Hanan Shoubaki, Independent Designer

An episode of Bézier

By Zach Grosser
Interviews with leaders, change-makers, forerunners, and revolutionaries of the design industry.
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Interviews with leaders, change-makers, forerunners, and revolutionaries of the design industry.

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Rebecca Brooker, Co-founder/Designer
Web: queerdesign.club Twitter: @queerdesignclub, @beckybrooker Instagram: queerdesignclub Queer Design Count: queerdesign.club/count Follow Tatiana Mac, Amélie Lamont, Mina Markham, and Kristy Tillman on Twitter. Donate to the ACLU and LGBTQ organizations. Support future Bézier episodes and guests: bezier.show/support Transcript
November 11, 2019
Ahmad Kadhim, Head of Design
Twitter: @AhmadKadhim Web: ahmadkadhim.com Ben Thompson's newsletter: stratechery.com Donate to support this podcast: bezier.show/support
October 29, 2019
Maurice Cherry, Creative Strategist
Web: mauricecherry.com Twitter: @mauricecherry Tumblr: blog.mauricecherry.com Glitch Listen and subscribe to Revision Path, and share it with others! Read RECOGNIZE Follow Sarah Huny Young: @huny Send Maurice money on PayPal Donate to support this podcast, Maurice, and our other guests: bezier.show/support
October 21, 2019
Hanan Shoubaki, Independent Designer
Web: hananshoubaki.com Twitter: @sleeepybun Dribbble: Hanan Shoubaki Venmo Hanan $5: Hanan-Shoubaki Follow: Adam Henderson, Lucas Nelson, and Michael Zhang on Instagram; and Tatiana Mac on Twitter Support Hanan, the future of Bézier, and the rest of our guests: anchor.fm/bezier/support And hire Hanan! hananshoubaki.com
October 7, 2019
Gabriela Fariña, Creative Coach & Designer
Instagram: @gaye_del_sol Web: gayedelsolstudios.com Support Gabriela and the Learning Disabilities Foundation of America: society6.com/gabrielafarina
September 16, 2019
Nikolas Klein, Product Designer
Twitter: @nikolasklein
September 9, 2019
Frederique Matti, Illustrator
Web: frederiquematti.com Twitter: @frederiquepng Instagram: frederique.png Episode transcript
September 2, 2019
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