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God Goodness Love and Light with Bhavna, The Golden Light

God Goodness Love and Light with Bhavna, The Golden Light

By Bhavna,The Golden Light
Are you tired of living being not acknowledged in your life? Would you like someone to help you discover your light? Bhavna, The Golden Light, She is an International Speaker, bestselling author of 2 books, coach, mentor, workshop/retreat facilitator and The Golden Light. Her mission is to release the pain and spread love & peace in the hearts of 84 million people in next 2 years through this podcast God Goodness Love & Light. In this podcast Bhavna takes you through stories of finding yourself when you are at your lowest and reconnecting/reawakening with GOD/LOVE/HOPE/LIGHT in your life.
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Are You Living in Goodness? Let's Talk now!
This episode focus on how you think and your thought and do they create and make you and why they are so important. You will also learn to uniqly starting live without judging others but accepting people as they are for who they are. You can connect more with me if you would like to work with me as a coach or mentor at and to know more about my work visit and
April 14, 2022
My journey starts!
Life is all about our choices what we make and how it gets better or worse with it. I made a choice to step up in my life to support others and God said Yes when i said YES:) What are your choices and are you choosing ? let me support you continue listening. To know more about me or work with me visit or email me
March 30, 2022
My story of meeting God
Listen to my story of how I met God and how he saved my life. This belief, the call from my heart and soul was heard by him and he came only on God goodness Love & Light with Bhavna, The Golden Light
March 15, 2022
Everyday Ripples with Bhavna, The Golden Light & Nancy Javaras
Welcome to our Podcast Everyday Ripples with Bhavna, The Golden Light.Learn how I can help you achieve your wellness goals by subscribing to my email list to receive a free copy of my guided meditation video to release your fears. Plus, receive our limited time offer FREE 15-minute consultation over the phone or via Zoom Meeting link:  Hit the like button and subscribe to learn more about the Golden Light Healing with Bhavna.  Follow Bhavna:,,  Contact us: or email - In this episode our Guest speaker is Nancy Javaras.Nancy Javaras of Nancy's Nutrition Inc from Boston, MA has been in business since 1999.  She is the owner and founder of Nancy's Nutrition Inc, a holistic health coaching business. Nancy is a specialist in Digestion, Detox and Weight Loss.  She is also a health coach for hormonal health and gut health and a SANOVIV Nutrition Advisor.Nancy has expertise in healing the gut, the gut brain connection, digestion and detox.  Nancy has been symptom free from her ulcerative colitis for the past 20 years and has helped many of her clients heal gut issues, digestion issues, elimination, anxiety, brain fog, heavy metal toxicity, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance, poor sleep,low energy and weight gain  Nancy is also very familiar with energy work and how the emotional body can affect the physical body, especially regarding the gut brain connection.  Nancy has studied the chakras and energy work with Bhavna since 2011 and is a REIKI Practitioner.She is passionate about helping her clients to heal their bodies through detoxing from toxins, heavy metals and toxic emotions.To know  more about her and connect to her please visit her website. Her website is  or call her at    508-527-4149.
January 14, 2022
Happy New Year Visioning & Clearing with Bhavna, The Golden Light
A very Happy New Year 2022 to all my listeners. I wish you all happiness, Good health and harmony in your life this year. Today i bring to you visioning and clearing with Bhavna, The Golden Light. For more information on my work or book me as a speaker for your workshops, retreats or summits feel free to email me at and visit my website
January 04, 2022
Everyday Ripples with Bhavna & Abraham Paul Vatakencherry
Abraham Paul Vatakencherry Global Influencer, Mentor & Strategist India. A seasoned thoroughbred professional in top management for strategic alliances with a demonstrated history of working with a wide range of domain ranging from fitness to healthcare, immigration, international education, service industry, business consulting, etc. in short, he carries with him more than two and half decades of hands on experience and has donned many hats like assisting certain chambers of commerce and industry in India in top management positions and also finds mention in various advisory boards of organizations / institutions in both national as well as international ones , Possessing a strong inherent passion for corporate interaction with the student community in general , but not confined to it alone but open to a bandwidth from school to professionals augmenting their professional growth . He is armed with a post-graduation in English literature and is an MBA in Marketing as well as Personnel Management. Apart from that he has undergone a certification course in Corporate Governance from the University of Sussex, UK. which clearly stamps his authority in any said field .. Now to add another feather to his cap which is already rich in experience he has found his way through one inspiring article each in the Inaugural Special Monaco Edition of "The Billionaire Chronicle" from Monaco, launched on Oct 7th 2018 and in Inaugural Special Dubai Edition of the "The Billionaire Chronicle " launched on Jan 10th 2019 and his profile hitting the epitome of the popularity charts amongst the niche community of readers in it.
November 24, 2021
Everyday Ripples with Bhavna, The Golden Light & Almas Virani
Almas Virani is a a Podcast Coach, Keynote Speaker & Public Speaking Coach, Author, Corporate Trainer and Changemaker. She gave her first speech at 11 and has dropped mics since then. She is known for her exceptional panel moderation and interviewing skills. A poet, backpacker, and single mom, she is a power- packed personality with very high positive energy.With a long career in Corporate Training, she has trained and coached more than 35,000 people across several organizations.  Podcast Host – ‘Beyond Cliché’ a show that creates awareness on gender stereotyping; ‘Unplugged Baatein with Almas Virani’, a show where she unplugs life through interesting conversations; ‘Changemakers’ a show about inspiring Changemaker Stories.  Founder of a forum called XpressHER, a platform for collective feminist voices.Founder of the Ninja Podcasters Program, a program that helps you launch, scale and grow your Podcast from scratch. (
November 16, 2021
Everyday Ripples of moods with Bhavna, The Golden Light
Discover how moods affect and rule your life. The weekly check in.
October 26, 2021
Changing your mood tip#2 with everyday Ripples with Bhavna, The Golden Light
Learn how you can change your upset mood with a tip and immediately feel normal and not be upset with Bhavna, The GoldenLight
October 06, 2021
Creating ripples of not being upset with Bhavna, The Golden light
In Life we tend to get upset on small little things and and then we feel hurt learn in this episode how Bhavna, The Golden light shares how not to get upset and why? If you love Bhavna's work and would love to connect and work with her you can reach her at or go to to work more with her. She is an International Speaker, best selling author, coach, mentor, trainer & the Golden Light along with other many modalities too. She helps people learn to live in abundance of money, Love & happiness.
September 30, 2021
Creating Ripples with Bhavna & releasing chatter thoughts !
In this episode of Creating Ripples with Bhavna, The Golden light & releasing chatter thoughts, she takes you through noticing your different thoughts and and gives you a tip to change the chatter negative thoughts in a fun way. For mire about her go to
September 08, 2021
Everyday Ripples of your Thought with Bhavna, The Golden light
Let's understand our thoughts and that every thought is different for every person so we should not judge anyone. For more information or to work with Bhavna ,The Golden light to create ripples of happiness & love in your life
August 24, 2021
Everyday Ripples to Release Anxiety part 2
Listen & learn about a tip in how to release anxiety with Bhavna, The Golden Light.
August 11, 2021
Everyday Ripples to Release Anxiety
Let's create ripples of releasing anxiety by first understanding it. Do you have it? Does someone in your family or friend have it? what can we do apart from having medicine or is there anyway to feel better. Let me give you some tips to help you feel better by releasing anxiety. Join me in listening Everyday Ripples with Bhavna, The GoldenLight to feel better everyday and create ripple for yourself and others too in life. For more information on my work or to work with me please visit my website &
August 03, 2021
Everyday Ripples of Hope part 3 with Bhavna, The Golden Light
Hope is different for every person depending on their circumstances. Just because its a word called hope its not same. It means different to different people. We should respect the choices and understand that and welcome that. Try this week to understand 1 person at least whether its your family member or your friend what kind of hope they want. Add in your comment in what and how you did lets share and inspire each other.
July 28, 2021
Ripples of Hope Part 2
How do you influence and create hope in someone who has given up totally when even the doctors say you are going to die. Listen in and create and share everyday Ripples with Bhavna, The Golden Light :)
July 20, 2021
First Ripples of Hopes
What is Ripples, understanding and then planting the seed of our first ripple, HOPE. This ripple is sent to you this week to receive hope in every aspect of your life to start the transformation. Tomorrow just observe how your ripple shifts you. Day after you start to create the ripple of hope for others by sharing this or empowering all those you come in contact with somehow giving them the ripple of hope in their life. Lets create our first ripple of Hope throughout the world and give everyone the Hope :) See you next week with another ripple to shift you and your life. Stay Tuned.
July 13, 2021
Welcome to Everyday Ripples with Bhavna,The GoldenLight!
Welcome to Everyday Ripples with Bhavna,The GoldenLight, a thought leader, International Speaker, Best selling Author, Transformational Coach,Mentor, Trainer, Soul Strategist, Abundance Manifester & The Golden Light her to help you transform your life with small shifts through talks, ideas, meditations & tips.
July 09, 2021