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By Robert mccormick III
THIS FEBRUARY, ALL BETS ARE OFF, it will be my 3rd year of podcasting, and I treated it with kid gloves.....those days are gone. If the world is changing, then I need to change with it or get left behind. I want to give you the very best podcast I can, and no subject will be OFF LIMITS, so enjoy your holidays,eat,drink,and be merry..... because ROBERTO will give you a earful.....see you in February.
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SEX, another thing all humans share, and that's the urge to see somebody naked and ready. Over time, people have done everything to make things last, men in prison wish they could be sharing a bed with a voluptuous woman that needs it more then they do, and people have different ways of have sex.... BONDAGE, WHIPS, CHAINS, THREESOMES, etc.,but there are also those that use sex badly.. PROSTITUTION, CURRENCY, etc. It's a very touchy subject, especially with teens, because it's becomes a guessing game, and there not going to say do to there I said,
January 04, 2022
CHRISTMAS, the big daddy of them all is shortly approaching, starting on BLACK FRIDAY, people are trying to buy,buy,buy, while others want to steal,steal,steal. Porch pirates is on the rise, people stealing boxes and other things from other people's porches, I labeled them Asswipe, but however you enjoy your Christmas, I won't be, the last year has been nothing jolly, and I don't see HOLIDAY CHEER anywhere, or PEACE ON EARTH either. For me, Christmas has no meaning for me now, and no miracle will change that.
December 09, 2021
At midnight (KC time) it would be 1 year since my mother passing, what proceeded afterward was what really hurt me. My family will not be on the same page, probably never again, I've kept myself busy, PAINTING HORSES, WORKING ON MY SUNGLASSES, MAKING MODEL CARS, etc., it hasn't been easy or fun. I hope my words will be heard when I say.....IM AND ORPHAN, I NO LONGER HAVE EITHER OF MY PARENTS, AND I MISS THEM BOTH DEARLY. I life changed that day, and nothing is the same now. Cherish your family, because nobody is promised tomorrow.
December 04, 2021
OMICRON,the latest variant of COVID 19, it's has traveled from AFRICA, where it all began. Be damn about politics, be damn about government period, because these THREE STOOGES OF VIRUSES is leaving more bodies them JIM JONES, which tells me in no words that.....this virus will NEVER go away, it gets strong as we get weaker, and nobody right now is on the same page.....sorry to say, we will all die, just to prove a
December 02, 2021
Any man that can beat up his girl or child? Are a bitch, any man that can't do that to other men? You are a bitch, and any man that thinks it's ok to do it in front of there children? YOU...... ARE.....A....BITCH! ABUSE happens everyday, somebody somewhere is getting there ass kicked, for the most dumbest excuses to come by. I've seen abuse from all walks of life, I never once wanted to hit a woman or child, because unlike most men or women that do, I was taught better. Look up ZAC STACY, the gentleman for whom I did this podcast for, because he too is a woman beater, child beater, and now is a BITCH
December 02, 2021
The Rittenhouse verdict was b*******, but it opens up a new door for other evil things to happen,especially vigilanteism. With the verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse,other people who like to carry automatic weapons of every kind will see this verdict as a way of getting away with killing someone undergrounds of self-defense.Our justice system has been screwed for many many years innocent people go to prison for decades,while others that done the crime don't get a damn thing. I Always wonder what would be said about me if I was to be shot for no damn reason? I don't have a record never been to jail or prison for that matter, but yet I'll probably get killed and they would try to bring up every little single thing they can to justify me getting murdered,and that's basically what they did with Kyle Rittenhouse dug up the two men he killed past to justify their death now, it's scary,it's frightening, and a bit evil,there is no justice for all, just some.
December 02, 2021
Yesterday was THANKSGIVING, but for me and was just another day. My holiday love went away, there nothing there, NO JOY, NO SPIRIT, not even jolly, but for my family, there is nothing to enjoy or love any longer. I'm not bitter, just staying facts. I would give my own life to see and smell my mother's cooking, just one last time 😞.
December 02, 2021
On NOVEMBER 5TH, a bunch of people went to DEALEY PLAZA, the historical site of the assassination of JOHN F KENNEDY, to wait for the arrival.....of JOHN F KENNEDY JR , the son of the late president, I have only one question about this....WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH Y'ALL??? HAVE YOU LOST THE REST OF YOUR MINDS? waiting at the the site of a U.S. PRESIDENT ASSASSINATION for his son, who also is dead for 22 damn years? Is this the GREAT AMERICA TANGOS was talking about? People that have been crazy all along have came out of there mom's basements to wait for a dead man to endorse another man that is also delusional.....Lord help us.
November 16, 2021
With the COVID 19 diagnosis of AARON RODGERS, it just came to me that a child has more courage then half the grow ups fighting begin vaccinated. Pro athletes get hit, dunked on, and outran all the time, and you mean to tell me that ... YOU'RE NOW SCARED OF A VACCINATED NEEDLE??? Hell, that's probably how most of them stay in shape(if you know what I mean), but I chalk it up to SOME WANT COVID TO STICK AROUND, because it's so damn irresponsible to not get it and be around there team and
November 10, 2021
THE CLIMATE, for years we have ignored the world around us, the climate being the biggest thing we have ignored. President Biden took part in a summit on climate control, and how America is going to do it's part in fixing it.....but what if it's too late for it? With everyone not giving a damn these days about pretty much everything, why would they care about the environment? We as humans always want to learn the hard way, and the world will obliged them.
November 03, 2021
COMPETITION, the thing that every team,show, or town has. The competition on some game shows reminds me of THE ROMAN ERA, you got rich ass men and women in togas watching enslaved gladiators fight to stay alive against other competitors. Remember THE RUNNING MAN? no not the dance, the movie, criminals are set to run from Merc ready to cut them down? It's a Arnold Schwarzenegger movie through and through, well competition shows haven't gotten there....yet. I'm just waiting for the day someone dies on a competition show, and it will be a ratings blockbuster, and I wouldn't be surprised it was.
October 30, 2021
46, a number that a few decades ago to me was laughable, probably because I thought I'd be dead...but here I am, celebrating yet another birthday, and reflecting on things long passed. I'm glad 45 is gone, and that's including the REAL #45, but it was without a shadow of a doubt, the worse age of my life, good riddance. bhp20/
October 24, 2021
2024, the year that some believe will be...THE CHANGE, if the last couple of years has taught me anything it's the fact that.....nothing surprises me anymore. Grown adults yelling at kids that have mask on, unvaccinated folks using THE CONSTITUTION to get out of getting it, people replacing American flags with black American flags( what the hell is up with that?), and those that follow TANGOS as he brainwashes his way into his FOLLOWERS that he will be president again in 2024(bulls**t), and all that is leading to 2024....god help us all.
October 16, 2021
They're are shortages going on, worldwide, on FOOD, CLOTHES, ELECTRONICS, etc., the reason it's happening because for some reason there are cargo boats on both sides of the country are still in like...a holding pattern so to speak. The holidays will take the biggest hit, but all we can do is to be patient, which nowadays is in short supply as well.
October 09, 2021
The mandate order has started, and some people have loss there jobs because they DO NOT have a you rather be out of work and probably get sick, to prove a point? My thing is yes, it's a free country, but I'm pretty sure it's doesn't say I'm the Constitution that THOU SHALL NOT HAVE TO GET THE SHOT, but if you want to exercise your right while a virus kills 700,000 people? By all means, exercise, just stay the hell away from me and mine.
October 02, 2021
"WE ARE THE WORLD", a song made in 1985 for SAVE AFRICA, it had 46 musicians in one room at one time, there has not been another time when that many stars was selfless. In 2021, the song hits in a whole other way, with things in this world as they now, the song is very relevant....however this song would not survive in this century, with so many egos, selfish people, and the world is nothing like it was 36 years ago. WE ARE THE WORLD is not this world anymore, it's as separate as ever.
September 25, 2021
THE WAR OF THE VACCINATED AND UNVACCINATED, one has gotten a shot and has been better off, and the other is fighting it tooth and nail, it's nothing new, there have been rebels throughout history, some for good reason, and some for the worse reasons. I was fully vaccinated in July, do I feel different? Not really, have I lost body functions? Hell nawh, have I lost the will to....get it up? Not according to my wife(😉), so it's really strange that some rather take the chance of getting COVID then getting the shot to be vaccinated because of COVID. If you don't want it for you, do for those that had no vaccine at all, do it for family,friends, or every HUMAN being around you, but it comes down to.....HARD HEADS MAKE FOR SOFT ASSES.....
September 23, 2021
Afghanistan or Afghanistcan't
THE EVACUATIONS OF AFGHANISTAN, it was not pretty by no means, it's was sloppy, creepy, sad , and terrifying.....but it not BIDEN fault, in fact the AFGHAN ARMY is the faulty ones. This evacuation was almost exactly like The evacuation of Saigon, it too was terrible, but Americans always blames the NEW GUY, not the one who many initiated the process. I'm glad the war in Afghanistan is over, I'm glad the soldiers that served there are finally coming home...but the home they left is not the same at all. COVID, DELTA, VACCINATED, ANTI VACCINATED, T***PETS, POLITICS, POLITICS, AND POLITICS. This evacuation is just part of an AMERICA thats fastly become unrecognizable. The Taliban was just waiting for the U.S. to leave to do what they did, there extremely patient, and was just waiting there time to do what they done, no matter how many years we would have stayed.
September 18, 2021
On 9/11, this country witness the worse attack on U.S. soil since PEARL HARBOR. The day after it, I seen something I thought I would never see...ALL AMERICAN BEING ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH. We all was hurting, but we hurt together, we cried together, and we more on together. 20 years later and it's like we all never was that way, everybody is for themselves, nobody working for anybody, we all hate each other over petty s**t, killing, arguing, the whole nine yards, so I ask myself.....IS THIS COUNTRY WAITING ON ANOTHER TRAGEDY TO WORK TOGETHER AGAIN?
September 11, 2021
9/11, 3 numbers that changed our way of life. Everyone should know where they were on the worse day in American history. Alot of thing happened on that day, but the one thing, above all else, WE ALL WAS ON THE SAME PAGE, American wise, feeling wise, hatred wise, nobody felt any different about it, but NOW, will argue over a sponge either being democrat or republican, a vacy or unvacy, truly Americans or UnAmerican, but please remember, there are 2000+ people that don't get to be involved in any discussion, cause they are no longer here.
September 10, 2021
Texas has made a law that women cannot have abortions, and it's the most dumbest law I ever heard of. They make this law at the most weirdest time in our country's history. We have covid breathing down our necks, we have people that don't want to be vaccinated because they think it's a conspiracy theory, and you have dumbasses that do not want to wear a mask because it makes your face warm, but this law just tells me that men really think it's still the 20th century. Women are protesting All over Texas because of this law, that they cannot have an abortion by no means, and by doing so they break the law, but what kind of law can tell a woman what she can't do with their own damn body?, what's next? Women can't drive without their husbands in the car? rapist had to pay child support?, women have to wear dresses from the 1800s? All I know is that this law is about to set a lot of women off not,just in Texas, but around our great nation as a whole, and we seriously do not need this or women need this right
September 04, 2021
FAITH for me is dead, I have no HOPE, FAITH,SELF ESTEEM,or anything now. I lost everything because I don't believe in myself, I do believe that humanity is wanting to kill itself, and we do it every single day. I have no faith in family, employment, people, all of it is dead...and the most terrible thing about it, nobody will care what I think, which is why I say I have no faith no more. FAITH to some is a challenge, to see if they can break your faith, to make you believe anything that NOT your faith, and that just tells me that FAITH is something this world doesn't want.
September 04, 2021
Last March our nation came across what seemed to be a uncontrollable virus, in it's wake over 600,000 people have died, since then there have been vaccines to combat this virus, but a new strain of this virus is out there, and it's now infecting the children....they do not need this, to be sick in a hospital, without there parents or anybody, but even that hasn't made some want to get vaccinated. This subject is very close to my heart, and I figure that if even a child might die still doesn't make you want to get vaccinated.....then you don't give a s**t about anything, and we all are screwed..
September 01, 2021
THANKS, something you say when someone helps you out, well for 2 years that I done this podcast and my old one as well, I've had had some ups and downs. I never took the time to thank those that actual listen to my podcast, and I'm not doing this to get listeners or promote, I'm just giving THANKS to all those that give me a listen, and it's much appreciated...
August 28, 2021
POLITICS, it seems to be the one thing to piss someone off about, whether you vote DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN, it's sets people off. I feel like I'm watching the sequel to COLORS, but the one thing I've said before is...IM DONT LIKE POLITICS OR POLITICIANS, and whether you believe it or not, none of the folks in Washington give a dam who you are until 4 to 8 years. The LAST PRESIDENT is the biggest fight word, but he too could care less, so basically, all Americans getting pissed off about other people's political views is getting really stupid, and fighting with me about it will only get you looking at my back, cause it's a waste of time.
August 25, 2021
More then 700,000 people die due to suicide every year. For every suicide there are many more people who attempt suicide. A prior suicide attempt is the single most important risk factor for suicide in general population. I came close to committing suicide, but fail. In the world we live in now getting scarier by the minute, suicide for some is a last resort.
August 21, 2021
THE FALL OF AFGHANISTAN, AND THE FALL OF SAIGON, different,yet same, both involved u.s. military evacuations, both were brought on by enemy forces, and both involved a long standing war, only difference between them is the century (20th and 21st) and places (AFGHANISTAN and SAIGON, Vietnam). Both had massive evacuations for U.S. citizens and those that helped them during there war, they both came at the end of both wars long fought, and people that want to flee there countries. I feel bad for the U.S. MILITARY in both, they spent all that time and energy training the afghan army to defend there country, and fighting the north Vietnamese army against terrorist and other threats,spent BILLIONS of dollars, and lost lives, just for the afghan army and the south Vietnamese army give in without even putting up a fight. Both wars cost billions, they both had thousands upon thousands of deaths and wounded, and both will be burned into our psyche forever.....
August 18, 2021
PRISON ARE OVERCROWDED WITH DUMBASS PEOPLE, but among them is probably a innocent person. Some say they haven't did nothing yet are still serving time. There's places that fight for those that are innocent of the crimes they supposedly committed. I know I'm not the only one that doesn't trust or believe in our justice system, because if they can let a person who has done nothing rot in jail, then it's hard to believe I'll get any justice from it.
August 17, 2021
Since 2007, FACEBOOK has had millions of people on it. Well it's has changed over the span of a couple of years, with POLITICS, HATE SPEECH, AND HOAX TALK, it's made FB a so called SENSITIVE SOCIAL MEDIA. You can't joke, voice you opinions, or say anything that remotely sounds serious, and your place into FB JAIL, which mean you're locked out for a certain amount of time, I know this because I'm in fb JAIL was we speak, for 3 days, over something I said funny to my nephew.......DAM, WHY SO SERIOUS????
August 14, 2021
We as a society are scared of alot of things....nobody knowing us, dying without leaving something behind, and... Commitment. MARRIAGE is a commitment that once you do it, that should be it right?? Well...not really, it's been proven over the years that marriage is not for everybody, however, they can ACT the marriage, even the living together and having kids. If you take the time to ask someone's for there hand in marriage, then never get to the alter, cheat, or hate the person? The word shouldn't of passed your lips. I'm going 12 years in my own marriage, no it has not been a cakewalk, but I love her, she loves me, and we didn't need a reality tv show to find my dam wife, and if it just because of sex??? Then you really need not even think of marriage or engagement.
August 13, 2021
THE OSCAR, the epitome of acting excellence, many have done that one or more movies that wins them that statue....almost. There are some actors and actresses that should have atleast one Oscar, there are some movies that should of been atleast nominated, but some strange reason they're not. MORGAN FREEMAN(1), JAMES EARL JONES(0), GLENN CLOSE(0), MICHEAL KEATON(0), EDDIE MURPHY(0), MICHEAL CLARK DUNCAN(0) to name a few who should have more then just one Oscar or there first Oscar. HEALTH LEDGER (rip) got one after dying, CHADWICK BOSEMAN should of won after he died, and they're are movies that should of won an Oscar (THE DARK KNIGHT, MALCOLM X, STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN, THE GREEN MILE), but the Academy Awards is a old school institute, that still believe in THIS ACTOR DESERVE IT MORE THEN THIS ONE or THE DIRECTOR OR MOVIE DESERVE IT MORE, but I guess that's why I don't work for the academy, cause EVERYONE would get one.
August 09, 2021
The masked mandate is back on in some states in this country, but some states are not doing it,saying that it's against their constitutional rights, but we all seen what covid can do to a person, the ones that have died from this virus didn't have a say so, but this is the biggest responsibility of every human on this planet. If we choose to not wear a mask outside, and refuse to get the vaccine that could save or keep you healthy?,then why do we b**** and complain when we didn't have a vaccine? We can't have it both ways,either we can get the vaccine and wear the mask,or be irresponsible and not wear the mask or get the vaccine and end up spreading whatever virus you may have on you. This is not just some people's responsibility it's everybody's responsibility, to keep yourself,your loved ones, and everybody else safe, if not for yourself do it for them, and do it for those that lost their battle with this deadly virus, because God knows they wish they can do it themselves..
August 08, 2021
In this world we all have different names for each other, sometimes it's our actual name, and then some people make up just for you. Name calling can be very harmful to the person that being made fun of. Some names are called because of your race,your sexuality,your religion,or plan out just being mean. I'm an expert when it comes to name calling,I've been called every name in the book,and even at my age it still goes on. In this day and age name calling depends on the person you're making fun and how they will respond, of some take it with a grain of salt, while others attempt murder. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but name calling is the ultimate act of harassment.
August 07, 2021
GOD, he's called many names, but does he exist? Most think he does, while others not so much. With all that's going on WHERE IS GOD? the shootings, the unrest, the homelessness, the murders, the mistrust....WHERE IS GOD? It's enough to say HE WOKE YOU UP THIS MORNING, but there's alot of other things going on that makes you wonder. I've lost so many good people, hard working, loving people, who wanted to be here, yet the riffraff, gangstas, white supremacists, gun totting, hateful people are left here to do more damage. God's name has also been used to gain money,power, and sex....ALL THE THINGS A PREACHER SHOULD NOT BE DOING, yet you tell others that they should do better? The world is dying slowly......and WHERE IS GOD????
July 31, 2021
With me? What you see, is what you get with me. I stop hoping and believing years ago, that's a feat for the young. Mines was shot down way before I even began. I've came up with the only reason why things never my or how they are plan......I'm a loser, loser at parenting, loser at working, loser at getting ahead, and just a plan old loser. If I was to die tonight, the only folk that would really upset about it are FAMILY & FRIENDS, I have no legacy.
July 28, 2021
BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, that is true statement, what's beautiful to some,is ugly for others. I have been called so many things it doesn't affect me anymore, beautiful is definitely NOT one of those things. Beauty can be someone without the actual beauty, a fat chic with a beautiful heart, a child with a beautiful mind, but for a chosen few there beauty is completely there body. If you are beautiful?, and you say out loud that you are?, people expect it from you all the time. All those celebrities that take selfies at 50 or 60 years old with there bodies all trim and fit? Those are the ones that are trying to show us that...LOOK, I'M STILL BEAUTIFUL, but for how long?
July 24, 2021
This past Saturday marked 40 years since this incident, seem like yesterday for some, that because on JULY 17TH, 1981, the Hyatt regency had a walkway collapse on party goers, killing 114 people, and injuring 216. I was only 6 when this happened, but I read and heard about it over the decades since. With insurance claims,legal investigations, and city reform, this collapse was the work of terrible construction and gross misconduct. It's something nobody wants to remember, but like any disaster, it very hard to NOT remember them, no matter how bad or awful they were..
July 19, 2021
DEATH is not to be feared, but only a chosen few are, those that have done horrendous things, to themselves and others. It's something that's coming for us all some day, but there's some that don't believe any of it. But who really knows how death is? People have wrote books, philosophied over it, and try to figure out how it is, and they has failed to be found out..
July 18, 2021
SHAMING, it's all the rage, you shame people that not like everyone else. Fat shaming is one of many, not only do they shame people they deem unlikeable, but they do it online for everyone else to do the same. Young adults and teens have that bad, they never say sorry, they just pick pick pick, to the point the person receiving it.....snaps, to the point they either take other kids or adults, and maybe themselves. I've been bullied by the best of them, and if you show weakness they'll jump all over you, and if you lash out, your's the double edged sword some go through when shaming involved.
July 14, 2021
Humans are connected in ways we do not understand,loneliness being the biggest one. Anybody that says they can be by themselves for long periods of time are lying to themselves. There's no way in hell,on this green earth, that anybody can be alone for so long, our human condition is that we have to be around each other to keep our sanity but those that either don't want to or been forced to live by themselves they tend to be a little bit more off than others. Teenagers and senior citizens are biggest ones they cannot be by themselves they have to be out and about and able to talk to people to get that human connection, but without it they feel that they're nothing. So whether we want to or not we all have to be connected,because if not it makes for a very lonely existence.
July 13, 2021
2 years ago I took a LEAP OF FAITH, something I really don't do often, and started my podcast. It wasn't easy, it was and still is a challenge to establish a audience. THE DELTA VARIANT is running wild here in Missouri and other places, yet some folks haven't been vaccinated or not getting it at all....but it's like I always say "A HARD HEAD MAKES FOR A SOFT ASS.
July 12, 2021
DESENSITIZED: HAVING BEEN MADE LESS SENSITIVE....we have became this word. This JULY 4TH HOLIDAY chalked up 180 shootings and deaths, WTFH is wrong with people? Has there been A PURGE called and nobody has told people? Cause dammit, this nation is going backwards instead of forward, the GOOD OLD DAYS is being used to do EVIL S**T now, and it seems nobody, NOBODY, gives a dam. I'm tired of it all... POLITICAL FIGHTS, POLITICAL HATE, SHOOTINGS, MASS SHOOTINGS, AND THE NON-CARING THAT SEEMS TO BE THE NORM NOW. Civil war, I used to laugh when people said it could happen again, but the way things are, and all these REAL AMERICANS(and what the hell is that BTW) coming out there double wides, wearing there MERICA CAMO, ready to fight the PHANTOM that they think is ready to destroy us all, and all along, it's US destroying US...
July 07, 2021
Unless your not looking at your tv, or listen to radio, or you simple don't care, then you know BILL "PUDDING POP"COSBY was released from prison after serving 2 years. A Pennsylvania court threw his conviction, which meant bill was released. Public opinion has already killed what career, and others over the years, no matter what the courts say, once the public hears something you may or may not have done, there whole career comes to a end. Bill will not be doing anything remotely like he use to, and I don't know how to feel about it.....
July 03, 2021
Nobody in this country is what they say you are, I mean race wise. Not all AFRICAN AMERICANS are just AFRICAN AMERICANS, CAUCASIAN is not all Caucasian, etc. We all were born into a family that has some kind of immigrants in it. I don't understand how racism is a thing? We all from a long line of people, people were not being here, don't believe me? Do an ANCESTRY. COM to find out, and I guarantee you there someone in your family tree you didn't even know is there.
July 02, 2021
ZOMBIES, PLAGUES, NUCLEAR WAR, PURGING, AND GO OLD FASHION HATE......this is and could be what some people want, everyday we see how humans find clever or none clever ways to end the human race. We all was born on this rock, and whether you believe it or not, someone wants to end it all for us. Hollywood has made many a movie about human Extinction, but in the real world that can be true. We will not be satisfied until all humans are pushing up daisies. Like ALFRED said to Bruce "some people just want to see the world burn"......and some already got there matches out.....
June 27, 2021
The good history of this nation is what people want you to remember, the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, MEMORIAL DAY, THE 4TH OF JULY, ETC., but we all know that there is also BAD HISTORY in this country, and some rather have you SHUT THE HELL UP then to talk about it. SLAVERY, CIVIL RIGHT, LGBTQ RIGHTS, WOMEN'S RIGHT, or how politics have tore this country in half. We have to remember the bad stuff to make sure we don't repeat it, or use it as a learning tool, but it has to be remembered.
June 26, 2021
FEELINGS, we have feelings about everything, from happiness, joy, and laughter, to hate, sadness,etc. My feelings have hurt and used at someone else pleasure, some use things to hurt your feelings, either way some feelings can lead to self hate, depression, and in some cases death, so if you can get your feelings out, because there no need sometimes to keep your feelings to yourself.
June 23, 2021
FASHION comes and goes, and comes back again, but one fashion I would LOVE to see go......SAGGING PANTS, without question the most dumbest fashion style ever. I was taught to wear your pants on your waist and wear a belt....WELL..... now a belt is not holding up your pants, there accessories.....WHEN IN THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN!?
June 18, 2021
Pride month is a celebration of the LGBTQ or anyone who live there lives differently. It's frowned upon by some, but it's also something that if you don't agree,fine, because it's something that you can ignore, or my your business.
June 17, 2021
LIL NAS X.....disturb me, not because he's gay, or for the fact he was trying to go under NIKE to sell his SATAN SHOE, but because...WHAT IS HE?? is he a COUNTRY SINGER? R&B SINGER? A EXTRA FROM THE MOVIE "CATS"? WHAT THE HELL DOES HE DO??? NIKE IS THE BIGGEST APPAREL COMPANY ON EARTH, AND YOU WANT TO TRY THEM??? If you wake up with a horse head in your bed LIL NAS X, you'll know who sent it. 21st century celebrities are not like the days if struggles, no schooling, just jump on TIK TOK and do a silly dance, and your an instant media celebrities🙄.
June 17, 2021
I DID IT, I got my last vaccination this week, it's been a long time coming, especially with my own COVID diagnosis, so when I hear some people are not even going to get pisses me off. 600000+ people didn't get a vaccine because THERE DEAD, but I was lucky, I got both and I'm fully vaccinated. I still carry my mask just because I don't trust people saying they have been vaccinated, they just don't want to wear a mask, which put everyone in there line of fire.
June 12, 2021
FATHER'S DAY, the day we celebrate all things FATHER...well some of us will not celebrate it, not because we don't want to or feel the need to, it's because some of us... didn't get the privilege, whether because divorce, separation, or out of spite, but in the end the child suffers the most, and that's not good for anyone.
June 11, 2021
ANXIETY, the crippling affect of nervousness, helplessness, and fear, it can affect anybody, even the most strongest of people. I don't have it, but I do know those that do, and it's something there's no cure for, no walking it off, it's just something that most suffer with and never bring it up. This year has been terrible for everyone, and for those with anxiety or PTSD, it was the worse year ever. All we can do for someone with anxiety is to support them however you can, learn about anxiety to know what a person deals with day to day. It can be triggered by something from there past, something that happened recently, or just cause.... there's no telling....
June 06, 2021
I fancy myself as a truth sayer, and the truth is not all of us are going to be millionaires or even billionaires, not all of us are going to be popular singer or dancers, and some of us will not be star athletes, but nobody will say that, they will fill there heads with hopes and dreams.....and hope can be dashed, and dreams can never come true......I had them both once, but that was almost 26 and 25 years younger years ago, and I haven't had neither since.....
June 01, 2021
I'm tired, tired of talking about mass shootings, how some crackpot decided to shoot unarmed people....just cause. Workers in San Jose will never know why some idiot decided to shoot them, cause the asshole ventilated himself, which add to the WHY did he do it? NO ONE FIGHTS ANYMORE, why mess up your hands, clothes, face, when you can end a life and your own in the process. There is no such thing as GUN CONTROL, JUST THOSE THAT CONTROL GUNS, ARE WE NOT ENTERTAINED?
May 29, 2021
MISTAKES, another thing HUMANS have in common, but most don't learn from there's. I've made many mistakes, some have faded away, and some will be with me until I'm dead, but I've learn from them, so that in the future I hope to never make that mistake again....but a chosen few never learn from them, and they are the one crowding our prisons or dead. MISTAKE ARE LIKE SHOES, ONCE THE SOLE IS GONE, ITS TIME FOR A NEW PAIR.....
May 25, 2021
FUGLY, or F**KING UGLY is something I've dealt with for years....from family, friends, classmates,so on, and after being told that over and over.....and over again, you start to believe it. My father had all the confidence and self-esteems you could handle, but it's the one thing we always clashed about, just cause I'm named after you doesn't mean I'm confident like you. I can't be confident 24/7, it will run you ragged, and what is the point of killing yourself if a person or persons thinks you're an ugly bastard?
May 24, 2021
TRUST, a word that can be great or horrible. If you know and trust someone, you would except it back, but most stab you back, talk about you terribly, and make you look bad. I've been lied on, vilified, and everything else,and people wonder why I have trust issue, especially now.
May 21, 2021
After 6 months, and fighting it tooth and nail, I went and got my first vaccination shot. I was nervous, wondering what the hell is in the stuff they shot into my arm? And why people are so leery about getting this vaccine? I feel that the more we make maybe a chance of life and death.....
May 19, 2021
2020-21 has been the most challenging year ever, most if not all of us have been locked away in our homes, so it was hard to deal with it, some turned to different things to deal with it ..DRINKING,SMOKING, TAKING PILLS, anything to get through what has and is still happening. ADDICTION can happen to anyone, and you can be ADDICTED to pretty much anything, especially if the addict doesn't know they are addicted. If you're strong enough, and can admit to themselves, you can fight it, but only if you can admit it.....
May 18, 2021
THE CDC SAYS THAT IF YOU HAVE BEEN FULLY VACCINATED, YOUR ALLOW TO NOT WEAR MASK INSIDE OR OUTSIDE, YESSSSS well....that's a weird thing to say to people who was pounded with WEAR YOUR MASK all last year. It's a classic INSTITUTIONALIZED scenario, you put a man in prison, and he hates it, and hates it, and hates it, but after while he gets use to being inside, behind walls and cells, and they know nothing else, but then they get paroled, and are completely lost.....and that my friends, is THE MASKLESS SITUATION. Who can tell your vaccinated? How do you know this s**t won't kick off again? And how can you go back to living normally, when we can't remember what normal was?...
May 15, 2021
GOOD COPS, some say there is some, I on the other hand call bulls**t, if there is any there not doing much to keep BAD COPS in check. Policing is just like any gang in this nation, they don't like snitches, they usually get jumped in(on someone else), and if you do snitch you're no good, even if there doing to right thing. Ask any minority in this country, they will say the exact if not different, thing. So to you phantom GOOD COPS that are out there, the bad one make you look bad, just saying...
May 14, 2021
You remember those nerds that you use to beat down?, shoved into there locker? Grab them and yell HELLO, HELLO, MCFLY? well those same nerds are hacking your gas. The cyber attack on a gas refinery pretty much had people paranoid and shut down all of the east coast, was done supposedly by Russian hackers. Computers have made the world work easier, but in the wrong hands, can destroy lively hoods, accounts, and some people's way of life, and if they can shut down a refinery, what else can they do? I dare not think it.
May 13, 2021
Those that have been bullied are affected by it, even as adults, because it happen to them all the time. I know a thing or two about bullying, I've been bullied nearly all my life, and it hurt each time. Bullies now can hide behind there computers and type there Poison to anyone who they feel deserves to get bullied. I wouldn't be a teen for all the tea in china, especially these days.
May 12, 2021
MOURNING, we all have done it, and some of us are still doing it. My late mother mourned my late uncle for 20 years, all the way until her passing. It's depends on the person, how close you was to them,etc.....but when death happens suddenly? You're mind can't cope with it because it came by surprise. I only say REST IN PEACE because it's respectful, but I've gotten into the habit of say UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, cause we all will see our love ones again, someday....
May 11, 2021
ASIAN LIVES MATTER, I guess it's the new BLACK LIVES MATTER, cause they sure are being attacked for some reason. Americans have a way of showing some that THEY DONT LIKE THEM, beating, stabbing, yelling, even killing, to get there point across. Whether some like it or believe it or not, WE were all born by immigrants, somewhere in your family bloodlines, there's a immigrant in it, so after you beat up this defenseless 68 year old asian lady or man....DID ANYTHING CHANGE?? DID ALL THE COVID JUST GO AWAY? HELL NO, so why do this to these people? Tell me that.
May 08, 2021
CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE MADE IT TO THE PRO SPORT LEAGUES THE NFL......BUUUUT......don't start acting a fool, don't buy 19 cars and may only drive two, don't buy a house with 9 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, and a ocean for a swimming pool, don't bring your "FRIENDS" along like there a bad episode of "ENTOURAGE", and don't like BELL BIV DEVOE say TRUST A BIG BUTT AND A SMILE, and don't go back to your old hood still thinking YOU DOWN, cause now you're a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE, and anything you do will be magnified by 1000,
May 01, 2021
MENTAL ILLNESS, also called MENTAL HEALTH DISORDERS, refer to a wide range of mental health conditions disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior. Examples of mental illness include DEPRESSION, ANXIETY DISORDERS, SCHIZOPHRENIA, EATING DISORDER, AND ADDICTION BEHAVIOR.
April 30, 2021
HATE AND FEAR, both of these go hand in hand, if you HATE something you also FEAR it, it goes for anything or anybody. Hate and fear is alive and well in the COVID AGE, fear of catching the virus, or hate you got it in the first place. FEAR usually comes before HATE, people use it sometimes to intimidate and act out, and in 2020-21, it's apparent as ever. Living alone is a FEAR, and if your the reason why you're alone? You'll HATE it...
April 29, 2021
I've done security work off and on for almost 22 years, it's a job I know all too well, I've had good and terrible days as a officer, but the one today got me hanging up my flashlight and call it a day. My family dramatically changed with the passing of my mother and my aunt, to me, it's an open wound that has turned to gangrene, and now I have no guidance,no leadership, no anything, and us here are a sheep....with no shepherd...
April 28, 2021
AMERICA, THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY, well some of us WISH that was true. This country is not paved with gold,nore do they like taken YOUR TIRED, YOUR POOR, OR YOUR HUNGRY, now you got to be pure AMERICAN to even get acknowledged as american. The U.S. did NATIVE AMERICANS like slumlords do to those that can't pay rent....they evicted them, now our slogan...GIVE US YOUR TIRED.....NAH WE GOT ENOUGH, GIVE US YOUR POOR....MAN PLEASE, KEEP THEM POOR BASTARDS....YOUR HUNGRY.....NOT UNLESS YOU WANT YOUR FOOD STOLEN, in other words...WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO TO BE CONSIDERED AMERICA? besides GREEN CARDS, A BUNCH OF GUNS, AND SOMEONE TELL YOU TO GO BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM?
April 27, 2021
My 12th wedding anniversary is Sunday, something I'm very proud of, probably because I never thought would be married to anyone more less.for 12 years, but that's the difference between me and your average male, I love my marriage, I'm glad to have it, and glad I did it with a woman that equally loves and respects me. If you have even a hair of mistrust for your spouse, then your marriage is already done. Commitment is a bad word to some people, because there's way too much going on to be with just one person, what's the fun in that?
April 25, 2021
EMOTIONS have been in high gear since this time last year, between COVID, POLITICS, BLACK LIVES MATTER, CAPITAL RIOTERS, AND POLICE BRUTALITY, everyone is a stressed out, emotional wreck. With the passing of my mother and now my aunt, my emotional are shot, MOURNING is the worse emotion, because there no time limits on mourning, and that goes for all emotions....we are not a bunch of VULCANS....
April 23, 2021
After almost a year after GEORGE FLOYD'S death, protests,and other African American cop killings, DEREK CHAUVIN will be placed in prison, but as we rejoice that justice was finally done, let's remember those who also lost there lives to a policeman or women that justice DIDN'T serve.
April 22, 2021
This whole CANCEL thing is getting out of hand, PEPE LE PEW is one of several things that were CANCELLED due to something. Most cartoon,tv shows, and movies of my youth wouldn't last five minus in this century. Why be so sensitive? I know this century has been terrible so far, but cancelling things that have been around forever just cause there not POLITICALLY CORRECT is a big waste of time and energy. You want to cancel something? How about....RACISM, ASIAN ATTACKS, DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS, THE CAPITAL RIOTERS, POLICE BRUTALITY, SEXIST, CANCER, etc......
April 16, 2021
EARL"DMX"SIMMONS was a rap artist signed to DEF JAM RECORDS in the late 90s early 2000s, who gave us club bangers like RUFF RYDAZ ANTHEM, WHERE MY DOGS AT?, etc. He passed away April 9th, which leave the RAP/ HIP HOP NATION without one of it brightest stars. Substance abuse is a real thing, you can get addicted to anything, and no matter how many rehabs you go to, how many people try to help, if the need is that'll be an addict for good.
April 15, 2021
For those who had COVID-19, some are having residual effects of the virus, COUGHING, WHEEZING, CAN'T TASTE OR SMELL, etc., but your still lucky, your not one of 500,000+ people that weren't so lucky. My affects are still messing with me, and my wife, but we both are a hellva lot then we was 4-5 months ago. COVID opened alot of eyes, it brought out the ugly in some people, the arrogance, the non caring, and those people.....are the ones that don't believe covid even exist, and that in itself is a residential affect.
April 14, 2021
ARGUING is the most loudest way to get your point across, but chances are it won't, which makes you want to argue more. I've argued with complete strangers for 5 years over you know who, but what really is the point? Beside having a sore throat, a headache from hell, and still nobody listening. Some people like to ralled up others to get under others your skin, and even start arguments just to do it.
April 13, 2021
DEREK CHAUVIN, the former minnesota police who kneeled on GEORGE FLOYD'S neck killing him, is on trial. Video has a long standing history with cops whoop black folks ass,but if this trial goes the way THE RODNEY KING went? There will not be a minnesota, cause folks will burn it down to the concrete. Race was the case here, to hell with anyone that doesn't believe it, with George floyd and other african americans that have died at the hands of police, not all of them were RESISTING ARREST, they just didn't want to die one,two arrested for absolutely nothing, or for being what they think they are.....but if it never happens to you? Then you see no problem with it.
April 12, 2021
MARRIAGE, the biggest commitment you can ever give a person, the promise of being with one person forever, RICH OR POOR, SICKNESS OR HEALTH, TO LOVE AND HONOR.....but in the real world, some stray, cheat, fall in love with another person, it happens everyday in this world, someone somewhere is cheating or worse on the person you promised there lives to. MARRIAGE to some us scary, evil, and depressing, but if you knew what you was getting in to, and that person says YES.....don't act single, don't act like IM GIVING UP ALL THE ASS OR D**K I CAN WANT? because YES, that's exactly what your doing. It's even tougher now that people are NOT walking the aisle, but want the have the sex,love, or whatever as a married person. I'm glad I'm married, and not ashamed to say it.
April 11, 2021
SNITCHING, to some it's one of the deadly sins, to tell on someone that you may or may not know, but murder happens every single day in HOODS all over.....and when the crime happens right under your knows, your answer is...YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH, ZIPPO, and the case goes unsolved, and you leave families without closure, a crime unsolved,and plenty of time for the criminal to get away.
April 09, 2021
BULLYING, a subject I wrote the book on, but over the years it's being eradicated by everyone, except the bullier. My bullying experience has affected me for years, because it's something that I heard so many times.
April 07, 2021
GOOD EVENING LADIES AND GENTS, tonight is my first podcast for my new BLACK HAND PODCAST 2.0, I promise it will the EXACT thing you heard before, and I'll probably get about the same results.....YOU GETTING MAD, PISSED, AND MAKING YOU THINK, so my first INAUGURAL Episode is about GUNS, and some of the asswipes that use them. There are GUN ENTHUSIAST and then there GUN NUTS, GUN FATHERS, THUGGLETS, AND GOOD OLD NRA MEMBERS. The GUN debate is like beating a horse....that might be immortal. NO SUBJECT IS OFF LIMITS.
April 05, 2021