bango on the map. Kevin gives insight on Hulu's "Behind The Mask", the NBA All-Star Game, how he pulled off the Ladder Back-flip Dunk, and what he's up to now.
January 31, 2019
Memphis Grizzlies "GRIZZ," | ****RS Mascot | X NBA Mascot ZOLI
In this Episode the current mascot for the Memphis Grizzlies "GRIZZ" tells his story along with Zoli who was the Mascot for the Wizards and other NBA mascots. We also get to hear a little bit from another current mascot from the ****RS. This interview to place at the NBA Mascot Conference 2018 in the weight room in the hotel the conference was held in, in SLC. The interview was filmed as well so look for that on YouTube soon! Enjoy!
October 9, 2018
Former Jazz "BEAR" | Jon Absey (1993-2018)
In this Episode the former mascot for the Utah Jazz the "Bear" tells his story of his rise to fame! A great story of hard work, philanthropy, influence! "THE BEAR" is known for his big stunts, big props, sledding down the steps of his arena, blowing stuff up, and caring for the community. He is of the best for a reason... Enjoy!
June 10, 2018
Former "RUMBLE"/"SQUATCH" | Marc Taylor
Marc Taylor, retired mascot for the OKC THUNDER, Seattle SONICS and the Seattle STORM tells his TALE of his rise to NBA Stardom, shares some great stories about his time with these teams, and what he's up to now! 
March 31, 2018
Former Rockets "CLUTCH" | Robert Boudwin
Current NBA mascot, Kenn talks with ROBERT BOUDWIN, former Houston Rockets mascot, "Clutch". An inspirational journey to becoming an NBA mascot, success in the community, and beyond the fur. Robert is the definition of wild and crazy!
March 19, 2018
Former "STUFF"/"HOOPER" | Scott Hesington
Former NBA mascot for the Orlando MAGIC and Detroit PISTONS tells his story and his tales with DWIGHT HOWARD. Scott Hesington, a man of FUR and more!
March 5, 2018
Spurs Former "COYOTE" | Rob Wicall
Rob Wicall, former San Antonio Spurs Mascot, "The Coyote", shares his story of before, during, and after being one of the NBA's premier mascots, for one of the NBA's best teams. Hosted by KENN- current professional NBA mascot.
February 23, 2018
Cavs Former "MOONDOG" | John Cudo
John Cudo, former mascot for the Cleveland Cavaliers known as "MOONDOG" and "CRUNCH" for the Timberwolves. One of my good friends from the beginning of my professional career. John is one of a kind, a great performer, father, and friend.    
February 14, 2018