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The Best Friends Show with Katrina Davis

The Best Friends Show with Katrina Davis

By Katrina Davis
Comedian and writer Katrina Davis interviews top-tier pals about their friendship and much more.
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Glamour Girls -  Jasmine Ellis and Ari Kirk
This episode felt like an audio brunch. I electronically met up with comedian Jasmine Ellis and her best friend, relentless supporter, and professional podcast guest, Ari Kirk. Listen to us discuss the evolution of friendship through motherhood, what it feels like to really be supported when you’re “sensitive”, and how Ari’s daughter is in fact Jasmine reincarnated. Follow Jasmine Ellis on Instagram and Twitter: Follow The Best Friends Show on Instagram and Twitter and DM us your Best Friend questions! If you really like the show, check out the Patreon.
May 06, 2022
Accidental Best Friends - Katrina Davis & Bri Pruett
Bri’s real best friend had a technical compatibility issue (you are loved Alex!), so we accidentally recorded an episode where we talk about how we became friends. This episode is basically a mini version of you getting to smoke with us in the park while Bri hula hoops. Follow The Best Friends Show on Instagram and Twitter If you really like the show, check out the Patreon!
March 30, 2022
Instant Love - Neel Ghosh & Jonas Presendieu
I had to use backup audio for this one, but it was too good to scrap. I sat down with best friends Neel Ghosh and Jonas Presendieu to chat about changes in comedy, the headshot horrors of Los Angeles, and why it’s important to have friends that will tell you that your shoes could be better. Join the BFS Patreon for hilarious extras from this episode. Follow The Best Friends Show on Instagram and Twitter If you really like the show, check out the Patreon!
February 18, 2022
Best Buds - Jess Singer & Jenn Scott
“It’s weeeeeeeed!” I sat down for a gigglefest friendship chat with Jess Singer and Jenn Scott. There’s shameless Mark Duplass plugs, a vent session about movie theatre etiquette, and BFF quiz round. Don’t be a Jim. Listen to this episode.  Follow Jenn Scott Follow Jess Singer Follow The Best Friends Show on Instagram and Twitter If you really like the show, check out the Patreon!
January 13, 2022
Growing Pains - Becky Lynn Blanca & Italia Salvaje
This is Italia’s first podcast ever! I talk to these band-loving buds about forgiveness, being your best friends’ #1 fan, and not being afraid to go for it, whatever “it” is. Please enjoy our hilarious tangent on scare attempts, Italia’s lingering God complex, and a little insight into what it’s like to come full circle in a friendship and have each other’s backs as adults. Oh, and fun fact: Captain Hook is real. Follow Becky Lynn Blanca (You can also watch Becky play live on IG!) Follow Italia Salvaje Follow The Best Friends Show on Instagram and Twitter If you really like the show, check out the Patreon!
December 29, 2021
The Best Men - Nick Skardarasy & Jon Zucker
Well-balanced besties Jon Zucker and Nick Skardarasy join me to talk about accepting your family rank as 2nd favorite, sharing anxieties with your best friend, and shaking people down for the money they owe Planned Parenthood. Plus, bonus marriage advice and a ghosting you’ll never forget. Follow Nick Skardarasy Follow Jon Zucker Watch Nick’s comedy special directed by Jon! Watch Nick & Jon’s short film Follow The Best Friends Show on Instagram and Twitter
December 29, 2021
The Odd Couple - Amy Silverberg & Danny Palumbo
This one is for the Android users. This fun and funny episode with best friends Amy Silverberg and Danny Palumbo includes overly generous strip club etiquette, great tips for crying in public, and highlights the special bond of a friend that respects your right to “Irish Goodbye” (or maybe not show up at all.) Fun Fact: Since we recorded AMY SOLD HER NOVEL! GO AMY! Follow Amy Silverberg Follow Danny Palumbo Listen to Danny’s Album “Good Morning, Mister” on Spotify!
December 15, 2021
FRIEND15 - Kari Assad & Mara De La Rosa
This episode has a lesson in rolling your r’s, an Amber alert, and some good insight on what it looks like to support a queer best friend. Also the aftermath of “breaking up” as friends and a great game idea for when you’re having a bad day. Follow Kari Assad Follow Mara De La Rosa
December 08, 2021
Friends and the City - Ashley Bez & Kristin Manna
Writing partners and best friends in comedy Ashley Bez and Kristin Manna met each other (and me!) within the glittery walls of the New York comedy scene. Listen as we discuss the serendipitous powers of Bubba Gump Shrimp, how to support a friends’ belief in psychics, and the emerging podcast trend of adult sleepovers. Also Ashley gets into her complicated relationship with ghosts, Kristin airs some grievances about restaurant seating, and I finally get to let the world know how I feel about Facetiming. Follow Ashley Bez Follow Kristin Manna
December 02, 2021
Deep Cut Companions - James Fritz & Allen Strickland Williams
James Fritz and Allen Strickland Williams approach friendship with the understated cool of a 70s New York basement hang. We discuss their shared love of music, movies and fast food franchises of the southeast, with a special audio appearance of their shared lawn person (not a gnome.) Come for the conversation, stay to hear Allen tell the most badass Postmates story ever. Follow James Fritz Follow Allen Strickland Williams Listen to James & Allen’s Podcast
November 15, 2021
Bestie On The Block - Katy French & Rachele Friedland
Hold on to your blanket, we're getting cozy for the first LIVE episode! I get comfortable with comedians and best friends Katy French and Rachele Friedland and talk about their same-street solidarity. We also discuss failure, twerkshops (it’s exactly what it sounds like), and admitting when you really need help from someone you trust. Follow Katrina on Fireside to catch the next LIVE episode - Follow Katy French Instagram - Twitter - Follow Rachele Friedland Instagram - Twitter - Watch Katy and Rachele do a BF kitchen upgrade on LaughCryDIY -
November 02, 2021
The Pack - Alex Hanna, Cooper Lyden & Dan Donohue
A friendship built in parody. This episode gives us a glimpse into the supportive man trifecta that is Alex Hanna, Cooper Lyden and Dan Donohue. A trio of comics just trying to make it in this crazy world, this heartwarming and hilarious listen is filled with fun, fantasy, and good friend advice. Just dudes helping each other dude better. Follow Alex Hanna on Instagram Follow Cooper Lyden Follow Dan Donohue See Cooper in an IHOP commercial!
October 18, 2021
First Friends First
A quick introduction into why Katrina started this podcast in the first place. I tried not to give away too much, but my friends are crazy fun and may or may not be able to read minds, so I'd keep listening if I were you. 
October 16, 2021