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Beyond The Rock

Beyond The Rock

By Emilie Hernandez & Jeremy Arntz
A climbing podcast where we talk to climbers to get beyond the rock.
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Ep 29: Shawna West
Shawna grew up in the flat plains of the Texas and Oklahoma State borderline.  The only outdoor activities available were the kind that required level ground with little to no change in elevation. Think soccer, baseball, softball, disc golf, football, and long distance road cycling. Shawna was first introduced to climbing in the Wichita Mountains in central Oklahoma and then again on an adventure trip in the Colorado Rockies with Outward Bound.  Though she fell in love with the sport, climbing did not become a part of her daily physical vocabulary until she moved to Austin in 2005.  There, she started working at the local climbing gym and climbing the local crags.  In- between 2005 and today, Shawna tried her hand at the luthier trade, she became a middle school language arts teacher, she then became a dyslexia specialist while simultaneously working as a stunt professional AND thrashing her way through graduate school until finally settling on a career as a school counselor and LPCA candidate. Shawna kept climbing as much as she could in order to keep her sanity intact!  Did Shawna enjoy blissful, uninterrupted climbing for the last sixteen years, of course not, but after surgery, injuries, sicknesses, and grad school, she always found a way to come back to climbing.  Shawna describes herself as a happy little local climber.  Now that she’s older,  traveling for climbing trips has become difficult but she plans on changing that.  In the meantime, she is determined to find pleasure and peace in the local rock.  During the weekdays, Shawna can be found climbing at the local gyms, or taking walks or riding her bicycle on her neighborhood trails.  On the weekends, she likes to climb outside whenever possible.  If she’s not climbing, Shawna can be found glued to her sewing machine, working in the yard, napping with her pets, paddle boarding, instructing rally racing driving courses, or volunteering for a local children’s trauma clinic.  As you can see, she likes to stay busy. Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
March 5, 2021
Ep: 28: Maya Madere
* This episode was recorded 1/11/21* Maya grew up in Austin and has been climbing and competing for 9 years. Climbing has taken her to boulders, crags and competitions all over the country and around the world. She's currently studying computer science at Stanford. In her free time, she likes to knit, windsurf, and binge The Good Place on Netflix. @mayafm3 Shout-outs: Maya's Parents Maya's Coaches, Supporters, and Mentors Sponsors: Crafted Energy Evolv SToKed Climbing Switchbackr Climbing For Change Tension Climbing Austin Rock Gym Austin Bouldering Project Crux Climbing Center Friends: @ktlambies - Katie Lamb @kev.par - Kevin Par @solomon.barth - Solomon Xaiver Barth @zoe_s36 - Zoë Solis Hosts: Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast *This episode was recorded on 1/11/21.*
January 25, 2021
Ep 27: Joe Kreidel
Hey everyone, my name is Joe Kreidel. I've been a passionate climber for 20+ years now, and have been fortunate enough to climb all over the country, and internationally. As well as being a husband and father of three kids, I'm the co-owner and Head Routesetter at Armadillo Boulders in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas. At Armadillo Boulders, my goal is to help people experience the joy, adventure, and self-discovery that climbing has provided me. Like many Texas climbers, I started climbing at Reimers and Enchanted Rock, eventually becoming obsessed with the physics and problems solving required of bouldering at McKinney Falls. I've lived in many parts of the USA since that time, and have had the opportunity to explore many regions of our country's climbing geography and culture. One of the highlights of my climbing career was having the opportunity to develop boulderfields and a couple crags in the Tucson area. It has been great to return to San Antonio and revisit our favorite Texas climbing areas. It's great to now have the skills to tick off climbs I once aspired to climb, but wasn't capable of back then. What's even more enjoyable is that I also get to introduce my kids to the special areas we have in Texas. Links to some of our community partners and artists featured at the gym are here: Armadillo Boulders Website @armadilloboulders Vertical Solutions @pulpcoffee @espadacoffee @elementkombucha @republicbakery @kowallawax @rikkiannevk @davidmalcantar Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
December 27, 2020
Ep 26: Vincent Pham
Hey guys, I’m Vince, the chill local cragster you run into at the Greenbelt and Reimers every week in Austin, Texas. “He climbs with Fran, wears a red helmet, and he always finds the shake out rest”. I’ve also been enjoying up and then immediately down-climbing routes to spice things up, like Tunnel Vision. Aside from climbing, I’m a big fan of volleyball, basketball, guitar, surfing, and camping. Climbing has taught me a lot. Most recently the idea is that life is s beyond just “living a long, happy, pain-free life”. Climbing can be dangerous. It is full of falls and failures, painful sharp holds and cracks, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. I also work in pain management, so I can talk about that all day! Please don’t be annoyed at all my ticks on Mountain Project. And come by and say hi at the crag when you see me out there! IG @vincentqpham Steve Bechtel - Climb Strong Austin Bouldering Project Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
December 16, 2020
Ep 25: Ilma Vallée
 Hey there!  I am Ilma, I was born and raised in Lithuania, moved to The United States and joined the Air Force. I have been serving for 13 years and it has taken me on quite the journey. I completed my Bachelors degree at the Air Force Academy and went on to become a military pilot. Whenever I look back upon my life I can’t help but think I’m living the American dream! I plan to climb Mt. Denali in 2021 and am looking to fundraise for a local non-profit organization or school during the ascent. My vision is to raise funds and provide updates for a local organization whose mission is to inspire and better youth members of the community. If you, or someone you know is interested in this partnership opportunity please let us know! Cheers! U.S. Air Force Alpine Ascents International @ilma_val Ilma’s YouTube Channel Ilma's Texas Public Radio Speech Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
November 24, 2020
Ep 24: Tommy Blackwell
Tommy Blackwell is a native Austin who has been climbing for 26 years. He started at the age of 44 and has done a lot for the Texas climbing community. He's been very involved in trail and hardware maintenance. He's installed routes at the Barton Creek Greenbelt, Georgetown, and Camp Eagle. If you want to learn some history about how some of the most popular limestone got developed, this is the episode to listen to. Enjoy! Atlas Obscura Video (feat. Tommy) Tommy's YouTube Channel Barton Creek Greenbelt Milton Reimers Ranch Georgetown Access Fund Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
November 17, 2020
Ep 23: Alyssa Garza
Alyssa Garza is the Programs Associate for the Texas Climbers Coalition and a Texas Master Naturalist. She became a climber in 2015 when she discovered and fell in love with it while searching for a way to cross-train dance when she became owner of a dance and acting studio. She is a passionate advocate for access to nature, and volunteers as much time as she can to help protect and clean our outdoor spaces as well as educating people to them. She was involved in the permanent protection of Medicine Wall in Texas, and frequently volunteers her time at Government Canyon State Park. Few things bring her greater joy than having the pleasure of introducing new friends to outdoor climbing, and strongly believes in the pay-it-forward attitude towards climbing and outdoor recreation knowledge. Alyssa has a B.A. in Experimental Psychology and now works as a Digital Product Designer. She's hoping to apply her product design knowledge in a way that can help local businesses improve their digital presence to help them stay strong during the pandemic. She thinks ethnobotany is the coolest thing and will likely provide unprompted fun facts on any nature walk or hike. Shout outs Texas Climbers Coalition  Alamo Area Texas Master Naturalists Armadillo Boulders Access Fund Robin O'Leary #saclimbingcrew My loving husband and favorite belayer @memorylag Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
November 10, 2020
Ep 22: Drew Hulsey
Hey, my name is Drew Hulsey. I’m a climber from Tennessee looking change the narrative on who can be a climber. I mainly sport climb but I’m starting to love bouldering as well. It’s my goal to show that anyone can climb. Shout outs @drewclimbswalls For the Love of Climbing Podcast featuring Drew Free as Can Be Trailer Leave No Trace Pack. It. Out. monopkt Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
November 3, 2020
Ep 21: Chelsea Rude
Chelsea Rude is a professional climber with Adidas + Five Ten. She is the founder of She Sends Collective, an organization aimed at holistically empowering women (cis + non-cis), GNC and nonbinary humans through the vehicle of rock climbing with further education centered in nutrition, self-love, and developing a more kind and trusting relationship with oneself. This is done both through 1:1 coaching with Chelsea as well as group clinics and workshops.  Chelsea is based out of Boulder, Colorado and has been climbing for 22 years. While the majority of her career was spent training in gyms for competitions, she now spends a lot of her time focusing on bringing women together and teaching them the skills they need to feel empowered and safe within climbing.  Today, Chelsea really has been enjoying sport climbing and bouldering, although she wants to become more proficient in trad, ice, and alpine climbing. When she's not out teaching or climbing, she enjoys welcoming each day by watching the sunrise, covering large distances on foot with her dogs, jumping in alpine lakes, baking, reading and learning how to be a better ally for humanity. Oh, watching Grey's Anatomy, too. Shout outs Climbing Grief Fund @climbinggrieffund Brown Girls Climb @chelseanicholerude @adidasterrex @fiveten_official Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
October 26, 2020
Ep 20: Hans Florine
Hans Florine won the first International Speed Climbing Championships in 1991, he held the US title eleven times. Hans won ESPN X Games the first three years in a row. Hans broke the Speed record on The Nose Route on El Capitan 8 times over the past 27 years, and currently hold the record. Hans Co-authored the book “Speed Climbing” in 2003. Hans co-authored the book “On The Nose,” an Amazon best seller, which marks his 100th ascent of The Nose. ⁣ In 2016 Hans was inducted into the California Outdoor Hall of Fame. Hans has produced, spoken, directed, rigged, modeled, edited, photographed, filmed, written, competed, and acted in projects with: National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Outside, TerraQuest, Jim Thornburg, People Magazine, Men’s Journal, Sarah Fergusen TV special, ESPN, and various other photographic/commercial shoots. Hans has been with Bandaloop since 1990 as a: vertical dancer, rigger, fund raiser, and production support.⁣ Hans holds a BS Degree in Economics, Production Operations and Human Resource Management. California Polytechnic State University, 1998. He is certified in APICS- somewhat the precursor to Six Sigma. Received a California Tax Certified Preparer Certification and has completed Dale Carnegie leadership training. LEED Global Green Building Design accredited.⁣ Shout outs Do Hard Things Challenge Access Fund Hans Base Camp Diablo Rock Gym Hans Florine Website Hans IG Hans Facebook Hans Twitter Hans Ted Talk Hans & Peter in the Columns Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
October 19, 2020
Ep 19 : Selena Pang
Aloha! My name is Selena. I'm a long time yoga teacher, climbing instructor and a real estate agent in Austin, Texas and a single mom to an amazing son who will be off to college soon. So that I'm not tempted to follow him around, in 2019 I bought a van for my 50th birthday present to self so I can start ticking the things on my bucket list.If you see me or the SexyBluBeast on your adventures, give me a holler! Let's climb, grab some tacos and share stories. I believe that life is about love, service and great adventures. This year, 2020, has been tumultuous like no other I've known, yet I believe that all growth and progress comes with growing pains. Love knows no colors, gender, age, race or religion; let's unite and create a world that is safe for all. My mission for the next 50 years is to share joy, help people stay safe on the rock, and be a part of the healing so that we have a beautiful place to pass on to future generations. I am an AMGA SPI and an Apprentice Rock Guide. I was blessed to win a scholarship with The North Face to take part in the Women's Rock Guide course and look forward to creating a fun learning environment.  Shout out to @AMGA1979 for their earnest effort in diversity, equity and inclusion on the mountains and in the guiding industry, @accessfund for advocating and conservation efforts, Shelma Jun and @heyflashfoxy for being the fearless voice in making climbing accessible for all, Emilie Hernandez and @texasladycrushers for a great community, and @vandoitco for giving me a comfortable place to rest my head so I'm safe on the road and on the rock. Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
October 12, 2020
Ep 18: Brianne Richardson-Jameson
Brianne Richardson-Jameson is a working mother of twin boys who lives in San Antonio, Texas. Bree is a real estate agent by trade, as well as an avid caver, acro-yogi, rock climber, and ally. She and her partner Sean came on to the south Texas Rock Climbing scene at the beginning of 2019, and haven’t looked back since then. Bree is a fierce advocate for social justice, gender equality, and has a big voice for underrepresented people in the outdoor community. You will often see her getting involved with community projects and teaching newcomers everything she possibly can to get them the experience they need to be safe and successful. Shout Outs National Speleological Society National Park Service Bexar Grotto Meetup Group Black Outside Latino Outdoors Camp Founder Girls Bree’s Real Estate Info Texas Climbers Coalition Access Fund Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
September 28, 2020
Ep 17: Sierra Blair-Coyle
Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, 26-year-old Sierra Blair-Coyle has been competing professionally since the age of 14.  Sierra is the current Pan American Bouldering Champion. She was voted one of the Top 99 Most Outstanding Women of 2015 by AskMen, she has also been a World Cup Competitor (2010-2019), and was a two-time National Champion as a junior competitor. Sierra graduated in May 2016 from Arizona State University with a degree in marketing.  She now enjoys traveling the world competing and doing what she loves full-time. Shout outs (sponsors) MAMMUT MyClimb Ascend Chiropractic Kale & Clover IG @sierrablaircoyl Tumblr Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
September 21, 2020
Ep 16: Cody Bradford
Cody began his climbing and guiding career on the sculpted meta-sandstone cliffs of the North Carolina High Country while attending Appalachian State University. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management in 2012 he gained his first AMGA certification as a Single Pitch Instructor. During this time, he worked as an Instructor and Climbing Specialist for Outward Bound, where he honed his signature instructing style, and also guided for a professional guide service in the area. There, teaching his students and guests on the challenging NC slabs and steep traditional lines, Cody developed educational and technical approaches to further enhance their efficiencies and enjoyment of the mountains. Traveling the country, both living and working in the greater climbing areas and mountain ranges of the US, Cody continued through the AMGA’s rock programs to eventually earn the Rock Guide certification in 2018, the highest standard for guiding rock terrain in the world. He is currently undertaking the AMGA Alpine and Ski discipline programs as his next step towards international certification. Shout outs Access Fund American Alpine Club American Mountain Guide Association @thecodybradford @57hours_app @boulderdenim Brown Girls Climb Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
September 16, 2020
Ep 15 - Amber Caskey
Hi I am Amber! I am a Mom, Wife and adventurer always looking for the next place to explore. I started climbing almost 10 years ago and have taken a different approach to climbing than most. I moved to Austin, TX 11 years ago to pursue a physics and mathematics degree at UT and have not used my degree since. I took a break from my studies to work at Crux Climbing Center and my world completely changed from there. Working at Crux introduced me to a lot of super awesome people (including Em) and organizations I could get behind. I have been all over the map at Crux - I have worked front desk, I was a route setter for 2 years (shout out to shitty sit starts on credit card crimps!) and now I am a House Supervisor for Crux South because we just opened a new location in the Highland area! I love climbing but I love climbing access advocacy even more. I was the Texas Ambassador for Access Fund TX for 2019 and 2020 where I volunteered for the Texas Director of Access Fund, Brian Tickle, on some important climbing access works. COVID-19 has hampered my ambassador efforts so I have recently started to explore broader definitions of access given the systemic racism and misogyny our country faces. I am still learning, I am always listening and I hope you are too! Shout Out to Crux Climbing Center for giving me the resources to be the best community advocate I can be, shout out to Brian Tickle with Access Fund for doing the good work, Shout out to my husband and son for always supporting my volunteer work and shout out to my brothers and sisters raising their voices for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women(MMIW). Please take a moment to research MMIW! Shout Outs Learn about Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) Donate to MMIW Crux Climbing Center Access Fund American Alpine Club Texas Climbers Coalition Rhino Skin Solutions Stone Locals Video by Patagonia Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
August 31, 2020
Episode 14: Brian Tickle
Brian is the Texas Regional Director for the Access Fund. He represents the interests of rock climbers before policymakers, as well as public and private land managers. Since 2017, he has added protections for climbing in the Barton Creek Greenbelt and Bull Creek, and successfully advanced legislation shielding landowners of liability from rock climbing. He was also able to permanently acquire and protect Medicine Wall and Monster Rock for climbing, and has opened the Inks Ranch for a forthcoming climbing festival. Brian started climbing around 2000, and has climbed nationally and abroad, in locations such as Mexico, Germany, and Morocco. Brian is a 10th generation Texan who would argue you can climb year-round in his home state. Shout outs Access Fund American Alpine Club Texas Climbers Coalition Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
August 28, 2020
Episode 13: Mario Stanley
Hey there! I’m Mario Stanley and for as long as I can remember, I have sought the outdoors and have been a competitive athlete. As someone who has spent most of their life in and around concrete jungles, the very smell of the wilderness quickens my heartbeat and sharpens my senses. Rock climbing has proven to be the most disciplining experience in my life, causing me to not just look at what I want to climb but how I plan to complete the route. This involves mental, physical and logistical preparation. In my years of climbing adventures, I have come to learn that being comfortable in any and every environment will allow you to go far beyond your expectations -- so choose wisely when it’s your time for adventure. I trust Beyond Clothing systems for my adventures. I offer the services of private and group coaching / training,  climbing clinic’s and public speaking. I also have a podcast called Sends and Suffers - take a listen when you get a minute!  Shout outs: Summit Gym High Point Expeditions Beyond Clothing North Texas American Alpine Club IG: @mariostan IG: @sendsandsuffers IG: @northtexasaac IG: @highpointexpeditions Sends and Suffers Podcast Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
August 24, 2020
Episode 12: Tré Goode
Tré Goode is a native Texan, currently based in Colorado. Here, he has an active career in photojournalism, specializing in Travel and Adventure Storytelling. He also works full-time as an Emergency Medical Technician, with a focus in Backcountry and Expedition medicine. Shout outs Tré's Mom! Happy birthday (on 8/11/20! IG: @tregoode Wilderness Medical Associates International Stasher Bag Jenn Sends YouTube Channel IG: @jennsends Hosts Emilie Hernandez @em.hernandez @texasladycrushers TxLC Website Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
August 16, 2020
Episode 11: Jamie Roper
Hi there! I'm Jamie, a life-long outdoor enthusiast and climbing addict since 2003. I’m mainly a sport climber but I’m aspiring to be a trad climber as well :) I love traveling to explore new climbing crags and gorgeous hiking areas. I’m hoping to have visited 50 states, 7 continents, and 40 countries (with climbing in 16 of those) by the time I am 40 next year. That is, if COVID doesn’t stop my plans! I live a frugal life and work part-time as an emergency physician to fund my adventures. Love teaching and learning medicine.  When driving solo I am often nerding-out to medical podcast (but let’s not tell anyone). I volunteer to teach medicine, to provide free medical care to those in need (sorry dirt-bag climbers don’t count) and always try to pick up extra trash outside. Shoutouts: Diana - climbing partner Armadillo Boulders Texas Climbers Coalition American Mountain Guide Association IG @jamierop510 Hosts Emilie Hernandez @cookclimbyoga @texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
August 10, 2020
Episode 10: Katie Lambert
Katie Lambert is a professional climber based out of Bishop, California, where she and her husband, Ben Ditto, own and operate Bishop CoWork. Her résumé includes, but is not limited to, first ascents in Yosemite, the Eastern Sierra, and the Cirque of the Unclimbables. Lambert also helps run the Yosemite-based nonprofit Sacred Rok, an organization dedicated to getting at risk, incarcerated, and other marginalized youth throughout California’s Central Valley into nature. She was also recently featured on the cover of Climbing Magazine and Never Not Collective's most recent climbing film, Pretty Strong.   *This episode was recorded on 6/28/20* Guest Info + Shout outs IG @katiebirdlambert Sacred Rok Bishop CoWork Eddie Bauer Athlete Sierra Mountain Guides Pretty Strong Film (click to rent movie!) Hosts + Shout outs Emilie Hernandez IG @em.hernandez IG @@texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
August 2, 2020
Episode 9: Bill Horton
Hi, my name is Bill Horton. I'm a retired chemical engineer and an over-the-hill rock climber. I started climbing in 1976 at Enchanted Rock when it was pretty much the only place to climb in Central Texas. I was very active in climbing there until the state bought the land and shut down access in the early 1980s. They did this in order to install park facilities. I joined Central Texas Mountaineers shortly after it was organized by James Crump and others in the late 70s. This was back when the CTM was a gear co-op and the club pooled money to buy ropes and gear because it was too expensive for most individuals to afford. My 15 minutes of fame in life was getting on the September 1981 cover of the Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine. They did a feature article to introduce the public to the "new" sport of rock climbing. I hardly climbed for about 30 years from 1982 until 2012 when I retired. Then, in 2012, I got back into it and got elected to the Central Texas Climbing Committee, and to the board of directors of the Friends of Enchanted Rock. Now, climbing and giving back to the climbing community is how I spend most of my time. I led the effort to reprint the Dome Drivers Manual and have started working to get the Little Dome Driver back into print. *This episode was recorded on 6/20/2020* Shout outs Granite Gripper Friends of Enchanted Rock SNA Access Fund American Alpine Club Texas Climbers Coalition Armadillo Boulders in San Antonio, Texas Hosts Emilie Hernandez @cookclimbyoga @texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
July 20, 2020
Episode 8: Amara Dawson
Hi! My name is Amara Dawson and I’ve been apart of the climbing community for 9 years. I've absolutely loved every second of it. My specialty is top rope and occasionally I’ll boulder to work on the mental aspect of falling. In 2017, I went to my first all women’s climbing event. It was hosted by Flash Foxy, and it was their Women’s Climbing Festival in Bishop, California.  It gave me a new perspective on climbing and showed me how deep the love and community is rooted. After the event, I went on to take the lead in a group called HAWCC (Houston Area Women’s Climbing Club). I spent over a year hosting events that have resulted in confident climbers, new best friends, and a larger community here in Houston, Texas. The future for climbing in my eyes is never ending. I hope to mentor others on safe practices and find ways to do my part in advocating for the land we use because I believe it is important to give back when we take. *This episode was recorded on 6/18/20 and her business special is valid through August 2020* Shout outs Business: Nomadic Home Co @nomadichomeco @outdoormaven Flash Foxy @heyflashfoxy Texas Climbers Coalition @tccrocks Hosts Emilie Hernandez @cookclimbyoga @texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @all_in_beta @beyondtherockpodcast
July 9, 2020
Episode 7: Jason Kehl
Jason Kehl has been bouldering in Hueco since 1996, logging many winters there living out of his van. Some claims to fame include his first ascent of the notorious Evilution (V12, 2002) in the Buttermilks and the first bouldering ascent of The Fly (5.14d, 2003) in Rumney.  Since then he has made hard first ascents from Japan and Peru to Europe and the US, including The SeventhCircle (V14) in Hueco. Jason is also well known for his collection of bizarre baby dolls and unusual art — see He has shaped holds for SoiLL for 20 years, and has designed more than 10 gyms, including the Englewood, Colorado Earth Treks which is one of the biggest in the country.  He now lives in El Paso, Texas with the lovely Martina Mali and their sweet baby daughter Eva Luna. When not writing guidebooks, he continues to shape holds, design gyms, and make videos while exploring the endless potential of Hueco Tanks. Shout outs NEW HUECO TANKS GUIDE BOOK - Wolverine Publishing  Hueco Tanks State Park Hueco Hacienda SoiLL Climbers of Hueco Tanks Coalition Hosts Emilie Hernandez @cookclimbyoga @texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @thicc_climbing @beyondtherockpodcast
June 11, 2020
Episode 6: Victoria Wang
Hi there, I’m Victoria! I’m an educator, podcaster, climber and hiker. I taught kindergarten for a few years before I decided to start my own podcast. It is dedicated to highlighting the voices of teachers. When I decided to leave the teaching career, I went on a three-month long, solo road trip around the US in my trusty Prius, Bernie. The outdoors has been a constant source of energy, healing and connection. I love getting more and more people outside! I’m currently an ambassador for the Womxn Who Explore Austin community, and my goal is to make adventure and exploration more accessible to people of varying abilities, backgrounds and identities. Climbing is definitely my favorite way of connecting with people in the outdoors, and my ideal day would be spent at the crag, sending, snacking and laughing with friends. Shout outs Victoria Wang  ODID Instagram Beyond Meat Co-hosts Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @thicc_climbing @beyondtherockpodcast BTRP Website Emilie Hernandez @cookclimbyoga @texasladycrushers
May 28, 2020
Episode 5: Nick Fuentes
What's going on?! My name is Nick Fuentes, and I’m from San Antonio, Texas. I quit my job as a professional chef and business owner, and moved to Austin to immerse myself into the rock climbing community. I had recently discovered it and was in mad pursuit of a career in a field I knew nothing about. I was just stoked on rock climbing!! I got hired at Austin Rock Gym as an entry level desk personnel making minimum wage. There, I learned all about climbing and the technical systems involved. I began to get my feet wet with indoor instruction and knew that was what I wanted to do for a living. Shortly after I started at “ARG”, I began ticking off all the trad climbing prerequisites for the Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) course at Enchanted Rock. Fast forward 2 years, it's 2017, and I'm living out of my Jeep Wrangler somewhere in Las Vegas, Nevada. This became the stomping grounds and multi-pitch haven I would come to love. I ended up spending the next 8 months of my aimless life over there until I ran out of money after attending my SPI course with the AMGA. I spent a lot of time dialing in my systems and exploring new terrain like multi-pitch trad routes, summits, and all types of 4th and 5th class sketchy rappels, and other tantalizing summit experiences. In 2018, before leaving Las Vegas, I tested out with Instructor Elaina Arenz and received my official SPI certification from the AMGA. Inevitably, I ended up back in Texas where I now work as a climbing Instructor at a local climbing gym called Crux, I help teach the 101, top rope, and lead climbing classes. On the weekends I serve as a Single Pitch Instructor, and outdoor educator with a local non-profit organization called Explore Austin. This is a group whose main focus is getting children outdoors to participate in adventure sports. In the summer and fall seasons, I work in Colorado as a Trip Leader with Explore Austin, as well as another guide company called Outpost Wilderness Adventure (OWA). In my free time I do what I can to educate myself, train, and prepare for the next step in my career ladder ..the rigorous rock guide course.  I take many trips to El Potrero Chico in Mexico (EPC) to get my big wall fill and I also enjoy flying around the to visit friends around the states for climbing adventure. I recently introduced my nephew and nieces to climbing and it has been a lot of fun. I'm always stoked to climb and I love meeting new people at the crag. I have established many profound relationships with my fellow rock climbers. What little time I do have, I enjoy relaxing and hanging with friends and family. Last but not least - keep the stoke HIGH! Shout outs Nick Fuentes Frontier Outpost AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course Elaina Arenz Tommy Blackwell MBS Challenge 2020 Travis O'Neil - SPI Guide  Hosts Emilie Hernandez @cookclimbyoga @texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @thicc_climbing @beyondtherockpodcast
May 23, 2020
Episode 4: Melaney Russell
Her life has been one continuous adventure as a truth seeker and passion project extraordinaire. Her authenticity is foundational for her leadership that has led her to serve in education, technology, emergency management, and non-profit. Sprinkle outdoor enthusiast and you have yourself a Mel. Shout outs Melaney Russell Melaney's Website THICC Climbing Ambassadors  Brianna Boney Troy Wilson Hosts Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @thicc_climbing @beyondtherockpodcast Emilie Hernandez (absent for this episode) @cookclimbyoga @texasladycrushers
May 20, 2020
Episode 3: Stefanie Myr
Hey! My name is Stefanie but all of my friends call me Stef! I’ve been rock climbing for six years and it’s been the best six years of my life. I currently work as the Head Climbing Team Coach and routesetter at a bouldering gym in Washington state called Climb Tacoma. I truly believe I have the most fun job ever! I love bouldering, inside and outside, but I don’t mind a little sport climbing as well. Other important things to know about me: I have one cat named Petzl, sushi is very important to me, and I love true crime podcasts! Other than that, climbing is #1! Shout outs  Stefanie Myr Climb Tacoma  Mari Kondo Brewer Fitness  Litra RISE Coffee  Professional Climbing Instructors Associatio Maggie Yeung  Michaela Didier  Atomik Climbing Holds  Hosts: Emilie Hernandez @cookclimbyoga @texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @thicc_climbing @beyondtherockpodcast
May 12, 2020
Episode 2: Lindsey Hamm
Lindsey “The Hamminator” Hamm is an aspiring mountain guide who works for Sierra Mountain Guides out of Bishop, California. She began guiding in 2014 and has been a prominent force in the guiding community for the last six years. She is striving to achieve her International Federation Mountain Guide Association Pin (IFMGA). She has guided all around Colorado, Utah, Washington, Denali and California. She was awarded the 2016 GORE-TEX Scholarship for an AMGA course, the Rock Guide Discipline from Arc’Teryx, the 2019 McNeil-Nott Grant for her expedition back to Zanskar in August 2019, as well as the Grit and Rock Grant for 2020. Shout outs Chelsea Rude Hey Flash Foxy to contact Lindsey about guiding Red Point Nutrition She Sends Collective Hueco Tanks North Mountain Guide Book Katie Lambert Molly Mitchell Hosts: Emilie Hernandez @cookclimbyoga @texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @thicc_climbing @beyondtherockpodcast
April 23, 2020
Episode 1: Drew Hayes
Drew Hayes is a seasoned documentary filmmaker, climber, and outdoor enthusiast. He has produced over 100 short documentaries in over 20 countries. As a climber he is always taking on new adventures and opportunities to grow and learn. He has bolted new routes in Argentina, climbed big walls in Nevada, and bouldered in east Africa. You can view more of his projects and work online at his website or follow him on Instagram @DocSkribled. Recently his two passions have merged and he is in development for several climbing films focused on Central Texas. In March 2020, right before mandatory stay at home orders, he under went ACL surgery and is nursing a strained elbow tendon. With both of these injuries, his time in quarantine has looked very different than most as his work out options are significantly limited. Recommendations and shout outs: The Rock Warrior's Way: Mental Training for Climbers - The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life - Mastermind: Mental Training for Climbers by Jerry Moffatt Alyssa Marie Films (  She works for National Instruments, not Texas Instruments ) ww @alyssamarie Hosts: Emilie Hernandez @cookclimbyoga @texasladycrushers Jeremy Arntz @sleepeatclimbrepeat @thicc_climbing @beyondtherockpodcast
April 15, 2020