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Beyond The Court

Beyond The Court

By Beyond The Court
BEYOND THE COURT brings together seven outspoken and opinionated personalities, with over 25 years of friendship between them and an undying love for the game of basketball. Their bond of brotherhood was formed while growing up together and was strengthened on the basketball court at a very young age. Now being a lot older and wiser, all seven hosts challenge and debate each other off the court. Following the latest news and drama from the association and media outlets, Beyond The Court brings forth personal opinions and the perfect blend of passion, insight and depth.
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A Recap of The NBA Bubble | Beyond The Court - Episode 16
Well, here we are, the NBA Finals. As the Lakers and Heat continue their quest for the illustrious Larry O'Brien trophy, the BTC crew reflects back. This week's episode focuses on the uniqueness of this year's NBA playoffs housed in the Florida bubble. The crew discusses the Raptors and Celtics series and also dives into what went wrong for Kawhi Leonard’s lead Clippers, a team many expected to challenge the Lakers and win this year's championship. The discussion then segues into earlier playoff match-ups and culminates with the crew reflecting on individual players and their accomplishments inside the bubble.
October 07, 2020
A Conversation with an Icon: Jack Armstrong | Beyond The Court - Episode 15
In this week's episode, Beyond The Court sits down with NBA broadcasting icon Jack Armstrong. For twenty-two years, Jack’s dynamic style has graced the airwaves providing colour commentary for the Raptors and NBA analysis for TSN. Jack drops some gems for the crew and gives his views on the social injustices taking place. The Brooklyn native discusses how basketball grew into a passion, his early coaching career and walks us through the transition from coach to broadcaster. He shares his thoughts on the bubble and reaffirms Raptor fans that this team is built to go deep in the playoffs, so far Jack is bang on!
August 26, 2020
A Canadian Basketball Legend: Sherman Hamilton | Beyond The Court - Episode 14
We’re back! Beyond The Court sits down with a Canadian basketball legend, Sherman Hamilton. The crew discusses the future of Canadian basketball and the growing talent our country keeps producing. Sherman gives us a glimpse into his childhood and how his passion for the game has evolved over the years. The conversation shifts to his predictions as the NBA bubble enters its third week. Sherman also touches on the Raptors and why he feels confident they are in a great position to go deep in the playoffs and potentially repeat this year.
August 10, 2020
The Golden State Dynasty and the Legacy of Kevin Durant as a Warrior | Beyond The Court - Episode 13
Do all dynasties eventually come to an end? Some take a break, rebuild and return. There is no question that the Golden State Warriors will go down in NBA history as one of the greatest dynasties ever assembled. That being said, some basketball fans, analysts and pundits all argue that there was a Dynasty in place before the signing of Kevin Durant. This week on Episode 13, the crew gets into a heated #entanglement while debating KD's decision to play for an all-star filled Golden State Warriors roster and how it has impacted his overall legacy as a player.
July 25, 2020
An insightful discussion with Sportsnet's Eric Smith | Beyond The Court - Episode 12
This week, the BTC crew sits down with Eric Smith from Sportsnet to discuss various topics as NBA teams finally arrive in Florida and start practicing within the Disney bubble. Eric breaks down the Raptors chances and how they stack up against their competition. Eric also discusses his close relationship with Jack Armstrong and how Jack’s mentorship and advice has helped him throughout his career. Eric leaves the team with some sound advice for those getting into broadcasting and touches on the value of having a genuine conversation.
July 15, 2020
Racism & Sport - A Conversation with Donnovan Bennett | Beyond The Court - Episode 11
Beyond The Court returns this week with another Special Edition as we are joined by Sportsnet’s very own, Donnovan Bennett. The crew gains insight into the genesis of Donnovan’s timely and inspirational essay, 'A movement not just a moment: Thoughts for my son on racism and sport'. The conversation then shifts to the much anticipated return of the NBA season as Donnovan shares his thoughts on the reopening. The crew discusses the Raptors chances of winning their second NBA title as they look to enter the bubble in the coming weeks. Finally, we close the episode with Donnovan dropping some knowledge and leaving us with much needed words of encouragement.
July 07, 2020
DeMar DeRozan’s Legacy In Toronto | Beyond The Court: Episode 10
“Don’t worry, I got us...” -- a simple five word tweet, is all that a team, a city and a country needed to place their trust and hopes on the shoulders of one man.This week we dedicate our 10th episode to a Toronto Raptor legend, #10, DeMar DeRozan.
June 29, 2020
The Kobe & Cabbie Sketch that never happened - Interview with Cabbie | Beyond The Court: Episode 9
This week, Beyond The Court returns with a very special episode as we host our first guest. A true Canadian legend and sports personality, Cabral “Cabbie” Richards joins the BTC panel and shares his insights and experiences, giving us a glimpse into what it was like interviewing A-list athletes and celebrities during his time at #TSN. Cabbie also talks about his new role at #BleacherReport and how he has been able to make the seamless transition. He dives into his close friendship with the late #KobeBryant and shares unique moments he has had with the Black Mamba over his illustrious career.
June 20, 2020
Toronto Raptors Championship Recap + The NBA is Back | Beyond The Court: Episode 8
It was one year ago that the Toronto Raptors raised their first Larry O'Brien trophy as they were crowned #NBAChampions. The BTC crew relives this epic journey as each of them share their thoughts and key moments that led to this historic franchise moment. Episode 8 also opens up a discussion about who the top contending teams are as the @NBA makes its much anticipated return this summer.
June 15, 2020
Who is your 2020 MVP? | Beyond The Court: Episode 7
As the @NBA season resumes this month, so does the race for the coveted MVP award. This week, Beyond The Court returns with episode 7, as the crew breaks down who their top candidates are and why they deserve to be crowned the #2020NBAMVP.
June 07, 2020
What is Vince Carter's Legacy in Toronto? | Beyond The Court: Episode 6
Beyond The Court is back this week with a fiery and passionate topic. Once labeled as Air Canada for his high-flying theatrics on the court, to finding himself being questioned for his effort and love for a city that adored him. The BTC crew faces off to discuss the legacy of Vince Carter in Toronto.
May 31, 2020
The Last Dance MJ Documentary (2020) Recap Episodes 9 & 10 | Beyond The Court: EPISODE 5
This week, Beyond The Court is back with Episode 5 as we recap the last two installments of @ESPN’s mini-series #The Last Dance. The stage is finally set, as episodes 9 and 10 take us through two of the most unforgettable series in NBA history. For MJ, the road to a second three-peat goes through a talented and well coached Pacers team, led by one of the greatest shooters the game has ever seen. The crew discusses the hardship faced by Steve Kerr when learning about the tragic murder of his father and how he was able to use the game of basketball as a refuge. Next, we break down the Utah series and the infamous flu game, arguably one of Jordan's greatest performances. We dissect MJ’s immortalizing game-winning shot, in the 1998 finals that propelled the team to a second three-peat. We discuss the what if… what if management could have kept it all together for one more year? And finally, the crew goes around the table with their closing thoughts. As the documentary ends, we leave you with this small exchange... Phil Jackson: Oh my God, that was beautiful! What a finish! Can you believe it?!” Michael Jordan: “Yeah, I can! I never gave up. I never gave up...” Video:
May 23, 2020
The Last Dance MJ Documentary (2020) Recap Episodes 7 & 8 | Beyond The Court: EPISODE 4
We’re back this week with Episode 4 of Beyond The Court. As we build up to the climax of @ESPN’s documentary #The Last Dance, Episodes 7 and 8 are filled with emotional subjects for MJ and his teammates. The BTC crew goes around the table to discuss and unpack topics such as the untimely death of Michael Jordan’s father and the media furor that surrounded the incident. We dive into the emotional toll it took on Jordan, which led to his departure from the game he loved and his transition over to a short-lived baseball career. As the episodes progress, the crew places the spotlight back on Scottie Pippen and once again questions his decision making; this time with mere seconds on the clock. Finally, Jordan's legendary comeback to the game of basketball, the mental and physical games he played with teammates and opponents, all with one objective in mind… winning. Video:
May 16, 2020
The Last Dance MJ Documentary (Recap of Episodes 5 & 6) | Beyond The Court: EPISODE 3
This week on Beyond The Court, the entire crew comes together to review episodes 5 and 6 of @ESPN’s mini-series, #TheLastDance. As we hit the midway point of the documentary, episode 5 opens with a touching tribute to Kobe Bean Bryant. The intentional placement of the tribute at the start of the episode is beautifully brought together by taking the audience behind the scenes of the 1998 All-Star game at MSG, where a 19-year-old Kobe faces his idol, in what would become a lasting brotherhood between two fierce competitors. The BTC crew discusses this relationship in depth along with various other topics such as, the iconic Jordan Brand, the conception of the Dream Team and Jordan’s rise over his peers. We also get a glimpse into the effects and challenges that come with fame as MJ and the Bulls defeat the rugged Knicks and stare down the road to their first three-peat against the Suns, led by Charles Barkley Video:
May 09, 2020
Beyond The Court: Episode 2 - The Last Dance (Recap of Episode 3 & 4)
Beyond The Court returns this week with their second podcast, recapping and discussing episodes 3 and 4 of @ESPN’s documentary #TheLastDance. As the series progresses, we get a glimpse into the life and character of arguably the best rebounder to have ever played the game, Dennis Rodman. The #BTC crew also discusses how the Bad Boy Pistons were the perfect catalyst and spark needed to ignite Jordan and the Bulls on their ultimate quest to becoming a dynasty. And lastly, Phil Jackson, The Zen Master. Video:
May 02, 2020
Beyond The Court: Episode 1 - The Last Dance (Recap of Episodes 1 & 2)
Beyond The Court debuts their first episode with a very special opening topic. The crew discusses the first two episodes of the much-anticipated ESPN 10-part miniseries, The Last Dance. The series features film from a crew that had an all-access pass to the Chicago Bulls during their historic and legendary run in the late 90’s. Beyond The Court dives into various topics by unpacking key moments that transpired over the first two episodes. Topics such as, the role of the front office, Scottie Pippen’s decision making and Michael Jordan’s unwavering drive to win at absolutely any cost. Video:
April 25, 2020
Introduction to Beyond the Court podcast and what to expect.
April 21, 2020