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Bevin: A Femme Over 40 and her Friends

Bevin: A Femme Over 40 and her Friends

By Bevin
Hi, I'm Bevin! There are millions of ways to be a happy, successful adult in this world! I'm blessed with wise, funny & fascinating friends who are in their unique thrive. You're invited to listen to some great conversations about how we stay resilient & fabulous! I'm passionate about self love and empowering other folks to love themselves. The kinder I am to myself the easier it is for me to learn, grow and stay looking a lot younger than I would if I was stressed about aging & the effects of gravity on my body. Welcome to the party!
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96. Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos: Discerning Values to Create a Life Worth Living!

Bevin: A Femme Over 40 and her Friends

138. (Solo) Gossip! What it is and why I avoid it!
You've probably heard the saying that gossip is the thief of abundance and joy. I noticed in my early adulthood that friends I connected to through gossip ended up being untrustworthy. (If they'll do it with you they'll do it to you.) Because I wanted to level up my vibe and my association I got very clear about what gossip is versus what it is not, and set boundaries about the type of information sharing I will participate in. I talk about these lessons and why I decided to build a bionic bullshit detector. Hopefully these lessons will help you discern who you invest your energy with and examine your intentions!  If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: NEW Tee shirts: Buy me a Coffee: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
July 28, 2022
137. Chrissy Tolley: Reality TV Psychic and Avoiding Demonic Possession
Chrissy Tolley is an excellent teacher of intuition and observation for empaths / psychics. Her best method involves her great passion: hilarious scrutiny of human dynamics on reality television.  Chrissy talks about her new project Reality TV Psychic, her new Patreon which is a metaphysical community with a side of reality tv, and best practices to avoid demonic possession. (Trust a professional psychic to know how this happens--the best defense is a good offense!) Reality TV Psychic on Patreon: Reality TV Psychich on Instagram: Chrissy Tolley on Instagram: Chrissy's website: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: NEW Tee shirts: Buy me a Coffee: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
July 20, 2022
136. (Solo) Diagnosing Myself with ADHD from Memes on Instagram Dot Com
It was undeniable to me that my brain was likely ADHD when my favorite productivity expert received her diagnosis. Why did her systems work so well for me? I started to recognize the signs because I had done lots of work on myself to embrace neurodivergence and different ways to thrive in this world that stigmatizes differences and mental health. Hopefully my story will help you create sovereignty over how you perceive your brain/body/life/experiences.  This podcast can only happen because of support from listeners like you! I appreciate you considering supporting my work! If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: NEW Tee shirts: Buy me a Coffee: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
June 30, 2022
17. Skip Bacon on Sex Ed and Catholocism
Catholics aren't widely known for being sexually liberated, but Skip Bacon is a Catholic theologian with a lot of opinions about sex ed. She's also a stand-up comedian! We talk bodies, the puberty of the Christ, starting a faith journey and what she does when Catholic women ask her about sex. You can find Skip on her own podcast: Or follow her dog Tim on Instagram: Support the podcast! Connect with me on Instagram:
June 30, 2022
135. (Solo) Rest, Recovery and Really Good Binge Watches
Getting injured last week has given me the opportunity to work on my mindset around rest, recovery and surrender. It's also given me more time to watch streaming shows and movies and I have recommendations! Netflix has The Lake House and You've Got Mail, Amazon Prime has Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, and HBO Max has Dr. Brene Brown's The Atlas of the Heart. Heartily recommend! Reflections on growth and surviving this pandemic--I hope you'll enjoy! If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: NEW Tee shirts: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
May 12, 2022
134. Mskindness B. Ramirez: Canna Mom, Entrepreneur and Educator
Mskindness is on this planet to teach us how to elevate our lives! Her education about healing with Cannabis, hair care line and book The Root Family's Very Special Garden support families in a refreshingly empowering way. We talk healing mental health with psilocybin, destigmatizing the plant in parenting and much more! Mskindness' website: Mskindness' Instagram: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: NEW Tee shirts: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
May 05, 2022
133. Leah Garza: Make the World Better by Becoming More YOU
Leah is my favorite decolonial teacher. I learn so much from her! An Akashic Records teacher and phd student of ontology (the study of reality) I love the way she thinks and connects to information. We talk fatphobia, disgust, belonging, trauma, cancel culture, how to level up emergent timelines to save Earth from climate change. SO MUCH!  This is our second episode together! Our first, 109, linked right here): Leah on Instagram: Leah's website: Book with Leah for an Akashic Records reading through Mostly Angels LA: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
April 29, 2022
132. Samantha Montanaro: Mushroom Medicine, Music and Motherhood
Mama Sam is a plant healing musician, community builder and international business woman. She co-founded Tokeativity, the largest women's cannabis community in the world! She knows a lot about healing with psilocybin and non-psychedelic mushroom medicine! Sam is a plant maximalist and stuff minimalist and has much to share about parenting while using plant medicine and becoming willing to hear the truth revealed to us through the use of plants. Sam on Instagram: Tokeativity on Instagram: Tokeativty website (register for a free grass roots membership!): Mama Sam and the Jam on Instagram: Mama Sam and the Jam LinkTree: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
April 20, 2022
131. Aunt Mimi: Leaning into Pleasure and Delight for Chronic Pain
Aunt Mimi is a ball of joy and radiates love! She also lives with chronic pain. In 2016 she turned a corner in how she experienced her body and leaned into learning mindfulness. She has lots of resources to share that worked for her! One of those tools was leaning into joy and delight! Cannabis and other plant medicine help! She's an incredibly talented jewelry maker, creating canna accessories covered in treasures as Pimp My Pipe. Out of necessity makes incredible salves, teas and thick thigh butter as Aunt Mimi's Apothecary. Explore her world through her links and enjoy our conversation! Aunt Mimi's Apothecary on Instagram (hit the DM for custom orders): Pimp My Pipe on Instagram: Aunt Mimi on Patreon: Aunt Mimi's Website: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
April 13, 2022
130. (Solo) Developing Intuition
Intuition is data processed too fast for our logical mind to understand. My intuition is the biggest topic I have in therapy because sometimes it feels BONKERS to me to go against my logical mind. Learning to trust myself, my inner knowing, my connection to Source has been one of the singular most important skills I have. My primary goal as a mom is to teach my kids to follow their inner knowing. The past two weeks my intuition has saved me from burn out by guiding me to rest more. I've gotten so creative during this time and it's been really helpful. I hope this episode helps YOU! (P.S. I had an interview scheduled that I intuitively knew was going to get rescheduled! HA!) If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
April 06, 2022
129. Noemi Sparks: Emotional Freedom and Energetic Mastery
My friend Noemi is a Tapping Wizard! I've been working with her one on one to release trauma and energetic blocks through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping). Life changing! Such an incredible modality. We talk tapping with a brief demo, using psychedelics for emotional wellness, toad medicine, divorcing our attention from the news and stepping into the fullness of our destiny! Noemi's Patreon: Noemi on IG: Noemi's Morning Self Care Journal: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
March 30, 2022
128. Jennifer Axcell: Building Back after Burn Out
I love the saying that God first speaks in a metaphor and then a two by four? That reminds me of burn out. Burn out is our body's alarm system telling us we need a full control alt delete reset! My friend Jennifer Axcell is an amazing entrepreneur with a big heart. Her desire to serve so much burnt her out and she's spent the past year rebuilding. She uses plant medicine, including psilocybin, to intentionally self care back from burn out. Her work now is to empower other entrepreneurs to do the same. She's also an identical twin (Gemini!) which has influenced some of her most profound realizations. Enjoy this conversation and I hope it inspires you to take breaks and create intentional rest! My previous episode with Jennifer (Episode 56): Jennifer on IG: @jenniferaxcell for plant medicine @her.s.e.l.f for burnout recovery and self care journey @herhighestself_retreats is for her retreats If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
March 23, 2022
127. (Solo) I'm Not Done Talking About Grieving My Dad
Grieving my dad brought up grief I didn't have the tools to process at the time. My step mom Liz died when I was 19. I could have anticipated that his death would bring it up but I didn't. However, grieving her freshly has been surprisingly pretty sweet and inspired me to take some big action in my life to develop myself into a more loving person--like she was. More grief talk on this episode! Quality of grief is quality of life!! If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
March 04, 2022
126. (Solo) Taking 20 Years to Figure Out My Career Path
Fat Kid Dance Party Aerobics turns five years old on March 2, 2022! I'm thrilled that I've found the gift I'm uniquely meant to bring to the Earth and that it's already sustained so long! I can't wait to see what the next fifty years bring! But before I figured this aerobics class out I had a winding career through law school and residential real estate and nightlife production and various small businesses and side hustles. I share about my experience to inspire YOU to figure out what YOUR special gift is to bring to the Earth. I think everyone has some special way they are meant to create and connect. If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
February 25, 2022
125. Radavie Riom: Healing Inner Child to Live in Freedom and Harmony
Radavie is the comforting spiritual guide to help your inner child healing. We all have inner children who need our unconditional love and acceptance, but if we weren't taught how to do that for ourselves we need to learn. Radavie is a healer with a gift for holding space for that journey. Click the link to her website for a free 20 minute exploration session with her and experience the magic! In the meantime, cuddle up with your favorite childhood blanket and enjoy our conversation. Remember, you're never too old and it's never too late to heal & pursue the life of your dreams! Radavie's website--seriously get one of those 20 minute sessions! If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
February 18, 2022
124. (Solo) The Complicated Grieving of my Deadbeat Dad
My dad passed away one month ago and I've learned a lot on the ground walking through this grief. Every grief is an opportunity to open up to more loving on the other side of the pain. I have also learned you gotta walk through the pain or you end up paying for it with interest. The father/daughter relationship I had already grieved for quite some time but you can't outsmart the pain of actual death. Part of what helps me get through the hardest days is knowing that I can teach from the pain. Hopefully this can help you when you next need a pal in grief. Sending lots of love!! If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
February 11, 2022
123. (Solo) 10 Minute Body Positive Aerobics Class
Recorded live on Zoom this is a 10 minute class with testimonials from some of my beloved Regulars about Fat Kid Dance Party aerobics on Zoom! We have made such a special community over the past nearly five years, it's nourishing for mind, body and soul! Check this visual episode out on You Tube: Sign up for Zoom Classes: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
February 04, 2022
Episode 122 Deidra Bliss: Rest Evangelist and Plant Based Air Frying
When Deidra came back to the community from having been down for a month with Covid, she declared, "Rest is my LOVER." She needed epic amount of rest for her body to recuperate and it has ignited a newfound redirection in how she prioritizes the needs of her body versus productivity. Since she's my favorite person to talk about plant based foods I wanted to talk about living my best life air frying plants (especially potatoes!!) and the best vegan dips! Really Deidra loves dips and drops some great recipes. She's also a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur and the lifestyle of the entrepreneur is definitely a risk taking one and we talk about taking command of your life, your dreams by stepping away from the 9 to 5 grind. (Grind culture is dead! Long live rest culture!!) Previous episodes with Deidra:  Episode 5 her backstory (Mormonism! Coming Out!) and the GGG backstory: Episode 74 using plants to heal! Deidra on Instagram: Glowing Goddess Getaway Patreon (Gateway to Discord):  If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
January 28, 2022
121. Y Thuan La: Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine have been profound allies to me in my healing journey. Meet my real life acupuncturist! Y Thuan is an incredibly gentle and wise practitioner and has much to share with us about great mental and physical health in these times. We talk about what happens in a session, how TCM works and what it can help with! We didn't even talk about ear seeds one of my favorite treatments! Glamorous and effective! Y Thuan's website: Y Thuan's phone number (Defender V is the name of the supplement!): (562) 373-2298 Y Thuan on Instagram: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
January 21, 2022
120. (Solo) Getting Over My Resistance to Goal Setting and Planners
I noticed I was having massive resistance to setting goals and using a planner. Turning myself from a stressed out Type A person to being more of an "in the flow" artist was life saving for me, but I also recognize my big dreams won't come true if I don't take action. I got curious about my resistance to goals and using planners and recognized shame was holding me back! Shame is something we learn from people and systems. I have busted through and set some goals for myself this year. I'm also one month into successfully using a planner! I share my process and my inquiry! If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
January 08, 2022
119. (Solo) Navigating Emotionally Treacherous Trigger Moments
Covid is a disease of many losses! My birthday is tomorrow and I feel like a total birthday Grinch because I don't want to risk Covid exposure. I am, once again, asking God for the courage to accept the things I cannot change. I got triggered today and talk through how I weathered that moment to release it. I hope it helps you get clarity on whatever you're going through this wacky and wonderful Second Pandemic Holiday season! If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
December 24, 2021
118. Scott K. Smith: Navigating a Magickal Path to Ascend Amidst Mass Death and Madness
Scott K. Smith just finished a Reiki manual that might lead you to a better more resilient version of yourself. My own path as a Reiki Master Healer has absolutely rooted me in a spiritual life path. Scott is one of my favorite people to talk about spiritual philosophy with and we discussed a prediction for the Age of Aquarius that a third of people will die, a third of people will go mad and a third of people will ascend. We talk how to navigate the mass death that's already underway, and how we ensure we are green and growing in the new world that is unfolding.  Happy Solstice! My previous conversations with Scott! Episode 60. Scott K Smith Shadow Work, Darkness and Witchcraft: Episode 14. Scott K Smith on Connecting to the Magic We All Have Inside This episode on You Tube: Scorr's practice: Scott's Work as Priest and Teacher: Scott's Patreon: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
December 17, 2021
117. Kendrra Thoms: Cannabis Fine Artist on When a Piece of Art is Done, Neurodivergence, and Expanding Creatively
Kendrra went to art school... for an area of art she actually hates! She's now creating art in entirely new ways and leading groups for other creative cannabis entrepreneurs. Later in life discovery of her autism helps her make peace with the ways she has been different (and a genius artist) all her life. We talk using lifestyle and changing how we see "work" to minimize chronic health conditions, perfectionism, how to know when a creative piece is "done" and so much more!    Kendrra's website: Kendrra on Instagram: Kendrra on Patreon! P.S. No voice intro this week, Spotify is giving me a new option with a video upload???  If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
December 10, 2021
116. Ashley Manta: Using Ketamine for Treatment Resistant Depression!
Ashley Manta (The Cannasexual) is truly the kind of teacher who goes the way and shows the way! She has been working to heal her CPTSD and depression using lots of modalities over the year and in the pandemic needed a level up. We talk about her recent Ketamine treatments, the process and the result. We also discuss her exceptional course Activating Your Cosmic Pussy and how she leads vulva owners in connection, growth, satisfaction and liberation! Episode 23: Bevin & Ashley talk Defeating Imposter Syndrome! Bevin on Ashley's Elevated Intimacy Podcast! Ashley's Website: Activate Your Cosmic Pussy Info: Discount code for $200 off enrollment: Ashley on Instagram: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
December 03, 2021
115. (Solo) Holiday Mourning, Holiday Mourning, Holiday Morning
How do we find a song on our hearts every day when we carry the weight of what could or should have been with loved ones? When we get caught in thought loops that bring us down or are in the acute stages of grief? How do we harness our power on our Holiday Mornings. What traditions are meaningful to us? How do we release our expectations and connect to our joy even while carrying grief? All that and my favorite never miss holiday breakfast casserole recipe--Spotted Owl Casserole! If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list: Tee shirts: Venmo: @bevinb Cash App: $BevinBoss Amazon Wishlist:
November 27, 2021
114. (Solo) Pep Talk About Your Body!
Maybe your body has changed in the past couple years. Maybe you are annoyed anticipating what folks might say about your body. Maybe you're feeling frustrated with your body? Maybe you just can't seem to make peace with it? Here's a pep talk for that. If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
November 19, 2021
113. (Solo) Creating more than you Consume
Creativity can be really hard. Imposter syndrome! Feeling like making a thing and not finishing is a waste of time (it's not)! Freezing because what you say could be criticized! (Everything you fear will come to pass and you will be okay.) I talk about my recent call to create more than I consume and how I've been getting through all of these head blocks. I assure you that the world needs what only you have to offer and part of the creative process is letting it be messy! If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
November 12, 2021
112. Meredith aka Hippie Dippie Gypsy Teaches Boondocking! Life on the Road Tips!
My friend Meredith ditched her corporate life for a life on the road boondocking in a small red truck! She lived on the road for several months this year. She shares her story of how she planned, visioned and executed her life on the road. If you have dreams of travel life I hope this inspires you to think about what is possible for you! This episode (without the intro) is also on You Tube! Meredith is now going to base her life out of a plant medicine friendly bed and breakfast in the Northern California Redwoods! Meredith on Instagram: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
November 05, 2021
111. (Solo) What are Your Personal Values?
Personal values (also known as core values) are beliefs that are so important to you that they guide how you organize your behavior and association. Values are a great way to know yourself and being clear and prioritized with your values makes decision making much easier. Especially in terms of who you are going to invest time and collaboration. We live in a world that teaches us to people please, say yes to everything and run on other's priorities. Having values clear makes being unique easier! And we are all unique by design! In this episode I talk through my personal values and give a list of other possible values.  Here's a link to that list by James Clear, author of Atomic Habits: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
October 29, 2021
110. Mindie Gum-Grivell: Into the Mind of an Artist--Welcome to the Creatch Universe
While this episode is optimized for you tube (see link below in show notes), the first 20 minutes are great for an audio podcast about healing with art!   Does the art heal us or do we heal through the art?  I walk through a career retrospective with visual artist Mindie Gum-Grivell. Her Creatch collection began as an art practice that has developed so many delightful layers! Characters, aesthetic, personal branding, merchandising--as a brand nerd I just adore this on so many layers.  Our conversation touches the work I've been doing to heal my social anxiety and the importance of connecting to people and communities who see the divinity within you.   VISUAL VERSION You tube video of this episode: Episode 97 is the previous podcast episode with Mindie! Her background and so much good stuff about making life as an artist! or listen to it here:   Aries Art NW Creatch Shop:   Aries Art NW Patreon--support the ongoing creation of Creatch!!   Mindie on Instagram: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
October 22, 2021
109. Leah Garza: What Even is Reality?
Leah Garza taught me how to question what even is "normal." Decolonizing our mind is some of the most important work we can do on ourselves to reclaim our power from systems of oppression. Learning how to think for yourself comes with great teachers and Leah is great at showing how to question the colonizer in our mind. Leah is a phD student in Ontology--the study of reality. She's also a reader of the Akashic Records. We talk about both of these at length. Leah is truly unforgettable and sharp! Leah on Instagram: Leah's website: Book with Leah for an Akashic Records reading through Mostly Angels LA: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
October 15, 2021
108. (Solo) Sister Sesh Camp Out! My first adventure in 80 weeks!
I left my quarantine for the first time since March 2020! I went camping with friends in Southern Oregon and had a blast! I share all about the trip, plant medicine in the woods, taking covid precautions and grieving our friend Purple Courtney together. Cultivating joy and grief in the same space is beautiful and healing. If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
October 06, 2021
107. Casey: Psychic Medium Extraordinaire
Casey has been a working psychic medium for decades! We talk about how she grew up, opened up to her gifts, how she creates boundaries with seeing clients. She and her husband also work together alongside each other in a muggle business and she gives her tips for a long lasting relationship. I asked for some tips on grieving and on working with our own psychic power! Connect with Casey here--she asks for DMs: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
September 24, 2021
106. Beautiful Existence: Connecting with Your Soul Sovereignty
Beautiful Existence (B3 for short) is an oracle! In this episode we talk about the Age of Aquarius and how to level up for that. We also explore the entirety of humanity, connecting with nature and spirits. B3 truly channeled and downloaded a lot of information for us!! Take notes! B3 mentions the experience of embodiment as a full five sensory experience! I want to encourage you to really hear that and think about how you can embody your own beautiful existence even deeper! This episode is also on you tube! Episode 18, my previous episode with Beautiful Existence from back in the before times, January 2020: B3's website--$1.99 a month for SOURC3 membership: Cannabis Tarot: B3 on IG: If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
September 17, 2021
105. (Solo) How to Grieve Volume 2
We live in a time when almost everyone is grieving. Rarely are we taught how to grieve. Grief is a response to change, and how we integrate life altering experiences and losses. I go through my best tips for moving through grief. Content warning--suicide. Other episodes of note--if you sometimes struggle with suicidal thoughts Episode 70 to help prepare a resource list for when you need it. Previous episode about Grieving: Episode 7 on October 31, 2019. If you find value in this podcast, please consider supporting! Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
September 10, 2021
104. (Solo) My Experience with Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) for Healing
This episode is for informational purposes only. It's not intended to provide advice--consult your healthcare professionals before consuming anything you haven't consumed before or in new ways.  Plant medicine has been an important ally in my personal spiritual and health journey. I find it helps me sit with the truth of my experience in life, reveals things to me in a way that is more gentle than going alone, and helps me find places that need more tenderness. I talk about my experience microdosing with psilocybin and using reset trips to connect and support my ongoing mental health work.  Support the Podcast: Buy me a Coffee: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
September 03, 2021
103. (Solo) How to Slay the Day: Morning Routines
It's Virgo Season what better time to brush up on your excellent mornings? How we begin our days is how we experience them and I've found habits and routines have a profound impact on my mental and emotional well-being! I run through how I suggest you figure out what is necessary for your routines and tell you all about mine so you can figure out a template for you! Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
August 27, 2021
102. Scarlett: Full Time Artist Says You Don't Need to Go to Art School
Scarlett of Dirty Lola Shop is one of my favorite artists! She illustrates full time and has been working on her own brand on the side. Ever evolving as an artist, she has a really cool story spending time in fashion houses in Paris! Ooh lala! We talk about the journey to becoming a full time artist-- though Scarlett went to art school she has a different opinion of school now. We also talk about her work with Trap, Neuter, Release helping slow down feral cat populations, adopting pets, how she became a cat lady from not growing up with them and the process of buying and fixing up a home in Southern California.  Scarlett's website: Scarlett on IG: @miss_scarlett Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
August 20, 2021
101. (Solo) My Experience Treating Aging & Additional Needs Pets with CBD
My beloved shih tzu Macy lived very happy and comfortable elder years thanks to CBD therapy. I talk through how I treated her and my additional needs cat Biscuit Reynolds with CBD. If you're curious about using cannabis with a pet, I thought this tale would be valuable for you!  Vet CBD: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
August 13, 2021
100. My Mom Marianne! Single Mom Raising a Bullied Child in the School System
For this 100th episode of the podcast I wanted to create something valuable for folks. How I've healed from a really traumatic childhood with caregiver abuse and bullies is possibly my greatest achievement. My mom went through a lot of hardship raising me as a single mom, including the fact that I was frequently bullied (for my weight and for just being different). I wanted to talk through some of her experiences in case it helps anyone out there who is raising or will be raising kids. Especially in navigating the school system, as my mom became a teacher and then took on advocating for the at risk kids she taught in her classroom. For more on my mom's background, listen to our first episode together--Episode 16: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
August 06, 2021
99. (Solo) Erika Jayne, Kathy & Paris Hilton, and Jinger Duggar Vuolo
As a former attorney I have so many thoughts about Erika Jayne and what she's going through with her divorce from Tom Girardi. It's all playing out on this season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I tried to quit watching housewives and made it almost a year and a half but now that I have access to it I couldn't help but dive in to find out from Erika the truth of her relationship. I'm surprised to realize the work I've been doing on rooting out patterns of emotional abuse in my own life play into how I perceive their relationship and the lawsuits against Erika. My recent retread into RHOBH this season means I've gotten to witness--and fall in love with--Kathy Hilton. She's hilarious and relatable as someone who seems to enjoy chill and worthwhile conversation as much as I do. She's the mother of Paris and after watching Paris' documentary about being abused and traumatized at a boarding school for troubled teens I have so many thoughts about both of them and what happens when you repress a child's natural personality. I'm reading the book Wired that Way and highly recommend it as a guide to learning how to love the different people around you! Finally Jinger Duggar Vuolo was recently on a podcast talking about growing up famous on a reality show and simultaneously incredibly sheltered and how her life is unfolding in Los Angeles. It's a must-listen if you've ever been a Counting On / 19 Kids and Counting fan.  Links! Wired that Way: Jinger on the Dinner Party Podcast: Paris Hilton Documentary: Erika Jayne's book: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
July 30, 2021
98. Rachel Kimsey: Chicken Chat with Wonder Woman
Rachel Kimsey and I have been friends in law for over two decades! She's a voice and motion picture actress (she voices Wonder Woman in Justice League) in addition to being an intentional mom of two toddlers and pregnant with her third. Her mindful body positive parenting, her wise reflection on her life and choices and her current homesteading are so inspirational to me. She was raised Mormon and went to BYU but as her world perspective grew she made more choices that were in alignment with her own life path. Her story of family connection through shifting faith is so beautiful. Rachel Kimsey is a great example of risking vulnerability and authenticity in exchange for a beautifully satisfying life.  The chicken drama of the past few months is SUCH an amazing tale--don't miss the chicken chat in this episode! Rachel on Instagram & Twitter: @rachelkimsey Rachel's website: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
July 23, 2021
97. Mindie Gum-Grivell on Making a Life in Art and Business
Mindie recently celebrated seven years with her business Aries Art NW! I've always admired how she mindfully creates and approaches entrepreneurship. We talk about balancing personal and professional passions, how sometimes our dreams need a day job, living frugally to support the dream and taking our power back from limiting beliefs.  Mindie is a fellow Goddess Guide at the Glowing Goddess Getaway and we talk about using cannabis as a spiritual and medicinal tool to glow up!    Mindie on Instagram: @ariesartnw @smokingladylife   Mindie's website:  Join us at the Glowing Goddess Getaway this year at our monthly getaways!   Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
July 16, 2021
96. Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos: Discerning Values to Create a Life Worth Living!
Colin Bedell is back to discuss astrology and relational intelligence! We discuss what values are and how to form them, using them in decision making and to create a life by design. We chat body currency and why Colin stopped modeling. Time and what it does for us and how much alone time we need in order to bring our best selves to the work we do and the world around us. PLUS lots of tidbits about our current astrology (new moon in Cancer! Leo season is coming!). Episode 68 is my first episode with Colin six months ago during the Full Moon in Cancer: Colin's Website Queer Cosmos: Colin on instagram: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
July 09, 2021
95. Yvonne of LCA Travel on Safe(r) Solo Travel and Cannatourism
Yvonne is the Travel and Event Director for the Glowing Goddess Getaway and keeps things moving seamlessly front and back of house! She's also the Executive Director of the Cannabis Travel Association. Over two decades of travel and event experience and pioneering cannabis tourism, Yvonne is as kind as she is smart and organized!  Yvonne began using cannabis to replace five pharmaceuticals. She has three daughters and talks about coming out of the cannabis closet with them. I'm excited for you to meet Yvonne and hear her safety tips for traveling solo! Yvonne on Instagram: See our Smiles on the You Tube of our conversation! Look for Self Care Party on You tube, and my playlist "Live Podcast Recordings" or just click this link: Cannabis Travel Association: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
July 02, 2021
94. (Solo) Last weekend was so transformative!
This past weekend I had a transformative experience! Getting my cup filled at the Glowing Goddess Getaway virtual retreat and practicing receiving love at my online bachelorette party really opened me up to a new level. I talk through both experiences and hope to embolden you to crack open something you have been holding back on. GGG virtual retreat start here: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
June 25, 2021
93. (Solo) My Online Bachelorette Party!
Transmuting pain and recognizing patterns has been a big part of my healing in the past few years and I just learned some perspective I'm excited to share. I'm so in my growth zone to practice receiving by throwing an online bachelorette party for myself! It's been interesting to plan this and step into the congratulations for just being single and not dating anyone right now. All this and looking forward to the Glowing Goddess Getaway season starting up this weekend with our first digital getaway!  Bachelorette Tee Shirts: Come to my Online Bachie June 20, 2021: Glowing Goddess Getaway: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
June 18, 2021
92. (Solo) Adaptability and Anti-Aging
No matter what you do Life is going to LIFE at you. How you deal with all that LIFE LIFING is the key to living well. I think adaptability is one of the key traits to delay the effects of getting older on the body and brain. I talk through all of the key things I've learned about becoming more adaptable. I used to resist change and suffered a lot for it. Now I've learned to adapt and appreciate the circumstances around me because it helps me weather them with less suffering and more joy! I hope this helps y'all! Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
June 11, 2021
91. Psychic Mayuri: Name Changes and Coming into Alignment
My beloved Femme sibling Mayuri is the first guest on my podcast who had a name and pronoun change since our first conversation! We talk about name euphoria, seeing our children as our teachers, healing and so much more! We also talk about the psychic realm! Spirit is feeling in alignment to the re-opening. Episode 34 is my first conversation with Mayuri! Tune in for their backstory, shifting from 9 to 5 to being a working psychic! Psychic Mayuri: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
June 04, 2021
90. Alex the Medium "You Can't Get Ideas Unless You Show Up To Play"
Alex Altomonte aka Alex the Medium is back on the podcast! One of my beloved psychic friends we check in about the pandemic, travel, being cautious and "safe" while also acknowledging the play we need to create! During the pandemic Alex followed his alignment and opened a brick and mortar and web store in a tiny New York State town with his partner. It's a great story and so relevant for anyone who is on an entrepreneurial path. We talk about creativity, play and being a vessel for spiritual alignment to express through you. Release the need to plan and dive in and visualize yourself being in the space of creation!  Check out my first episode with Alex for more on his back story and how he came to be on his path as a self-described "reluctant medium!" Episode 30: Alex The Medium Website: Alex on Instagram: H. Grey Supply Co Website: H. Grey Supply Co on Instagram: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
May 28, 2021
89. Dr. Tanya Gilbert: Mental Wellness Mindset Tools and Tips
May is Mental Health Awareness month and Dr. Tanya Gilbert is back on the podcast to help us focus on our mental health! Dr. Tanya is an incredible resource--a psychotherapist, transformational life coach and someone who has put the work in practice ending generational cycles in her family. In this episode she offers tips and tools (especially mindset) around mental health wellness. You don't need to wait for a break down to start supporting your mental wellness! She also shares a miraculous story of how she came to realize her dream of owning an RV! Listen to our Episode 38 of the podcast in May 2020 for Dr. Tanya's amazing backstory! Dr. Tanya's website: Dr. Tanya on Instagram: May 27, 2021 event: Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
May 21, 2021
88. (Solo) How Queers Become Parents
When you're trying to become a parent there is so much uncertainty and frequently stress! My faith has totally been supported by my friends achieving parenthood after sometimes decade long journeys! I talk through my mindset on my own fertility and hope for parenthood. I talk about pregnancy loss, and share stories about how folks I know have become parents. There are so many different journeys and I find a lot of hope in how so many folks who seek parenthood and aren't deterred by the set-backs do eventually succeed. In many often unforeseen ways! I refer to Episode 46 with Trystan Reese about his journey to becoming a parent through adoption and trans fertility. Also get Trystan's book! How We Do Family: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
May 14, 2021
87. (Solo) International No Diet Day!
May 6th is International No Diet Day! Started in 1992 it moved through feminist circles before it became a hashtag on social media! I reflect on celebrating this day with friends and food, my body journey and the things I wish I had done to speed up my journey to loving my body and self! I launched my award-winning body positive queer nightlife party Rebel Cupcake on International No Diet Day in 2010 and reminisce on how great it was to have a space to dance and gather!  The book I recommend for the body love journey is Sonya Renee Taylor's The Body is Not an Apology: Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
May 07, 2021
86. Beth the Hemp Huntress on Entrepreneurship, Grateful Dead & Seeding a Revolution!
If you think you might do business in the Cannabis space, you need to know Beth aka The Hemp Huntress. Beth has been helping entrepreneurs in the cannabis and plant medicine space for a long time and with her new venture seeks to support entrepreneurs in the information age bring their gifts to the world. There's so much to navigate and Beth and her team can create a plan to keep you in your zone of genius while creating more simplicity in the difficult parts of building a business.  Beth has also lived a full dynamic life! She created a drag king night at a bar in Denver in the 90s that reached MTV and mainstream TV! Coming out in the 90s! Living the Dead Head adventure! Beth has stories!  Grab your favorite childhood blanket and cuddle up on the virtual porch with me and your new friend Beth! Hoi Polloi Start-Up Advisors: Beth is Hemp Huntress on all the social media! Beth on Instagram: Beth's Grateful Dead Playlist: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
April 30, 2021
85. (Solo) My Spiritual Practice and the folks who bring me spiritual nourishment!
I received a question from a listener about developing a spiritual practice and where to start. The only thing I can teach on is my own experience! I talk about my shift to opening up to spirituality but paid particular attention to the places I receive spiritual nourishment at the present moment. My hope is it will inspire you to develop your own spiritual practice (if you want one) and/or give you some ideas of folks to connect to who can help guide you on your path! Grab a notepad! Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You tube channel:
April 23, 2021
84. (Solo) How to Make Friends and Build Community in a Pandemic
I've made lots of friends and been part of online communities during the pandemic! It can be done! Making new friends is really good for us, especially if you, like me, are on a growth path! It's also super important to prioritize participating in communities that center belonging.  Other episodes I reference, about online communities: Episode 77 with Jeffrey Marsh, learn about Belonging & Radical Self Acceptance Episode 63 with Tokeativity founder Lisa Snyder who has built an incredible online community through digital events Episode 20 & Episode 5 with Sailene and Deidra about their experiences co-founding the Glowing Goddess Getaway Support the podcast! Bevin on Instagram: @bevinsparty
April 16, 2021
83. Mags Ickes: Freedom and Connection
Mags returns to the podcast! We talk finding balance between freedom and connection. Doing the radical self acceptance work to unearth who we are from the programs and systems we are encoding. Once our belonging is no longer hostage to conformity, who will we become? Mags' previous episode is number 24, in February 2020. Mags on Instagram: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
April 09, 2021
82. (Solo) Defeating Imposter Syndrome (AGAIN) and other things I'm growing through
Slumber party vibes on the first solo episode in several weeks! I started the book Professional Troublemaker: The Fear Fighter's Manual by Luvvie Ajayi Jones and it's reminding me to hype myself up like I hype up other people and keep going through fear. We had a great Fat Kid Dance Party Book Club that will be on the you tube channel soon! I'm so happy the way the new Discord server through the Patreon is creating communities.  Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
April 02, 2021
81. Ragen Chastain is Trophy Motivated
Ragen Chastain is a champion for health at every size. She's a speaker, writer, marathoner, on year eight of training to be an Iron distance triathlete! I adore and admire Ragen's persistence as an athlete and a warrior fighting for body liberation! We talk internet haters, athletics in a fat body, standing up to bullies and best practices for being fat at the doctor's office! Ragen's website: Ragen on Instagram: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
March 26, 2021
80. Madin Ray Lopez: Love, Spirit and Service
Madin Ray Lopez founded Project Q in their twenties! After beginning to cut hair at 16, Madin saw the profound impact hair had on the self image of their clients. In 2012 they began what has developed into Project Q today--supporting LGBTQIA+ homeless youth. Madin's care for the youth they serve is clear! From the "hairstream" trailer traveling pre-covid times to LGBTQIA+ centers across the United States, to the present day food and hygiene boxes serving the direct needs of their clients during the pandemic. We talk sustaining a non-profit, spirituality, a call to serve and impact humanity. And their super sweet love story with Sabine, their wife, who I interviewed on Episode 26 of the podcast! Project Q Website: Project Q Instagram: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel: Email list:
March 19, 2021
79. Gregory Littley: Clubhouse and Content
Gregory Littley is a heart-lead creative who helps brands make content with impact. He also taught me how to use the new social media app Clubhouse and more importantly, how to give and receive value out of it! We talk authenticity and being out in corporate life. If you're a content creator in any field you want to tune in and learn from Gregory!   Gregory on Instagram:  Gregory's Website:  Gregory on Twitter:   Support the Podcast:  Bevin on Instagram:  You Tube Channel:  Email list:   Amazon Wishlist:
March 12, 2021
78. McKay Gordon: Free Britney--A Prayer
McKay! You recognize them from the Fat Kid Dance Party Workout Video 4 pack, episode 44 of this podcast or if you've ever had the good fortune to have shared space with them! If not, you're in for a treat!  McKay shares with us all about the Free Britney movement, we deeply discuss the record industry, diet culture, patriarchal media, and our spiritual connection to the pop icons who molded the creators coming of age today. At MmmmBop Cardio there's a dance move called the "Free Britney." We offer this as a prayer. And a visual demonstration on the you tube video of this conversation. We also talk about connecting with our bodies as prayer and discernment and committing to spiritual alignment. Mmmbop Cardio: McKay on Instagram: Episode 44. McKay Gordon "I give my body permission to move and take up space" Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: You Tube Channel:
March 05, 2021
77. Jeffrey Marsh--Being True to Yourself
Jeffrey Marsh is a viral sensation! Known for warmth and acceptance on the social media, thoughtful articles and the incredible book How to Be You, Jeffrey is truly a hug on the internet. Their book How to Be You is an incredible roadmap back to yourself, part memoir, part self acceptance essays and part journaling prompts.  We talk about Jeffrey's coming out (mom drove off the road), BOUNDARIES, and being kind not nice. Long walks. Self care. Luxuriating in the experience of being exactly who you are. How to Be You: Jeffrey's website: Jeffrey's Instagram: Jeffrey's You Tube: Bevin's Instagram: Bevin's You Tube: Support the Podcast!
February 26, 2021
76. April Flores Award Winning Vanguard Sex Perfomer on Grief and Resilience
I started out being a fan of April Flores and as fate would have it we became friends! She truly is my favorite sex performer/porn star of all time (she's that good) and she's a really fantastic, loving, deep human being. April was an early life widow losing her husband and collaborator, photographer Carlos Batts seven years ago when he was just forty years old. We talk grieving, resilience, love, making family, creating in this new subscription economy and being unapologetic fat girls! April's Only Fans: April on Instagram: The book April & Carlos collaborated on, Fat Girl: Support this podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
February 19, 2021
75. Substantia Jones Queer Sex Chat with Adipositivity Photographer
"Queerantine horny" is a Subtantia Jones quote from one minute into our conversation. There's nothing off limits in this conversation! This is really like brunch with Samantha Jones if she was a queer fat Southern photographer who came out late in life. Coming out later in life, living a life as a photographer of naked fat people who hasn't been shooting during quarantine, Substantia Jones is ready for "Full out Caligula" once the qurantine in over and we're back in person. We talk about love, lessons learned, sex, visions for the future, dreamy memories and creating! Join us on the virtual porch!   This episode is on you tube, look up Self Care Party channel and "Live podcast recording with Substantia Jones" Substantia's website: (buy prints!)  Substantia's Patreon:  Substantia on Instagram:   Bevin's Website: Bevin's Podcast Support: Bevin on Instagram:
February 12, 2021
74. Deidra Bliss--Give Plants a Chance
Deidra Bliss is a homeschooling mom, entrepreneur and award winning cannabis creator. She's also completely obsessed with plants! Deidra is the co-founder of the Glowing Goddess Getaway, a women's self care cannabis retreat, and she is very focused on helping folks glow up with plants! We talk about entheogens and how to use them to open up consciousness and vibe up during covid. Microdosing, hero tripping, mushrooms, DMT and of course, cannabis. We also talk about eating plant-based (she's not strictly vegan but she's focused) and her newest passion--house plants! Don't forget to check out Episode 5 of this podcast for my first conversation with Deidra (trust me, you want to hear her backstory)! Deidra on Instagram: Glowing Goddess Getaway on Instagram: Glowing Goddess Getaway website: Bevin on Instagram: Support the Podcast:
February 05, 2021
73. Claire Coughlin Powell Says Laugh Anway!
I met Claire Coughlin Powell because we are both passionate about self care and cannabis! We met via the Glowing Goddess Getaway retreats and I have been attending her laughter yoga club since Summer 2020. Laughter yoga is nothing I expected but everything I needed! Claire has a wonderful cannabis origin story, raised in a family with cannabis use. She's living out the vitality of enjoying the sacred present moment and the seasons of life. She's a mom of two teenagers and began her San Jose laughter yoga club fifteen years ago. Beginning a venture with toddlers is a wild ride and we talk about all of it! Claire's email (to get the invites to laughter club): claire at Claire's website: Claire on Instagram: Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
January 29, 2021
72. (Solo) My Journey to Well-Rested
Rest is Essential! Beginning in November 2020, I kept getting messages from Spirit that I needed to rest. I began a journey over the last couple months of reflecting on what rest means to me, how much rest I really need, and what I wasn't doing when I was distracting myself with endless events.  I hope these reflections help you understand more about the role of rest in your life and what you might be able to let go of in order to welcome more rest! Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
January 22, 2021
71. Noemi Sparks: Healing Anxiety with Plants
These times call for remedies to anxiety! Meet my Yoga and Tapping for Anxiety teacher Noemi Sparks! She shares her daily routine for getting out ahead of anxiety or addressing it when it does come up. We talk all about plant remedies--Cannabis and essential oils specifically, and more about Noemi's background and her work as a one on one anxiety coach. Noemi's Website: Noemi on Instagram: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
January 15, 2021
70. (Solo) You Must Believe in Spring--Creating a Personal Resource List for Hard Times
Content Warning: Suicide. I've been suicidal several times in my life. As a former lawyer I learned firsthand why the profession has four times the national rate of suicide. I struggled to fit myself into boxes that weren't made for me and suffered significantly with my perception of what others thought of me. A potent tool I use to help myself guard and change my thoughts during the dark and difficult times is a list of things I can do *right now* to shift my thoughts or emotional experience. I create or revise the list when I'm doing mentally well so that it becomes my "break glass in case of emergency" list. In this episode I go through my newest list so you can get ideas for yours, share my experience and observations of my experience with suicidal thoughts. Disclaimer: I am not a mental health professional, just a person who has worked hard on my own mental health and how to make the world liveable for me. I strongly endorse therapy and if cost prohibits therapy, have found great help in donation based 12 step programs.  Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
January 08, 2021
69. (Solo) Setting a New Year's Theme
I don't do Resolutions, I do intentions or themes! So much easier and more effective! I also discuss moon ceremonies and the profound impact they've had on my groundedness in these times. Plus more New Year reflections and wishes for 2021. Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
January 01, 2021
68. Colin Bedell, Queer Cosmos
Colin Bedell has an MA in Fashion Studies and spends his days teaching folks on Instagram how to improve their lives with astrology. "Fashion and Astrology both forecast, why couldn't you blend them?" was a question that changed the course of his career. A grounded seeker, Colin is a delight for folks who are curious about how the zodiac can bring context and harmony to relational dynamics--how to "people" easier. Join us as we chat zodiac, authentic self, and his journey to spiritual entrepreneurship! Colin's Website Queer Cosmos: Colin on instagram: Colin's Course and 2021 Forecast book bundle with the Astro Twins for the New Year: Support the Podcast! Bevin on Instagram:
December 25, 2020
67. Tiffany Watkins is Closing the Gaps in Cannabis
Tiffany Watkins is the Founder and CEO of Vanguard Media Online, a platform of support and recognition for Women owned companies in the cannabis industry. She's been involved in advancing compassionate use of cannabis since the early AIDS Pandemic. We talk entrepreneurialism, equity in cannabis, coming out, spirituality and sustainability of movements.  Vanguard Media Online: Vanguard on Instagram: Harding Paper Co for cute banners: Aunt Mimi's Creations: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
December 18, 2020
66. Sailene Ossman Healing with CBD and Jesus
Sailene Ossman returns to the podcast! She is a multipassionate entrepreneur in the Cannabis space, here to teach us everything we need to know about living our best life with non-psychoactive Cannabis products. CBD and so much more, as you'll learn! We also connected about Jesus. Sailene was raised Seventh Day Adventist and went on her own spiritual journey away from religiosity and dogma, coming back to a nourishing and individual relationship with Jesus. Join us on the virtual porch as we connect for the second time! Find her backstory and more conversation in Episode 20! Sailene's webstore: Sailene on Instagram: H2C on Instagram: Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
December 11, 2020
65. (Solo) Lessons from 2020
My biggest lessons from 2020 weren't what I expected but definitely what I needed! Like being able to receive unconditional love from people when they don't understand me! And how important it is to me to be a lifelong learner.  I'd love to hear what your lessons are--leave me a voice note at Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
December 04, 2020
64. (Solo) "I'm Worried About My Loved One's Health, What Should I Do?"
Since I became an aerobics instructor the most common question I get from folks is "I'm Worried About My Loved One's Health, What Should I Do?" "I want this person to do your aerobics class." Well, here's my answer to how I think you should approach your experience with your friend.  Content warning, in the latter part of the episode I'm processing my friend choosing to end their life via suicide and if I could have influenced Nyrie's mental health practices I would have. They asked for my advice frequently, I gave it, but they didn't take action.  It is a devastating reckoning about my own experience with mental health.  I hope you know that shame is what keeps us from real human connection and life experience. Empower yourself to change who you really can change--yourself.  Yoga teachers I referenced:  Moon ceremonies with Sasha: Yoga & Tapping for Anxiety: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
November 27, 2020
63. Lisa Snyder--Co-Founder of Tokeativity on Women, Cannabis and Unity
Lisa Snyder is the co-founder of Tokeativity, the Global Feminist Community for Active Cannabis Culture. She's a visionary with strong ethics around inclusion and equity. I've been really enjoying the online gatherings Tokeativity has produced during the pandemic and it is truly a hub for smart, driven women who are passionate about helping others heal with cannabis. We talk about the creation of Tokeativty, and Lisa's journey as an entrepreneur and woman in tech. We also talk coming out and growing up in New Jersey!  Tokeativity: Lisa on Instagram: Tokeativty on Instagram: Bevin on Instagram: Support the podcast:
November 20, 2020
62. (Solo) Everyone is a Mess
You're scrolling instagram and see all these perfect images of seemingly perfect people. Comparing it to your life, which is full of obstacles and hardships, feeling bad about yourself! Here's the truth--everyone is a mess! Everyone has life stuff going on. I talk about disinviting drama into your life, accepting the hard parts of life, and letting your self image rise to the level of humility.  Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
November 13, 2020
61. (Solo) Perception is Your Point of Power
A year after moving into a tiny house in the forest I reflect on how it has taught me about change. Mushrooms in the forest show me unexpected variety and inevitable decay. The older population I live amongst teach me about change and death. I talk about how choosing our perception is our point of most power--how we frame the world around us and the attitudes we keep determine the experiences we have with our challenges. Fantastic Fungi Documentary: Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown: Bevin on Instagram: Support the Podcast:
November 06, 2020
60. Scott K. Smith: Shadow work, darkness and light in witchcraft
Scott K. Smith is a Reiki Master Practitioner, Energy Artist, Ordained High Priest in the Temple of Witchcraft and dear friend and teacher. This is our second conversation on the podcast (check out Episode 14 for his back story), and this time we focused on shadow work. What is shadow work, how do we examine our wounds and harder parts of our personality with compassion and love? How do we create balance between light and dark? How do these balances come together through our magikal practices? Ever striving to find a balance between being positive and not falling into "toxic positivity." Scott's Patreon (SO MUCH GOOD CONTENT): Scott's Website (practitioner, private bookings): Temple LA (classes and group practice): Scott on Instagram: Temple LA on Instagram: Support this podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
October 30, 2020
59. (Solo) Tools you can use when you have a body change
This toolbox is for anyone who wants to release body self loathing, but especially geared toward discomfort with body change. I wanted to share some of my top tools that help me when my body has changed and I'm feeling uncomfortable in my skin. Grab something to take notes with! The Body is Not an Apology Book: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
October 23, 2020
58. (Solo) I experienced a weight change and feel really complicated about it
Diet culture will have us believe that losing weight is always a good thing, and that we are unworthy of love when we fail to meet arbitrary, ever changing beauty standards. I have been involved in the body liberation movement since 2002 and weight changes are part of the process of life. Post partum bodies are frequently under attack from unrealistic expectations upheld by folks with lots of resources a regular person doesn't have access to. I process my experience going to a new doctor, getting weighed, being surprised at the numbers and figuring out how to feel aligned with myself and God rather than receiving "nonpliments" from well-meaning people who are tracking my body size. Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
October 16, 2020
57. The Canncierge, Christina, on Entrepreneurship and Elevating Quality of Life with Cannabis
Christina, also known at The Canncierge, levels up cannabis experiences. From first times to practiced high tolerance babes, we chat about how to use cannabis to survive or perhaps enjoy "The Relentless Times" we're in.  Christina is living her dream combining many areas of expertise in her consulting and coaching, and we talk about entrepreneurship. Like me she's really chasing her goals and taking time to self care, grow and enjoy the journey. It's a Weed Cough Mask: The Canncierge on Instagram: The Canncierge Website: Bevin on Instagram: Support the Podcast:
October 09, 2020
56. Jennifer Axcell, Co-Founded the first Free Cannabis Nurse Hotline
After a car accident landed Jennifer Axcell on 13 prescriptions, many opiods, she was able to heal with cannabis. Wanting to help folks get better guidance for making health choices with cannabis she co-founded the first free cannabis nurse hotline. Folks from anywhere can connect with a cannabis trained nurse to discuss treatment options for use--including first time cannabis use.  Jennifer is a natural in the entrepreneurial space and we spent a long time talking about finding your purpose, uniqueness and figuring out how to do yourself on purpose and level up. Join our lively conversation and I hope it empowers you to step up your healing. to donate or learn more about the hotline Leaf411 on Instagram: Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
October 02, 2020
55. (Solo) Romance: You're Not Too Old And It's Not Too Late Part Two
OMG you have so many more years left of your awesome adulthood. Are you waiting out on the sidelines thinking romance will never visit you ever again? I'm only a Juris Doctor but I'm diagnosing you with rotten self talk! I share lots of tools in this episode to help shed that belief!  Love, joy, supportive partnership and belonging are your birthright! The book I suggest is Calling in the One: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
September 25, 2020
54. (Solo) You're Not Too Old and It's Not Too Late
We are all in the process of unfolding and becoming who we are meant to be! Whether it's late in life coming out gender and sexuality, bringing a dream or a vision to life, finding love at an older age, it's all about releasing other folks opinions and deepening your trust in your authenticity. Everything good in my life comes from being willing to show up as my full authentic self. Where are you holding yourself back? I go through top tips of what I think will help you release the old version of you and step powerfully towards the future of your dreams! Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
September 18, 2020
53. Chrissy Tolley, Psychic Sidekick: 6 Months into Corona Quarantine Check-In
An update six months into the Coronapocalypse! I checked in with Chrissy at the outset of the Corona Virus in episode 29, so I thought it would be fun to get her to update predictions six months into the pandemic. All hell broke loose methodically--not as fast as originally predicted. The painful things happening will make sense. "I have figured out as a human how to just sit down with all of the feelings and not center my fear." We talk about releasing judgment and criticism. "When things get mirrored back to me in my life, it's hard. Not subtle." Check out Episode 29 for our previous conversation! Chrissy's website: Chrissy's Instagram: Support this podcast! Bevin's Instagram: Email list:
September 11, 2020
52. (Solo) Releasing Habits that No Longer Serve You
During my adult life I have released a bunch of habits that no longer serve me: nail biting, self hate, shaming my own body, toxic codependent romantic obsession, investing in friendships that don’t nourish me, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, sugar, dairy, soy, gluten, for a time corn, late night netflix binging, criticizing people I love and more! In this episode I talk about how I did that, my mindset and tons of advice for releasing habits that aren't serving you and focusing on habits that nourish instead. But first and foremost, you're valuable just as you are and nothing needs to change for you to be worthy of love! (And love creates a great environment for change where shame creates a toxic environment for change!) Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
September 04, 2020
51. Dylan Hill "If me wearing make-up bothers you, oh well."
"...there's a lot about my life that's bothered me but I couldn't do anything about it. I just had to survive. You're going to have to find a way to survive me walking through the halls in hair and make-up."  Dylan Hill grew up in North Carolina a local performer while going through a tumultuous childhood. He began wearing make-up to high school because it made him happy and expressed himself. "Even if you don't agree with my lifestyle I don't judge yours. I just live and let live."  Dylan is a singer, performer, stand-up comic, and now Instagram talk show host. Dylan is one to watch! "The Battle of Body Image" with Bevin and Dylan on his talk show: Dylan Hill on Instagram: Bevin on instagram: Support the Podcast:
August 28, 2020
50. Rachael Neisha: "My family member was bullied for wearing a mask and I got Covid-19"
The pandemic isn't over just because you're over it!--Instagram @hebontheweb My bestie Rachael contracted the Corona virus from a family member when she chose to expand her pod. The story is heartbreaking and really comes down to bullying. I'm super happy to say Rach survived the fever haze and her corona experience, but it's a great reminder about being cautious. We speak in depth about how to have conversations with people about risk and safety and creating our boundaries.  I also included a solo pre-roll about how to have HOPE in these uncertain times. Rachael on Instagram: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram: Opening music:
August 21, 2020
49. (Solo) Giving Up People Pleasing Made Me a Kinder Person
Part pep talk on the road to being your true self, part how-to manual, I break down what people pleasing is and what we can do to leave this behind. In this episode I break down how I shifted my mentality from people pleasing (ego) to living my authentic self (spirit). I could talk for hours about how much people pleasing is ingrained in us culturally. I really worked to distill this to action on what we can do to support living out our true selves.  Release constantly worrying what other people are thinking and feeling. Just because a partner or family member is having a bad day doesn't mean you need to have a bad day.  Resources from this podcast: From Survival to Recovery: Boundaries: Pride Counseling: Bevin on Instagram: Support the Podcast!
August 14, 2020
48. (Solo) Moved Away from the Big City to Live Tiny in the Forest: 9 Month Update
I lived the first 20 years of my adult life in New York City, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. 9 months ago I took the leap* to drastically reduce my expenses by moving to the forest and living in a tiny house. I recently got even tinier by moving to a 26 foot travel trailer within the same tiny forest neighborhood. I talk about organizing tips, surprises I encountered, my learning curve living in an RV and what I miss about city life and culture. Tour of my RV: Tour of the tiny house I sublet for 6 months: Support the Podcast: Bevin on Instagram! *it felt more like a fall, you can hear about it in Episode 6 of the Podcast!
August 07, 2020
47. Jeff Scult "When we choose to listen to ourselves we are golden"
Jeff Scult left the busy world of mainstream advertising to entrepreneurialism where he learned "Getting cool with uncertainty" but got really sick. He realized that locked up inside "shoulding all over himself" was someone inspired to create and make real human connections.  "It's a beautiful thing to realize the magic is in co-creation. We're always better together." His movement One Golden Thread, born from a poem by the same name, eventually morphed into a unique clothing line. Unisexy and unisize, the colors derive from his mother's paintings of nature. The fabric is a cutting edge sustainable material that feels like nature's cashmere. "You just want to hug yourself all the time." This is the most philosophical episode of the podcast yet! Fear is not the enemy, it's our resistance to fear that's the enemy. When we choose to listen to ourselves we are golden. We talk about staying in the joy of creativity in spite of the obstacles or scope of what you're working on. Lots of talk about slaying perfectionism! One Golden Thread website: Enter "bevin's party" in the comments at checkout if you want an extra gift One Golden Thread on Instagram: Support the podcast! Bevin on Instagram:
July 31, 2020
46. Trystan Reese Defeats Insecurity by Getting 1% Better Everyday
Trystan Reese helps clients get out of defensiveness and fragility and open up to meaningful change. He's an anti-racism coach and a consultant who helps organizations be more inclusive to diverse populations.  Trystan went viral a couple of years ago when he gave birth to his son. Coming out as trans was a journey--in the 90s we didn't have a lot of role models in the media for what was possible in gender and sexuality. Trystan's coming out story is the funniest I've ever heard.  "My calling on this planet is to bring balance. Too few people have too much power and my life has been about wrenching the power from those hands and more evenly distributing it amongst the people." He hacked insecurity by committing to getting 1% better everyday. I hope you'll enjoy our conversation, laugh and be empowered to more accountability in your relationships! Trystan's Website: Trystan's Instagram: Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
July 24, 2020
45. (Solo) Cannabis, Mental Health and Self Care--New Cannabis User Tips and How to Up-Level Weed Experiences for Practiced Stoners
In these uncertain times things are hard out there! Cannabis is great medicine to improve mental health. It makes life a little more zesty and fun!  My first experience with cannabis was scary and landed me in the emergency room--allow me to give you a recipe for a better experience! I give tips for new to cannabis folks for a good first time experience. For practiced stoners with a high tolerance, I have been exploring how to feel more high through physiology! I've found incorporating cannabis into self care and spiritual practice can up-level your experience. Resources mentioned in this episode: Cannabis Nurse Network: Leaf411 Socialize with women stoners at online events with Tokeativity: Socialize with all kinds of stoners through online events with EventHi: Connect with Glowing Goddess Getaway on IGLive Daily at 4:20: Cannababes to follow: TheOfficialSailene Cannasexual MaggieMayWilson Beautiful Existence Bevin! Support the podcast:
July 17, 2020
44. McKay Gordon "I give my body permission to move and take up space"
"When I feel witnessed and supported by someone it's because they see me as not man or woman but 'other.'" McKay experienced internal dystopia as a young person growing up in conformist culture. Raised as a Mormon in a small town in Idaho, McKay was seriously depressed by twelve years old. "My experience in my body was violent." That became disordered eating. McKay says about their recovery, "I literally feel like I live in a different body because I have fun and joy in my body now. That was about giving myself permission to move and take up space."  They were also a Whiffenpoof at Yale and went on a Mormon mission--they have had their fill of frolicking with boys wearing a suit. McKay teaches dance aerobics, spin and helps people create homes through design and organization. We talk about the magic and healing of dance for the body, reclaiming shame and self determination. P.S. If you think you recognize McKay from the Fat Kid Dance Party workout video--you're correct! Find McKay on Instagram: Bevin on Instagram: Support the Podcast!
July 10, 2020
43. (Solo) What to do if you've experienced Corona Weight Gain
A quick episode to give you my tips for dealing with a bit of weight gain. We're talking mindset and micro lifestyle changes. After 20 years of work in the body liberation movement I've figured out how to have peace with my body at any size and any change! Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
July 03, 2020
42. Christine Dunn Helps Business Owners Get Their Time Back
Christine Dunn is a coach and consultant who helps business owners get their time back! She grew up in an entrepreneurial household, started a property management business right out of college and has gone through a few career permutations within the coaching world. We talk about her journey, coming out of the closet, developing a coaching and public speaking practice as an introvert and self care. So excited to share her wisdom with you! Christine has some amazing bonus webinars available just for my listeners--click the link below! Bonuses from Christine: Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
June 26, 2020
41. Sonya Mendoza on Life without Prisons and Police
Prison abolition is creating a world free from violence and harm. It can be difficult for some to understand how this is possible since all most of us have known is a society that is based on prisons and policing. There are so many other ways of supporting and sustaining our society and it requires us to open up to new visions! My friend Sonya Mendoza has been working on prison abolition and anti-racism for 18 years and offered to be on my podcast to help educate folks who might not know where to start or want to learn more to advance this movement. Guided by Black women leaders, Sonya has compiled resources to continue understanding anti-racism and life post-police and prisons. Bevin on Instagram: Support the podcast:
June 19, 2020
40. (Solo) Showing up Imperfectly for Change and Life Update
We're in a time where so much change is happening around us and it's on us to be willing to try, fail, learn, do better, try, fail again. I talk about how I'm learning to grapple with failure as a stepping stone and my own experiences learning and growing through change, especially as it pertains to anti-racism. Different roles that folks can play in movements including protesting, protecting, healing, creating art and bridge building. I also give a life update (TLDR: I canceled Netflix) and talk about living in a trailer for the first time! Support the podcast! Bevin on Instagram: I mentioned that I'm on the A Tribe Called Queer podcast called "Accountability" from March, 2020--find it on apple podcasts or wherever you find podcasts:
June 12, 2020
39. Hadassah Damien on Bossing Up in Finances and Creating the Life of Your Dreams
Hadassah Damien founded Ride Free Fearless Money in 2015 with the goal to help folks understand finances and get out of the ACK! that so many of us feel when looking at our bank statements. In this episode we talk about her rise to financial literacy through many permutations. Raised evangelical Christian and poor, to coming out as a queer, getting into DIY media then eventually tech and now working as a banker with her side business helping folks feel more confident with money. She is a true glitterdone queen and shares her strategies for time management!  Ride Free Fearless Money website: Ride Free Fearless Money on Instagram: Support this podcast! Bevin on Instagram:
June 05, 2020
38. Dr. Tanya Gilbert on Career Pivots, Adaptability, and Change
Dr. Tanya Gilbert had a lot of different careers on the path to becoming the behavioral health expert that she is today. She helps folks have a happier life by learning how to find their individual paths to success. She works with folks from all walks of life to help them figure out "what's next." She's an out lesbian whose coming out in the late 1970s was just one of the many challenges she's walked through to become the whole-hearted, dream fulfilling visionary she is today. I'm so grateful for her sharing her wisdom in this episode and I think you'll really connect with her story and find inspiration to step outside your comfort zone and adapt to change!  Dr. Tanya's website: Dr. Tanya's May 30th Career Workshop: Dr. Tanya on Instagram: Dr. Tanya on Facebook: Support this podcast! Bevin on Instagram:
May 29, 2020
37. (Solo) Life Update, Learning to Embrace Change and Failure
I moved again! My six month sublet was up and I relocated within my neighborhood. I’ve been reflecting on the role of change and failure in my life and shared a few of my takeaways on this week’s mini episode. Support the podcast! Bevin on Instagram:
May 22, 2020
36. Victoria Albina on Parenting Inner Children as Root Cause Medicine
My friend Vic learned as a medical provider (she has letters behind her name that mean medical) that mostly people had root cause emotional issues that were manifesting physically. Her nerdy interests in holistic health, herbal medicine and natural healing coincided with her deep personal work healing from codependency. Now she shows her clients how to heal their relationships with everyone in their lives, especially themselves. We talk nourishing self care during The Corona, circuitous career paths that become true callings, laugh a whole lot at ourselves and healing with self love. Vic is a gift!! I'm so thrilled to share her with y'all! Free Webinar on Codependency: Vic's website with lots of free meditations/downloads: Vic's Podcast Feminist Wellness: Vic's Instagram: Bevin's Instagram: Bevin's Patreon:
May 15, 2020
35. (Solo) Christmas Eve Vibes for Renewing Our Energy
I recently learned that your attitude has a huge impact on your energy level! In an effort to curate my best present moment experience, I've been working on cultivating "Christmas Eve Vibes." Christmas Eve is my birthday and it encapsulates for me good cheer and excitement for what's to come. You can sub out that for "Vacation Vibes" if that's more relevant. I talk through the feeling tone of anticipation and how it can aid our experience of uncertainty and tough times. Sharing my heart on all of that in this episode! Free livestream movement class Saturday 10AM on Facebook Live: Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram: Article about recovery skills applied to the quarantine:
May 08, 2020
34. Jennifer Leigh, Femme Oracle, on Healing and Flourishing
My friend Jenni is a professional psychic. She shifted from a typical 9 to 5 career to eventually follow a calling to share her gifts. She's been a single mom navigating multiple configurations with her son's father as co-parent. She's come out, come into her own, and put tremendous intention into healing from trauma and childhood sexual abuse. Her path hasn't been easy but the serenity she exudes comes from a robust and intentional self care practice. I'm excited to share her story with y'all, it's incredibly powerful and I hope that it resonates with the part of you that knows you deserve to heal, too. Jenni's website: Bevin on Instagram: Support this Podcast:
May 01, 2020
33. Katie Sweetman, Empowering Astrology
Katie Sweetman is an incredible astrologer living in Brooklyn, NY. I've been personally working with her since 2009 and have absolutely loved watching her grow her astrology practice from an idea to now her full-time career. She called her business Empowering Astrology because she knows that working with the elements of our astrological birth chart can help us maximize our time and potential on Earth. She has so much wisdom to share for astrology buffs and newbies alike!  Katie's website: Katie's Instagram: Katie's Facebook Page (Daily Astro Forecasts--turn on notifications!): Support the podcast: Bevin's Instagram: Book a Reiki session with Bevin:
April 24, 2020
32. Joie: Energy Healing with Presence Manifest
What if you could experience every day like Christmas Eve--with a satisfied anticipation? How would you need to show up to your new day in order to experience that? My friend Joie has developed Presence Manifest to wipe the energetic slate clean and connect to Law of Attraction with more clarity and receptivity, Presence Manifest is a modality that she uses on herself, on energy healing clients and teaches to other healers through workshops. I'm finding it supercharging the work I've been doing and very excited for you to learn and apply how Presence Manifest can amplify your personal healing work. Contact Joie: Joie on Instagram: Support the Podcast: Vacation Goddess School Free Livestream Movement and Self Care Class Saturday 10AM Pacific: Bevin on Instagram:
April 17, 2020
31. (Solo) Energy Cleansing
Do you feel run down lately? Is it hard to avoid absorbing panic? When we're sensitive people we pick up on other people's energy as though it is our own. There are a lot of ways to rest and recenter and energy cleansing is a great way. I run through over a dozen ways I use the elements (earth, air, water, fire) to stay right and tight with my energy. Support the podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
April 10, 2020
30. Alex (the Medium) "There is No Going Back to Normal"
Alex and his guide Kazoo are trusted spiritual advisors of mine. Alex's video on social media was one of the first I turned to during the Corona quarantine. Times of uncertainty are a great opportunity to get questions answered and I asked Alex lots of Corona-related inquiries from my Instagram Stories! "When will we go back to normal?" "When can we hug our loved ones again?" "What is the first sign that you have Corona?" "Is there a deeper meaning about this pandemic? Is it a warning?" Growing up surrounded by women, Alex came out as queer and psychic, eventually coming to call it his profession. We talk about getting into business, self care essentials for being a working psychic, and how he has deepened his working relationship with his guide, Kazoo. OH, AND WE HAVE SPIRITUAL GOSSIP ABOUT DOLLY PARTON!  Plus a long pre-roll from me about self care activities that are helping me and my friends! Alex's Website: Alex on Instagram: Alex on Facebook: Support the Podcast / Weeky Online Aerobics: Instagram Art Walk: DJ Amber Valentine spinning on IGLive: Angie Pontanti teaching burlesque and gogorobocs: John Mayer Current Mood: Hi Day April 11th: Bevin on Instagram:
April 03, 2020
29. Chrissy Tolley, Psychic Sidekick, on How She Built her Business, Surviving The Corona and Love is Blind
Chrissy Tolley has an unusual origin story for a psychic, but nonetheless she's a particularly talented psychic. And a gifted medium, an exorcist, and an entrepreneurial boss babe. We discuss how she got where she is, opening up to psychic gifts, self care (boundaries!!), SSRIs, and running a small service based business. Since this is the Age of The Corona, we also talked about her predictions and best advice for weathering this season. Chrissy is a reality dating show aficionado and I had to discuss Love is Blind with her. There's a spoiler warning where you can pause the episode and come back to it if you want to watch and then return for our debrief. Chrissy's website: Chrissy's Instagram: Support this podcast! Email list: Bevin's Instagram:
March 27, 2020
28. (Solo) Finding Your Chill Amid Uncertainty
This is a wild time and uncertain for so many--I share lots of my self care tips for weathering the storms of life. In 2008 I lost my job when the economy tanked. I embarked on a years long journey to become chill about uncertainty. I've been fumbling towards emotional maturity and stability ever since!  Support the podcast: Find me on Instagram: Rick Sorkin's new EP:
March 20, 2020
27. (Solo) Thoughts in the Age of The Corona
How can we maintain connections during a time of social isolation? How can we use this as an opportunity to boss up in our lives? Thoughts on the Corona virus and how I'm finding peace in this wild time. Support the podcast:
March 13, 2020
26. Sabine Maxine: Creating Community at the Intersections
Sabine Maxine creates at the intersections of multiple identities--Queer, Black, LatinX, Indigenous, grew up poor and more. She'ts a Virgo boss babe whose latest creation has quickly become the Queer Met Ball--the annual Project Q fundraiser ball. Sabine runs A Tribe Called Queer, Queer Bazaar, Patty Wack Vintage, designs plus size clothing, and has pop-up events. In addition, with Project Q is maintaining a QPOC co-working space. In our conversation we talk about navigating grief, time expenditure as a community organizer, growing up on welfare, getting clean, entrepreneurial adventures and, poignantly, advice to a younger self. "Stop seeking validation and love from outside people." Sabine on IG: A Tribe Called Queer: Project Q Support: Patty Wack Vintage: Queer Bazaar:
March 06, 2020
25. (Solo) One Year Post-Divorce
It's been a year since my big Gay Divorce and I'm checking in. Episodes 1 & 2 of the podcast talk about the details of the split, this episode is about the healing. The Most Valuable Players (MVPs) in keeping me alive this year were a mix of people and healing modalities. I check in about life now and how I'm able to rise above my earthly circumstances (bank account balance mostly) and have a higher level of life satisfaction and peace than ever before.   Support the podcast: Let's connect on instagram: Email list:
February 28, 2020
24. Magaly on Coming Out, Polyamory and Serving in the Military Under Don't Ask Don't Tell
My friend Magaly (aka Mags) is a smart, thoughtful human from my Atlanta family. One of her girlfriends is my bestie Rachael (Episode 3) and I've had the distinct pleasure of being friends with Mags for a long time and getting to know Mags more one-on-one recently during Mags' time in Seattle. Mags attended the Naval Academy and served in the Navy during Don't Ask Don't Tell. At the time closeted, Mags eventually left that career because of the strain of living a lie. Mags further came out as polyamorous and is creating a beautiful life of their dreams with some pretty spectacular people.  Magaly on Instagram: Bevin on Instagram: Support the podcast: Vox article about Warren: Attachment:
February 21, 2020
23. Ashley Manta on Pleasure, Imposter Syndrome and Allowing Ease
Ashley Manta coined the term Cannasexual and has made her life and work teaching folks how to mindfully experience pleasure! Her second time on my podcast, she shares how yielding to Imposter Syndrome ruined a big moment for her, how to pick a therapist and how to have more pleasure with new sex partners. This episode is full of tools and tips for living a more pleasure-oriented life and allowing ease to flow. She is a Certified Body Sex Instructor and we talk all about how that modality helps vulva owners unlock pleasure and more joy in their bodies than they've ever experienced. (More info on that with some visuals in Episode 3 of Goop Lab on Netflix! Find Ashley on Instagram: Ashley's Website: Ashley's podcast: Ashley's online courses: Find Bevin on Instagram: Support the podcast! Email list:
February 14, 2020
22. Tamale on Rising Again, Making a Unique Imprint on the World and Learning How to Receive
Tamale is a skydiving comedian setting out on the road in her tour van. With her signature red hair, eyeliner, all black everything, ruffles and sass, Tamale is unforgettable. Tamale shares how every break down comes a break through, finding peace after cheating and heartbreak. Homeless for a period of time, living out of a backpack on a motorcylce, she shares hard-won self compassion. Tamale's simple morning gratitude practice grounds her as she continues to make giant artistic leaps in pursuit of her purpose in this world. I'm soooo excited to share her with you!  All the pics we referenced on the episode are on an instagram post with the same publishing date if you want to see them! Tamale on Instagram: Tamale's Patreon Membership: Tamale's Website: Bevin on Instagram: Support this podcast through Bevin's Patreon: In person Reiki Clinic, Distance Sessions, Self Love Workshop: 
February 07, 2020
21. (Solo) Fat Activism, Body Liberation, and Fat 4 Fat
My body love journey has a spin-off! As I became accepting of my body, I found myself performing drag as a fat activist and not even knowing what that was. When I found the fat activist movement I took a full 180 into Riots Not Diets and had some pretty extreme, intense views. I also talk about the experience of getting really attracted to other fat bodies and finding it hard to have a mixed size relationship with my last, shorter/smaller partner.  Support the podcast: Join me on Instagram!
January 31, 2020
20. Mama Sailene on Cannabis Healing and Authentic Open-Hearted Living
Mama Sailene Osman is a co-founder of the Glowing Goddess Getaway, a Cannabis industry legend and author of a new CBD mocktail book. More than that she's someone who truly lives her spirit 24/7. Raised Seventh Day Adventist, she brought her parents unconditional love and hospitality into her life but left behind the dogma and religiosity. We talk about her decades of connection with cannabis, including going to jail for the plant with her delivery drivers. Loving people through entertaining, and the real spirit and connection the Glowing Goddess Getaway creates for a multi-generational sisterhood! Sailene's book: Sailene on Instagram: Sailene's website: Glowing Goddess Getaway 2020 Schedule: Support this Podcast: Bevin on Instagram:
January 24, 2020
19. (Solo) My Body and Other Unfinished Business
I recorded a body autobiography with pivotal moments in my body love journey. Drag King club performance, being bullied in elementary school. The President's Physical Fitness Test. Finding my gender, real life guardian angels. Naked group showers. Loving myself through body changes in weight and texture, anticipated future body love work.  Support the Podcast: Email List! Let's party! Wild Heart: Bitch Music: Health Coach Vic:
January 17, 2020
18. Beautiful Existence is a Business Oracle, Plant Spirit Channel and Wants You to Live Your Greatness
I met Beautiful Existence (B3 for short--pronounced like Bea Arthur) when we both served as Goddess Guides at the Glowing Goddess Getaway. I was immediately captivated by her connection to Spirit. B3 is a Business Oracle, fusing a tech background and serious spiritual gifts, to help forecast and cheer us into our greatness. She's a solygamist, self marrying in 2015. Survived breast cancer through using cannabis to restore her body temple. She channelled the Cannabis Tarot--we talk all of it and 2020 forecast! After the show I answer a listener question about how to get over an ex you regret breaking up with who won't talk to you.  I love watching B3's astrology and tarot forecasts on her instagram: Tarot column in Skunk Magazine: Cannabis Tarot: Support the podcast and do aerobics with me! Connect on IG!
January 10, 2020
16. My Mom! On Living Tiny, the Origins of My Name and My Birth Story
In honor of my 41st birthday I recorded an episode with my mom, Marianne, about my birth! I found out details I didn't know! I was a rainbow baby, which means I was born after my mom experienced miscarriages. (I mention that specifically because I know a lot of folks out there don't talk much about their experience with birth after miscarriage.) We also talked about how she found and chose my name and how she downsized after living in the same house for 26 years to move into a tiny house after retirement, and a bit about her teaching career. More to come as my mom has so much wisdom to share! Music by Yola: Support the podcast: Find me in Instagram:
December 27, 2019
15. (Solo) 2020 Vision Board Recipe
I have created a special recipe for a powerful vision board practice. It helps understand where you are in your life and builds on an auspicious foundation for more blessings! Wishing you peace and richest blessings in 2020!! To support the podcast: Find me on Instagram @bevinsparty More about Jupiter in Capricorn:
December 20, 2019
14. Scott K Smith on Connecting to the Magic We All Have Inside
Just in time for Solstice, get a pen and paper handy to jot down ideas for your own ritual. Your magic is inside you! Scott K Smith is a healer and teacher I've been working with for three years and absolutely adore. We talk about how to explore magic, what Reiki is and how energy healing helps our lives, how to cleanse and protect energy in your home using things you already have around, how to support magical kids in connecting to their wisdom, and more!  Find Scott on Instagram: Scott online: Find Bevin online: Email list: Support this podcast! Thank you so much for tuning in!
December 13, 2019
13. (Solo) Life Update, Small Town Living and Adjusting
35 days ago I moved to the forest. Closest town is 9,000 people. After living 20 years of my adult life in New York, Los Angeles and Philadelphia this has been a huge transition. How I've been adjusting here, some of my daily habits and how I've been grounding myself in this new space. Also talking through my imposter syndrome, starting my first in-person Reiki energy healing clinic, working on Fat Kid Dance Party and what small town DMV experiences are like.  To support the podcast (every dollar counts!):  Find me on Instagram: My email list: Music in this episode by Mithic:
December 06, 2019
12. Meghan Tonjes: Cutting Out Toxic Family, Embracing Change and Making an Artistic Life
Meghan Tonjes has been a singer-songwriter and you tube sensation for fifteen years. She knows a thing or two about living life out loud, but more so she knows how to navigate having BIG FEELINGS (Scorpio sun, Cancer rising, Pisces moon) and setting boundaries. She had to cut out a toxic family member and shares her story. We talk money, shifting sexuality and gender, growing 1% better every day and embracing darkness. We had the kind of conversation that could go on forever and I'm so thrilled to share her with you.  Find Tonjes: Find me: To support the podcast:
November 29, 2019
11. (Solo) Stay young looking and happy during the holidays--a collection of advice from my Lyft driving experience
A collection of advice centered around my coolest Lyft interactions! How a person I thought was 20 but was really 45 stays looking so young. The advice I gave to a young person considering law school. The surprisingly simple technique a woman actively searching for a sugar daddy uses to meet the "hottest rich guys" in Vegas. How I dealt with drunk people in my car. Plus, a pre-roll about how to deal with body negative family at holiday gatherings.  Support the podcast via my Patreon (a membership site that helps folks support the creators that impact them) Let's connect on Instagram! @bevinsparty Love you! Thanks for tuning in!
November 22, 2019
10. (Solo) Dispatches from the Gig Economy: My Life as a Lyft Driver, Air BNB Host, Rover Sitter, Facebook Marketplace Maven and More App Based Earning
Have you ever thought about renting a car and becoming a rideshare driver? I did it and I drop the nuts and bolts and dollars involved in rideshare driving, airbnb hosting, and pet sitting. I spent the past year deep in the Gig Economy--trading my time for money while still maintaining flexibility to pursue entrepreneurship. CA legislature passed AB 5 with hopes to make rideshare drivers treated like employees--what this legislation gets totally wrong is that any app using other people's time should not be making more than 25% of the cost of the service and rideshare apps take 70% or more of fares. Plus! I just moved to my tiny house in the forest and talk about getting here!  Thanks for your support of the podcast--join at any amount, every dollar matters!
November 15, 2019
9. H Alan Scott on Comedy, Surviving Cancer, Artistic Pivots and Getting Oprah to Say Your Name
My friend H Alan Scott is a comedian, writer and super smarty pants. Our conversation travels from his early years as a closeted Mormon teenager to coming out and being on the Ellen and Oprah talk shows. Through cancer treatment, conversion to Judaism and moving from traditional stand-up comedy to a formidable drag queen. H Alan stars in the documentary Latter Day Jew which is touring film festivals throughout the world! Find all things H Alan at and
November 08, 2019
7. (Solo) Grief! And My First Straight Bachelorette Party!
It's Halloween / Samhain and this is a great time of year to learn more about the grief process. Feeling our feelings as they happen and being a loving presence for our feelings is not supported in our society, but there's lots we can unlearn to make grieving easier on us. Also, this weekend I went to my first straight bachelorette party and talk all about being chased out of Napa by wildfires. Books to help you learn how to grieve: Teresa Caputo's "There's more to Life than This" and "Good Grief" and "Glad No Matter What" by SARK. Support this podcast via
October 31, 2019
6. (Solo) Big Life Changes, Optimism and Lessons from 4 Month Social Media Hiatus
I'm making Big Life Changes and walk through my mindset around them. I also talk through lessons learned from a four month social media hiatus and how it helped me strategically approach how I connect to content creators online.
October 11, 2019
5. Deidra Bliss on wholehearted living, finding sisterhood, self development and cannabis!
How Deidra Bliss came to leave Mormonism, become a lesbian, fall in love with her husband and become a multi-award winning cannabis entrepreneur and full time home schooling mom. Deidra is a leader who creates space for authenticity with plant medicine and a multi-generational sisterhood. Meet the Founder of the Glowing Goddess Getaway and learn more about yourself along the way. Find us: @missbliss710 @glowinggoddessgetaway @bevinsparty on instagram
October 04, 2019
4. (Solo) Spirituality
My spirituality is a huge part of my life and why I do what I do. I believe everyone should believe what they want to believe and follow their own arrow. Part of that is exploration, so I get down to what I've found on my path. What do I believe, who is God, why do some of my soulmates not know each other? What's Reiki? How did I find my path to spirituality? What spiritual thought leaders have helped me on my path. Tons of resources and places to start or continue your spiritual exploration. 
September 27, 2019
3. Rachael on Dating, Confidence, Resisting Diet Culture, and Ex Drama
Rachael and I have been friends for seventeen years and seen one another through some stuff! She has taught me so much about dating and confidence. I'm excited to share old stories with y'all and to talk about how to be resilient to what people think. She also shows us what polyamory can look like. Rachael is a Polyamory Coach which means she's great at guiding people through the process of having relationships outside of monogamy. 
September 20, 2019
2. Gay Divorce (Solo)
I learned so much from my break-up six months ago and I share all the good, bad, and ugly lessons I've learned.
September 12, 2019
Episode 1: Start Before You're Ready
I turned 40 and am dropping my last name, I'm going through the sudden break-up of my engagement and six year partnership. I'm starting a podcast and thriving in spite of external circumstances!
March 13, 2019