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Beyond The Mat

Beyond The Mat

By Emmanuelle Clouser & Jared Rowan
Beyond The Mat is a compilation of conversations aiming to demystify the yogic lifestyle and bring a contemporary approach to the practice of yoga and many of its tenets. This podcast is a space designed to give you some ideas on how to transcend the practice beyond the mat and allow it to help you navigate life.

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Energy & The Subtle Body with Dr. Alyssa Lindahl

Beyond The Mat

Season 1 Finale: A conversation about life & reactivity
Beyond the Mat is 20 episodes old and what a fun journey this has been! Catch -E. & J for this season's finale where they discuss the how the concept of reactivity applies to life in and out of the studio. This organic conversation is packed with poignant examples that apply to daily life and is guaranteed to make you both laugh and reflect. 
March 31, 2022
Katonah Yoga & Much More with Mary Dana Abbott
This week’s episode is sure to encourage reflection and push you a little deeper into introspection. This was such an inspiring hour for us, so believe it when we say you won’t want to miss this incredible conversation with Mary Dana Abbott. Tune in as we discuss all things Katonah Yoga and how it can apply to life beyond the mat. Our guest: MD’s website MD’s instagram References: Attached
March 24, 2022
It is crazy how much has changed since episode #1! -E. & J take some time to catch-up and have a conversation about using change as tool for transformation through meaningful experiences on and off the mat.
March 17, 2022
Influenced by the Moon
To the moon & back! Tune is as we discuss how to utilize the properties of both the new moon and the full moon as tools for introspection. This episode is all about intention setting and the practice of letting go.  Book discussed:  Anatomy of the Spirit
March 10, 2022
Sutra 2.46
How do you balance effort and ease on and off the mat? this week’s episode is all about balancing these opposing forces as suggested in Yoga Sutra 2.46.
March 03, 2022
Metaphors for Life with Felipe Gonzalez
Bring on the magic! This week we had the pleasure of catching-up with a friend & seriously inspiring yoga teacher: Felipe Gonzalez. Our conversation revolves around metaphors and how/why they are an amazing tool to take yoga beyond the mat. The dialogue is sprinkled with laughter and incredible insight, one of our favorite episode for sure!  Our guest: Felipe’s website Felipe’s instagram Felipe’s facebook Empowered yoga studio’s website Empowered yoga studio’s instagram Mary Dana’s online platform References: Ramayana Astrophysics for people in a hurry
February 24, 2022
You asked and we delivered! This week's episode is all about relationships and how to navigate them. -E. & J first explore the student/teacher connection before moving into a conversation about romantic relationships. There is definitely something for everyone in this episode so be sure to tune-in and leave us some feedback. 
February 17, 2022
An episode on self-love right before V-Day!? Yes please!  -E. & J start the discussion by relating this concept to the practice of yoga before taking it way beyond the mat suggesting that getting to know yourself and caring for you could be the key to universal love. Big stuff! They also chat about small steps to take in the right direction and and their practical application. Fun stuff! Tune-in, you'll love it. 
February 10, 2022
Sutra 1.33
How do you react to happy people? What about people who are suffering, virtuous, or difficult? This week’s episode is all about navigating these different relationships as suggested in Yoga Sutra 1.33. 
February 03, 2022
Episode #11 is the perfect mix of lightheartedness and deep thinking. After a short week off, -E & J are back together and better than ever. This week's conversation includes topics like: exploring vulnerability on the yoga mat, defining vulnerability off the mat & identifying what makes it so hard in our contemporary world, and being vulnerable as a practice. This the perfect lead-up to the month of February which will be  an exploration of the broader topic of love ... of course we couldn't help talking about T. Swift! Tune in!
January 27, 2022
This month started with a discussion how to identify personal goals and manifest them into existence using daily routines that will transform into healthy habits over time. The key word here is "over time" which is why this week's conversation revolves around the topic of self-discipline (also known as tapas). -E. & J discuss the importance of consistency as you navigate both your yoga practice and your life! This episode will give you a new perspective on the the idea of discipline and will leave you feeling informed and confident. Tune-in!  *This is the 1/2 way point for season #1 of Beyond the Mat. We are taking a short intermission: there won't be an episode on January 20th but we will be back on the 27th. 
January 13, 2022
This week's conversation revolves around the creation of meaningful routines and the belief that those routines, over time, have the power to develop into new habits. -E. & J discuss the concept of smaskara (or pattern) and why it is important to be aware of our patterns as we set out to implement new routines. As always, they provide a ton of relatable examples and ideas on how to take these concepts into your daily life.  Links:  Numerology Article Atomic Habits Book 
January 06, 2022
Creation Equation
Desire + Effort > Resistance  It is time to say goodbye to 2021 and get ready for the year to come. In this episode, -E. & J offer a fresh new take on new year's resolutions with the creation equation. They chat about how to maximize the power behind our intentions, and the conversation is filled with relatable examples as well as ideas on how to get started.  If you want to learn more, check-out this book. 
December 30, 2021
Listening is an art and it is also the perfect topic of conversation as we head into a rush of gatherings big and small. -E. & J discuss the benefits of practicing active listening as well as some ways to improve your skills when you are on the receiving end of the conversation. Of course they also chat how listening as it is tied to both the physical and ethical realms of yoga... listen up! 
December 23, 2021
Energy & The Subtle Body with Dr. Alyssa Lindahl
-E. has the pleasure of introducing Dr. Alyssa Lindahl as the very first guest on Beyond the Mat.  Alyssa is a Master Energy Healer who also has a PhD in Psychology. She is an incredible resource to help bridge the gap between eastern and western practices and, on this episode, she gives us an overview of what energy is and how it flows in our subtle body. Alyssa also makes a few suggestions on how to get more in tune with this sometimes forgotten layer of our being and encourages everyone to embark on the healing journey! Find Dr. Alyssa Lindahl (aka. Stellar Blu Energy Healing) on her website or on instagram. 
December 16, 2021
Creativity & Shakti
In this episode, we discuss the practice of creativity and how it applies to being both a student and a teacher of yoga. Jared will help demystify the term "Shakti" and relate it to this week's topic and Emmanuelle will suggest concrete benefits and applications of creative processes in your daily life.  During the conversation 2 books are discussed:  1- The Creative Habit  2- Awakening Shakti  you may find these helpful as you work on introducing creative moments in your routine. 
December 09, 2021
Self Care
-E. & J take some time to catch-up and discuss their plans for the Holidays and beyond. They also talk about the importance of self care and how the practices of the yoga tradition are incredible tools for anyone on the wellness journey. Last but not least, they share their top 3 must-haves items to support your self care routine this season. J’s Top 3: 1 - Book 2- Apple AirPods 3- Bodywork/Reiki -E.’s Top 3: 1- The Yogic Path Oracle Deck and Journal 2- It's a Vibe Meditation Cushion, Incense and Candle 3- Bath Luxury Coconut Milk Soak or Bath Bomb
December 02, 2021
This is the time of the year for gatherings big and small, and as we approach the Holiday season, Emmanuelle and Jared share some tips on how to make meaningful connection with others. They also share some stories and ideas on how to explore your more extrovert side if it sometimes feel unfamiliar to you. Of course, there is also a conversation on how both teaching and practicing yoga are amazing tools for connection and community. Tune in, you won't regret it!  Quote: No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main" - John Donne 
November 18, 2021
Receiving goes hand in hand with giving, so it was the obvious choice for episode 2. Emmanuelle and Jared relate this idea to self-worth, validation, acceptance, and adversity while giving some relatable examples from their individual lives. This is a discussions about openness and how it translates to receiving others on and off the mat.  8:48 - 
November 11, 2021
In this first episode, Emmanuelle and Jared discuss the importance of checking in with yourself (using tools like meditation or journaling) to help inform how much you should give to yourself and what you have to give to others. They also explore many different ways that the act of giving/sharing presents itself in our lives. Quote: "The small woman builds cages for everyone she knows. While the sage who has to duck her head when the moon is low, keeps dropping keys all night long for the beautiful rowdy prisoners."- Hafiz  5:04 - The book mentioned here is actually: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.
November 04, 2021
In this short bonus episode Emmanuelle & Jared will introduce themselves as well as the podcast. Tune in to get to know your hosts and understand the "why" behind this new endeavor. 
October 31, 2021