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Beyond Coding

Beyond Coding

By Patrick Akil
Beyond Coding is a weekly Tech podcast that dives into the world of successful people in Tech and Business. The host Patrick Akil and his guests share their experiences and insights, ranging from knowledge sharing and challenges tech people face all the way to staying sane in the demanding world we work and live in.

Everything you'll hear is non-scripted, genuine, and comes from a place of passion.
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#53 - Collaborative Modelling with Marco Heimeshoff
To delivery value through software, we’re solving complex problems. But getting a shared understanding of the problem space and the potential solutions can be very tricky. Marco Heimeshoff explains that’s where collaborative modelling can help. More of the topics we cover this episode, in order 💬 ☑️ Pros and cons of collaborative modelling remotely ☑️ The importance of psychological safety ☑️ Why do we model in the first place? ☑️ Approaching a problem through heuristics ☑️ Not just sharing, but collaborating Mentioned during the episode: More on Marco Heimeshoff: #collaborativemodelling #heuristics #podcast
May 18, 2022
#52 - Co-creating with UX and Software with Thamar Swart and Simone de Gijt
Product development is challenging. Even more challenging when those responsible for the user experience barely talk to those responsible for the implementation, and vice-versa… That’s not how we create the best products. We do so by communicating continuously, having diverse teams and co-creating! I invited Thamar Swart and Simone de Gijt on to share their experience when it comes to collaboration and co-creation. More of the topics we cover this episode, in order 💬 ☑️ The challenges of keeping UX and Software Development separate ☑️ What is UX actually, what are the different facets? ☑️ Happy flows and edge cases ☑️ Fixing your customer issues ☑️ Leadership and team autonomy More on Thamar Swart: More on Simone de Gijt:
May 11, 2022
#51 - Social systems in Tech Teams with Michael Feathers
I invited Michael Feathers on to discuss what makes a great and effective team in tech. We cover lots of the social systems you’ll see, as well as the impact that remote working has had on those. More of the topics we cover this episode, in order 💬 ☑️ Remote working and team autonomy ☑️ Treating software like biology ☑️ Finding common grounds of communication ☑️ Genuine curiosity ☑️ Team goals vs. Individual goals More on Michael Feathers:
May 04, 2022
#50 - The power of Go with Hannes De Jager, Kevin van den Broek and Goos van den Bekerom
I invited Hannes de Jager, Kevin van den broek and Goos van den Bekerom on to discuss the ins and outs when it comes to the Go programming language. All you need to know with regards to why and how Go would be embraced within a team, or within an organisation. Sounds interesting? Check it out! Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇 ☑️ The pros and cons of Go ☑️ How does Go get adopted within organisations? ☑️ The way Generics was introduced in Go ☑️ Hire good engineers instead of “language” engineers More on Hannes: More on Kevin: More on Goos:
April 27, 2022
Episode 49 - Diana Montalion on Systems Thinking
Diana Montalion shares how we think of, and design, sources of information to accommodate for what we want as users, depending on the context we’re in. It requires a way of thinking we’re not used to: systems thinking, or non-linear thinking. But doing so and adapting the software we create, can open up opportunities that weren’t there before. Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇 ☑️ Systems thinking vs. Linear thinking ☑️ Designing for sources of information ☑️ Do you know why your tasks matter? ☑️ Changing the skills we value when hiring ☑️ Learning from each other, and growing as a team More on Diana:  #systemsthinking #software #podcast
April 20, 2022
Episode 48 - Paulo Lopes and Maarten Mulders on the Power of Open Source
Whether you know it or not, we’re all benefitting from open source software. The innovation and collaboration that has come from it is incredible. But it’s not without flaws… Very Interesting ones actually, so I invited Paulo Lopes and Maarten Mulders on to discuss the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to open source. Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇 ☑️ Disputes and social problems that occur in open source projects ☑️ Contributing to open source, and how to make it easier ☑️ What would make open source better? ☑️ The not invented here syndrome in open source projects Enjoy! Check out Paulo Lopes: Check out Maarten Mulders: #podcast #tech #opensource
April 13, 2022
Episode 47 - Maarten Sukel on AI in the city of Amsterdam
Maarten shares how the city of Amsterdam is creating and leveraging AI solutions to help society and improve the city. It was surprising to hear how there are lots of experiments being done involving more state of the art technologies when it comes to AI. And I really enjoyed learning what projects are being worked on right now. What projects are those? Listen in to find out! Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇 ☑️ Using AI to make the city better, or to prevent it from becoming worse ☑️ The Algorithm Register ☑️ Amsterdam for all: increasing accessibility in the city ☑️ Current ways of working and the challenge of moving to the cloud ☑️ Using established methods, but also experimenting with state of the art tech More on Maarten: Check out Amsterdam Intelligence:
April 06, 2022
Episode 46 - Deena Gergis on Effective Data Science Solutions
“Doing the right thing is not equal to doing things right”. This really stuck with me after discussing how to create effective data science solutions with Deena Gergis. It would be easy to create a solution ‘just’ from the technical side, but more often than not, your solution might not get used at all that way. Partnering with your stakeholders, and building this solution together is the right way to do it. And it starts by having an equal level conversation with each other. Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇 ☑️ The differences between data science academically, and data science professionally ☑️ Doing things right vs doing the right things ☑️ Buy-in from your most important stakeholders and partners ☑️ The right balance of focus and flexibility in creating data science solutions ☑️ Hiring for emotional intelligence and leadership skills, as well as technical expertise More on Deena:
March 30, 2022
Episode 45 - Léon Rodenburg on Cloud Native Software Development
Cloud technology has made things a lot easier, but it has also introduced new challenges for developers. Together with friend and returning guest Léon Rodenburg we discuss what cloud native software development entails, and share how to be effective. Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇 ☑️ What is cloud native software development? ☑️ Team responsibility in handling the cloud ☑️ The problem with cloud courses and trainings ☑️ Iterating on your cloud infrastructure ☑️ Start by understanding your current project in terms of cloud infrastructure More on Léon:
March 23, 2022
Episode 44 - Felienne Hermans on Creating your Own Programming Language
Felienne shares her journey on how she created Hedy, the programming language that helps teach kids how to program. Creating your own programming language is a big accomplishment, but a language on its own can only go so far. With actual usage, user feedback, and continuous improvements, Hedy can truly improve the way teachers teach, and kids learn how to program. And it's definitely on its way to do so. Hedy is available in 18 different languages, and is being used globally. Truly remarkable!   Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇   ☑️ Why Felienne created the Hedy programming language ☑️ Maintaining an open source programming language ☑️ Solving the initial problem, but creating new problems along the way ☑️ Dictatorship vs. Bureaucracy in adding features to programming languages ☑️ Closely listening to user feedback More on Hedy:  More on Felienne:  #tech #podcast #programming
March 16, 2022
Episode 43 - Laurens Bonnema on Worthwhile Agile Implementations
There have been lots of worthwhile Agile implementations within organisations. However, there’s also a dark side to Agile... Laurens and I discuss how not every organisation actually “understands” it, which leads to forced implementations. Eventually, this lack of understanding can create lots of frustration towards something that’s meant to be helpful. Where does it go wrong, and how we you fix that? Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇 ☑️ Focussing on the single most important thing ☑️ Scrum implementations gone wrong / The dark side of Agile ☑️ Truly acting as a team ☑️ What makes a great leader ☑️ Managers are humans Laurens is someone I truly could listen to for hours, enjoy! More on Laurens:
March 09, 2022
Episode 42 - Alvaro Moya on Remote Company Culture
Want to live and work next to the beach, but stay in the tech space? No problem! Working remote allows you to have the personal life that you want whilst your work life fit around that. That is one of the main drivers why Alvaro started his company in a fully remote setting. He shares how he’s been operating fully remote, some of the pitfalls he’s experienced, and much more! Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇 ☑️ Managing and trusting remote teams ☑️ Clear expectations and long-term partners ☑️ Engineers want to work remote, so organisations offer it ☑️ The issues with working remote ☑️ Personal values, team values, and company values More on Alvaro:
March 02, 2022
Episode 41 - Nicolai Parlog on Developer Advocacy and Content Creation
Nicolai Parlog’s passion for learning, content creation and sharing knowledge is what lead to him joining forces with Oracle as Developer Advocate. I love his enthusiasm and had a blast talking to him about his journey, content creation and more! Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇 ☑️ Content creation as developer advocate ☑️ Varying responsibilities and tasks of a developer advocate ☑️ Balancing self-employment and content creation ☑️ Combining developer advocacy with war-stories from the field More Nicolai:
February 23, 2022
Episode 40 - Kaya Weers on AI bias and Diversity in Tech
AI is becoming more and more prevalent. It’s already making key decisions in our lives. However someone still needs to create that AI. Kaya explains the dangers of biased AI solutions, and we discuss the importance of increasing diversity in tech and beyond. Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order 👇 ☑️ The problem with bias in ai ☑️ Increasing awareness and diversity in tech ☑️ The importance of a safe and welcoming environment ☑️ The impact of your communication Thoughts that stuck with me: AI is changing the lives of people, but people still need to create the ai responsibly Diversity within any sector will not happen overnight, but awareness and lots of small contributions can create big change. More on Kaya:
February 16, 2022
Episode 39 - Pamela Juachon & Katherina Darellas on Landing your First Job in Tech
Landing your first job can seem pretty daunting, especially in tech. Luckily, it's possible to get better at "the interview process". Knowing what you want, what to focus on, and what organisations look at will contribute greatly in landing that dream job! Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order: ☑️ Personal stories on landing first jobs in tech ☑️ Realising your personal values and what to look for in a company ☑️ Interviewing to get better at interviewing ☑️ Thriving within a company and being successful in your career Joining us for this episode are Pamela Juachon and Katherina Darellas, currently working at Palo Alto Networks. More on them:
February 09, 2022
Episode 38 - Rachel Appel on Product Lines in Software
You'll see lots of product lines when it comes to physical products. For example the automotive industry. But in software, product lines also exist. Think of JetBrains and their IDEs. Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order:  ☑️ The ultimate way to reuse software ☑️ Planning for a product line ☑️ Product suites and product lines ☑️ The IntelliJ open source edition just made sense Joining us for this episode is Rachel Appel, Developer Advocate at JetBrains More on Rachel:
February 02, 2022
Episode 37 - Jessica Kerr on how Software keeps Evolving and is never Done
Software has become much more like biology nowadays. It's much more about the interactions and about evolving with the outside world. Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order: ☑️ How software evolves ☑️ Is software doomed to become legacy? ☑️ Rewrite vs Revamp… or both? ☑️ Developers love having impact ☑️ Shared ownership and the software lifecycle My favourite takeaways from Jessica this episode: - Rewrite vs Revamp. Why not both?! It doesn’t look efficient, but it’s a lot more cost effective than only working on the rewrite and then throwing it away two years later. - What we do has evolved and is more analogous to biology than it is to physics. It used to be about getting the computer to solve this logic problem for you. And now it’s much more about the interactions. More Jessica: Enjoy!
January 26, 2022
Episode 36 - Michel Zitman on Cloud Financial Management - FinOps
We invited Michel Zitman on to talk about Cloud Financial Management. Shorthand: FinOps.  Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order: ☑️ Cloud financial management - FinOps explained ☑️ How Cloud Cost inefficiency occurs in the first place ☑️ FinOps as a skill ☑️ Where most Cloud Costs occur, and how to reduce those costs ☑️ Big chunks of optimizations already, and much more when looking ahead My favourite quotes from Michel this episode: - "Awareness increases accountability, which in turn increases awareness." - "Turn off your cloud resources when you don't use them, just like how you would turn off the lights when you leave home." Enjoy!
January 19, 2022
Episode 35 - Hassan Habib on Improving the Engineering Experience
Hassan Habib shares the guidelines he's put into practise when it comes to improving the engineering experience. The main goal: Make engineers enjoy what they're doing :) Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order: ☑️ Increasing the joy of creating software ☑️ The 3 most important aspects to make engineers happy ☑️ Developers communicating with end users ☑️ Introducing standardisation ☑️ Speaking a language people understand My favourite quotes from Hassan Habib this episode: - "If your software engineers are hungry, your code is gonna be hungry, it's gonna be angry" - "If you're talking ideas and possibilities, you have to bring the engineers to the table. You have to have them see the customers and make the connection" Enjoy!
January 12, 2022
Episode 34 - Albert Brand on Speed vs Quality in Software Development
Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order: ☑️ The power of the right environment ☑️ Evolving software vs rebuilding it, and the not invented here syndrome ☑️ Trust is very complex ☑️ What does 100% unit test coverage mean? ☑️ The sweet spot of quality and speed My favourite quotes from Albert Brand this episode: - "Are you really going fast when it slows you down later?" - "Isn't speed just another quality?" Enjoy!
January 05, 2022
Episode 33 - Marcelo Sousa on Making Developers more Effective
Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order: ☑️ Solving practical problems for engineers ☑️ Code reviews are becoming a big problem in our industry ☑️ Leveraging tools to better understand code ☑️ A startup with developers as target audience ☑️ Remote company culture Enjoy!
December 29, 2021
Episode 32 - Gitte Klitgaard on Psychological Safety
Some of the topics we cover this episode, in order: - The what and why of Psychological Safety - High performing teams - Awareness of how you act and communicate - Imposter Syndrome - The value of personal feedback
December 22, 2021
Episode 31 - Johan Janssen on a Career in Coding
Some of the topics we cover this episode, in this order: - Tips when just starting out - Going outside of your comfort zone - The Full Stack term - The challenges of forming a great team - Stability versus Experimentation - The benefits of teaching
December 15, 2021
Episode 30 - Andre Borgonovo on Modular Software Development
Some of the topics we cover in this episode:  - What Modular Software Development is - When to split your application, and how to split it - The role of Software Architect in a cross-functional team - When and how organisations adapt new tech - Hire for mindset, train for skill, and the joy of working in diverse groups
December 08, 2021
Episode 29: Roman Ivanov and Julian de Ruiter on the MLOps mindset
After seeing the title, you might wonder: "What is MLOps?". That's also what I was thinking... But no worries, Roman and Julian explain exactly what it is! On top of that, we go over how to bring your machine learning model to production, the right way, and some of the challenges you might face along the way.  This episode was recorded live in collaboration with GoDataFest: Festival of Data Technology, and Club Cloud: Global Cloud Festival! Because it was recorded live, the intro is slightly different than what you're used to :) Enjoy!
December 01, 2021
Episode 28: Paulien van Alst and Urs Peter on the power of Kotlin
You might've heard of this new-ish kid on the block: Kotlin! And like all programming languages, it's a tool to get the job done. There is no "right" pick, just pros and cons, and Kotlin is no exception. However, the pros of Kotlin certainly make it sound appealing. One of the main benefits that stood out to me from this conversation is very simple: code clarity. If the use of Kotlin as a language creates clarity for the engineers and teams that use it, it's a very powerful tool that contributes to their productivity. Enjoy!
November 24, 2021
Episode 27: Dragan Stepanović on the benefits of co-creation
Pull requests (PRs), the standard way to collaborate in codebases to ensure quality (among other things).. It turns out that they're actually slowing down software development. But how?  Dragan explains how the problem lies in the way it's structured: it's asynchronous. There's a lot of time that passes before the code is merged, and the value is delivered. Large PRs are hard to review and course correct, and small PRs can introduce lots of context switches. However there are ways around this, to have both speed and quality. These ways lie in co-creation: Pair and Mob programming
November 17, 2021
Episode 26: Chris Laffra on how to become a 10x Engineer
The idea of a "10x engineer" is popular in Silicon Valley and is used to refer to a rare engineer who can achieve 10 times more than an average developer. We invited Chris Laffra on to discuss this idea, and as you might've guessed, it has to do with making other people more productive. But before doing that, you'll need to focus on your individual productivity and impact, and maximise that to a certain degree.  Sounds interesting? Listen in to find out more! PS: Chris gave me a copy of his book: Communication for Engineers, and in there he wrote: "To be happy, make other people happy". I love it!
November 10, 2021
Episode 25: Roy Derks on self-taught Software Engineers
As you might know, not every software engineer comes from a computer science background. But why is that? Well.. if you want to learn how to program, there’s not a lot that’s stopping you. Especially nowadays, there’s a lot of content, or even courses and companies, that’ll help you along the way. And as more and more jobs (or parts of jobs) get automated, it might be help to learn about how that automation works in the first place. Just like how we learned to do a lot of math before using a calculator. Caught your interest? Listen in!
November 03, 2021
Episode 24: Anand Safi on Mentorship in Tech
Today we talk about mentorship in tech. One of the best things about mentorship is that it's a clear win-win. It helps the mentee gain clarity on specific situations or career questions. And it helps the mentor in mastering active listening and giving non-biased advice. Hope you like it! Enjoy :)
October 27, 2021
Episode 23: Mirko van Ede and Rogier Lommers on Migrating to the Cloud at
There's a lot going on over at, especially behind the scenes. Today Mirko van Ede (director of engineering) and Rogier Lommers (tech lead) join us to discuss one of their biggest ongoing projects: migrating to the cloud.  Enjoy!
October 20, 2021
Episode 22: Brian Vermeer on the Software Developer Community
One of my favourite things as a software developer is interacting with the community. It's a community that's about learning, sharing, collaborating, and paying it forward. All you have to do to be part of it is to engage with other people. Brian Vermeer is a person that has given back to the community so much so that he became Java champion.  Enjoy!
October 13, 2021
Episode 21: Erwin de Gier on Growing an Idea into a Product
It takes great skill to turn an idea into a product. Especially when you're starting from scratch. Erwin did just that, and shares how he and his team built an app that could improve how kids are treated for anxiety.  Enjoy!
October 06, 2021
Episode 20: Mahdi Fanidisfani on how to become a great Tech Lead
One of the key takeaways from this conversation is that we should favour progress over perfection. Especially as software developers, perfection is something that'll never come. Instead we should focus on progression and let the fear of the unknown drive us forward.  This is what drives Mahdi and how he got to his current position. He shares how he became tech lead, and what skills you should focus on to become one as well.  Enjoy!
September 29, 2021
Episode 19: Jeroen Willemsen and Nanne Baars on Personal Risk and Online Security
Are you comfortable with what you're doing and the problems that might arise from that? In a way, that's what security and personal risk is all about.  Jeroen and Nanne provide some useful tips you can use to secure your own laptop and to reduce the risk of something bad happening. On top of that, they share what they've seen happen when that security is not there.  Enjoy!
September 22, 2021
Episode 18: Robby Coelho on how to be a good leader in tech
Robby shares how he used to clash with leadership when he was a software engineer. Which lead to a lot of frustration. He didn't really understand why they clashed, but after freelancing for a while, he realised the answer lied in the lack of guidance and the quality of leadership he'd experienced. This realisation is what lead him to focus on his soft skills and go down the path of leadership. His way of giving back is to share with us what he's learned on what makes a good leader.  Enjoy!
September 15, 2021
Episode 17: Juan Manuel Perafan on going the extra mile
Some people have trouble starting, but that’s not Juan. Instead, he looks further ahead at his goal to become great at what he does. Currently that’s analytics engineering, which fills the gap between data engineers and domain analysts in the data world! During our conversation, I was truly impressed by his work ethic. I think it's pretty inspring. Enjoy!
September 08, 2021
Episode 16: Richard Kelsey on what it takes to be great at Sales
I was sceptical about Sales at first, but I love the way Richard lays it out: You’re facilitating the buying process, and it should lead to a win-win. It’s not a transaction. It’s knowing your product/service, and more importantly getting to know your customer, what their problems are and what they actually need. In this, it’s very similar to what a software engineer should know, as well about what they’re building and for whom they’re building it. I’m curious if you’ll see it that way as well. Enjoy!
September 01, 2021
Episode 15: Kevlin Henney on the next big disruption in tech and software
Kevlin Henney shares his vision on the next big disruption in tech and software. And the funny thing is, the next big thing might already be out there, it’s just unevenly distributed.
August 25, 2021
Episode 14: Rein Droog on the importance of communication and teamwork at global scale
What really brought Rein Droog and Bugaboo together is Culture. Having that connection, the same principles and shared understanding is the foundation of their success. That doesn’t mean smooth sailing though… Being globally responsible has its own unique set of challenges. The key to overcoming those lies in communication and teamwork. Enjoy!
August 18, 2021
Episode 13: Dennis Doomen on quality in software engineering
What is quality? Why do we need it? How can we improve it? It's a vague term and people often mean different things with it. But we do know it's important.  With over 100 million downloads on his open source project, Dennis "The Continuous Improver" Doomen is our go to guy. He not only explains what quality means and why we need it, but gives us tools to improve it.  Enjoy!
August 11, 2021
Episode 12: Jethro Sloan on his key takeaways from working at a startup
Tight budget, fast communication, big impact. Have you ever thought about working at a startup? It’s an environment where you can really put your stamp on a product or solution. Driven by that, my friend Jethro crossed continents to work at one. But how do you do put your stamp on something? And how do you make it a good one? Let’s find out!
August 04, 2021
Episode 11: Dennis Meelis on VR and AR development: building a life sized rocket and more!
Dennis is the only guy I know who’s actually built VR and AR software. And it’s not just small stuff… we’re talking rockets! It's a shame that a lot of what VR and AR can do is not accessible to the average consumer yet, but why is that?  Let's find out! Authorization Code: 385332
July 28, 2021
Episode 10: Evelyn van Kelle on solving problems without writing code
Even without being a kick-ass developer, Evelyn kicks ass.  She truly leverages her background and passion for social science to help teams and organisations solve problems without writing code.  I didn't completely understand it before talking to her, but the conversation we had was truly eye-opening One of my favourites so far.  Enjoy!
July 21, 2021
Episode 9: Alex Thissen on helping organizations solve the underlying problems
Why is it so hard to solve problems sometimes? Well… it takes a certain skill to be able to identify them. The more you do it, the better you get at it, and Alex Thissen is here to guide you on that path. He’s the guy that not only helps you find the problem, but teaches you how to fix it. Enjoy!
July 14, 2021
Episode 8: Gareth Baars on how his tech startup is fixing the biggest problems in software development
Gareth clearly lays out the biggest problems that a lot of us in the software industry will recognise. But why do these problems exist in the first place? The common denominator he identifies is code (ironically). But how do you solve code..? Listen in to find out!
July 07, 2021
Episode 7: Kenny Baas-Schwegler on Domain Driven Design
You might’ve heard of it: Domain Driven Design… But what does it mean exactly? And even if you know what it means, do you know how to apply it… or what parts to apply? Today Kenny Baas-Schwegler is here to answer all these questions and more!
June 30, 2021
Episode 6: Zowie Langdon on his crypto startup journey and move to BUX Crypto
Zowie takes us through his unique journey within the cryptocurrency startup space. Where it was instantly ‘GO TIME!’, with funds raised within minutes. Where deciding and adapting was key, and hope was not a strategy. This is the journey that lead to him joining forces with BUX Crypto and becoming the Head of Technology. This episode was recorded live at the End2End conference.
June 23, 2021
Episode 5: João Rosa on the skills needed to be a great modern-day CTO
The differences between a good and a great CTO can be subtle, but João Rosa lays them out clearly. Do you need to know it all when it comes to tech? Does success mean you can’t fail? Well… not exactly. Listen in to learn more about the modern-day CTO from a modern-day CTO.
June 16, 2021
Episode 4: Dillon Parfitt on moving countries and starting a new job during the pandemic
Ever thought about what it would be like to take a job abroad and move countries during the pandemic? Dillon Parfitt is one of the few people that took that plunge!! The company he joined… Xebia! On the Beyond Coding podcast Dillon shares the challenges he faced while taking those steps: finding a job abroad, moving countries and starting a new chapter. Check it out!
June 09, 2021
Episode 3: Léon Rodenburg on moving software applications to China and the challenges that come with it
As the first European Alibaba Cloud MVP, Léon is the go-to guy for moving software applications to China. We talked about cultural differences, Chinese cloud providers, and the technical challenges businesses face when entering the Chinese market.
June 02, 2021
Episode 2: Serge Beaumont on mental health and IT leadership
With 26 years of experience in IT, Serge has seen it all. In our conversation, he talks openly about how mental health issues affected his life and how he overcame them. He also shares his experience in IT leadership.
May 26, 2021
Episode 1: Urs Peter on taking the time to share knowledge
As a seasoned software development consultant and certified Kotlin trainer, Urs shares his vision on the importance of knowledge sharing in creating a successful engineering culture.
May 19, 2021