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BTP - Notes with Nacho - 01 - Reman origins and Starfleet ship fragility

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This podcast covers Star Trek on social media and around the web. We go beyond the show into the hearts and lives of its makers and the fans.
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This podcast covers Star Trek on social media and around the web. We go beyond the show into the hearts and lives of its makers and the fans.

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Beyond Trek - Episode 15 - Generations Anniversary and New Picard Uniforms
Dag and Watney celebrate the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Generations. They also discuss the new uniforms for Star Trek: Picard. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
December 9, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 14 - Star Trek 4 Back on the Menu
BigJ, Watney, and Dag review the recent announcement of Star Trek 4 (14) getting put back onto the front burner. What do we hope to see? What's with the contract disputes? Is this the last chance to save the Kelvin Timeline movies? Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
December 2, 2019
BTP - RiffTreks - 04 - Civil Defense
Attention Bajoran workers. Your attempt to seize control of this podcast is going to fail. You are valuable listeners and we wish you no harm. However, if you do not return control of this broadcast to your Beyond Trek supervisors, we will be forced to take action. Consider your options carefull... your ears depend on it. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
November 25, 2019
BTP - Ronan's Reviews - 02 - Sub Rosa
In this review, we have Ronan put down the Irish Whiskey long enough to express his disdain for Dr. Crusher having a trist with... a ghost. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
November 18, 2019
BTP - RiffTreks - 03 - Sub Rosa
Against everyone's better judgment, the gang powers through one of the more notorious TNG episodes, Sub Rosa. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
November 11, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 13 - A Night of Star Trek and Whiskey
What's better than Star Trek? Talking about Star Trek at a round-table of friends and some nice adult beverages. Join BigJ as he sits down with friends/coworkers to talk about Star Trek and it's ever-lasting legacy. You can watch the recording from 10/19/19 right here:   Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
November 4, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 12 - Spook Trek
In this special crossover episode, Beyond Trek Podcast joins up with Night of the Living Podcast. Join BPT's BigJ and NOTLP's Freddy as they reminisce about their days in High School and talk about the weird, scary, spooky Star Trek episodes. Click here for pictures of the event. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
October 28, 2019
BTP - Letters from the Front - 02 - War is Hell
They say "War is Hell". This Mini Trek is an anthology of stories taking place during the Dominion War. Segment 1 "The Fall of Betazed" featuring: Ben Kientz (L.A. based actor/artist)( as Yelling Soldier Watney as Bewildered Officer Segment 2 "Chief Engineer's Log" featuring: Thriven as Chief Engineer Segment 3 "The Sorrow of AR-558" featuring: Marie as Starfleet Soldier Segment 4 "Bootcamp" featuring: Ben Kientz as Radio Announcer and Drill Sergeant Thriven as Cadet ------- Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
October 21, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 11 - The Motionless Picture 40th Anniversary
Join BigJ, Dag, and TatoAthority (no that's not a typo) as they dive into the recent 40th Anniversary theatrical re-release for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
October 14, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 10 - NYCC 2019 Review: More Discovery! More Picard!
BigJ, Dag, and Watney review the Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard news and trailers from the Star Trek Universe Panel - Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
October 9, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 9 - Cincinnati Comic Expo 2019
Join BigJ, Dag, Tato, and Nacho as we talk about the recent Cincinnati Comic Expo at Duke Energy Convention Center and the fans that dressed up as their favorite actors and characters. You can find an album of some photos from the even here: Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
October 7, 2019
BTP - Federation News Network - 01
The Federation News Network, where news comes first. Featuring:  Ben Kientz (L.A. based actor/artist)( as Meredith Salvo and the Chief Top as Richie Zobel Dag as Yenta and Thriven as the Cadet Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
October 2, 2019
BTP - RiffTreks - 02 - The Doomsday Machine
Who says you can't riff a semi-serious and dramatic TOS episode? We'll show you how as BigJ, Dag, special guest host Laure, Top, and Tato stare down the maw of The Doomsday Machine. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
September 28, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 8 - Aron Eisenberg and the Great River
The Star Trek fandom suffered the loss of our very own Aron Eisenberg, Nog from DS9, on September 21st 2019. BigJ, Dag, Top, and Tato get together to remember the actor behind a character that had arguably one of the best arcs in Trek history. Aron also shared a couple rarely told behind the scenes stories to our co-host, Dag:  The butt-shaking Ferengi dance from "You Are Cordially Invited" -  "I always thought Rene (Auberjonois) was mad at me" -  Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
September 24, 2019
BTP - RiffTreks - 01 - Move Along Home
If you like RiffTracks you'll love RiffTreks. We take some of the more notorious episodes across all of Trek and make comments and jokes as we go along. The gang watches Move Along Home. Allamaraine! Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
September 16, 2019
BTP - Caleb the Half Vulcan from Brooklyn - 01 - The Perils of Pon Farr
Caleb, or K'Leb, is a half Vulcan from Brooklyn. Here, he talks to us about his 7-year itch during battle. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
September 9, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 7 - Star Trek Online and the Discovery-Picard Impact
BigJ and Dag meet with Cryptic Community Manager, Mike, and discuss their upcoming content, voice actor work, and how Star Trek: Picard may affect the game.  Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
September 2, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 6 - Top 10 Voyager Memes
The gang gets together for some fun analysis on 10 hysterical Voyager logic memes only true fans understand. An article courtesy of Kayleena Pierce-Bohen at Screen Rant:   Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
August 26, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 5 - Leave Nothing Behind
BigJ, Dag, and special guest host Lauré dive into discussing and reviewing the recent release of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary, What We Left Behind.  Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
August 19, 2019
BTP - Letters from the Front - 01 - Reaching Toward the Future
Humanity has exposed themselves to the stars and other civilizations. But what about the regular man? How do average citizens feel? We hear from one such person who is cautions about Humans mixing it up with other aliens.   Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
August 12, 2019
BTP - Fragged! - 01 - The Inner Gaslight
Captain Jay confronts his arch nemesis, Mirror Dag, who gives a critical review of the acclaimed "The Inner Light". Will Mirror Dag be victorious? Will he make you think about things you hadn't thought about. Tune your radios to Fragged!  Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
August 5, 2019
BTP - Notes with Nacho - 01 - Reman origins and Starfleet ship fragility
BigJ and his son, Nacho, sit down for a chat and random musings on Star Trek. Topics include Reman origins, fragile Starfleet ships, and those spindly warp nacelles on the Enterprise-J.  Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
July 29, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 4 - The Argus Array: Spying on /r/Picard has positioned themselves to be the primary community on Reddit for the upcoming show Star Trek: Picard. We're getting a report from our inside man, Argus, on the explosive growth of this community following the official titling of the show Picard and the recent events from San Diego Comic Con 2019.  Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
July 26, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 3 - Beyond Trek Podcast & Phantastic Geek
BigJ, Marie, and Dag catch up with Matt and Peter from Phantastic Geek. We talk about Trek podcasts all going for a piece of the pie and building an audience on social media.  Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
July 22, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 2 - San Diego Comic Con 2019: Discovery, Short Treks, Lower Decks, Picard, oh my!
BigJ, Marie, and Dag are coming down from cloud 9 on all the excitement for the new Trek news and give their takes and analyses on all the announced Trek content, including some out-of-this-world casting surprises.  Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
July 21, 2019
BTP - Ronan's Reviews - 01 - Up the Long Ladder
BigJ sits down with an...eccentric reviewer and discusses likes and dislikes of a culturally notorious TNG episode, Up the Long Ladder. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
July 15, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 1 - Who is the Number One Pupper?
Another poster for Star Trek: Picard is here! And it shows Jean-Luc looking over his vineyard with his good doggo at his side. BigJ, Marie, and Dag share their impressions of this new image and speculate on the dog's impact to the show and his/her possible name. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
July 11, 2019
Beyond Trek - Episode 0 - A podcast about nothing
BigJ, Marie, and Dag set out on a new adventure with a new, less serious, more fun, podcast format. We'll have Star Trek news, events, skits, basically a no-holds barred approach in front of the camera and behind. 1 strip of Latinum to anyone who can sit through this and not chuckle. Patreon: YouTube: Twitter: @beyondtrekpod Facebook:
July 8, 2019
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